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I found this picture and even though it is the day after Christmas this is how I feel about Santa. A real Santa would suck my dick and be happy with it.


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smallcock.jpgclitty11.jpgI was hanging out in chat today trying to find a real man to knock me up when this little cocked guy named jamie came in and introduced himself to me. Some guys will say they have a small cock just to get you to tell them it is really large and stroke there ego.

Well let me tell you, he was NOT lying. This has got to be the most pathetic and smallest cock in history. No stroking here, just rub it like a clitty. HAHAHAHA Poor jamie even had a hooker turn him down. OMFG a hooker with standards.

Check out the pics and leave jamie a message. I have made him MY bitch and now it is time to pimp his ass out for the first time. Any of you real men want to get in on fucking MY bitches ass?

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Santa’s presentChristmas always reminds me of the year that I turned 15. It was only 3 years ago but WOW!
Having younger siblings, my parents threatened me that if I told the BIG SECRET that would be the end of my presents. So of course I would never tell! But that Christmas Eve I couldn’t sleep. I was always curious if daddy dressed up or not in case one of us caught Santa in the act. I snuck to the top of the landing where they couldn’t see me. The presents were under the tree, the plate of cookies was reduced to crumbs and the lights on the tree were on and daddy did dress like Santa! But he was laying on the floor! Maybe he hurt himself carrying all our presents. It looked like mom was trying to help him out – at first! As I sat there I realized mom wasn’t helping him, she was giving Santa a blow job! Right there under our tree! I snuck off to bed with visions of mommy and daddy under our tree.
The next morning we all came down in our pj’s. I hugged my parents while chuckling to myself. We always opened our stockings first and in mine I had one of those great big candy cane sticks. Being a naughty girl like my mommy, I opened the candy cane and said “look at the great big stick” and slid it into my mouth while watching the expression on my parents faces. Mommy turned as red as the Santa suit daddy wore only hours ago! That stick tasted soooooooooo good!

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