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Shemale Lovers welcome to Allison’s Shemale Sex Chat.

 Here You will find your transsexual dream come true. I am an erotic transgender phone sex babe, open to any taboo subject you can think of. All fetishs are welcome in my house. Big cock shemale.

Submissive shemale ~ Domminate Tranny ~ Transvestite phone sex ~ pre-op transsexual ~ Sissy Boy ~ panty slut ~ cum loving faggot! ~ jiz guzzling slut ~ Tranny/Trannie ~ Bi Sexual phone Sex,

Whatever you want to talk about, I’m here for you. Tell me how much you crave my hard cock in your mouth and tight little hole. 

Call me at 1-888-841-9159 for the hottest shemale experience ever. Free nude pics with the purchase of a 20 minute phone call. If you have a special fantasy you want to role play just email or IM me at I will get back to you.

>Love Allison<

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I am one of those Cheerleaders that you’ve been fantasizing about for years. You go to the High School Game, and you see those flawless long legs and that perfect tight little bubble butt -Peeking out from the Mini Skirt -my white tight panties,moist sweaty that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I may be only be 18,but  still knows the value of a gentle, slow, and seductive tease, and that anything worth doing is worth doing well and i do   that .I need  your cock , I love older men that can bring out my curious wicked side while reliving those boyhood dreams of fucking me  barely 18 pussy

Call Me Anytime



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I can’t want to talk to you soon 1-888-205-2440


Spring Break is almost here. I hope you all are getting it started off right! :giggle: I know I am! This little coed cutie and all of my girlfriends hit up some HUGE house parties the whole week. We all look SUPER hot 2! Drinks were not a problem…boyswill be shoving them at us all night! I got SO wasted last year.

I was in lotsa trouble too…cute little girlie way too drunk with a house full of boys to take advantage of me! I did dance and tease like every boy there, so I was kinda begging for trouble! I met a couple of guys at the party…Jerome and Terrence they knew what a naughty slut I was when I walked in the door!

They let it slip that they had forced intoxication plans 4 me! Naughty boys love to eliminate all of my inhibitions and see what a dirty slut I can be! :giggle: With a big black cock in front of me tho….wasted or not I know exactly what to do. I was choking on BBC allll night! I know all of you black cock phone sex boys are dying to hear every slutty detail! You know that a dirty little phonesex girl like me can’t wait to share!

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Hi Guys, Dawn here and I wanted to wecome you to TabooPhoneGirls. I started this site because I wanted to bring you Pure Phonesex without the bullshit of Airhead Dispatchers and holding on a line waiting for your girl, I know that when your ready-your READY!

When you call you will get the girl you choose unless shes on the phone,  You will need to give just your Credit card and Billing info and then your call will start, this should always be less then 2 minutes from the time your girl answers!  I understand you wanna get off & I want you to every time!

If you have any questions, feel free To Call, IM or email me anytime!

Customer Support – Dawn 1-888-221-9006

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TIFFANY 1-888-205-1309

cheerleader tiffany

TIFFANY 1-888-205-1309
Do you like bratty teens & cheerleader types?  The kind of girl you know will eat you up and spit you out. You still think you have a chance with her just because she gets your dick hard. You’re the kind that wants to get the Prom Queen, but just never got her.

So you just jack off to her year book pictures.
You would even love for her and her friends to catch you masturbating and tease, humiliate and play with your head. Drive you to insanity and make you jerk off like a little masturbating puppet just to get some attention from the prom queen.
Call me. I am that cheer leader, that prom queen.. live out that fantasy with me.

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phonesex with avery

Phone Sex with  Avery

A demented mind is a terrible thing to waste. I am truly demented and enjoy it even more then you could ever imagine! I know how to push those sweet little buttons of yours and how to make the wild taboo fantasy that you dream about come to life.

I know how to get down and dirty and love slipping into your erotic mature phonesex dreams. I know I am a dirty mature lady and I know that I am more than some men can handle. I can be exactly what some men need, one wild woman.

I am Avery and if you are looking for a dirty mature woman than give me a call.


