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Welcome Abygail!


Your Naughty & Nice Read head teen who loves to be your cum slut!

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Abygail 1-888- 566-9296

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2794I’m your typical girl next door with a sinfully slutty side.  I love to role play and do naughty age-play.. So why don’t you connect with me, so we can make all those naughty fantasies you’ve had about me cum true.

I am your pedophile dream cum true and have the cute little body and voice you crave!

Or perhaps you’d like to teach me something new, cause I’m always ready to learn and very eagar to please. Don’t keep me waiting too long……..

My Profile will be here soon, so untill then give me a call at ….!


Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006


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ashley1stpiconherpage.jpgDo you like girls who loves what they are doing? Girls who truley enjoys getting off to the sound of your voice? Well I want you to know that I really love what I do & you will too!

 I am  just the right touch of  experienced but not “used up”.  My mind and body still thrive to learn more but are not scared to try new things. I love all kinds of role plays and naughty fantasies so give me a call today and let’s fulfil one today!

ASHLEY 1-866-923-0069

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The anticipation of cum, the taste of cum, the feel of Cum, everything and anything to do with cum. I love the feel of sticky, hot cum shooting hard into my pussy, deep in (and all over) my tight Little ass, covering my tummy and round tits, drenching my face and Definitely, definitely tasting it as it slides down my throat.

Again, I LOVE cum. I love the feel of a throbbing cock pounding deep into my throat. The Inability to breathe while your hands are on the back of my head gets my pussy soaking wet. I love it when a man seemingly looses control and just uses me to get himself off. That is one of my biggest turn-ons. I love knowing a man is turned on and love getting him off. I suppose that’s what attracted me to phone sex in the first place!

My Profile comming soon!


You can call me at 1-888-221-9006!

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I’ve had really satisfying times with some hot guys on the phone, but as usual, I haven’t taken the time to update here. Please don’t think it’s because I don’t appreciate all of you who have spent time with me. I truly do.

The cute little phone sex cuckold who called with that little boy dick was so nice in spite of the dick disaster you have. I’m glad your wife is smart enough to find a real dick to please her. You are fun though. I do want to hear more from you soon.

I heard from my bill fold who just keeps that wallet open for me to do anything I please with. I have a wonderful time seducing that money away from you sweetheart. (financial domination phone sex)

The panty slut who came in my panties as soon as I slid them on you. The neighbor who I found stroking with my lace panties in my laundry room. The male secretary who didn’t particularly like working for a woman so I made you wear my panties at your desk in front of the rest of the office. I have quite the pantie fetish too and always enjoy my pantie callers.

The sweet little boy who licked Mommy’s pussy like a good boy. The naughty little boy who was sent home from school so Mommy had to punish you with my strap on. You are both wonderful!

My pussy’s wet just thinking about the sexy men I’ve played with. Give me more. Fuck me!

Call me today!  

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Do you fantasize what experiencing 2 sexy girls, all to yourself, would be like? Check out my 2-Girl Phone Sex Special – let me and another hot little Phone Sex girl to fulfill your fantasies!

THIS TYPE OF CALL IS ALL ABOUT MORE PHONE SEX – WITH 2 GIRLS! The usual rate per min is $3.75 ~ however, when you do a 15 min call, the charge will be only $37.50 (This is a savings of $18.50, enough savings for a regular, single girl call, as well.) It is only $7.50 more than a “single girl” call for 15 minutes at $30.00!!



Hey, if you want to fuck just one of us then we’re  all for that too, since we get you all to ourself and can slowly, achingly drive your cock and balls crazy with desire! 

But, honey, If want you to choose… You will be treated like a FUCK KING no matter which you choose ~

Remember, though, that with 2 hot, drippy, sexy pussies, 2 sets of lips & 2 slurping tongues, 2 tight throats, 4 bouncing tits & hard nipples, and 2 very willing and tight asses you will get that never before, groin-grinding, “I’m the stud of the planet”, undulating, insanely explosive and cock cramming orgasm that you’ve only dreamed of ’til now!

So, pick up your phone and call us, now!

