Sweet Pie – Spanking her bare bottom.

Sweet Pie

The snow fell lightly outside, and with the fire crackling and a pot of hot chocolate boiling over the stove, Becky Williams curled up onto the couch next to her boyfriend. Adam Manners put his arm around her and held her closely.

“I love you sweet pie,” Adam said, and kissed her on the temple. A warm sensation rushed up her spine. Becky felt safe and comfortable with Adam by her side.

“I think the hot chocolate is done,” Becky said.

Adam smiled.

“Stay here, baby, I’ll get it,” he said.

Becky pulled a blanket up to her neck as Adam got up from the couch and went into the kitchen. After switching the stove off, he poured the hot chocolate into two mugs, and carried them, one in each hand, into the living room.

“Thank you,” Becky said, as Adam handed her one of the mugs.

Becky put the rim of the mug to her lips, and sipped the warm refreshing cocoa. Adam laughed as she lowered the mug, revealing a brown milk mustache on her upper lip.

Becky blushed, and wiped it off with a napkin.

The lights in the house were off, and only the fire illuminated the young and very much in love couple. Adam eased his hand under Becky’s blanket, and slowly ran his palm across Becky’s thigh. Becky sighed as Adam lovingly massaged her leg.

“I love the way you touch me,” Becky said.

She leaned towards his face, closing her eyes halfway, and opened her lips just a bit.

Adam responded to her the same, and soon their lips were locked in a loving, passionate embrace.

Becky set her mug aside, as did Adam, and she softly touched Adam’s arm. They kept their lips together for several minutes, letting the wetness from their mouths seep into the other. Adam touched Becky’s hair, and twirled a lock of it around his finger.

Becky pulled her lips away and looked into Adam’s eyes.

“We have all night, sweet pie,” Becky said. “Let’s make this count.”

“Becky,” Adam said, touching her arm.

“Yes?” Becky responded playfully.

“Remember what I talked to you about a few weeks ago? When we came back from the skating rink?”

“What, about your new stereo?” Becky asked.

“No,” Adam said. “After that.”

Becky stopped cold.

“Oh. That.”

“Yes, that,” Adam said.

Becky turned away from Adam.

“It’s the perfect night,” Adam said.

Becky was silent.

“You said you’d try it, if we were alone, and if the moment was right,” Adam said. “And so far, this night has been absolutely right. In every way.”

That made Becky smile. She knew he was right. This had been the most wonderful night she had ever spent with Adam. But she couldn’t agree to what he was asking.

“I told you,” Becky said. “I just don’t feel comfortable with it. Not yet.”

Adam found it hard to conceal his disappointment.

“I understand,” Adam said.

Becky looked back at him.

“You do?” she asked.

Adam nodded.

“It’s your decision,” Adam said. “I completely respect that.”

Becky looked back at the fire, and watched it crackle and pop. She had the most wonderful boyfriend a girl could want. He was so understanding of her needs.

“I just hope you know, it’s not a rejection of you, Adam,” Becky said.

“I know,” Adam said.

“If I was going to let any man do that to me, it would be you,” Becky said. “Maybe, in time, we could try it.”

Adam held Becky very tightly.

“I hope so,” Adam said. “Because I think you are the most wonderful, and beautiful, and intelligent woman I have ever known.”

Hearing those words soothed Becky’s soul. She listened to the patter of Adam’s heart as he held her, and the snowfall outside made her time with him seem even more precious. She began to think about what it was exactly that Adam was asking of her.

It began two months earlier. Becky and Adam were driving home from the skating rink, where they enjoyed the night skating and sharing ice cream sodas. On the drive home, Adam brought up a subject Becky never thought would come between them.

“Becky, have you ever gotten a spanking?” Adam asked.

The question took Becky by surprise.

“Um, yeah,” Becky said.

“What did you think of it?” Adam asked.

Becky found it a very strange thing to be discussing.

“It hurt. But I was being bad, so my dad was right to do it,” Becky said,

“I don’t mean as a child,” Adam said.

“Oh,” Becky said. “Then no. I haven’t been spanked in ages. I’m grown up now, I think you know that.”

“I mean by a boyfriend. And not for discipline. For pleasure,” Adam said.

“No,” Becky said. “Never thought of it.”

“Well, what do you think of it?” Adam asked.

The question made Becky’s spine tingle.

“Wouldn’t it hurt?” Becky asked.

Adam looked at her.

“I’d never hurt you,” Adam said.

