Incest Erotica – A Beautiful Sight

A Beautiful Sight

Sometimes, as many of you know well, life doesn’t go as planned. In fact, sometimes it just goes all wrong. I was still a little bit in shock from when I found out that my wife was using crystal meth. I confronted her about it, and the situation blew up in my face. We ended up getting divorced because of it.

But when she had the audacity to try and get custody of our two girls, Lacey and Leigh, I drew the line. I warned her that I’d expose her drug habit if she didn’t drop it. She didn’t listen, so when we went to court to battle for custody, I revealed her problem to the judge. Not only did she lose, she ended up getting charged with possession when the police gained a warrant to search her newly rented apartment.

So, I ended up getting custody. It’s been hard, especially when they hit puberty. Yikes! But I got through it with my sanity still intact.

After the divorce, my sex life flatlined. I wanted to date, but when I did, my side of the conversation always ended up drifting, and I’d find myself ranting about my ex-wife. I wouldn’t advise it to anyone. So the dates always ended up the same, maybe a peck on the cheek, and I’d come home, lock my bedroom door, and finish off alone.

Anyway, one day I had gotten home early from work. I figured that Lacey and Leigh had gone out somewhere, as they normally did while I was at work. However, as I walked by their room on the way to mine, I was halted by one of them giggling.

‘Okay,’ I thought, ‘So they’re home. So what?’

Before I could move, I next heard one of them directing, “Okay, right there. Oooh, that’s perfect! Now rub it a little harder.”

‘Huh?’ I thought, not yet having guessed what this was.

As I stood there, I then heard her moan, ” Yeah, that’s it, I about to cum!”

Then it dawned on me as to what was going on, and before I could think about it, I had already opened the door. What I saw confirmed everything.

Leigh, who was nineteen, just two years younger than Lacey, was between her sister’s legs, with her hand just below Lacey’s pubic mound, rubbing out a furious tempo. Lacey had thrust her hips up so high that her butt was off the bed. Her fingers dug into the sheets under her as she moaned loudly, mid-climax. They hadn’t even noticed me yet, not until Leigh had backed up and Lacey rolled over onto her side.

Her milk chocolate-brown eyes grew impossibly wide with surprise as she saw me standing there, my arms crossed. Leigh saw the look on her face and her head whirled, and she was just as surprised. For a second, we were all frozen like this, and then Lacey regained her senses a little. She grabbed the corner of the sheet and pulled it over her body, and her sister pulled the other corner to do the same. I began to notice how the thin sheet framed their perky breasts as it settled over them.

Before any of us could say anything, I turned and hurried to my room. What I didn’t want them to see was the tent I started to pitch in my slacks. I closed my door and sat on the edge of my bed, trying to calm down enough for my erection to fade.

I could say that neither of them had ever been a source of my erections, but, I would be lying. I still remember waking up one morning to find Lacey and Leigh in my bed, each of them pressed up against me on either side. I could feel Lacey’s tush against my crotch, and immediately I got hard. I was lucky that Lacey had still been asleep, because I couldn’t quickly roll away from her, as Leigh was pressed against my back. As my hard-on strained against my boxers, it nestled between the cheeks of Lacey’s tush, protected by little more than her panties. Her nightgown must have ridden up as she scooted up against me. I managed to move back a little, scooting, just enough that I wasn’t touching her with it. My erection withered gradually, and Lacey had never had any idea.

So, there I sat on my bed, the tent in my slacks going away. As soon as I felt sure that I was under control, I went back to their room. My daughters were dressed now, sitting on Lacey’s bed. When they saw me, their faces were scarlet with humiliation. I still hadn’t figured out how to handle this, but I knew I couldn’t overreact, so I had them scoot over so that I could sit down.

“Daddy,” Lacey pleaded, “I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again!”

I held my hand up, and she quieted. “Just hush a minute and listen,” I explained, “I need to apologize for barging in like that. It wasn’t fair to either of you. Now, about what you two were doing-”

Leigh began to speak, and tears were standing in her eyes.

