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I have a big tranny cock for your mouth! Don’t act so surprises or pissed off, you are too horny and curious that you cant help but touch it. Better yet just turn around so I can slide my cock between your thighs. Then when you least expect it I’ll slide it right in your tight fuck hole.


TS Giana

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Small penis humiliation
Public humiliation



tiffany0020All of these beautiful young phone sex girls are waiting to please you!!

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pc0147sc_045.jpgI Have a Huge toy collection with several differnt types of dildos and vibrators. I have anal beads, but plugs, strap on’s, rabbits and bullets. I even love to find different things laying around to fuck myself with…YUM!

Cum listen to me play with myself and let me know what kinds of toys you would like for me to shove in my holes while on our hot phone sex call

We have lot’s of things we can do but YOU need to make that effort and call our toll free number. Ask for free phone sex WITH your paid call and recieve 5 free minutes on your 15 minute paid call!

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Abygail and I had so much fun this weekend. And, yes it’s all true I was a complete whore. Those college guys were so cute and I could not help myself. It all started when we were playing spin the bottle. I drank a lot of vodka and did so many naughty things.  I had to come home and recover before I could even call my boyfriend! He was so mad cause my hot pussy was pounded and it was not him that did it. Not to mention the video taped that all my friends saw on youtube of me being gang banged by 3 different guys.


Tiffany  1-888-221-9006


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My friend and I were so drink last weekend! We went and crashed college party but we turned into the young high school whores all the college guys wanted. Tiffany was showing all her young goodies and I had the chance to watch her get fucked my 3 guys. But, after they were done pounding her young pussy they all turned to me and said I was next. When they penetrated my virgin ass you could hear the scream though out the frat house. Call Me or Tiffany for all the naughty details!



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My boyfriend is a real cuckold, he has a teeny tiny little cock, but he has a good CEO job and makes fantastic money. I want for nothing and get everything. I am allowed to cheat as long as I play the good little trophy girlfriend. He encourages me to cheat…ALOT.

I crave the feeling of a huge black cock sliding in and out of my horny pink pussy. I love it any way you can give it to me. There is nothing like a huge dick fucking me in my pussy or my ass!!! I am a massive cum queen. I really get off on making my boyfriends watch those big huge black cocks fucking his sweet little girlfriend, LOL!! I will let him suck that jizz right out of my freshly fucked cunt.

HE gets up in my pussy and slurps all that black jizz out, he crave cock cum anytime he can get it. I have completely turned him into a cuckold slut. He waits on my boyfriends and is a very good slave for them. I make him sleep in his on room on the floor, *naughty grin*. He begs me “please Alyssa please let me drink that juice!!! He loves to suck those big cocks dry!!! Drin those balls hubby!!


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Do you like a woman who loves what she is doing? A woman who truley enjoys getting off to the sound of your voice? Well I want you to know that I love what I do & you will too!


    Older is better and I am proof of that! I am an experienced woman who has age & experience under her garter belt! I love all kinds of role plays and naughty fantasies so give me a call today and let’s fulfil one today!


Here is a small list of some of the hot phone sex role plays I like to have! This is just an idea to help get you going, I enjoy to much to even begin to list them all!

    • ~Mature lady seduces her best friends teenage son
    • ~Naughty Mother in law give a masterbation session
    • ~Favorite Aunt is blackmailed into submitting to her nephew
    • ~Your Mommy is out tonight and I gets to babysit
    • SHERYL 1-888-221-9006 

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I  have had a lot of teen incest phone sex fun lately. Which is not a surprise since I am all about taboo ageplay phone sex fantasies and all, but I really do like the  brother & sister or daddy &  daughter incest roleplay.

So if you are a dirty daddy in need of some special attention from your little girl, you need to know right now that I love to suck daddy’s big hard cock and I’m very good at it. I’ll give your nice daddy dick some sweet kisses before I wrap my mouth around it. You’ll be pumping away at my sweet face aaaaand throat fucking me before you can say “be a good girl and swallow daddy’s cum”.

