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bridget-1234.jpgI went to an all ages club last night and I cannot believe all of the older men there picking up on all the young girls. I was amazed when I seen my best friends father sitting in the corner look at me. I decided to just see how many of his buttons I could push. I flirted with all the men while looking at him. Swayed my ass up and down the dance floor grinding on anything and everything I could find. I swear he broke a sweat when I slid down the pole.

Well I decided I had put him through enough and went over and asked him if his wife new he hung out in clubs like this on Friday nights. I don’t think he liked that question because he told me if she found out my ass would be as red as my dress. I got the hint.

When it was time to leave he was waiting by my car and told me since I have been teasing him for years it was time for me to finally show him just how much I had grown up. He drove me to a motel off the strip and as soon as we got the door closed he pushed me to the floor, took out his cock and forced it right down my throat. Good god It was huge. I choked, gagged and swallow every drop.

I was instructed to stand before him so he could see how much I had grown over the years. He stripped me down naked and pulled me right down on his fuck stick. I swear to god I almost died when that fucker hit home. I had never had such a big cock. He pulled and I pushed until we both came together it what seemed like a 15 minute orgasm and a gallon of cum.

He left me in the bed and said he needed to go home a let his wife suck my pussy off his cock.

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lovesbabysoft.jpgCome sit on my lap sweetie. You know how Daddy likes it when you giggle and squirm on his lap. Your little panties are soaking wet. I think someone has been a very naughty little girl. Show me inside of those cute little pink panties. Daddy wants to see just how wet his little girl is for him.

Naughty little slut just like your Mother. Your little cunt is soaking wet. Take all of those clothes off you little whore. Time for My slut to be punished for making her cunt wet on my leg. Lay across my lap and put that baby girl asshole in the air. :Spank:Spank:Spank:. Get on the floor and suck Daddys big cock. Lick it slut. You made it hard now you finish the job. All the way down Daddy needs to fill your mouth with candy. Open wide slut. Thats My good little slut.

Now up stairs it is time for My little girl to become a women and Make babies for Daddy!

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bianca.jpgI did a call with a new little last night and he paid for a big mistake. He called my by the name of another shemale tramp who has a name close to mine. Hum, there is only one Bianca so don’t forget it next time slut.

I took this little slut to the seedy side of town and opened the door to his fantasy motel room and let all of the black men in the neighborhood use that whore as a fuck toy. He took so much cum in his ass and mouth that he was leaking goo from all of his pores. We did some other stuff that I will have to mention in the Private Blog area. Just too kinky for the front pages, lol

Remember sluts if you ask nice and pay for a20 minute call or more you will get all access to the unrestricted blog area. Beware it is XXX rated!

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bridgie.jpgI did a call tonight with a guy I new from another site. Strange how the phone still rings long after your gone. I guess when Your good, your good!

Well, anyways, he is a a little jerking panty boy and I alway find that little slut buried nose deep in my dirty hamper. He loves all the stuff pretty girls leave behind. I love when he uses his teeth to scrap it off. hehe.

I had him get the hot water for a nice batch of panty soup. MMM, warms the soul and the tummy. He loves pretty girl juices. He slurped the bowl clean and begged for more. I made him add his only ingredients for some milky spermy soup. It does help the skin look so soft and youthful.

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Hey Guys,

Check out My new page. I am here and I am ready for all of the Sick and Twisted fucking you can dish out. Nothing is off limits and I just love to shock. I have the mind of a total freak and the body of the devil. I can rock your cock and always bring you back for seconds.

I have tons of pics and I just love showing off this hot little body. Want the hottest little fuck in town. Look no farther. My legs are open and My cunt in dripping wet for you. Jack off with Bridget and your cock with thank you over and over again.

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my-slut.jpgI got this pic from a caller of mine today. He is such a dirty slut just like me. We play really naughty together, but the other night he called after he went out dressed like this. I giggles like a girlie and told him what a slut he was from dressing like this. I know I am too. hehe

I have another picture of him, but I promised not to show it. I can tell you though the back of the panties were a lot wetter then the front.

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