“Woah!” I held my hand up again, “Just stop. I was going to say, I know you were experimenting, and that’s fine. I’m not going to tell you that it’s wrong, because it’s not. It’s normal, and sometimes it’s necessary. So don’t apologize for it, okay?”

They nodded, clearly still embarrassed.

I continued, “If you two have any questions about sex, or anything, you know you can talk to me about it, right?”

Again they nodded, but I added anyway, “I’m not just saying that for my health. I mean it. You can talk to me about anything, and I won’t get mad. Just make sure you come to me, first. Do you understand?”

In unison, they answered, “Yes, daddy.”

I patted their legs and got up to make dinner.

I kinda figured that they wouldn’t heed my advice to talk to me about it, and for a few days they didn’t. During dinner that night, they were quiet, obviously still uncomfortable that I had seen them naked and engaged in something forbidden by society. I gave them time to deal with that.

Four days later, as I was watching TV, they both came into the living room and stood in front of me. I muted the TV and waited for them to say something.

“Daddy?” Lacey asked, fidgeting nervously.


She admitted, “I have a question…about sex.”

I smiled and motioned for them to sit.

Lacey hesitated, so I urged, “I told you that I’d answer any question you have.”

“Okay,” she started, “We know what we look like down there, but how do boys look down there?”

I thought for a second, and then got an idea. I had them follow me to the computer, and showed them a picture of a man’s oenis on the internet.

“That looks wierd!” Leigh covered her mouth, grinning.

“Yeah, I guess they do look a little odd,” I admitted.

“Well,” Lacey chewed on her lower lip for a second, and then asked, “Do all of them look like that?”

“No,” I explained, “They come in different colors and sizes.”

I turned the screen off and stood up, headed back to the couch when Leigh asked, “Do you have one of those?”

I stopped in mid-step. “Huh?” I uttered, trying to determine if I heard her correctly.

“Um, do you have a penis?” Leigh reiterated.

I had hoped that the picture on the internet would answer their question for me. I turned to look at them, “Uh, yeah, I have a penis, too.”

Leigh locked eyes with her sister for a second, and then she asked, “Can we, uh… see it?”

I winced, and Lacey tried to stop this track, “Nevermind, it’s not important. We-”

“Now wait a minute,” I reminded them, “I said that if you needed to talk to me, we could discuss anything.”

I took a second, sitting back down on the couch, and asked them to sit down next to me.

“Do you want to see it?”

They nodded, so I sighed, and unzipped my fly to pull my penis out. It wasn’t hard yet, but it wasn’t exactly soft either. As they looked at it, they both asked questions about it.

“Does it get bigger or smaller?” Leigh questioned.

“Doesn’t it feel wierd having one of those?” said Lacey.

“Yeah, it changes size, and no, it doesn’t feel wierd to have one.”

Leigh proceeded down the same avenue, “What makes it change sizes?”

“Well,” I said slowly, not wanting to answer that one, but I did say ‘anything,’ “Sometimes when I wake up, it’s bigger and harder, or when I become… um, excited. When it’s cold, it gets softer and smaller, or when I’m not excited.”

“There was this one morning,” Lacey said, “We had gotten in bed with you. Leigh had a nightmare and woke me up. She went to get in your bed with you, and I didn’t want to be alone, so I did, too.”

My heart plummeted. I knew where this was going.

She continued, “When I snuggled up next to you, something started poking against my bottom. Was that your penis?”

I hesitated, and then, owing her the truth, nodded, “Yes, it was. I thought you were asleep.”

“Were you excited? Was that why it got hard?” Lacey’s eyes widened.

“Look!” Leigh interrupted, and as Lacey’s eyes followed her sister’s line of sight, her mouth dropped open in surprise.

“Oh, shit,” I muttered unhappily, looking down. As we had recalled that morning, I’d gotten quite an erection. It was standing up, engorged.

