BBC Phonesex with Megan & Big Daddy Chocolate!

I was looking forward to having a great night out on the town with my girl friends.  We were hitting a brand new club in the city.  I’m jamming to my music when my car starts to slow down.  I got nervous because I filled up the tank and checked the oil.

All of a sudden I’m on the side of the highway with my blinkers on.  I got out of the car to check under the hood, but couldn’t see any obvious problems.   Just then a black stretch limo pulls over to the side where I am stranded.  The chauffeur got out and asked if I needed a ride somewhere.  The back window rolls down and there he is… one sexy big daddy chocolate.

I’m a little nervous as he tells me to get in but I do anyways.  He is tall and very handsome with a football player’s body.  I am in heaven as he pulls me close and plants a great big kiss on my lips, My pussy was aching for more and I had just met him…wanna know more? Joing me for BBC Phonesex and I will be your very own little broke down whore!

Megan – Slutty Phonesex
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