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Danielle 1-888-205-2440


I know you are looking to get off and so am I! I love talking about the most taboo phone sex subjects. There are dirty fantasy I dream about too, those things I only tell my callers.

Fuck my mouth and fill it with your cum, turn me around to abuse my pussy and ass. Fill them both with cum, tell me what a good little girl I am and fuck me like the slut you’ve been waiting to fuck all your life.

I get off on knowing how dirty and sick your mind is, however my mind is there too. So just give it to me straight whether you want a dildo in your ass or maybe you would rather have your way with a young bald pussy. More then likely I have done it or FUCKING want too. You are not the only sick phone sex fuck here!!!

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Feminization phone sex has always been a favorite of mine since I started doing phone sex. I am a fashion goddess and why wouldn’t anyone want to look, dress, and be like me? So I have decided to really focus on feminization, sissies and pantyboy phone sex with my favorite sluts and faggot boys.

I want to start with my FAVORITE sissy boy Must-haves! There are a few things that you need in your wardrobe to be a proper sissy. The first thing is the right kind of panties and bras. I know you probably have your favorite kind but not all sissies look right in the same kind of cuts. For instance, boyshorts can really accent the curves of your bubble butt.. and the thong is classic sexy. My favorites are g strings that tie on the sides – easy access after all.

So what are your favorite pieces of sissy boy wardrobe  that you can’t live without? I would love to play with you.


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I have been a very naughty as long as I can remember. I was always teasing the guys in the neighborhood and was the one girl who could make all the boys do everything I wanted. From match box cars to diamond rings I am the the girl you just can’t deny.

I love getting My way and I know just how to do it.I may look like an Angel, but beware somewhere deep inside of Me there is a conniving little Temptress who knows how to tease a man like you.

One of My favorite fetishes is using My pretty little feet to taunt you. I always have My toes painted a slutty shade of red and I have been told they are as smooth as a babies bottom. Perfect little tooties to rub all over your nasty throbbing cock and make you explode a huge load of cum. Lick them clean with Me. :giggle giggle:


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I love getting fucked in all of my tight holes. I really like it when I shove your face in my cunt while you lick and suck on my young pussy. That is how I like it nibble, suck and make me squirt my creamy cunt juice all over you. OH and don’t forget to lick it all clean for me.

You satisfy me and I might even let you jerk that hard throbbing cock and release. If you don’t satisfy me, there will be no release for you. So work hard, worship me, eat me, suck me. Keep your mind focused on only me.

Come on spoil me, pamper me, serve me, and worship me. I know you want my sweet little pussy,  so call me and show me what you plan on doing to please me. Remember this is all about me and you will make me happy or else.

Danielle 1-888-205-2440


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I make it a RULE to do anything that’s taboo. I like to go the places no one else dares to go. So whether you want me to raise my little plaid skirtand slide your Daddy meat into me, or you want me to raise yours and spread wide for me while I fuck you with my strap on, I am the one you want.

Come play where heaven and hell shine from the same glow and your entire being becomes submerged in ecstasy. Cum to me in search of forbidden thrills, undeterred by the unusual, the world of the unreal, where pleasure takes a different angle and senses are inflamed until you no longer are able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

My favorite plaything is YOUR MIND! Phone and reality will become entangled in a slow sensual dance. You can take me as your prisoner, your slave. I will do as you command. Or if you’d rather surrender yourself to me only to have every inch of your flesh violated then I’m your fantasy pleasure playmate!

You will become an addict to your cock and my voice. I have no taboos, no restrictions, no limits! I offer 1 on 1 hardcore phone sex fantasies with your sexy mommy, aunt, girlfriend, wife, stranger, teacher, whore, gangbang bukkake slut, and any other taboo, twisted, erotic fantasy role play that makes your cock throb.

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Does my little sissy boy want to play dress up? I have picked out some
special panties, bra, and thigh highs for you. I know you like the way you
look all dressed up. We even have new shoes and a hooker red dress for you!
I have a special surprise for my sissy slut. Now that you are dressed and
your hair and make up are done, off to the bar we go!

You have a VIP pass to
the back room, where I have sold you to the men waiting and lined up for
you. One by one you will suck off all 6 cocks, BIG BLACK cocks that is. You
are here ONLY to please us. Then go ahead, bend over and lift up that pretty
dress, show the nasty men your little pussy, and get ready to get stuffed
full and poked good! Mommy always wanted a little girl! *Giggles*

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Does my Baby need to be fed? … Mommy knows just what you need. A nice clean diaper and some powder.

