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Mommy always said Daddy has a little whore. She said I started playing with my pussy at the tender age of 4. Mom would paddle my little ass red while Daddy watched getting a stiffy. I realized at that young age just how good it felt, and it only got better.

Daddy didn’t seem to mind as much as mommy did. Before long he was sneaking into my room at night to sit me on his lap. He would take my little panties off and beg me to wiggle around on his cock. He liked it when I masturbated in front of him.He said, there was something about the way my little fingers slipped inside my cunt.

I learned then just what a hot tight little body would get me. I started flirting and teasing  my teachers, coaches, and friends of my brother. But I would never let them fuck me. The only cock that will fuck my pussy is Daddy’s big cock!!!

Tiffany  1-888-205-1309


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blow job phonesex girl Leslie

Can you feel my soft warm wet lips gently swirling and flicking around the tip of your cock head, Moving  underneath it as I take my long tongue and start moving it up & down the shaft deep throating all you have to offer down my throat. Licking and sucking on your swollen balls while feeling them getting harder inside my mouth. I can taste the salty taste of your pre-cum starting to slide down the back of my throat.

** LESLIE **

Hope to hear from you soon! Cant wait to please you!

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He came from nowhere, behind me, grabbing my neck and touching me…

…I can’t help myself I slide my hand down to my clit and start to rub. Immediately he pulls out his huge cock  and throws me down on the bed. He pulls me close to the edge and throws my legs over his shoulders. His huge member is finally inside me, he’s fucking me like some twenty dollar whore, my body starts to shake.

My mind says this is wrong but my body says its right. I open my eyes to see the look on his face; from the clenched jaw and tightened muscles I know we are both close….


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Aw whats wrong? You don’t liked a cock tease. You can’t fight the urge to just take my pussy? You think all of us whores need to be fucked hard.

We are nothing but sluts and need to get what we deserve. I guess you think you are the guy for the job!…..Doubt  it.

Your pathetic little cock will never get or take my pussy. Because your a man with needs you think I should hand over my pussy to a little cock bastard like you!

We both know ‘man’ is a big word for your little 4in dick. You getting fucked in the ass by me would be a better idea! At least one of us will get what we want. Give me a call so we can find out!


Tiffany  1-888-205-1309

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Tell me all your dreams…your secret fantasies… desires…Anything goes during our naughty phone session! We can play out any of your fantasies or mine.

 We can talk about anything SEX or chat about anything thats on your mind.I`m an out of control horny, dirty talking, insatable milf next door with a kinky side who loves to fuck. I love fresh young college boys and seasoned men. Nothing you can say about sex can shock me. I love playing naughty and give you the most mind blowing phone sex experience. From erotic and sensual love making to hot sweaty sex there are no limits on what we can play.

I have an exremely high sex drive, always craving a hard cock to fill me up. Big sensitive boobs, hot sexy ass, wet Milfy pussy and a wild imagination to make our time together as one nasty, kinky, nut busting experience you will never forget.


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Teen girl next door!

How would you like it if that really hot teen next door came over one day with some very naughty intentions. She is that tempting little teen tease that you just can’t help but find yourself getting hard over, even though you know she is way too young for you.

Naughty neighbor phone sex & a  teen phonesex fantasy are really hot together!

So, what do you say? How about I come over in my cute little skirt and tight top and we see what pops up when i wiggle in your lap! We can have some fun with it and the end result is we get to fuck our brains out!

Call me today!


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Do you need that morning hard on taken care of? I love morning phone sex. Having a massive organism to start the day definitely says good morning. I would really like to suck on that hard cock to start with. Rub you balls with my hands while I deep throat your cock! I will lay back with my legs wide open and watch you lick every inch of my pussy. Don’t forget to to play with that asshole, a nice rim job will do. Now image how you want to take me. Doggie style, missionary, or me riding backwards! Give me a call whenever you like I am available early mornings.



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Add a little bit of pleasure to your boring everyday life with me. I will have you doing things you never thought a phone sex girl could ever possibly have you doing!

The one thing I can do is to promise that this phone sex call will be an electrifying time for both you and I. You will live to please me, to love me, to cum with me.

Men love my mischievous smile, but mostly my addiction for cock. It gets me extremely excited to wrap my lips and suck on a nice hard stick. I love to slide it down my throat and gag as my pussy becomes excited and gets hot thinking about whats comming next!.

 Appearences can be decieving as I am no church girl like I may appear, but the back door slut you always wanted.


Some of My Specialties include:
Mutual Masterbation and Sensual ease and Denial
Orgasm Control and Multi Orgasmic Calls
Adult Baby Roleplay, Infantilism, Diaper Lovers, AB/DL, Mommy/Baby Roleplay
Facesitting & Strap-On Phonesex
Kinky Forceful Fetishes & Fantasies, CBT, Foot and Leg Fetish
Cuckolding, Sluts-Next-Door, MILFs & More Raunchy Roleplay Phonesex
Giantess, Robots, Inflation, & More Scfi/Fantasy Roleplay
Forced Feminization, Forced Bi & Sissy Transformation Phonesex
Foot Worship, Trample/Crush, & Stocking Feet Fetish Phonesex
Smoking Fetish, Smoking Glamour & Smoke Torture Phonesex
Rare & Hard To Find Niche Fetish Phonesex

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How about a naughty girl that refuses to let you fuck her with that little cock. The only thing she will let you do is watch her masturbate while your little stiffy is aching. If you get to cum it will only fall at her feet not deep inside you tight cunt.

