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ashley4seeker.JPGWow, it is really getting a bit cold outside and I need some warming up! Would you come keep me warm? It get’s me so hot to hear you guys jerk your cocks for me, knowing that my voice is making you hard. Listen to my wet teen pussy as I slide my fingers into it’s warmness. I am getting hot thinking about it but I need your voice to help get the job done!

Hurry boys and warm me up! Call now & recieve 10 free minutes with a 30 minute paid call! I may even let you use the 10 free minute at a latter date if you wish!

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ashley00021.JPGHey guys, your naughty lil teen tease here and I just wanted to know if you have checked out out hot Phone sex Charoom? Come visit me and other girls and let us know what your looking for, we will let you know the best PhoneSexSensations hottie for your Kinky roleplays and fetish’s!

Phone Sex Chat Room!If there isn’t anyone answering you, try sending a little music out in the room (by pressing the little music note) I am sure if we arent in front of our PC and we hear it, we will be right there! Dont forget to come by and visit often!

Also dont forget that We have a HOT  Special going on! If you buy a 15 Minute or more Phonesex call, it will only be billed at $1.75 per minute! Plus some of our girls give out additional specials, so keep your eyes out & try back everyday to read our daily updated Phonesex Blogs!


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ashley001.JPGThat’s right, I can be your favorite teen fantasy right now! I bet there’s something you don’t know though. I love older guys! My little pussy gets wet just imagining you using your fingers on my tight little hole. I won’t get too graphic here, cause besides, if you just pick up the phone and call me we can get as dirty as you want!

But here’s the very best part! If I’m not around and you just can’t wait, there’s like, this whole buffet of teens here at PSS. There’s so many to choose from that I can’t imagine how you’ll decide. But I do hope you pick one of us because I just know that cock is SO hard and ready… And why deny yourself?

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ellen.jpgMan, it seems the economy is sucking these days. BUT… not as good as I am at sucking..your hard cock that is! So, I decided to do something “EXTRA SPECIAL” for it!  Call me up and tell me you want my 2-fer Tuesday special, TODAY ONLY… and if you buy a 15 min call, I’ll give you another 15 minute call for FREE, on another day!  I know!!!!  Its twice the bang for your buck. And we can talk about anything you want! If you want me to help you live out your ADBL fantasies, I’ll bring the powder and you bring the diapers. Or, if you want to wear your sexy MILF’s panties, then I have just the pair picked out for you.  Bring me any fetish and I’ll rock your world and for today only, I’ll do it TWICE for the cost of once!  Feeling like a little bit of domination? Or do you just want to share your glory hole experiences with me? I don’t care! I won’t judge, I’ll just be on my end of the phone masturbating with you while we both get off at just how decadent we can be! Just bury your face in these huge tits and climb onboard for the ride of your life!

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bridget.jpgYour naughty little pregnant slut is feeling really horny and in need of some monster cock. I heard if you fuck daily you will have an easier birth. So I am making sure I get fucked all the time. My flat little tummy is just starting to get hard and I love when I am getting fucked nice and hard if you put you hands on my tummy and rub the baby inside.

Soon my tits will grow and milk will start squirting out. I can’t wait for you to suck them dry. Lick my tender nipples and suckle like a sweet little baby. I want you to share all your dirty pregnancy fantasies with me. Call Bridget to cum!

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bridget.jpgI woke up drenched with sweat this morning and it was only 40 degrees out. I had the best dream ever.

I was laying alone in my room when through the door came this huge black man butt naked with him cock in his hand and he told me to get on my knees and suck his mandingo cock. Being the little white slut I am I did as I was told and sucked that chocolate dick all the way down my lilly white throat. He told me he loved taking little white bitches and making them dirty with his black shaft. I had never been able to deep throat until tonight. Something about his manhood made it slide right down my throat. I didn’t even gag when he thrusted the entire length deep inside of me. I gulp down every drop of his chocolate cream.

This little white slut needs more.

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Dirty little secrets and naughty devious lies.I have some surprises in store for you. All of your secrets will be safe with me.

I know what a man really wants in the bedroom. A soft supple body, firm bouncy tits, and when the light go off and my panties disappear the real secret desires unfold. I have a rock hard, cum squirts, ass fucking cock!

Looking to play with your Shemale Secret tonight? call me

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ashleyfrontgallery.jpgI wanted to congratulate Our president elect Barack Obama! I hope that he delivers what he promises…Change! I really do think that we are in need for some major repair for economy right now…I can even tell by the lines here that you all are hard hit as well & I know we all hope for some change.

Since Barack Obama won I am offering 6 free minutes with ANY call purchased with me (over 15 minutes). I have No taboos and absolutely no restrictions…So let’s play!

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pregnant_tummy.jpgGuess What……

I finally did it. Your little Bridget finally got knocked up. Yep now when you fuck me you will be getting 2 for the price of one. hehe

I can’t wait to share all the details of the baby growing. In a few months you can lay your hand right there on my tight little tummy and feel the baby move while your pumping your cum deep inside of my womb. Talk about a baby shower, lol

Nothing is off limits with your nasty little knocked up whore. I don’t know who the Daddy is so maybe it can be you…..

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