Mommy has to punish her bad little boy!

I lay you across my lap and spank your bare ass for messing in that diaper right after I changed you.

For my GOOD little boys, Mommy will wake you up for school in her see through nightie, no panties, and with her hands stroking that morning wood of yours.

  • Did you dream about fucking Mommy last night? CUM do it…
  • Granny likes it nasty, all of these holes are for hire.
  • This blonde bimbo likes to party and needs her next fix.
  • Can you help me get my medicine?
  • I will do whatever it takes.
  • I could invite my daughter to join us. I trained her well on how to please.
  • I’m as nasty as it gets.


Mommy – Cuckold – ABDL – Infantilism – Incest – Accomplice – Wicked Step Mother – Domination or Submission – Strap On – Beastiality – Bathroom Games – Enema – Medical – Period Play – Gang Bang – Cum Queen – Naughty Nanny – Preacher’s Wife

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Daddy and I have a lot of family fun together. We had another one of our “special nights” last night, I love making him happy. He needed my tight bald pussy to use again. He said I do things that mommy won’t do for him and I would never find anyone that will love me the way he does. I like it when he fingers my young cunt and he likes it when I cum in his hand.

We both lick it off his fingers together. Daddy says after I cum he has to lick his little girls pussy clean. He told me I was a good girl and tasted so sweet. He wanted to show me how he tasted next. He pulled out his cock, I put both of my little hands around the shaft and started sucking on the head like it was a giant blow pop. I sucked it as hard as I could and it  got bigger and bigger.

All I could hear while I was sucking and rubbing his cock was.     ” Make your daddy cum honey, Take all of daddy’s cock, oh yeah be daddy’s good little girl“. Then a massive amount of creamy cum exploded in my mouth it was so sweet and I swallowed very bit of it.

This is the new outfit Daddy bought for us the next time we have daddy/daughter fun. I love it when Daddy lets me model the new things he buys for me in his chair.

Tiffany 1-888-205-1309


Yahoo Name: tabootiffany


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I love age play just about as much as I love stripping. I just love acting like that dirty teen next door. Or maybe that nasty cheerleader every guy cums just thinking about. My young cute little voice is sure to push you over the edge. I’m wet just thinking about what popping my cherry all over again would be like! Let me paint you red all over tonight.

Danielle 1-888-205-2440


Ever had the fantasy of the kinkiest dirty chick taking hold of your cock? I love to get my hair messed up. I can’t help but get caught up, and swallow. I just love it! Feel like some dirty girl lust? Call me.

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Dirty little secrets and naughty devious lies.I have some surprises in store for you. All of your secrets will be safe with me. I know what a man really wants in the bedroom. A soft supple body, firm bouncy tits, and when the light go off and my panties disappear the real secret desires unfold. I have a rock hard, cum squirts, ass fucking cock!

I am very much the little switch when it comes to being a naughty girl. I can go from sucking your cock to fucking your ass in seconds. You will never know when the Domme side is about to open a can of whip ass on you. I am the chick who will never need a strap-on to make the little bitch side of you come out. I am the chick with a dick who can pop your vigin ass all on my own.

Bianca 1-800-640-8380

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One of My favorite fetishes is using My pretty little feet to taunt you. I always have My toes painted a slutty shade of red and I have been told they are as smooth as a babies bottom. Perfect little tooties to rub all over your nasty throbbing cock and make you explode a huge load of cum.

Lick them clean with Me. :giggle giggle:I am the perfect little blonde to drive you wild. Sexy, slutty, and a mind that is so dirty it will shock you. I do it all. Every fetish and every taboo is welcome with me. I am your deviant little fuck toy and I crave your cock in each and every hole, but My perfect little feet is where I want your cum.


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 I do all role plays or we can just  talk about kinky perversions. Incest, age play, cuckold, financial domination, rape, blackmail, humiliation. How would you like to be a junior high teacher and get humiliated by a naughty little middle school girl. Teased and denied orgasm, total cock control.

Forced to perform for her and her little friends. Forced to take them all shopping and have to buy them all expensive clothes, shoes, and purses.

Cross dress you and made to suck their boy friend’s young cocks. How embarrassing and degrading.

That turn you on? There is more, so call now to see how I can tease you or please you.. Maybe you will be able to cum or maybe not!

