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So this guy calls me up and and wants to know… how big ARE your tits, really? I told him that if he guessed he could get a free call.  I even gave him 3 guesses. He was wrong every time. Hahahahaha. He had to pay.  So, I’m going to give you a chance, to see if you’re paying attention, to win 5 FREE EXTRA MINUTES with EVERY PAID CALL. (Maybe if I do it capital letters you’ll see past the titties… ya think?All you have to do is remember the answer that he didn’t guess right. My titties are sized 32EEE.  For those of you who have a hard time wrapping your head around that, just remember… fucking HUGE. So, if you wanna tittyfuck these giant melons baby, you can get 5 extra minutes with each paid call and all you have to do is remember to ask for it and mention that you heard about these 32EEE’s on my blogpage! Make it as dirty as you want… we can have some nasty phone sex, or if you’re into a pantyhose fetish, well… so am I, so lets talk about anything else we may have in common.  And get 5 extra minutes for free when you’re doin it…. just remember to ask about these 32EEE’s!

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bridget.jpgEver had a dream that felt so real you just couldn’t shake the feeling. Well I am sitting her wondering that the hell is wrong with me.

I had a dream I was fucking my neighbors husband. He is really cute and all, but they just had a baby. He always looks at me and sometime he will tell me how hot he thinks I look today. Well in my dream I went over to take a gift for the new baby and caught him jerking of in a pair of panties he had stolen from my laundry basket. I have to admit this made me giggle, but I was so turned on at the same time.

Seeing me standing there he dropped the panties and told me he really needed some pussy and could he please just use mine for a minute. HAAHAA. Use mine for a minute? In my dream I fucked him for 3 hours and took 4 loads of cum from him.

It will never be a minute fuck with a horny slut like me.

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ashleyfrontgallery.jpgI am completely clothed as I ask you to strip for me, I want to toy with you, tease you with my body as it moves under the silky button down shirt I have on. I will not undress for you as yours not worthy to see me in nudity. I force you to stand there, cock in hand and then tell you to start stroking for me, tell me how beautiful I am while your cock grows for me. You are naked, the way all men should be. Bare your skin to us and do as your told. My body is a temple, you have not gained the right to enter or see – just imagine.

You cum for me, without me sheding a piece of cloths. I have complete power over you. I have proved this many times before, you will call and beg to see me. Maybe I shall let you one day be witness to my cleavage. But for now, you naked and me fulley clothed, even shoes is how you will enjoy our time together.

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bridget.jpgI did a call with one of my favorite callers today. Well actually 2 calls. I was the naughty nanny with the crush of the Daddy of the house. His jealous wife just could not handle the fact that I was looking so hot and that his cock got harder and harder every time he looked at me.
He wife was out as usual and I decided it was time to show him that I was all grown up and ready for his cock. I begged him to fuck me and give me the baby she wanted. He sure didn’t need his little blue pill with me. He I am all knocked up and ready to move into her bed.

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ellen2.jpgHey guys!!! Listen up. This is probably the most important election of our lifetime and I have some really really strong feelings about it. And I want to make sure that each and every single one of you is going to take advantage of your Right to VOTE on Nov 4. SO, regardless of who you are going to vote for, call me up and lets talk about it. I’ll give you 5 free minutes with EVERY SINGLE PAID CALL.  Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Independent or Undecided…. just call me up and tell me. Call it my very own individual poll, then I’ll spend some extra time on YOUR “POLE”.  Each and every one of us needs to exercise our right to vote in this election.  Boys and girls are dying a world away from us.  People are losing their homes and their jobs and its up to us to stand up and be counted. Yah, I suppose this isn’t always the kind of blog you expect to read on a site like this, but this is so important.  Don’t get me wrong, I LIVE TO FUCK. But who is to say that someday even our right to express ourselves sexually with another person won’t be infringed upon if we don’t stand up and be counted every single time we have the opportunity.  Some people don’t like what I, and the other girls who work with me or in this industry, do for a living. Do you want us all to disappear? That could happen!  Stand up for your right to masturbate with whoever you wanna masturbate with. Stand up and vote for your right at FREE SPEECH.  Stand up and vote for your right to fuck whoever you want, whenever you want, and however you want. The most important part is JUST STAND THE FUCK UP. and VOTE.  Oh, and call me and fuck me and ask for your free 5 extra minutes too. lololol.  