Or I might indulge my horny little brother when he is curious about his hot older sister and let him see my perfect pink pussy and maybe even let him have a taste if he promises to do my chores for awhile. If you are a really lucky boy, I might even let you fuck your sexy sister, banging away at my hot box until you squirt gobs of cum all over the both of us.

Older brothers aren’t left out, no way. They like to convince their trusting little sis that they really are supposed to do all kinds of forbidden things as long as no one finds out and no one is as eager to please as your cute sister Nina.

I’m ready. I’m wet. I’m willing. I’ll never say no.

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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Hey Guys! I am a HOT Mature Phone sex vixon and Nothing makes my pussy more wet than having a HOT stud come over to clean my pool or mow my lawn. I enjoy being a tease as get dressed in a skimpy bikini or wear cuttoff shorts with no panties on…
I have more XXX photos I want to share with you…just come back soon to site to see more of me! I also have TONS of personal XXX photos to share with you…just give me a call!

xoxo Sheryl


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There are sooooo many different ways to have babysitting roleplay phone sex with me being the naughty young babysitter. I dig them all and think they are great fun no matter if they are naughty or nice.

Here are some of my favorites:

~*~ Frisky horny babysitter – you try to behave and do the right thing but I keep flaunting myself in front of you, trying to get you to do naughty, naughty things with me. You know it is taboo because I am underage, but that only makes it that much more tempting. Before you know it, my thighs are clamped around your head and you are tasting my hot little pussy, teasing my clit with your tongue and thinking about how good it is going to feel when you fuck me.

~*~ Innocent virgin babysitter – you can no longer control your urges and you decide I should learn how to pleasure you as part of my babysitting Services. You take what’s yours, forcefully, roughly, without any mercy. I have no choice but to take it even as I cry and whimper and beg you to stop. I don’t dare tell, because I need the job and I wouldn’t want you blaming it all on my little tight tops & short skirts…It is all my fault.

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Have you just ever wanted to fuck and feel like all the powers of the world are working against you? All of your boy/girlfriends are not available, IF you have time for more than one friend.
You cannot get a babysitter.
You get stuck at work.
You get stuck in traffic.
You get stuck with your spouse and cannot get away as planned.
It just plan sucks. What do you do to fix the situation?
Wait out your urge until you can get away or have sex with the closest available person?? Perhaps you just masturbate.
To me these happen to be some of the most frustrating circumstances, so im here to help!
Sometimes just a beautiful voice is enough to release your urges!

Kitten – 1-888-221-9006

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23_521loWhat It takes To Me to Cum:

As I masturbate right now, I am beginning to relax and I am making my clit tingle like it is a tiny, hard, inferno of nearly blasting heat that spreads over my whole body… My hot, wet hole hungers for a hard, stiff cock… like a mad, crazed desire of a wild animal, throbbing, swollen, head that I want inside me…. I am maturbating thinking an engorged penis…. In and out in with rythmic thrusts….then he, “STOPS”, to rub baby oil on his huge cock…. then he takes his oily finger and slides it slowly into my tight little ass…and rubs it slowly rolling and spinning until I can feel his hardness pressing into my hole slowly stretching me open as he has me stradled, over the bed…. he starts slowly, going faster and faster as he throttles his hard cock up my ass, as I feel his slap against my hardening clit, until I feel his hot load spread up into me, as I cum ferociously rolling down my tight thighs!!!
Yes, this is what I fantasize About!!!


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Do you want to FUCK?

Do you want to get down and dirty?

Do you want to rip off my clothes and ram your pulsing cock into me? Do you want me to spit on your cock and make it nice and wet so you can fuck me in my sweet little pussy? I want you to fuck the shit out of me!!! I want you to make me scream!

I want you to make me cum so hard that I cant stand it! I’ll turn around so you can hold onto my legs and shove your cock into me harder and harder until you shoot your load all over me! And if you really wanted to fuck me really good, I would suck your cock until you get hard again and then you could fuck me more and more! I want to be our nasty little fuck slave!