“You’re excited right now, right?” Lacey looked up at me.

“I’m sorry,” my face reddened, “I should go calm down.”

I started to get up, and Lacey stopped me, “It’s okay, daddy. I want to see it like that.”

I badly wanted to go calm down. They shouldn’t see how much they aroused me. That was way deep into the forbidden. But apparently they didn’t want me to go anywhere yet.

“Did it get hard because of us talking about that morning?” Lacey wondered aloud.

“Yes,” I confessed.

“Because of my bottom?”

“Yes,” I was beginning to feel miserable, a real pervert.

She looked at me, wanting to tell me something. Probably that I was disgusting, getting axcited about my own daughter.

Instead she admitted, “I kinda liked it, too.”

Leigh goggled at her sister’s revelation. She’d had no idea about all of this.

“Really?” Leigh giggled, “What did it feel like?”

Lacey shrugged, “I can’t really explain it. It was really hot and hard and big. It was right in the middle of my bottom, between the cheeks.”

I had to stop this, “We can’t do this. It’s wrong for me to feel this way about either of you.”

Lacey shook her head, “No, it’s okay. It could be like we’re experimenting, can’t it? I mean, just to see if we like it.”

‘Oh, shit!’ I thought to myself. She’d virtually taken what I’d said about them touching each other and turned it around on me.

I shook my head, “I don’t know. I’m not sure we should be discussing this.”

“You said we could discuss anything,” Leigh replied, and another net was thrown, catching me neatly.

“But actually doing this?” I kept trying to back away from their suggestions.

“It’s not fair that she gets to feel it and I don’t,” complained Leigh, pouting.

Finally, I sighed, “Alright. But I really don’t think I should be doing this with you.”

Leigh pulled her pants down, and I reluctantly had to admit to myself that she had a fantastically round tush. I had slowly been softening, but as I stared at her bottom, it sprung back up eagerly. Suddenly, Leigh pulled her panties down as well, and before I could protest, she had sat on my lap.

She had to wiggle a little so that my boner wasn’t poking against her, but then she had it placed neatly against her butt crack.

“You’re right, Lacey!” Leigh exclaimed, “It’s hot. And it does feel good.” For extra emphasis, she rubbed her tush back and forth on my erection, giggling. It took a lot of control on my part not to moan, because it felt so damn good. I could see the head peeking out from between her cheeks for a second.

“Hey!” Lacey complained, “I had my panties on when he did it!” Leigh stood up, revealing the smooth orbs of her tush, and further down, her smooth vagina.

Lacey immediately took Leigh’s place, having slipped her panties down and plopped down on me.

“Ooooh!” she cooed excitedly, and wiggled her butt as her sister had. I couldn’t hold back the moan this time, and she turned her head to look at me, puzzled.

“Did you like that, daddy?”

I started to say that maybe she shouldn’t do that, but she started moving back and forth, and it felt so good that I was speechless.

“Daddy likes it!” Leigh giggled, “Look at his face!”

Lacey tucked her legs up on either side of my legs, and things changed as she continued moving. My erection was no longer fully against her bottom, but also against her crotch. When she drew herself against me this time, she gasped.

“What?” Leigh asked, “Did it hurt?”

Lacey shook her head, “No, it felt really good. Look,” she pointed to her crotch.

Leigh got down on her knees in front of her, and Lacey did it again, back and forth, again and again, and Leigh whispered, “Wow! It’s rubbing up against your stuff now!”

“What?” I managed to hear that last part.

I pushed her off, “No, we can’t do that! It’s not right!”

“Lacey stood up and turned to face me. I could see between her legs, and was dismayed to find it wet.

“But it felt so good!” she pointed out, “And you liked to, too!”

“Yes, honey, but that doesn’t make it right.”

“Then does that mean that what Leigh and I did isn’t right either?”

I shook my head, “This has nothing to do with that-”

“Yes it does. It felt good when Leigh rubbed me there, just like it did when I rubbed it on your penis.”