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So how do you like this mature Ebony Phone Sex MILF ? 

 I am the most experienced,  talented and really hot- hot phone sex lover and the most delicious hot ass ebony phone sex MILF you’ll ever have the privalidge to phone FUCK!   I

 am thrilled you found me – I’m so ready to drain your cock – put you away wet and have you cum back for more hot, horny FUCKING!  Cum eat my sweet luscious chocolate pussy !  Slam that horny cock in my mouth, pussy and thick black ass! Mmmmmmmmm!

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My uncle let me borrow some money for me to go to shopping, well that was a couple of months ago and I still have not paid him back. Now he wants it back in full and I don’t have it. As soon as I got to his house he told me to get on my knees and start sucking his massive cock.

I said what for and he told me I was going to be his sex slave until i have paid all the money back with my body. After he blew his load all over my face, he told me I had to be his dogs slave too and he wanted to watch his dog fuck me.

The German Sheppard without hesitation slipped his cock inside my tight asshole. I began to scream when the dog began to push his giant knot inside of my ass deeper and deeper. After that I had cum dripping from my face and pouring out of my ass my uncle told me not to wipe it off or get in the shower.

He took me to his room and made me get on my hands and knees and without warning thrusts his cock inside of my pussy. For 3 hours I was nothing but a cock slave and that was the first night. Call me to hear more of the nasty things we did.

Interracial Fantasy Phone Sex
Kinky Phone Sex

Yahoo ID: tabootiffany

Tiffany  1-888-205-1309

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Danielle 1-888-205-2440


I have lots of different costumes for many different role plays. If does not matter what will get your cock hard I am here to please you in every way. I can be the hot slutty coed, the sweet secretary that will do anything for a raise, or your little girl, I will dress up in my french maid outfit and accidentally break a very expensive vase.

Take the feather duster and tickle me helpless and make me piss myself. You could also give me the spanking I deserve with the paddle you keep in your room.

Make my rear end bright red as you tell me I need to become more careful if my wish is to serve you. Strip me naked allowing anyone and everyone finger and fondle every hole I have

Yahoo ID: taboodanielle

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In the mood tonight to be a little submissive!

Tonight I am a cross between a naughty tease and a submissive bitch. I want to play and tease but I lwould love to be punished for it as well! You will take my advances, see me tease and taunt you but then you will show me who is in control when we get into that session of uncontrollable sexual feelings!

I am very Voyeuristic and a exhibitionist. Tell me to cum while sitting a nice restaurant, and I will. The waiter will see me quiver as I slip under your control whenever and wherever you command!

You call me at work, tell me to find the next hot stud…take him into the bathroom and give him a hot quick blowjob and I will do as you wish!

Cum join me and lets have some fun!!

Krystal * 1-888-229-2510

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ashley222.JPGYou want me to get on my knees so you can fuck me  nice and hard from behind? Yeah sexy…Pull my hair really hard, slap my nice firm ass and tell me to take it like the lil slut you know I am. You know I love being treated like a whore.

Yeah pound that sweet cunt of mine!! Ok now…get on your knees. Let me suck you like crazy. Put your  cock deep down my throat. Make me gagg! Oh yeah!!! Thats it! Cream all over my slutty face…You just knew I was craving to feel your warm jizz leaking down my throat…Mmmmm


I can be reached at 1-866-923-0069
Yahoo IM- fukashley

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jodi333Just to fill you in I worked for a company a few years ago & used the name Jodi (and come clients still call me that)- BUT now you all know me by my real name  Lexi (short for Alexia) …lol


XOXOXO Lexi  1-888-666-9340


Well well, look who missed his little princess…My slut Mr Sims! Thats right, he came back to me as they all seem to do… its been a bit and I know I have been offline a while but he waited patiently for me… And as a reward he got to listen to me tell him how to strock & he also got the privalige of writing my name next to his little cock! See for yourself…


Anyway Glad you called me and waited for me, that makes me very happy and I want to let everyone know I am back & willtry to be online and available to you at LEAST every other day!

Hope to talk to you soon!