“Well, if it didn’t hurt…” Becky trailed off.

The two of them discussed it over the ride home and ultimately decided that they would wait until they had the adequate opportunity. Becky wasn’t enthusiastic about it, but was intrigued by the possibility.

Becky finished her hot chocolate and gave the mug to Adam. He carried the empty mugs back to the kitchen, while Becky wrapped the blanket around herself even more tightly.

When Adam returned, Becky giggled, and flung the blanket around Adam’s shoulders, and pulled him close to her.

“You are truly sweet,” Adam said, and kissed Becky right on the tip of her nose.

Becky kicked off her slippers, and tucked her bare feet into the confines of the blanket she shared with Adam.

“You cozy?” Adam asked.

“Yes,” Becky said.

There was a long silence as Becky and Adam embraced under the blanket.

“I have one question,” Becky said.

“What’s that?” Adam asked.

“You sure it wouldn’t hurt?” Becky asked.

Adam could scarcely contain his excitement. Becky brought the subject back up. He knew she wanted it, but she was far too chaste to admit it.

“I promise,” Adam said. “I cross my heart; I will not hurt you.”

Becky trusted Adam with her life. If Adam made her a promise, Becky knew he would move mountains to keep his word to her.

“Well,” Becky said. “If that’s the case, then maybe we could try it just this once.”

Adam touched the side of her face and smiled.

“As long as you truly want to,” Adam said.

“I do,” Becky said.

“Okay then,” Adam said.

Adam pulled the blanket off of Becky and laid it aside. Becky rolled her shoulders back and took a deep breath.

“So, um, how does this work?” Becky asked.

“Well, I think the best way is for you to bend over my lap,” Adam said.

Becky blushed.

“That seems so childish,” she said.

“Do you know a better way?”

Becky didn’t know what to say.

“Okay,” Becky said. “I’ll just, lean over you I guess.”

Adam straightened himself out and faced the fire. Becky turned to her side, and leaned over Adam’s lap.

“Wait,” Adam said.

Becky paused in mid air.

“You’re supposed to take off your pants,” Adam said.

Becky stared at him.

“I have to take my pants off?” Becky said.

Adam was taken aback.

“No. You don’t have to,” he said.

“Well, why would I?” Becky asked.

“It would add a layer of intimacy, don’t you think?” Adam asked.

Becky had to agree.

“Well…do I take my underwear off too, or just my pants?”

“You can do whatever you feel comfortable with,” Adam said. “This is your spanking.”

Becky liked the sound of that. She was rather surprised to find it turned her on.

She stood up, and as her fingers moved towards her zipper, she looked towards Adam.

“You really want me to take my pants off?”

“I want you to do whatever you are comfortable with. Take off whatever clothes you want to,” Adam said.

Becky found that very reassuring. She calmly unfastened the top button on her jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper downwards. Adam shifted in his seat, excited by what he was about to see.

Becky pulled the unzippered flaps of her jeans apart, and carefully slid her jeans downward. Underneath, she wore pink cotton panties. As her jeans hit the floor, she felt only the warmth of the fire and Adam’s eyes against her belly and legs.

Adam waited to see if she would go any further, but Becky left her underpants where they were. She slowly leaned over his lap, and rested her stomach on his right knee. Adam adjusted his leg to accommodate the weight being added to his lap, and prepared himself for her full submission.

Becky set her hands on the carpeted floor, and rested the side of her head against the cushioned couch. She kept her legs straight, and her buttocks poised and ready.

“How does it feel?” Adam asked.

“I feel like a child,” Becky said. “I like it. I feel sexy actually.”

“Good,” Adam said. He set his palm on Becky’s buttocks.

He rubbed her two, firm mounds of skin and muscle beneath the thin panties that separated his hand from her bottom. Becky enjoyed the warmth of his hand against her, and moaned in pleasure.

“Are you ready?” Adam asked.

“Yes,” Becky said. “Spank away!”

Adam lifted his hand in the air, and smacked her on the bottom. Not hard, but enough to make her jump. Becky found it pleasing. Not at all how she expected. In fact, she already wanted another.

Adam smacked her again. Becky loved it. It was warm; it was sensual. It was everything she loved about Adam. Now she was getting in in a way she never had before.

Adam smacked her again, this time a bit quicker. The surprise caught Becky off guard, and she enjoyed it even more.

Adam began to pick up the pace, repeatedly laying down one stroke after another onto her bottom. Each pitter-patter of Adam’s hand on her posterior made Becky feel warmer, happier, and more loved by him.