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Hi *shemale* BIANCA … 

mmmm John is so much fun! lol What a great time we had you see he had a toy (first time) and a lot of lotion.  

Then I made him fuck it for me, she he wasn’t pussy footin around with a Mistress with a Strap-on, ah naw, he had Me! shemale Bianca, She Dick Extrodinare! I have my own handy dandy 7 inches of fat pink pretty shaven cock yes thank you. He fantasized about my hard shaft penitrating his ass-pussy while he slowly worked a finger in then he fantasized about my lucious tongue licking him and relaxing his ass cunt. I had him slide that lubed up toy deep inside while he moaned and groaned, we found his sensitive little prostrate and massaged it with the toy while he bounced up and down on the corner of the bed (JESUS this made me hot!) I was so fucking hard from fucking him and hearing him GET fucked I had to shoot deep in his ass.

He laid me on my back and fondled my tits, I rolled my legs up and let him slide right in my ass-pussy, needless to say he only had to fuck me for a little bit and he shot a huge load of jizz deep in side of me, mmmmh John your a sexy mother fucker and I would love to fuck you again REALLY soon!

shemale Bianca     1-888-640- 8380

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ellenshorts.jpgI’m the kind of girl who never gives it away for free. Look at me, I don’t have to. I can get guys slobbering and fighting over who’s going to get to be the one to take me home.  But this weekend I’m going to be doing something special.  For every single guy who calls me and buys a 15 minute call or more at the regular price, I’m going to throw in a free 10 extra minutes. That’s less than 30 bucks for 25 minutes of raw, mind fucking, cock sucking, ball licking, ass eating, age play, roleplay or fetish fucking.  Sounds like a mouthful, huh? Well, I hope so.  I’m the kind of girl who can never have enough cock in her mouth, and it started like that for me from a really early age.  I’m not gonna say here exactly when it started or who it started with…(you have to pay for that) but trust me to tell you that my pussy still gets wet thinking about the first time that great big fat cock was pushed into my little pink folds until I felt it pop through. I wish I could feel it again and again. MAKE ME….and all for free minutes too!

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ashley1.jpgIn the mood tonight to be a little submissive!

Tonight I am a cross between a naughty tease and a submissive bitch. I want to play and tease but I lwould love to be punished for it as well! You will take my advances, see me tease and taunt you but then you will show me who is in control when we get into that session of uncontrollable sexual feelings!

I am very Voyeuristic and a exhibitionist. Tell me to cum while sitting a nice restaurant, and I will. The waiter will see me quiver as I slip under your control whenever and wherever you command! You call me at work, tell me to find the next hot stud…take him into the bathroom and give him a hot quick blowjob and I will do as you wish!

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b15.jpgLittle Red Riding Hood is skipping thru the forest road when she sees the big bad wolf crouched down behind a log.

‘My, what big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf.

The wolf jumps up and runs away.

Further down the road Little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again and this time he is crouched behind a bush.

‘My what big ears you have, Mr. Wolf.

Again the wolf jumps up and runs away.

About 1/4 mile down the road Little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again and this time he is crouched down behind a rock.

‘My what big teeth you have Mr. Wolf.

With that the wolf jumps up and screams, ‘Will you knock it off,
I’m trying to poop..…!’

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ellen1.jpgI have this guy who calls me who loves to do calls with me while he’s in his diapers.  Get this… he’s not just in his diapers, he’s using them too. Now, remember, there are things I’m not allowed to write about here but on the calls I do with him, we go full out… literally. IF ya know what I mean?  He loves making a mess in them and then being spanked for making “Mommy Ellen” have to clean up another one of his big boy messes.  And he loves being stinky too. Sometimes he’ll just sit in his mess for the longest time, till its time for him to be punished again. Then cleaned up and made to be all fresh smelling and sweet again, a soft powdered bottom, a clean new soft diaper and some pretty ruffled plastic pants to cover his big boy bottom. ADBL phone sex can be some of the hottest and most erotic games  to play. They are some of my favorites because even big smelly boys need to get off too!

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