XOXOXO Lexi  1-888-666-9340

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I have so many fantasy ideas in my head. From A to Z. from anal play to zesty hot fucking. You have a flare for being a momma’s boy? You under-developed compared to other boys your age? You think more like a girl than a guy.

You in denial about your sexuality? Well Mommy has been watching you and it’s time to get in touch with your true idenity. We need to do some serious changing here so you can start living out your life as you were meant to. Call Mommy now so we can evaluate your place in life.

You know Mommy knows best.

Sheryl  * 1-888-221-9006

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If you like work scenerios, I have had a life long history of seduction at work. Even as a teen working as a waitress, I made a life of getting my way with my boss. Teasing, suggestive behavior, and staying late to make his cock happy. You ever wonder if people ever have sex on the table you are eating on, well the answer is yes.

I worked my way up to a secretary at an office firm where “sleeping with the boss” became more interesting and the places became more kinky! Call me to find out what some of the wildest places to have sex are…church…school (while picking up kid) and much more!


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When I was seventeen, I went to a club with my boyfriend, we had been having some troubles lately, so we went just for a good time. I could tell he was looking at every woman except me, so I pretended to look at every man except him. Just as I had hoped, he got jealous and left to “go to the bathroom.” Naturally he didn’t come back, so then this cute guy walked over and asked if he could join me. I said yes and we talked. When he found out my boyfriend had bailed he was concerned. He immediately offered me a ride home. I said sure, and we left.

The ride home was very quiet – I think any conversation there was was done in the club – so it wasn’t all that interesting. I was feeling rather horny though and I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch. He must have really liked me because it was BULGING! I could already tell it was a big one… I couldn’t resist. I broke the silence and said, “You know it was really nice of you to take me home… so I guess I should repay you.” I grinned at him and placed my hand on his crotch and unzipped him. I slowly went down and pulled it out. It was a magnificent sight! It was massive and not too hairy, with a nice head. I placed my lips around it and, amazingly, started to suck every inch of it. I  loved the feel of it in my mouth and sucked it with passion. When he finally came I savored every drop of his cum, enjoying all of this. When he dropped me off, I could definitely say he had a big smile on his face!

1-888-221-9006  ** Call me soon!

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If you are looking for a hot little phone slut that is nasty, wild and kinky, then you found her. I am a wild, naughty, no limits kindof girl with me you can have whatever it is that you want. There is no fantasy that is off limits and I have no restrictions!

Let me be your naughty little girl that sleeps around with you buddies and then invites you up to my room with mommy is sleeping…..

Let me be the daughter of your boss…If you want to keep your job, then you will lick my pussy and fuck me really hard! Make sure your cum goes right in my mouth or I wont be happy!

MmM I am really loving the neighbors new dog, I think you should offer to walk their dog and bring him over here. OMG look at that hard doggy cock!!!

The list of fantasies are endless and there are no limits and no taboos with me!

Cum join me and lets have some fun!!

Krystal * 1-888-229-2510


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I want you on your knees! Get on your knees! I want you to worship the ground that I walk on, after all that’s what you want to do right? I want you to start at my feet and kiss all the way up to my ass, that’s right, I know what you want honey so you better start kissing my ass to get it!


I want you to bend over, I am going to show you what its like to be a little bitch. I am going to take this dildo and fuck your ass while I am stroking your hard throbbing cock. I am going to have your cock so hard and your ass so open from my big hard dildo that you are going to be begging me to let you shoot your load….

Oh Baby, Please do not think of me as a sweet little girl…..I will push you over the edge and I will have you begging me for more……

TabooJenni on Yahoo

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Sometimes a man just needs a hot phone fuck to release some of the daily frustrations. Well I am the girl you need for that. I live and love the freaky lifestyle and my hobby and pass time is fucking. My and Danielle are best of friends…so look for more from us tobether soon & my page will be up very soon!

My pussy loves a nice hard cock for a hard fucking!

There are no limits with this hot whore!

Call me & Danielle for a hot TWO girl call today!

