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Hi There This is Ashley, and i just wanted to remind you all about our HOT special going on now!

I will help you indulge in all your kinky & taboo fetish’s! I love sissies, jerk off boys, fam fun, college coeds and almost any naughty role plays you can come up with! SO what do you have to loose but a big load of cum!

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bianca2.jpg*shemale* Bianca to the rescue.

Let’s face it, all you boys crave some cock at one time or another. To suck it, to hold it, to taste it, and yes, to have it rammed in your little man pussy.

I love being the first top pop their man pussy cherries. what sissy sluts they immediately become.

They can help but think of me, want me and need me.

Do you want me to dress you up, and share your little pussy with all my friends?

Or do you need me to just take it from you?

I am your forbidden fruit, beautiful, seductive, with a COCK.

I will ride you hard and stuff you full…

*shemale* Bianca………..

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008176_009.jpgA few years ago I was a pizza delivery girl in Las Vegas, and you know how crazy things get in Vegas. I was dressed in my cute little fast food uniform, short shorts and a Zip down shirt that I had zipped way down so my huge boobs were popping out of the top. When I knocked on the door, a girl answered in just a loosly closed robe. I could see she had been messing around and I interupted them. She handed me just enough to cover the price of the pizza with nothing for a tip. When I asked her where is my tip, she giggled and said here is your tip, as she opened the door wide enough for me to see her boyfriends 12 inch dick dangling between his legs. He yelled for her to invite me in to take a closer look at it. I couldn’t help but want to get on my knees and take that big fat thing into my mouth and show him what a good little cock sucker I am. His girlfriend gave me the go ahead and there I was enjoying the biggest cock I had ever seen. That was my first threesome and from then on I have been a true size queen and nothing less than 8″ would be able to satify me.

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bridget.jpgIt has been a little while since I wrote and I just wanted to let you guys know I am taking cum donations for the next couple of days. I love the feel of hot, wet, slippery cum. Usually I like it all over my face, but right now I need it deep inside of my little pussy. Each and every drop needs to be sprayed in deep.

I was at the grocery store early this morning picking up my first donations. See the trucks unload really early and what I do is when they are being emptied I make sure the drivers are emptied too. Nothing better then bouncing up and down on a cock in one of those big ass trucks.

So get to stroking. I need yours next!

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It’s me, the hottest CHICK WITH A DICK.

I waant to play dress up with a little sissy fag who will beg to suck my HOT HARD COCK.

…and who will clean up man spunk filled man pussy while he rubs his pathetic little clitty for me.

You will spank your clitty until you puke up a little piggy puddle, then you will lick it all off

your hands, like a faggot would do for his owner.

*shemale* Bianca

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008176_012.jpgI am your no limits and no taboo kinky phone sex slut, so don’t worry, a whore like me will not be offended by your perverted secrets. I have this one toy that is so big I need a full bottle of lube just to get it in. I may have been fucked a lot, but this pussy is still nice and tight. My recent boyfriend caught me in the back room of the bar sucking a big nasty black dick and instead of being mad he sat back and watched as that mandingo stud plugged my pussy full of black meat.

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008176_0031.jpg I was closing up the bar when a very handsome patron asked if he could give me a ride home. I hadn’t paid him too much mind, but I could see him sitting at the end of the bar very quietly drinking his whiskey sours… I could tell he was checking me out, wanting to talk to me, but I didn’t make it easy for him. After chatting with him, I could tell he was intelligent, very nice, gentle and extremely polite. It has been a few weeks since I got any, and I’ll admit he was very charming and confident. I imagined what it would be like to take him home and fuck his brains out. I didn’t need a ride home because I lived across the street from the bar. As we walked to my apt, he held my hand tightly to let me know I was in for something special.

We pulled our clothes off in a heated frenzy of kisses and passion. Rolling around on the bed, exploring each other’s bodies, tasting and enjoying our heated love making, when suddenly he turns me on my stomach, handcuffs my hands behind my back and proceeds to *** my ass. After he cums, he goes and fills the bath tub up with water. He places a piece of tape over my mouth and puts a plastic bag over my head and lifts me up and drops me in the tub, with his foot pushes my head underneath the water letting me up every minute or so to gasp for air until I can no longer fight or breath.

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ashley61.jpgHey boys, I am all horny for you!

 I had a hot call tonight, this guy called me and talked to me about all the experiences he has had with CFNM and in general showing off for all kinds of people! Wether it was a Hot lifegaurd that he talked into letting him skinny drip or his friends stealing his clothing while in the shower!

 I told him about a hot experience I have also had where some friends stole my cloths while at school in the locker room and I almost got cought in the school hall totally naked! Now that wasent a turn on till that night, when I was thinking about it…and I really got off! Kinda makes me wish I DID get cought! HEHE

Anyway, you wanna tell me about your kinky experiences? then give me a call and let’s chat! Mention this blog & recieve 5 Minutes free with your 15 Plus minute paid call!


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bjwigs.jpg HEHE I had a call with the faggot boy of the site last night! Yes, you Robbie! He was telling us how he wanted this wig that was bright pink with lots of slutty curls as he was giving himself a beer Enema ! I am a little upset the looser only had 2 beers, but Next time he BETTER have more! We called around to try to find him a Big Black DOMME transsexual Escort – but dident have Much luck! Amber is gonna set up a Creigs list ad to find him one for tonight! That will be altta fun to hear him be beaten and fucked hard by someone while we talk to him! Maybe we can find one to Brand him again, or one who can make his fagot ass Cry!

Well Guys, I am available for you and if there are any of you who are like Robbie, give me a call! But I’m sure theres no one that could possibly be as sick & twisted as that bastard! Anyway I guess we will see!

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feet3ga4.jpgI watched my favorite foot lover Daddy today on cam. He stroke for me and Pixie dust. He is such a naughty man doing that for us. I guess thats why we love him so much. He loves to spoil his girls, but we always get a little punishment in the end. I guess thats why we are always naughty. We love the Punishment.

3 young girls rubbing their pretty little toes all over his cock. He makes us get out feet nice and smell so he can stiff them while he strokes. If we are lucky we get out little pink spots pumped full of Daddies love.

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bianca2.jpgHi Boys, I am just in from a HOT weekend out on the town, <giggles> lasted 3 days.

The guys just can’t resist me, when they see me out shakin all that junk in my trunk.

All the regulars know me, and about my secret surprise in my pants. I can hear them whisper and point. You would be surprised at how many men, knowing that I have a cock in my pants just can not resist me.

Those perfect perky tits, tiny waste, fat ass, and a hard working cock. What man isn’t curious about sucking a cock, or bending over and taking it! <evil grin>

Come explore your hidden desire, I can give or take it, state your pleasure little boy!

* age play * Mommy * cuckold * Step Mom * Teacher/ Student * cross dressing * Panty Boys *

No Taboos, I do it all!

*shemale* Bianca

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bianca3.jpgHi Boy’s…

I have a surprise for you! <evil grin >

Looking for something a little different today? I am your forbidden fruit, the best of both worlds you might say!

I am sexy, sleek, seductive, and will leave you feeling surreal. No need to be shy, I already now what it is you want.

I can turn even the strogest of men into snivelling sissy biys, beggin to wear my panties, and slobber on my cock, and yes it works, scared yet?

I will ride you hard and stuff you full, I can be sweet or stern, your wish is my command.

I am the hottest Chick with a Dick on the net.



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