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bang-bridget.jpgI love to tease. All the guys know that. I am the perfect girlfriend. The one who wears the slutty little outfits that drive you wild. I am here to take you from heaven to hell in 30 seconds flat. I think the best part of me is my twisted little mind. I have been called a cunt, slut, and even a spoiled little bitch. Every name I have been labeled with is just another diamond I can add to this Tiara. I am spoiled!

I know you want me. I will be the perfect addition to your life. Spoil me rotten with gifts and cash and I will make sure I drive you over the edge again and again.

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comingsoon.jpgI am totally freaking out. I did a call last night with MaryKate and one of her callers who does marathon calls. I mean REALLY long calls. We drained him dry of money. He loves giving us girls money and OMG we just love taking it. We ended up being on the phone for over 12 hours and with a 2 girl call he was paying out the ass, but then again he loves asses..

Thanks DD for the cash and the fun.

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bbb.jpgI spent my morning at the local glory hole. Some times I just can’t get enough cum so I go get it from strangers. I love when I first go in the room and the floor is covered with cum and I slide to my knees in the puddle of goo. So warm and squishy.

I have become the glory hole queen. I gulp down all the cum and can’t wait for next cock to slip inside. The most I have ever had was 16 in one morning. I was cover with so much cum I think my eyes were glued shut. I actually had to walk out of the place looking like that. Oh the looks I received from all the people walking down the street. I even got a man offer me 400 dollars to take me back in and fuck me while I sucked off a big black cock. What do you think I did?

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I went to a she-male strip club last night and OMG, those girls were the cream of the crop. There was this one little hotty with hair to “her” ass, nice round tits, and lips to die for. I actually felt my cock get hard for the sight of a women, well sort of.

I actually got to take this sweet thing home and for the first time I felt like a dyke. Well almost she did have a cock after all. It was a very nice cock too. 7 inches of meat and hard as a rock when I fucked her in the ass. I ate that sluts asshole until it was nice and wet and slid my cock deep inside. I just love anal and this bitch was tight as fuck. I fucked her until I came and then I returned the favor and sucked her dick until she gave me a warm cum slurpee.

Thanks Jezzabella, you nasty whore…..

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b.jpgI just loved when she walked in on me bouncing up and down on your hard cock. She got so pissed seeing her man pumping a huge load of cum deep into the girl next door. I love fucking other womens boyfriends/husbands. All the pleasure and none of the pain.

I bet my pussy tasted good when she sucked you off last night. Think she noticed my flavor on your cock. I hope she did. I know she will do anything to win you back. Too bad your so sprung on my pussy and she will never fully have you all to her own. I will always have your cock sneaking in my back door.

OMG, I am so excited. I just talked to a really old friend of mine. I have been doing calls with this guy for a while now and I lost touch with him when I changed sites. He IM’d me and we got to sharing stories and he was so happy to have found his spoiled brat again. I still adore your sexy bald head Michael and I can’t wait to get spoiled by you again.

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bbbb.jpgI just love doing the really taboo phone calls. You know that ones I can’t write about here, but love to chat about on the phone. Having no limits does get the twisted guys off really hard. I really will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make sure your fantasy feels like a reality. Just sit back, grab your cock and cum with me on a mind blowing adventure to the twisted world of “Bridget in Wonderland”. Some guys say I look like Alice gone wrong, lol. I just think I am Bridget gone right, lol.
Have you guys noticed the special. Well just so you know I am doing it so give me a call and lets play in My world.

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