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If you didn’t know any better you’d swear that you literally felt my hair brush
against your navel as my lips wrap themselves around your barely hard cock. You
can smell my sweet nectar and see it running down my thigh as your hard rod
continues to grow in my mouth. One hand is massaging your balls and the other
is stroking your pulsating shaft as I gladly suck the first sign of pre-cum
from that fat mushroom head of yours!!!! Mmmmmmmmm * Giggle * I love watching
your body quiver and your leg twitch as the tip of my tongue licks the rim of your
juicy head.

You start to finger my cream filled pie hole and I moan louder and louder as your
cock hits the back of my throat every second!! You grab my hair, hold my head down
and scream in intense delight as your hot huge load fills my beautiful mouth!!
Mmmmmmmm .I feverishly suck and swallow every last drop of your sweet warm cum,
as my honeyed nectar gushes all over your hand. You rub my hair and tell me what
a good girl I am… as I help you suck my sweet cum off your fingers.

Now that I’ve made you cum once, lets explore some of our favorite fantasies
so I can make you cum again, and again, and again!!! * Naughty Giggle*. Would
you like for me to be your Submissive Slut or how about your Horny Housewife.
I’ll gladly play any role for you. I’ll do anything to hear you scream and shoot
that hot sticky load all over me. I have no taboos and no limits! All I want
to do is please you! One might say that I’m seductively dangerous, but I’d say
that I’m Pretty Hot And Tempting!! The more I make you cummm, the more my pussy drips!
The more I think about it, makes me wanna play with it!

Would you like to hear how wet you’re making me right now…Call me!!!
Kisses and Soft touches, Danielle

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One of My favorite fetishes is using My pretty little feet to taunt you. I always have My toes painted a slutty shade of red and I have been told they are as smooth as a babies bottom. Perfect little tooties to rub all over your nasty throbbing cock and make you explode a huge load of cum.

Lick them clean with Me. :giggle giggle:I am the perfect little blonde to drive you wild. Sexy, slutty, and a mind that is so dirty it will shock you. I do it all. Every fetish and every taboo is welcome with me.

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ashley1stpiconherpage.jpgHi, baby. I’m Ashley, your naughty little phone slut. I’m sitting here by my phone ready to play with your big, hard cock and fulfill all your taboo fantasies. There is no fantasy too taboo for this little toy.

I’d love for you to turn me into your sweet little slut – let me whisper in your ears how much I long to please you and don’t worry about telling me your naughtiest desires. Give me a call and let’s play our nastiest fantasies.

 I like to get really nasty and I have stories and real-life encounters to share with you. From fucking my best friend’s dad to bending over my desk so my teacher could bang me deep, I’ll tell you all about those and every naughty secret in between.

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ashley0001.JPGTeasing is always so fun. My girlfriends and I like to go out dressed in short skirts or tight shorts and tease guys till we can see that bulge in their pants. We have this game and whoever gets the most guys hard wins. The winner is the first to get her pussy licked by all the other girls when we get home.I have such a good mouth for sucking dick too. I always have something touching my lips when I’m around guys. My finger, a pen, anything that draws attention to my mouth and make them wonder what it would be like to have my mouth wrapped around their dick.

I’ve been such a naughty tease this week. Maybe you should teach me what happens to young girls when they tease as much as I do.

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I am the pure raw meaning of sex. I love it rough and nasty and if it’s black I like it even more. I have always been into the really big cocks. The bigger the better. I am a real size queen when it comes to who I fuck.

I may let you lick my snatch if your dick is little, but baby you need a fat dick to fill this woman up. I bet you would love to slip that cock between these mountains and titty fuck me until you squirt all over my 38DD’s. There so big you might just need a map to find your way out.

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Laying in my bed listening to you. I take my hand and start to squeeze and pinch my hard nipples. Hearing you stroking that big hard cock, I slide my hand down into my panties. Taking my finger and slipping it between my lips… mmm that’s what I want to do with you mutual masturbation. We can play anything you like, there is no limitation to what I can do.

Wet kisses,Ellen

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