I sputtered, “But I’m your father!”

She returned smartly, “And Leigh is my sister!”

How did I let myself get so trapped like that?

I couldn’t answer that one, and Lacey knew it. She pressed, “If it’s okay for Leigh and I to make ourselves feel good like that, then it’s okay for us to make each other feel good, right?”

I couldn’t say anything to disagree. She had gotten me good.

“So, do you like my body?” Lacey grinned.

How could I not like how she looked. Her body was nicely rounded, with a butt much like her sister’s, nice, smooth legs, pouty lips.

“Well?” she looked coyly at me.

“Yeah,” I confessed, feeling dirty for having done so.

“And mine?” Leigh chimed in, and I nodded.

“Did it feel good when we rubbed on you?”

Again, I nodded, and so Leigh straddled me as her sister had, and began rubbing herself on me.

She moaned as my shaft rubbed against her crotch, and I could feel her getting wet. I slid my hands on her hips, moved up her side, and pulled her against my chest. I lifted her shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor. Following her shirt went her bra, and my hands cupped her perky little breasts, pinching her nipples lightly.

“Aaaahhh, yeah, that feels good,” Leigh moaned. Then she sped up, bringing herself closer and closer, and then she gasped, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum!” Within a couple seconds, I could feel the wetness spread as she orgasmed, her secretions bathing my crotch. She spasmed against me, and then began panting, “I came all over his penis!” she announced proudly to Lacey.

“Let me try it,” Lacey pleaded, and when Leigh moved aside, Lacey immediately took her sister’s place on top of me. Lacey then saved me the trouble of undressing her the rest of the way, and put her hand between her legs to spread her labia before rubbing herself on me.

“Oooohh, daddy, it feels so good! Doesn’t it feel good?”

I groaned, “Oh damn, baby, yeah.”

I reached around to fondle her breasts, which were slightly bigger, and just as perky.

“Oh daddy,” Lacey purred, “I love your hands on me like that! Touch me all over, daddy!”

My hands obediently roamed her body, caressing her smooth, soft thighs, and down between her legs, and she began rubbing harder when my finger brushed her clitoris.

Suddenly, she was bucking as she climaxed, crying out, and more wetness flooded my dick and balls.

She climbed off me and gazed at my drenched hard-on.

“Touch it with your hands,” Leigh suggested, and Lacey nodded, getting on her knees in front of me.

“Can I?” Lacey’s hand stopped inches from my swollen member, and I nodded, why not? We’d already gone too far.

Her hand wrapped around me, and began stroking, lubricated by their secretions. “It’s so hard,” she noticed.

Leigh got down next to her sister and watched intently as Lacey stroked me.

“Can I feel it?” she asked.

Lacey let go of me, and Leigh’s hand replaced it.

“Do you like it when I touch you like this, daddy?”

I nodded, “Yeah, baby, it feels great.”

She moved closer to it and sniffed, “It smells like our stuff, Lacey.”

Lacey took a sniff, and added, “I’ll bet it tastes like our stuff, too.”

Leigh leaned closer, and took a quick lick, startling me.

“Yeah,” Leigh announced, “It does. Try it, sis.”

Lacey slipped her tongue out and tasted her cum, and then did it again.

“Oh, shit,” I moaned, “Please…” I was unable to say anymore. Lacey grabbed my member and put her mouth over the head, and began licking their stuff off me. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips forward, and more of my dick entered her mouth.

“MMPH!” Lacey’s eyes widened, and she began to grasp what I wanted as I rocked my manhood in her mouth. She began to do the same, still stroking further down with her hand.

“Wow!” Leigh grinned, “His penis is in your mouth! Can I do it, too?”

Lacey reluctantly let her sister take a turn, and Leigh popped my member into her mouth, mimicking what Lacey was doing.

I grabbed her head and humped her mouth, trying not to gag her. Lacey began rubbing Leigh’s butt, kneading it in her hands, and then reached between her sister’s legs and rubbed her crotch. Leigh moaned around me, and humped her sister’s hand.

