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bridget1.jpgHappy New Years to all my callers and friends. I just want to wish you all the best for the up coming New year. I hope 2009 is full of some of the best orgasms ever. I love being your dirty little secret so no worries I will continue to guide you masturbation to new levels as the new year progresses.

Love and Best Wishes,


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Robbie the slutty fucking faggot called me tonight telling me he was hoping he would get lucky and have a nasty black drug dealer fuck his nasty white ass. He would do anything for that fucking shot of heroin I would be shooting in his veins while all the drug dealers little aids infested crack dealers lined up to fuck him, I want to make sure that I give him just enough so he still feels each of there fat cock up his ass then shoot him up more & more thill he was doing anything they asked!

One guy would *** in his ass while another was feeding his aids infested cum deep indside his more then willing mouth. By this time robbie wig was on the ground, his lipstick smeared across his face and asshole streached out and bleeding from all the cocks he was getting, he still couldent get enough.

He wanted MORE, so we will find some homeless guys and rejects from the local shelters and aids clinic to join in our little ass pounding! They too would be willing to give robbie a donation of cum infected with who-knows what!  I will move to the other arm, shooting him up with a dirty needle I found laying on the ground tainted with some heroin addicts ***, again him begging for more & more…and we will give it to him untill he passes out, leaving a sign on him – “fuck me at will” HAHAH….

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I was always in trouble & sneaking out as a young teen, so I was always been told that I’d turn out bad and I guess they were right about that. That’s okay cus I love being a naughty girl!

Do bad girls get spanked? I sure hope so cause I love getting turned over some older guy’s knee, with my skirt hiked up and my panties pulled down to my ankles. There’s just something about it that gets me wetter than any porn movie ever could.

Call me today… And when u do you will be billed at only $1.75/min for all calls over 15 minutes.

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Coed Phone sex is hot when we are having hot young girl role plays and  fetish phone sex calls. I can be the little teen phone sex girl who loves to get calls from her very naughty professor.

Maybe you find out what I am doing and call me up. You threaten to tell my parents unless I come up to your office before class. I wouldn’t want you to tell my parents I am having naughty phone sex!

So, I go to your class early & you have a little “lesson” to teach me!

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058.jpgI got a call today from my favorite phone Daddy. He loves when I am that naughty teen flirt who always comes home nice and full. Well, today I came home after the prom and just like all other girls on prom night I got fucked nice and deep.

“Have you been a good girl Bridget”, daddy asked. I had too. I have a nice little package for you in my panties. I am all full of the candy you love so much. Spreading my legs he got down and made sure his little girl did not get pregnant. HEHE, Too late. I already am.


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I love twisted little role plays and erotic sexually explicit fantasies and I never will have any limits or taboos. Some of my favorite role plays are:

**College Coed/ Professor****Forced Fem/ Panty Sluts****CBT/Forced Masturbation**Age Play **Extreme Taboo** & More

I love when you bring out the naughty side of me. Show me just how deviant I can really be. I have a toll-free number, tons of nude pictures, and a wild imagination to guide you on the road to a mind blowing orgasm. So lube up your cock and make the best call your cock will ever have.

I may be barely legal but I assure you that with me you’ll have the ultimate phonesex experience ever!

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bridget.jpgMy weekend special. This is my special only.

Buy a 20 minute call and I will add 10 free minutes to be used later or combined and get a pair of my panties for free. Thats right FREE!

I am feeling a bit submissive this weekend and I really need some cock. So all you nasty perves bring it on because your little knocked up Bridget has a lot to offer a stud like you. I am wet and more then willing to let you be as naughty as you like..

Call and lets be naughty.

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There are lots of ways you men can enjoy yourselves even More while on a hot steamy phonesex call, here are some things that may help! 

Masturbation Sleeves
One type of toy is a masturbation sleeve. Designed for to increase stimulation during a hand job, this toy is probably one of the easiest toys to use. The sleeve is typically a long tube of warm fleshy material (like jelly or silicon) that has a large opening at one end for your cock and a smaller opening at the bottom end. The trick to these toys is finding one the right size. Although most appear quite small, they stretch to accommodate most size stretching up to about 3 extra inches. So although width isn’t usually a problem, length can be.
Blow Job Simulators
Most men agree; blow jobs are one of the best things in life. Sadly, it would take quite a few partners, unless you are lucky enough to have one with “the hunger”, to satisfy all those urges… Fortunately, there is a wide range of blowjob simulators that are the next best thing. Available in a variety of models and materials, the only thing missing is the full service.
Vagina Simulators
The male equivalent of a traditional vibrator for women, realistic vaginas are that fantasy toy most guys wish they had. Available in varying levels of realism, shape, and color, these toys are ready to take you anytime… Mounted, perhaps between the mattress and the box spring, realistic vaginas can be a great way to build your sexual muscles and endurance.

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