Becky straightened her legs in the hope she could provide a greater portion of her buttocks for Adam’s hand to strike.

Adam spanked her faster, and just a tad bit harder, remembering his promise to the woman he loved so very much.

What Adam didn’t know, was that Becky had completely forgotten about the promise he made her, and now craved only more spankings.

Becky’s bottom was becoming warmer with each successive smack, and the warmth began to spread throughout her body. As she became more accustomed to the sensation, she realized she wanted a way to improve the intensity. Becky didn’t know whether she wanted to be spanked harder, or perhaps faster, but she desired someway to increase the sensation of Adam’s loving smacks.

“Adam,” Becky said softly.

“Yes, sweet pie?”

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too.”

He was about to resume spanking her, when Becky spoke up again.

“Wait,” she said.

Adam stopped, and to his surprise, Becky was reaching around and peeling back her panties. Adam smiled.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“I know I want to,” Becky said. Becky elevated herself off of Adam’s lap momentarily, so she could slide her panties back. Once she go them off of Adam’s lap, Becky rested her belly back on his knee, and slid her panties off her bottom.

Her buttocks was soft and smooth. There was minor reddening from the spankings she had already been given, but Becky didn’t mind. She let her panties slide down her legs and they hit the floor right around her ankles.

Adam was in awe of the beauty in front of him.

Becky put her hands back on the floor in front of her and waited for Adam to resume.

“Go ahead,” Becky said.

Adam stared at Becky’s beautiful bottom. It was thick, firm, and full of life. Adam had spent hours admiring his girlfriend’s face, but for the first time, he had the opportunity to take a close look at the sensuous beauty of her bottom. He was not disappointed.

“Come on,” Becky said. “Warm it up nice and good.”

Adam raised his hand once again, and smacked her bare bottom. This was what Becky was waiting for. With her panties removed, she could now experience her spanking to its complete effect, and it was better than she could have imagined.

Adam continued with the spanking, and each successive smack left a tingling sensation that excited Becky to no end.

Becky turned towards the window, and watched the snowflakes settle upon the earth. She wondered if the ground enjoyed having the snow settle upon it as much as she enjoyed having Adam’s hand settle on her bottom. Her guess would be no.

The smacking sound of Adam’s hand against Becky’s buttocks played in harmony with the cracking fire. Adam worked to maintain a sort of rhythm as he continued spanking Becky.

Becky’s buttocks became increasingly red as the spankings continued, and Becky began to feel its sensuous effects take hold on other parts of her body. Namely, right between her legs.

Becky felt wetness from within the confines of her vagina, and she felt on overwhelming desire to have it filled. The spankings she was receiving amplified her desire, and her attraction to her spanker.

“Adam,” Becky said. “Make love to me.”

“I will, sweet pie,” Adam said. “But you’ll have to wait, because I’m not finished with your spanking.”

“Take your time,” Becky said. “I will wait.”

Becky was a patient girl, and she remained in place while Adam continued with what he began. She even made sure to keep her buttocks poised in position, so Adam would have a comfortable angle to bring his hand down upon her.

It was a harmony of cooperation between both of the lovers. Becky and Adam both made necessary sacrifices to insure the other’s happiness, and tonight was the test that proved their love for one another.

Adam gave her one final, definitive stroke, and Becky sighed, satisfied with what she had been given.

“Come on, sweet pie,” Adam said. “I have what you’ve been waiting for.”

Becky got up, and removed the rest of her clothes. Adam undressed as well, and lay back onto the couch. Becky descended upon him, and the two made passionate love in front of the hissing fire.

When they finished, they embraced, and Becky remained motionless on top of her man.

“It’s pretty cold,” Adam said. “Do you want to cover up?”

“I’m fine,” Becky said. “My bottom is warmer than it’s ever been.”

And it was. Adam saw the reflection of Becky’s naked body in the shining surface of the fireplace wall. The glowing light from the fire amplified the deep red color on her buttocks.

“Did it hurt?” Adam asked.

“No, sweet pie,” Becky said. “You kept your word.”

Becky kissed Adam on the lips for about ten seconds, and then laid her head on his chest. The snowfall continued throughout the night, and when the fire finally went out, Becky and Adam retired to bed.

As they cuddled up together underneath the covers, they shared one final kiss.

“Good night,” Adam said.

“Good night,” Becky said. “Sweet pie.”

by Totzman

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