I had been studying for what seemed forever. My finals were a week away and I felt like the semester had just started. This was my last round of finals. I completed my Thesis and all that stood in the way of me graduating were those damned finals.

As luck had it the biggest book on earth was the one I had my nose buried in. I felt hands roll up my upper back and onto my shoulders. It took me a moment to figure out if I were dreaming and that all the reading I had been doing for the past two weeks had finally gotten to me or if what I felt was real. As I turned my head she kissed my cheek. It was my roommate Sheri.

“Heya babe, I just came down to see if you wanted to take a break and have a little something to eat.” She grinned from ear to ear naughtily as the last of her sentence left her full lips. She was definitely up to something. We had fooled around a bit in our doom room, usually late at night, but it was becoming more and more frequent and I have to admit I was getting to the point where I looked forward to our nightly romps.

It was late in the evening and the library was pretty empty. She took my hand and led me back to the far end of the stacks, in the quantum physics section. No one was even close to being around there at this time of night. As soon as she reached the farthest corner she pulled me tightly against her as she pressed her back against the wall and the stack.

Our breasts pressed together as she continued to draw me in closer. Our lips met and she slipped her tongue into my mouth. We both moaned lightly into the kiss as our tongues rolled over each other. My hands began to wander her body as I moved my mouth from hers and began to kiss my way to her earlobe. The scent of her shampoo filled my nose as my face pressed against her long blonde hair while nibbling on her earlobe. She propped up her thigh to rest against my hip; my hand instinctively went to hold it up. I let my hand slide up and down her soft thigh as I continued to nibble at her ear and neck.

I rounded my hand up her thigh, under her plaid skirt and up to her firm ass I realized she hadn’t worn any panties. The thought of her naked pussy made me even more wet. I squeezed my thighs tightly together sending waves of pleasure from my swollen clit through my body. She giggled as soon as my hand touched her ass. “You planned all this didn’t ya?” I asked with a smirk. “Umm hmmm, you know I did babe.”

I could resist her anymore and looked frantically for something to have her sit on. I wanted to make her squirm. I spotted a cart with a few books thrown over the top. I quietly hurried over and brought it back to our little corner. After removing the scattered books I helped her on top and spread her legs wide revealing her shaven lips trying to hide under her short skirt.

I slid my hands up the sides of her thighs, pushing her skirt up to her hips. As I leaned forward her scent sent quivers down my body, so light and inviting. She began to lace her fingers into my long brown hair the closer my face came to her moistening pussy. I moaned lightly as I licked my lips in anticipation. I absolutely loved to eat her out; the taste of her pussy was sweeter than any dessert!

She squirmed subtly as my hair fell over my shoulders and tickled her inner thighs. The cart had her at just the right level that when I finally got down onto my knees, my mouth was inches from her pussy. I placed light kisses along her inner thighs as I worked my way to her wetness. Her skin quickly showed goose bumps as I continued to travel up her thighs.

At last I reached her sweetness and pressed my lips against her hairless pussy making her moan in eagerness. I let my tongue slip from between my lips and trace along her wet folds, her juices already flowing, filled my mouth with her delicate taste. I moaned as I pushed my tongue in between her lips and found her swollen clit. I rolled my warm tongue around the full length of her clit, hearing her moan my name as I did, urge me on!

I brought one hand down from her hips and teased her opening with a finger as my tongue continued to explore her tasty slit. I managed to look up at her with my face half buried in her pussy and grinned as I penetrated her wet hole with my finger. Her face showed her astonishment and relief as my finger filled her hole and her moans grew slightly louder. If she kept up we were going to get caught. With my tongue still rolling slowly over her clit I managed an “Shhhhh.” She got the point and softened her moans.

I began to work my finger in and out of her hole, feeling her squeeze tightly as I pushed it back in and slowly wiggle it around inside her canal, catching her g-spot then pulling back out. I started to quicken the pace with my tongue, lapping at her clit hungrily. I felt her hands press against the back of my head after I sped up. She pushed my face deeper into her pussy, making my tongue to press harder against her clit. “Ohhhhh yes right there! Don’t stop!” She moaned. I stayed exactly where I was when she said that and concentrated.

After a few moments of wild tongue wagging and finger fucking I felt her pussy start to spasm as her climax completely consumed her. She let out with a moan that would wake the dead. I continued on, helping her down from her orgasm. Her body shuddered and her breathing was gaspy, but she’d stopped moaning. Once I thought she was entirely down from her peak, I pulled back and licked my lips. “We should prolly get outta here.” She just giggled.

To this day I still think she moaned that loud on purpose.

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