It didn’t take more than a minute longer. I felt my balls constrict as Leigh orgasmed on her sister’s hand, crying out on my dick, which was halfway down her throat. Her cries brought me to climax, so I pulled out of her mouth, and shot thick streams of goo into the air, over both of their heads. They laughed delightedly and clapped.

“We made daddy cum!” Lacey laughed.

“Look at it shoot out!” Leigh exclaimed, “If I had had my mouth on it still, it would’ve filled my mouth!”

“I wonder what it tastes like?” Lacey leaned forward closer. Cum was still spurting from my dick, but nowhere near as high as it was. Instead it splattered on my stomach and all over my dick. Lacey dipped her head and lapped at me, getting a generous glob of my cum. She moved it around on her tongue, and then swallowed it.

“It tastes kinda funny, like when we tried the oysters.”

“Really?” Leigh cocked her head, “Let me try some.” With that, she put her mouth on me and licked, and grinned, “You’re right. I like it. Do you want to share the rest?”

Both of them commenced to clean the rest of my stuff off me, giggling, and grinning at me.

After my wild afternoon with two beautiful young women, I was exhausted, physically and emotionally. They were still giggling, talking to each other about what they had seen and done. As for me, my common sense had returned when my spunk had shot out. With the return of my common sense, guilt had also made an appearance. I mean, what we had done hadn’t been right, and it was my own fault for not being the responsible adult.

Now, my two daughters, Lacey and Leigh, seemed to think all of this was acceptable behavior, so soon after learning to do the things that they had done less than an hour ago.

“Listen,” I explained as I wiped myself off with a hand towel, “I know you both think this is all okay to do, you know, what we were doing, but in all reality it isn’t.”

Lacey sighed, “Daddy, we’ve already been over this. It’s just experimenting, that’s all. Leigh and I have never tried it before with a guy, just each other. Besides, we’re all adults now!”

I tried to reason with her, “I think people would be more likely to accept you two experimenting with each other than with your own father.”

Leigh protested, “But we want to learn about it, and the best way is to try it.”

“I don’t want to talk about this right now, okay? I need to take a shower.”

I retreated to my room and, as I went into the bathroom, I avoided my reflection in the mirror. I mean, sure, my lovelife had been zilch since the divorce, but this didn’t excuse my behavior.

I started the shower, waiting for the water to heat up before I stepped in.

The water was almost unbearably hot, but I didn’t bother to adjust the temperature. I scrubbed vigorously, feeling thoroughly disgusted with myself. Still, in the midst of my self-disgust, I grew hard again, images creeping into my mind of how my girls had looked while they seduced me, how unbelievably sexy they were with my erection in their mouths. How they had seemed to enjoy what they were learning to do.

‘Jesus,’ I thought, furious with my weak will, ‘You are completely perverted! This isn’t the sort of thing you should be teaching your own children. Maybe they should be staying with their mother.’ At that last though, I shook my head. There’s no way they would be better off with a meth-using mother.

As I debated my actions in my head, I must’ve missed the door opening. I almost jumped a foot when both my daughters, still naked from earlier, crept into the shower with me.

“Daddy,” Lacey pleaded, “Don’t be mad at us.”

“I’m not,” I refused to acknowledge their nakedness, “I’m mad at myself for letting this afternoon get so out of hand.”

Lacey shook her head, “It didn’t get out of hand. It was just us experimenting. Besides, we know how lonely you’ve been since mom left.”

It was uncanny how much her words had echoed my own thoughts. I sighed, “That’s no excuse! There are things that shouldn’t be taught by a father to his daughters, and most of what happened this afternoon applies.”

Leigh pressed up against my back, slipping her arms around me, “Daddy, where else are we supposed to learn that kind of stuff?”

“With your husbands when you marry,” I explained.