Letting you watch as she gets fucked by a massive cock is another favorite pass time as well. Cleaning up that creampie will be they only taste you get from that little bitch.

Danielle 1-888-205-2440


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Nina & Abygail


Two Girl Phonesex with Nina & Abygail

     I continued kissing further down, passing by her little buds, but not with out stopping for another little lick.  Then father down, I licked her  bellybutton, then farther till my tongue met the material of her bikini bottoms. I looked up at her and she instinctively spread her legs.  I looked into her eyes as I put my fingers under the waist of her bottoms and started to pull them down. 

     My heart was racing and my pussy was soaked.  I pulled them down to her knees before I broke the gaze from her eyes.  I looked down and saw the most beautiful sight in the world.  Her pussy was so tiny and cute. I loved it. She was completely bald, and the little slit that looked back at me was  egging me to lick it.  I took her bottoms the rest of the way off, and started kissing her thighs.  Being this close I could smell her sweet sent, she was obviously just as wet as I was….


15 Minutes for only $50.00

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 Taboo Phone Girls are ready and waiting.

 Each of our girls will take your fantasy to a different level. Cuckolds, Sissies, and Pedophiles are all welcome. Don’t be ashamed of your fantasy, our welcoming voices will be glad to make feel comfortable. Someone is always available to  answer your call.

 For those that are a little shy we don’t mind doing all the talking.

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You like to be the man of the house. You take daddy’s place when he is gone on business making mommy feel good. Slipping your finger inside mommy’s pussy makes your little cock very hard doesn’t it. I am a very naughty mommy and you let me do things that daddy will not. My favorite thing to do is playing with your little asshole. Taking my strap on and pushing it inside your tight little ass makes me very happy. Call me so I can be your dirty mommy too!

Verbal humiliation
Cuckold humiliation
Public humiliation

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Roleplay – Sunday school Teacher

I was Lucille for a guy today, the Sunday school teacher he always wanted to fuck.

I was setting up some things at church, decorating and doing work about the room. I saw him come in and asked how he was. He dident respond, but walked closer to me. When he got right up to me, he told me he was going to have his way with me… He (forcefully) layed my down on the floor and made me tell him I wanted him to fuck me but I was very reluctant as he shoved that hard cock of his into me. sheryl333

You see, Lucille (me) is married and he wasent the least worried about him! He just kept making me repeat how bad I wanted it…and how big it was.

I told him to stop over and over, and finally he shot his huge load in me and….as normal hung up!



5 Minutes free with 15 min call!

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Come fuck a pretty little teen. We can tie her up and do so many dirty things to her. Stuff her mouth with a dirty sock so no one can here her scream. I found a cute little young one named Tiffany who is a real cock tease. I meet her for the first time last week. I would love take make her show that pussy to me. Call me so we can talk about the dirty things we can do to her together.




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Do you have a secret desire that no one knows about but you? Well, if it’s a desire I haven’t heard of, I’d love for you to better educate me all about it! No matter what your fetish, from mild to wild, the sensuality of foot worship, or highly dark and deviant taboos—I’m a quick learner and always up for a challenge!

I know it can be hard to find the right phone sex girl, but I also know damn well that I am the answer to what you’re looking for! So stop lying to yourself, baby—you know you keep cumming back to my page here on the web to stare at the naughty XXX pics of my sweet pink pussy, soft tits and adorably beautiful face.

You might as well call me ~wink~ I have absolutely no taboos and no restrictions! So here’s your invitation to “cum inside me” and explore your deepest desires on a totally new level of erotic phonesex fulfillment!

Adriana – 1-888-221-2006

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Strap-on play with Dawn!strapon 

 My favorite sexy boy-toy got a taste of my favorite sex toy. He ran to hide in the bathroom when he saw me armed with my mammoth sex toy. Since he was scared I slipped it off  pretending I was just kidding, and teased him till I managed to get a blindfold on him. I stood over him and made him kneel and eat my slippery cunt.

Next I rolled him over & kissed all over him, and quietly reached for my suprise! After I lubed my big strap on up, I ran it up and down his ass untill he relaxed from being turned on & curious.  I slid it into him very slowley untill I could not hold back and fucked him until he  exploded all over himself.

 You see I have a way to make men WANT my huge 8 1/2 inch plastic cock! You wanna try?

Give me a call!

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Tiffany 1-888-221-9006


I am a naughty little girl that loves to have attention. I love playing dirty little tricks on my daddy. Since my mother left he has been going out on a few dates.

When he brings them home I walk out of my room completely naked. Some of them just stare at me and some turn their heads. I watched him come home and fuck one of them on the couch.

My little clit was so sore after masturbating for hours running those images through my mind. I imaged it was me daddy was doing those naughty things too.

I can’t wait till the next time he fucks another one.  Maybe if I can get daddy drunk enough he will fuck me!

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Submissive Phone Sex

Teacher/Student Role play

Humiliation Phone Sex

Perverted Phone Sex



Are you looking for a submissive little whore? A real dirty young cunt! I could be your niece, daughter, or next door neighbor. Teach me how to obey your every command. Remind me I am only here to make you happy, my pain is your pleasure. No matter the fantasy I will be happy to please you.

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 2 GIRLS! Normal 2 girl Rate per min is $3.75 ….But when you do a 15 min call the charge will be $37.50 (That is a saving of $18.50 enough for a regular call as well.)

(It’s like buying 10 & getting 5 free)

*That is only $7.50 more than a “single girl” call for 15 min at $30.00*


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