 Dawn – 1-888-221-9006

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tm4985_043I am ready to help you get off and I do love hot roleplays as well! Maybe I am that girl down the street that you never stood a chance with. The one that you daydream about and fall asleep thinking about! Let’s say that one day I catch you peaking thru my windaow while I was getting ready to jump into the shower and deside that I will have my way with you…Make you stroke that cock and cum over & over for me.

You wouldent want me to tell all your friend want a dirty pervert you are would you? Well then I guess you will do as I ask!  I can have you jerking off all night for me and giggle at you everytime you shoot you load, knowing that you will be doing it over and over at my command. Maybe if you are real good I may even let you ger close enough to my pussy to smell my sweet juices!


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I am the pure raw meaning of sex and once you’ve had a phone sex experience with me you’ll understand exactly why. I will take you above and beyond your expectations when it comes to phone sex. I will be your favorite virtual girlfriend via my toll free phone sex line.

I am your no limits total taboo MILF who loves a variety of things when it comes it comes to sex, such as:

Sissies/Domination/Humiliation/Strap on Play/ABDL/Gangbangs/Anal Sex/Oral Sex/Bukake/Threesomes & So much more.

Ellen -1-888-242-2860

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I’m looking for some kinky, hot men to play with. I am not for the faint of heart, nor the weak. I’m a deviant woman, who deserves and commands pleasure from all different types of men.  Experience all the taboos and take you mind to a different kind of phone sex.  The truth is I am a Hot MILF that loves to fuck a massive cock and I will do ANY thing for it.

Sorry for those who have less then 8inches, besides the only thing you will do for me is be my fluffer. You will never touch my tight pussy with your fingers, you will never drive your cock inside any of my tight holes. The only reason why you are here is for my pleasure and something humorous for me to look at. You will never feel the the body trembling orgasm without me guiding your every move and allowing you to do so. Remember all of you cuckold phone sex junkies, I will be the only one with the key to unlocking your true taboo desires.


I’m turned on by a wild variety of fetishes. The nastier and kinkier it gets, the more I get off on it. If we can think it, then we can do it.  Call me!   I’m turned on by a wild variety of fetishes. The nastier and kinkier it gets, the more I get off on it. If we can think it, then we can do it.  Call me!


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dawnblueyellowWhat does it take to get your manhood stiff and dripping? What If I just bent over in a tiny little skirt and no panties so you could see me tight teen pussy, would that do it for you? What if I pretended to be an innocent little girl next door? Or maybe your innocent little daughter who just loves to please daddy.

I want to get you so fucking horny for me you don’t know who you are anymore – your mind starts thinking of things you would never do. I will make you a naughty dirty phone sex pervert your hand around your cock jerking it furiously for me. That’s right, I want you to stroke your cock just for me. I want to be the one who recieves that delicious reward that “cums” from getting you overly excited.

How we get that to happen is entirely up to you and I…

I want to get as nasty as possible with you, I want to know what a naughty jerk off pervert you really are. What terribly nasty and taboo topics get you all aroused and so uncomfortable in your jeans you just have to unzip them and release that buldging cock?

Well I know I’m getting worked up just thinking about it. Will you join me for a phone sex tease and enjoy a wild erotic ride today? I’ll be waiting for you…

DAWN – 1-888-221-9006

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What a fun weekend it is going to be! He called me this morning to see if i was available & to ask if i liked really big cock. He then paid for a call and emailed me his pictures. It started off as small talk but I was so excited thinking about his long hard cock that I couldn’t help put slide my hand into my panties. I let a little moan out..He noticed and asked what I was doing.

I admitted that I was fingering fucking my juicy wet pussy and throbbing clit. He said he loved that and that we should have hot phonesex. I was his submissive little slut doing everything he demanded. I fucked my pussy hard with my fingers and then moved to my dildos. I let him listen to how soaking wet my hot cunt was as I fucked myself. He had full control over my orgasms. I only came when he said I could. I begged him for more.

He said that I should be his naughty little  phone sex slut on a regular basis. I cant wait for our next Phone Sex call. I’m waiting!

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Are you a breast man? Ass man or is it long legs, feet and stockings that gets you standing at attention? Delotta knows just how you want it and how to give it to you. Cum on, don’t be afraid to call and tell me whats been on your mind. I’m a great listener and an expert role player. Tell me your secret desires and I will make your fantasy come true.