“If I ever get married,” Lacey argued, “I’d rather know all this beforehand, so that I could impress him. Besides, if I’m gonna learn anything about it, I’d rather you taught me than some stranger.”

It was getting more and more difficult to debate with them, and I was beginning to get frustrated. Lacey pressed up against me, and suddenly I was effectively sandwiched between them both.

“Girls,” I tried to keep calm, even as their water-sluiced breasts and bodies were up against me, “Please, I’m trying to be the responsible adult here. I love you both more than anything, and I want you both to be happy, but-”

“Well,” Lacey interrupted, “If you want us to be happy, then make us happy.”

‘Shit,” I thought to myself. Them being in the shower with me was beginning to have its toll on me. Or better yet, certain parts of me. And you’d better believe that Lacey noticed right away.

“See,” Lacey giggled, “Your mind is the only thing that sees anything wrong with it.”

She pressed just a little harder against me, my erection trapped between us. Leigh still pressed against my back with her arms around me, and she caressed my chest and stomach, and planted little kisses on my upper back and shoulders.

My reservations were crumbling like an ocean-battered sandcastle. They both touched me, and it was overwhelming with the added heat of the shower water. I reached behind Leigh and turned the water off. They continued to fondle me as I stepped out of the shower and tried to dry off. When I was dry, I used the second towel to dry them off as well.

We got as far as my bed before they pushed me onto it. “Girls,” it was my turn to plead. I was still a bit sore from earlier. “Just give me a little bit of time, okay, a couple minutes.”

They shrugged, and to my surprise, began touching each other. Kisses were exchanged, hands roamed over each other, and then they climbed onto the bed next to me. I couldn’t help but watch as they commenced pleasing each other. These were my own girls, but they were also insatiable little vixens, touching, squeezing, kissing, licking languidly. They moaned and sighed, crying out when the pleasure became unbearable as they climaxed.

It didn’t take long for me to recover, and I tentatively reached out to stroke Lacey’s smooth back. She looked back at me and smiled before climbing off her sister.

“I think daddy wants a little attention,” she informed her sister.

I shook my head, “No, I’ve already gotten mine. It’s your turn.”

My mind continued to rattle its cage, protesting and arguing as I decided to give in to my daughters. I pushed Lacey onto her back and pressed my lips to hers. She kissed me back, her lips pliant and soft. Then I slipped my tongue out and flicked her lower lip. Her mouth opened in response, and her tongue touched mine. Leigh lay next to us, her hands trailing up and down my back, pausing to squeeze my butt.

I slipped my tongue into Lacey’s mouth to play with her tongue, and her lips locked eagerly against mine. When I finally pulled away, she looked over to Leigh.

“Sis,” she grinned, “You gotta try that, it’s so sexy.” I pulled Leigh’s face to mine and kissed as I had just kissed her sister. Leigh moaned against my mouth, making my shiver with excitement, and when I let go of her face, she pulled back, flushed.

“His tongue was all over mine,” she gushed.

I slid down slightly, and took one of Lacey’s breasts into my mouth, sucking on her hard nipple. Leigh took the other breasts and took care of that one. Lacey purred as she received pleasure from us. I licked around her nipple, and then moved down further, to her navel, pausing there to play for a second before continuing downward. Leigh had paused in her lapping of Lacey’s breast to watch what I was doing.

I detoured at the junction between her legs to suck and lap at her inner thighs, and Lacey was going crazy as I teased.

“Oh, daddy! I love your mouth on me! Please, daddy, lick me there” I took my time on her creamy thighs, giving her goosebumps as I blew out cold air over her wet flesh. Finally, enchanted by how it looked between her thighs, how her lips were slightly visible already, so pink and glistening with moisture.

I kissed up on her smooth pubic mound, trailed down slowly, and circled around her tender flesh. Finally, spreading her thighs apart, I gave her the lightest kiss upon her opening, and another one at the top, where her little button was, and she gasped,

“Yes, daddy, right there, all over it, put your tongue on it, please!”