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  • · Naughty Neighbor Phonesex

 Leslie 1-888-229-2510

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bridgetm.jpgYour nasty little Bridget is ready to do all those deviant fantasies the girls on other sites are too scared to even mention. My favorite impregnation fantasy is up for grabs this morning. What a better way to start the day then to knock your horny girl up. Don’t worry I will scream and make you think I don’t like it, but all I need is your cock buried deep inside of  my fertile womb with all of your seed splattering inside of me.

I love all roleplays and the naughtier you get the harder I get off. Nothing is off limits when you cum play with Bridget.


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If masturbation were bad for you, there would be so many men with hairy palms and sex toys for men would not be flying off the shelves of sex toy stores! Masturbation is even suggested by sexual therapists, not people like me but actual professionals who have went to university to study sexual eduction and human sexuality for years and years. they even suggest touching your clitoris or cock on a regular basis, oh my!

So the truth of the matter seems to be the masturbation shouldn’t be such a secretive and dirty habbit. Some professionals suggest that to not straponmasturbate is a bad thing. One thing that most sexual health professional agree on is that masturbation will help improve your sex life. For not only does it teach you about your own sexual responses it also keeps those sexual responses ticking over during how should I put this, any dry spells that occur during your life! and they do happen, believe me! For there is that old saying that I personally believe in, if your don’t use it, you lose it! So hey have a good wank today! And if you can share that moment with someone else!


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I love fucking and I like a nice hard fucking! Just let me bend over the chair,couch, kitchen table, I don’t care just as long as you fuck my tight little cunt nice and hard just how I like it.
 I will get on my knees and suck your hard cock, taking it deep in my mouth getting it nice and wet while I rub my clit and get my pussy nice and wet for you. Once I get your cock nice and hard I will stand up, bend over and let you stick your nice hard throbbing cock in which ever hole you like. Fuck my pussy first and then my ass and give me a nice big load of cum!!
I am here and waiting!
Cum Play with Me!
Jenni ~

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I am sweet but so so dirty! I am pretty  sure that a naughty man like you can keep me entertained for a few, cant you? I bet you have so many naughty thoughts running through your head you are having a hard time keeping up with them, so you better call and tell me all your dirty thoughts.


I really love you older men, my pussy gets really wet with I start thinking of an older man fucking my tight little holes, yes, I said holes “giggles”


My ass, my pussy and my mouth are here for you to fuck, so lets get together for a hot nasty phone fuck where I can drive you nuts and make that hard cock of your shoot!


Logan *

Call 1-888-221-9006


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You want to cum don’t you? I have been teasing you for quite some time and I don’t think that I am ready to let you release that hot creamy load. I want to keep teasing you. I would put my pussy right over your cock and just rub my pussy lips right over the head of your cock, making you beg for me just to wrap my tight little cunt around your cock…


Keep begging baby, maybe I will let you feel my tight pussy if you are a good boy…Beg a little bit more…..


I would keep you begging until I was ready to wrap my pussy around your cock. I would ride your cock up and down until you couldn’t stand anymore and just shot your warm creamy load right in my tight pussy!


Call me!


Klara –



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 Hey Boys,

I love naughty roleplays. With me, there is nothing that is off limits or TO TABOO.  When I hear the word roleplay, my tight little pussy gets so so wet and I just cant help but start playing with my pussy, getting it nice and wet and cumming  so fucking hard for you!

I have a wide rang of fantasies. I can be your naughty little girl next door that just teases you so much that you can not help but come over when you see my parents leave, knock on the door, and as soon as I answer the door, you just come right in, bend me over the couch and fuck my tight little cunt till you cum…..
I can be your aggressive college  girl that makes you get down on your knees and kiss my feet up to my pussy to my ass, making you worship the fucking ground that I walk on….Leading you to the ultimate most intense orgasm you have had in a long time!

So you name it Baby! Whatever the fantasy is, I am up for it!