Imagine your cock burried between these two big melons with my hot mouth and thick full lips wrapped around your hard cock.  I love getting titty fucked while sucking on a nice big cock, feeling you push that up and down between my breats and into my hungry warm mouth.  Don’t be shy, call me now at 1-888-820-8092 or Instant Message at taboodelotta on yahoo if you have any questions or want to talk about a specific role play fantasy. Talk to you soon


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Danielle is the Coed Whore  www.taboophonesgirls/danielle



Sexy naughty slut that’s me, I am a hot phone sex fantasy whore. I know you really wanna cum and play with me.  I have sexy long legs nice round ass, cum fuck me tits and a pretty face. My eyes can drive any man crazy, but the best thing about me is I am a coed  slut
It’s obvious I am very naughty. The thought of my professor taking me on the top of his desk is to die for! I know he can tell and see the lust and desire in my eyes. I know he wants my tight young pussy rapped around his throbbing prick. I can’t wait till our tutoring session, it’s at the school late in the teachers lounge. I have a hot little outfit already picked out for the me to wear while he’s fucking me on the couch and the chair.

I love naughty fantasies, kinky suggestions, and I love dirty dreams. I’m only 20, but love getting fucked and have the energy to go with it. Here are a few of my favorites!
~ Gang Bangs
~ Rape
~ Ass to Mouth
~ Small penis humiliation
~ Cuckold humiliation

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domme sheryl

Domme Cuckold Wife Sheryl for Phonesex Play!

I want to know if you are you a submissive little bitch looking for a Goddess Mistress to take control of you? I’ll make you get down on your hands and knees to worship every inch of my beautiful body starting at the bottom and working your way up.  Now kiss my feet and lick my toes.  You will clean my boots with your tongue if I tell you to.  I know you want to taste my firm breasts, nice round ass and sweet juicy pussy, but first you must prove you are worthy.

Tell Sheryl how much you want her to take you to a place you’ve never been before.  Humiliate and degrade you because you are nothing but a cuckold bitch, a clean up tool.  You love to reap the benefits of the aftermath.  The musky wetness of my gaping pussy after my big black lover pumped me full of cock and cum.  You can hardly wait for him to finish pounding me before you are allowed to clean us both off.  I know you want to feel his big cock in your mouth dripping with my pussy juice.  Lets make your fantasy come true. 

Call Sheryl at 1-888-221-9006

serious inquires only) ONLY major credit cards accepted.

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louise26Domination means taking control without having to raise my voice. You’d never stand a chance with a woman as beautiful, controlling and demanding as I am, and knowing that makes you feel even weaker, more emasculated, more submissive than ever. You’ll call and confess your sexual shame, inadequacy, and most embarrassing secrets, and I’ll help to put you in exactly the place you belong: beneath me. After you’re properly unmanned, we’ll take you a step further in your transformation and push you to new levels of sexual shame. This is a place where you can confess about what a sexual weakling and sexually obsessed jerk-off addict you really are.

My style is sensual domination and prolonged behavior modification: without yelling or screaming or shouting silly names at you like so many wannabee dommes do, I will calmly listen and then comment upon your situation in a manner that goes to the core of your weakness. Once I know your secrets, I will strip away all false notions of manhood and turn you into the little submissive sissy boy you are.  You were never fated to be a dominant male; instead your role is to give up control and hand it to someone who knows far better than you how to mold your silly submissive soul. Once you admit your inadequate status you will be able follow the shameful fate you were meant to follow. A real man? No real man would ever find such things at all exciting. The hardness in your little dick is the proof that this is what you are: even your sexual instinct tells you to serve and follow and obey. Now pick up the phone, my little subbie, and call me. Small penis / tiny cock losers, sissified late bloomers, cuckolded husbands, sissification / feminization panty boys, strap-on dildo lovers, houseboys and sissy boy maids, subs who require face smacking, ass spanking, caning, or paddling, face sitting, or prostate-milking, and little dick wankers are all welcome. Real men are out with real women having real sex right now, while you’re home alone with your pathetic little dick: That is not fantasy, that’s reality. Miss Louise will take you to the place you need to be right now.

Just call me at 1-888-820-8084 and ask for Louise. 

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whiteundiesI love men who call me to talk about the feelings and sexual urges to fuck that girl down the street, their sister, or daughter or even a student or girl scout with me on their phonesex call

Does that sound like you?

Can’t get that little fantasy out of your head? Daddy’s little princess, kid sister, teacher/student, little brownie scout selling cookies. Do any of these fantasies get your cock hard.

You need a pair of little hands to jerk you off, or cute little girl’s mouth to suck out that hot cum load. Hot incest, age play, spoiled little princess, run away slave.