Leigh had slid down to watch me, so I positioned myself so that she could watch my tongue on her sister. I slid my tongue up and down her vagina, spreading her tight lips to taste between them.

Lacey writhed, moaning, crying out as I flicked her little clit with my tongue, urging me breathlessly on.

“Daddy, can I suck on your penis?” Leigh asked.

I nodded, and rolled over onto my back.

“Lacey, come here and straddle my head.”

Lacey got up and kneeled over my face, and I shook my head, “No, turn around so your cute tush is facing up, too.”

She turned around, and was facing toward Leigh as she stroked my member for a moment.

I continued licking at Lacey’s sweet opening, delving my tongue inside occasionally, and feeling her tighten around my tongue.

Leigh slipped the head of my penis past her lips and licked it before pushing more and more of me into her mouth.

As Leigh sucked on me, I began licking a little harder and faster on Lacey, and she began humping at my face, her butt cheeks flexing, so I grabbed her cheeks, kneading on them as I thrust my tongue inside her.

She gasped, “Oh my God, Leigh, his tongue is up in me!”

It didn’t take long for Lacey to ride my mouth into an orgasm. I could feel her vagina spasming against my tongue, squeezing it, and I lapped her secretions up greedily. Lacey climbed off my face.

“Leigh,” she urged, “Try it out. Daddy knows how to really make me cum!” Leigh let go of my erection and shoved her vagina against my mouth, so I really began to eat her out as she shivered and gasped. Lacey’s mouth closed over my shaft and she slurped on me.

Leigh was humping my mouth for all she was worth, and she came quickly, moaning.

“Oh, daddy, lick my cum out, Oh that feels so good!” When I was done with her, she rolled off me, and I sat up. Lacey’s mouth was still on me, taking as much of me as she could fit. I positioned her so that I could eat her while she sucked on me. I sucked her clit into my mouth and played it on my tongue, causing her to moan around my shaft.

Then I surprised her by spreading her ass cheeks and slipping my tongue up and down her crack. My tongue paused over her puckered little hole, pressing lightly against it. It tasted so wild, and the excitement was getting to me. I pushed her off me, and she let go of my member with a wet pop.

“What’s wrong, daddy?” Lacey asked, pushing her long hair out of her face.

“If I don’t stop,” I wiped my mouth, “This is going to go way too far. I want you both so bad, and I’m afraid of what I want to do.”

Lacey cocked her head slightly, “But I want you to want us. You can do whatever you want to us.”

Leigh agreed.

“But what I want to do is put my penis up inside you. Both of you are virgins though, so it would hurt.”

Lacey shrugged, “I want to try it.”

Leigh added, “Me too.”

I should have stopped it right there. But instead, I asked, “Which one first?”

They looked at eachother for a second, and then Lacey answered, “Me. I’m the oldest. Besides, if it does hurt, then Leigh won’t have to if she changes her mind.”

I had Lacey straddle my erection, and it pressed insistently against her opening. She didn’t wait, but instead began easing me into her. But, God she was tight. She inched me in slowly until I came to the point where I could either back off, or take her virginity. She didn’t give me a choice. She pushed down, crying out, and then I was all the way in. I winced as I saw the tears in her eyes.

She sat there on me, filled all the way, and waited for the pain to fade.

Leigh watched, worried about her sister, and asked, “Lacey, are you alright? Sis?”

Lacey looked at her, “Yeah, it’s okay. It hurt a little, that’s all. But he’s all the way up inside me, now. Just give me a second, okay?”

Leigh nodded, and glanced down, amazed.

I waited for Lacey for a moment, wondering if maybe I should stop this. Then Lacey began moving against me, slowly sliding me in and out an inch, and in another minute or two, she sighed. “Okay, the pain’s faded. It feels so big inside me, filling me up.”

Leigh gasped, looking down at where Lacey and I were connected, “Lacey, I see blood down there!”

I assured her, “It’s normal when you lose your virginity, baby. That’s just how it goes.”