Kitten * 1-888-229-2510

AIM- xtabookitten


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ashley1stpiconherpage.jpg***Mmmmm… I wanna FUCK YOUR hard, pre-cum oozing COCK ’til YOU BEG for mercy! If you service me really well – I may give you a short break, from all that sucking, biting, spanking, slurping, licking, ass-probing fucking for just a few minutes…

While you are getting ready for the next round and your GRAND PRIZE I’ll start in on your friends! That’s right ~ you didn’t think one huge, throbbing cock was enough for this Extreme Slut – did you?!? Hold on tight for the FUCK RIDE of your life baby!

***This offer void where prohibited, can be combined with any and all sexual activities, is available in any positions, special requests accepted ~winkx”

Vote for us & get 3 FREE minutes with your call!

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Last week I was walking down the street and I ran into 3 old male friends I had not seen in a few years. We use top have the hottest 4-sums in the world!

I stopped and started talking to them and all of a sudden I felt my pussy getting really wet. I asked them if they wanted to come over and see my new place and like always, they all agreed!

Since we were just a few blocks from my new apartment and it wasn’t out of the way I asked them if they wanted to come now. They agreed. Well we get to my apartment and I was so turned on at this point that I just wanted to get my pussy, ass and mouth pounded by these three men! I walked over to one of the guys and I asked him if he remembered how he use to fuck my pussy nice and hard and before I knew it I had a cock in my mouth, my pussy and my ass!

The guys decided to fuck me like they did a few years go. They stripped me naked and just stuffed my holes!

Ohh, just thinking about it makes my tight little cunt really wet!

Give me a call and lets continue the fun!

 Adriana – 1-888-221-2006

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When I watch my boyfriends teen daughter tease the young high school boys my pussy starts to get wet. I see the way she teases her daddy too. They have no clue I have the craziest fantasy about her being in our bed watching us fuck!!

In my fantasy her daddy and licking her young cunt while I just watch. Then he tells me to come and taste her, I slide my fingers inside of her while I am licking her pussy. Her daddy gets behind me and shoves his cock inside of my pussy and I just finger fuck her harder. He tells me he wants me to fuck his little girls pussy and tells her to get the strap on ready.

Just as enter her sweet pussy I cum so hard I never get any further with the fantasy.



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Lets face it, every now and then you just want to slam a girl down and fuck her hard even if she struggles a bit.  You want to make that hot bitch take every inch of your hungry cock if she’s ready or not.

Maybe you will make her get on her knees and slap her ass while you pound your cock harder and harder into her tight hole.  Forced sex role play TURNS ME ON!  Ready to play rough?  I’m the girl for you.  Call Me!! 1-888-205-1309

* 2 Girl fantasy

* Family Fun

* Virgin Pussy


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Evey other weekend my girlfriends and I have a slumber party and find a sissy to play with. Force them into bi sexuality and cross dressing, take pictures and blackmail them too.We love to turn them into little bitches for big black cock.

I get a kick out of wallet raping them, after all they wouldn’t want their wives or families to know how they like to play with young girls like us. We look so hot, sweet and innocent, but can be such little bitches and it’s deadly to your man-hood.

Yahoo ID: taboodanielle


Little spoiled Princesses who want it our way.


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If you are into the nasty and taboo, then I am the girl for you. I am sweet, loveable and nastier than you could ever imagine! I am into all the nasty taboo subjects, the subjects that you can only think about…

 Treat me like your little slut, because thats what I am. I tease, please and take you over the edge when it comes to fulfilling a fantasy! 

Daddys Little Girl–Daddy, I have been a naughty, naughty girl, I think you need to teach me a lesson….

Naughty Neighbor–MmM I see you watching me all the time, this time, I think we should act out a little, Wanna come in?? My parents are gone for the day!

Naughty Girl Scout–Hi Mister, I am selling some really yummy cookies, would you like to try some?? If you buy three boxes, you get a special little surprise!

Teacher/Student–Teacher, I am in desperate need of an A in your class. Is there ANYTHING I can do for extra credit??**Giggles**

Accomplice–I am so totally willing to help you do some naughty, nasty things to this cute little slut….MmmWhat should we do First??

Give me a call and lets have some hot, nasty, NO LIMITS/NO TABOO FuN!



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