All fetishes & fantasies turn me on. So call me and tell me some forbidden secrets that force you to masturbate and need some masturbation assistance from a naughty little phone whore like me..

DAWN 1-888-221-9006

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I am a Family Fun loving transsexual. My cousins tight young pussy can’t get enough of my big tits and TS cock. I have been fucking her tight pussy before she was barely legal! My perverted pedophile ways have me on my toes for all young high school girls. They just beg me to take their virgin pussy‘s. They see how beautiful I am and wanna be me.  When I get them where I want them they find out the real Giana.


My cock dripping with pre cum and their eager to please little mouths lick it up while I fondle their small tits and all of their tight holes.  I have forced sex and even raped a couple of the little girls. Most of the time I just lay back and put on the charm and they never resist me. I can’t what for my young niece to be able to take my cock. When she becomes a young teen and needs that girlfriend to talk to(ME). I will be ready with a semi. I know my TS cock will be standing at attention as soon as I have her where I want her.

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I have been very busy this weekend with 2 days pampering and being pleasured. I decided to take one of my well hung stud with me to my cabin for a well deserved vacation. He was content eating out my pretty pussy and rubbing my feet all the time.  I love a good obedient stud that knows what this hot milf likes. However I am looking for more I need variety. I get tired too easily of the same stud all the time. I want a stud for every fetish or fantasy I have.

I love foot fetish phone sex, there is nothing better than a obedient subbie who knows just the right way to lick, carress and massage a hot milfs feet. Not to mention another subbie licking my MILF pussy is pure delight for me.  I know you foot fetish phonesex guys will always be here to worship and serve my feet. I will be looking for the one that can service me in others ways too.

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DAWN 1-888-221-9006

Ageplay Fun with Pedo Daddy


I love it when daddy sneaks into my room late at night when everyone is sound asleep. I can hear the floor in the hallway creak as he tip toes away from him & mommies room. My eyes are tightly closed because he thinks I am sound asleep.

I am getting exciting knowing that he is comming. I hear my door creek open and footsteps over to my bedside where I feel his hand bushing my hair from my face. He kisses my sofly and slide into bed beside me. I feel the warmpth from his large nakid body and slowley as if still asleep roll to my back- spreading my legs a little. I feel daddys hand on my thigh…


  • Ageplay phonesex with Daddy/daughter roleplays
  • Incest calls with daddy or Pedo man

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aaaq1I know what you need. Release all of your naughty fuck secrets with me. NO matter the taboo I am here for only your pleasure. Share the ones that you just can’t share with anyone else for fear of being laughted at, called a pedo, perve, sissy, faggot or anything else. I understand your needs and will fulfil any of them.

 I have a few that will blow your mind and leave you feeling drained. I will suck every last drop of cum out of youI am a big flirt and love flashing my BIG TITS to any and all that would love to see my round firm nipples.

I wear short little skirts (panties sometimes) but either way I will slide my fingers right between my soft coed lips and start to rub my clit while I am being watched.

I love to have an audience while I finger and stoke my pussy.  I guess you can say I am a Voyer.  It is such a turn on knowing cocks are  getting hard and pussies are getting wet.

 Call me anytime!  1-888-205-2440  –

Here are a few more things I like

teacher student role play  *  family fun  *  rape fantasies  * mutual masturbation  *  sex in public


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ashley32.jpgDo you want to play dress-up? I’d love to share all of my sluttiest outfits with you, dressing you up and showing you off to all of my friends. Maybe a pair of crotchless panties.

Maybe a nice shelf bra so I can see those hard nipples standing straight out. Don’t forget the stockings and garters. No outfit would be complete without them. I want to see you strut that tight little ass for me. Let me slip you into something more comfortable too and lets play a bit!


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 Dawn Loves her foot fetish Guys!

Oil My feet up for a nice slippery foot job, paint my toenails, suck on my toes, massage my feet…anything to do with my feet, toes and legs is a turn on for me and can be very fun!  If you are a guy looking for a foot fetish phonesex call then you have found her. I have a size 7 foot with long toes and pedicured toenails. Oh and my soles can be very ticklish too!

Have you ever had a woman oil her feet up and glide them up and down your cock? I have done this a few times and it drives the guys wild, especially the ones that have a thing for feet and toes. Even the ones that dont find the “foot job” an exciting new twist to the average hand job.

Feet Fetish Phonesex with Dawn – 1-888-221-9006

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