Lacey began moving a bit quicker, gripping me inside her, sliding more out me out before pushing it back in.

“Oh, wow! This is really starting to feel good.” She rode me faster, moaning, telling me how much she liked me inside her, how much she loved me. Then she stopped, her thighs tightening, and she cried out, in the throes of a major climax. When she was done, shuddering, sweating, she slumped over onto me, her face on my chest.

“How come you didn’t cum in me, daddy?” she asked, slightly hurt.

“I don’t want to get you pregnant, sweetheart,” I explained.

She nodded, “Oh. I still wish you would, though.”

She slowly slid me out, frowning when I wasn’t inside her anymore.

“What’s wrong?” Leigh asked, concerned.

‘Nothing,” Lacey sighed, “I just feel a little empty without daddy inside me, that’s all.”

I got up and wiped myself off, and Leigh waited for me.

“I still want it,” she said, but she seemed scared. I asked her to lay on her back for me.

She obeyed, and I climbed back on the bed, suspending myself above her.

“I’ll try to be gentle, okay?” I assured her, and she nodded, biting her lower lip. She looked so vulnerable like that, I wanted to call this off, but she took me in her hand and guided it.

I eased down between her thighs and to the entrance of her virginity. As my penis pushed inside her, she winced anxiously, expecting pain. Once the head of my manhood reached her hymen, I hesitated.

“Daddy?” she urged, “I’ll be a big girl, okay?”

“We don’t have to do this,” I gave her an out, but she shook her head, “No, daddy! I’ll be good, I promise!”

“Sweetheart,” I was partially inside her already, and I wanted to plunge it in, but I waited, “You already are a good girl. We can do other things that won’t hurt. You don’t have to do this.”

She disagreed, “No, daddy, I want you to. Lacey got it, and I want it, too!”

I sighed, worried, and pushed myself into her. She cried out, still biting her lower lip as I took her.

As with Lacey, I waited for her pain to fade. She constricted painfully as I had pushed, and she was still clenched, gasping with the pain. I kissed her forehead, her cheeks, whispering to her, trying to calm her down. I kissed her lips, and she kissed me back. When she stopped, she whispered back, “I love you daddy. It’s okay now. It doesn’t hurt so much anymore.”

It was still tight inside her, but no longer as painful. I moved gently inside her, slowly, and her legs relaxed to wrap around me.

“Oh, daddy,” she sighed, “Sis was right, it feels really good now. Do it a little harder, okay?”

I started to push harder inside her, and she urged me on, telling me how good it felt, that I was filling her up so deep. In another few minutes, she began crying out, “I’m cumming, daddy!”

When she had finished, she held me against her, not allowing me to leave her.

“Please, daddy, don’t move. I don’t want to feel empty.”

“I’m sorry, baby,” I smoothed her hair, “But I have to. We can do it again later, but first we need to take a shower.”

Leigh let go of me, and I slid myself out. They got up and followed me to the bathroom, and we took a shower together again. I had them wash good, and I cleaned myself off. When we were done, we dried off again and collapsed on the bed.

“Wait a minute,” Lacey sat up, “You haven’t cum yet, daddy!”

Leigh chimed in, “Yeah! It’s your turn to cum!”

Lacey began stroking me hard, which didn’t take very long, and began slurping on me. She and Leigh took turns, and then I had Leigh lay on me, straddling my face. I began lapping at her wanting her to feel as much pleasure as possible after feeling so much pain. She gasped and moaned, humping against my face, bathing me in her cum, and then again a few minutes later. I caressed her butt and lapped at her, sucked on her clit, and then she came a third time.

I was getting close to reaching orgasm myself as Lacey’s talented mouth sucked, milking at me. My balls clenched, and I warned, gasping, “Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum!”

Her mouth sealed over me as I spurted more and more. Finally spent, she let go of me and immediately kissed her sister, and they shared their prize.

They lay against me, all of us a little sore, and we dozed off.
by MrPezman

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