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Ive got a big secret.  Can you guess what it is?

I love big black cock!

Yes, I said it, I love it!  I also like my little cumsluts who love to suck it with me. Are you one of those little pussyboy’s that like to indulge in the bookstore fantasies and gloryhole dreams?  I bet you are, and I bet Im the one who will bring it out of you.

I know deep down what your thinking~its ok, call me with that deep fantasy you adore-white girls, pink pussy and black cock!

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ashley41.jpgGive me a call and sink into the world of my erotic phone sex mind. Once you close your eyes you’ll be able to imagine me being right there next to you. You will have no doubt that I’m pleasuring myself and riding the same waves of excitment that you are. The sound of my seductive sweet voice will burry itself into your mind, causing you to count the minutes until we can cum together again.

Let’s Play!

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Getting ready for the big fair over here! ( woohoooo!) Its always a big thing here! I love to bungee jump! I had a caller ask me if I would bungee jump naked. Hmmmm. Im giving that some thought. Got to do it very sneaky like! I got an even better idea to do up in the ride that takes you all around the fair? (wink!) You know, up in the sky, the little “gondala” thing thats just you and another person~ that might be fun!  Think anyone would notice?

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I am the pure raw meaning of sex. I love it rough and nasty and if it’s black I like it even more. I have always been into the really big cocks. The bigger the better. I am a real size queen when it comes to who I fuck.

I may let you lick my snatch if your dick is little, but baby you need a fat dick to fill this woman up. I bet you would love to slip that cock between these mountains and titty fuck me until you squirt all over my 38DD’s. There so big you might just need a map to find your way out.

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I love getting My way and I know just how to do it.I may look like an Angel, but beware somewhere deep inside of Me there is a conniving little Temptress who knows how to tease a man like you.

One of My favorite fetishes is using My pretty little feet to taunt you. I always have My toes painted a slutty shade of red and I have been told they are as smooth as a babies bottom. Perfect little tooties to rub all over your nasty throbbing cock and make you explode a huge load of cum. Lick them clean with Me. :giggle giggle:

I am the perfect little blonde to drive you wild. Sexy, slutty, and a mind that is so dirty it will shock you. I do it all. Every fetish and every taboo is welcome with me.


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ashley002.JPGI was always in trouble & sneaking out as a young teen, so I was always been told that I’d turn out bad and I guess they were right about that. That’s okay cus I love being a naughty girl! And I still have a few years to enjoy being a bad little phonesex girl.

Do bad girls get spanked? I sure hope so cause I love getting turned over some older guy’s knee, with my skirt hiked up and my panties pulled down to my ankles. There’s just something about it that gets me wetter than any porn movie ever could. So if your looking for a naughty teen phonesex girl to spank, give me a call!

Ashley 1-866-923-0069

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I can be as extreme and nasty as you need and I might blow you away with my lack of inhibition. I never say no. Your secrets are safe with me. I have always been sexually permissive and i imagine I always will, with my sexual appitite only getting stonger over the past year and a half  since my 18th birthday! I love experimenting with things that will shock and excite you.

On a HOTTER note…If your looking for some phone phonesex deals, Me and Mia are offering 5 free Minutes with a 10 minute Paid 2-girl join us now!

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If your looking for some  naughty & hot phone phonesex deals, then you are in luck!

 Me and Mia are offering 5 free Minutes with a 10 minute Paid 2-girl call! Or you can double that and pay for 20 Minutes and get 10 Free! Thats alot of free phonesex!

We can be naughty ssisters, or college students in your class or any other perverted phone fantasy you would like!

We are young ans nasty and love to play together, so give us a call and let us blow your mind!

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I’m a beautiful caring auntie who loves to play with her babies. Perhaps you just want to be diapered and cuckolded by your wife but you’re afraid to tell her? Phone your auntie Ellen to help!
Auntie Ellen knows you want to be dressed in frills and lace to become a proper little sissy girl, you want to wear the creams and powders denied to you as a man and long to paint your lips and cheeks pretty shades of pink!

Well,  Now you can! It will be our little secret! Then I’m the Auntie for YOU.

~Feminizing phone sex with special Auntie

~Forced to wear diapers

~Sissification to every degree!

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