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ashley32.jpgToday I spent the day making Strawberry Pies and Strawberry shortcake. I go into our chat room and here comes my favorite guy! We quickly are on the phone and i tell him what i have been doing all day which brings us to be discussing some very sticky things!
Next thing you know I am imagining laying down on a blanket, him with a can of ready whip in hand and a bowl of strawberry’s. He tells me to spread wide and he inserts the ready whip nozzle, finger on the trigger! And I feel this cool sensation filling me up! then when I am full of this white cream he inserts strawberry’s one by one inside of me, licking the cream spilling out of me as the strawberry’s fill the space inside of me….oh wow!

I’m sure you can imagine what the rest of the call entailed and as i sit on my porch with my eyes closed imagining this,  I can feel myself getting sticky and aroused as he talks…

Wander what I can get “into” tomorrow.

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Have you ever been caught masturbating?

Were you embarrassed, humiliated, and turned on at the same time? I like that! Maybe your girlfriend comes in and catches you with her dirty panties. You’re sniffing one pair and rubbing your cock in the wet crotch of the other pair. Rubbing your cock head right where her pussy had dripped her creamy cunt juice. You try to stop when you notice your girl friend is watching, but she will not let you stop.

She is quite entertained by the picture she is seeing. She laughs at you and makes you keep going and going until your cock is beet red.. Red because she has no intensions of letting you cum.. so now she is laughing, teasing and denying. She has now found your weekness and will use it all the time to own you and your cock. Sound like you?
Call me and share your masturbation stories, tease & denial, humiliation.


Yahoo IM –   taboodawn

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My wish is to lick you and suck that cock. I want to make you cum all over my mouth. Let me taste your sweet juice I am such a good little slut. A sweet young girl like me shouldn’t have such naughty, kinky thoughts.

But I can’t help it I think about a cock inside my tight little cunt and think about a cock deep inside my little asshole. Then you make me get on my knees and suck your cock clean. I like it when you make me play with myself at the park and getting a little turned on at the thought of somebody catching me.

My pussy gets so wet. I beg you to keep slide your fingers in and out till I cream all over your hand and you take it and make me lick your fingers and hand clean.


Tiffany 1-888-221-9006

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I have such a good time playing with all you guys! Some of the fantasies I have are completely naughty and extremely taboo. Age play, daddy/daughter, teacher/student, cock teasing, and girl next door are some of my favorites! Give me a call whenever you are feeling like you need a fantasy really come to life.

Family Fun Fetish Girls
Feminization Phone Sex
Financial Domination
Foot Fetish
Foot Fetish Phone Sex
Forced Bi-sexual
Gang bangs
Golden Showers


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I’m a sweet and oh so naughty phone sex girl, with soft hair and full lips just meant to wrap around your hot throbbing cock. I love to have my  tits in your face while you suck on my hard nipples, my hot pussy grabbing your cock and my tight ass bobbing up and down as I ride you until we both collapse in exhaustion.

Just an example of some Hot RP’s I like to do!

  • Hot Neighbors – Girl next door fantasies
  • Family Fun Roleplay – Incest and daddy daughter roles
  • Naughty Sister takes advantage of older Brother
  • Your Two Best Friends Seduce you
  • Your Wifes Best Friend’s daughter
  • Total Strangers
  • Pedophile Phonesex fantasies
  • Lot’s Lot’s More!  

Yahoo IM – TabooJenni

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ashley5.jpgI had a great call with the pantie slut phone sex lover who came in my panties as soon as I slid them on him! Lol…please have a variety of panties in hand when calling! I also dont mind other pretty things like bras and pantyhose!

ASHLEY *~* 1-866-923-0069
Lets Play one of these scenes out…

  • Your neighbor who I found stroking with my lace panties in my laundry room.
  • I am your sister who caught you in my panty drawer!
  • The male secretary who didn’t particularly like working for a woman so I made you wear my panties at your desk in front of the rest of the office. I need to put you in your place!

I have quite the panty fetish too and always enjoy my panty callers.

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