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Hi guys, It’s been a little while since I posted but I have been having fun with friends at the beach! I wanted to stop in and tell you I have been having the most awsome time teasing all the old and even younger guys at the beach and boardwalk!

I would have loved for one of those guys to just take that big hard on that was in there pants and take it out right there on the beach.. Me & my friends would have giggled and laughed and that would of got me really horny!

Maybe later on that guy would see me going into the stal of a bathroom & deside to follow me in…wander what would happen next?  Call me & let’s find out!


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ameliarotI was getting hot, and there was nobody around, master had left for the day.  I had the house all to myself, so I decided to remove some of my clothes, I mean what was I hurting right.  So im upstairs cleaning the master bed room, my all-time favorate room to clean.  When I hear the door open downstairs as the footsteps get closer and closer, my heart racing so fast I actually got turned on, in walks masters son, tall dark and handsom man.  He whips his dick out in front of me.  The only words he said that whole night was “Do what the fuck your told and suck my dick,” It was so hot, so erotic, when he finally let me cum it felt like a valcano erupted in my pussy…….mmmm I can almost still feel fim inside of me right now.

If you want to hear more of my sexual exploits, tell me your own, or make one of our own, visit my website

hope to hear from you soon


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Awsome roleplay with a guy today!

In walks the best man while im getting on my fresh white wedding dress. He is leaning against the door, and is watching me as I slowly slip it on carefully.  I just couldn’t help myself and smiled teasingly, when I looked up at the mirror and saw him standing there – all handsome in his tux. 

 He saw me watching him  and I slowly slipped it all the way on.  I asked a real soft lustrous voice if he could zipper up the back.  When he moved closer to me I reached my hand back and grabbed his already swelling cock.  We slipped my dress back off, and he fucked me so good I could barely say my “I do”.  PLEASE DON’T TELL MY HUSBAND!

NO TABOO’s, anything goes phone sex

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Yes I know, I look like the young innocent girl-next-door but that’s part of my hot teen appeal!  The fact that I look like Little Miss Innocent and act like a raging nymphomaniac makes you want to protect and nurture me during the day, and ravage my cute little tight body at night.

You can treat me like a princess, or like a two-dollar hooker and I’ll be happy either way. You better come prepared though because I may amaze you with my erotic imagination.

I have a youthful voice and a firm tight body -so if that gets you all hot and bothered don’t sit there pick up the phone and we can have hot kinky phone sex all night! Call Me!


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You dare to complain that I never put out when all you have to offer is that teeny weeny little dick?!  You say you are good to me? Well, you’ll see just how wrong you are!!  Today, I’m bringing home some HOT, WELL-HUNG studs to do me like a real man should!  I’ll make you watch and we’ll all laugh at you!!  LOL   Hey, stop your sniveling and whimpering like a baby!

This woman needs satisfaction and we both know you can’t give it to me!  LOL!  Just when you think “Oh this can’t get any worse!” I’ll make you suck both their HUGE, throbbing cocks, watch while they ram me HARD with them, then make you drink every last drop of their CUM loads from my well-fucked pussy and ass!  LOL!  ROFLMAO!

  If you complain they’ll fuck your tight ass over and over! Ya, I am one nasty MILF! Too bad your teeny weeny dick will never know just how hot my CUNT is deep, deeeep inside!

*****I’m beautiful and so talented!  Are you worthy of me?

I want a hard-fuckin’, hot sex lovin’ guy who has a man-sized COCK!  Anyone here think you are man enough to give me what I crave?  Call me and prove it!  I’m getting out my tape measure!  

Take a look at these SAVINGS! Go ahead HAVE MORE PHONE SEX – be daring!

Your 30 minute call will only cost you $50; a savings of $10.*****

SHERYL   1-888-221-9006

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Dirty little secrets and naughty devious lies.I have some surprises in store for you. All of your secrets will be safe with me. I know what a man really wants in the bedroom.

A soft supple body, firm bouncy tits, and when the light go off and my panties disappear the real secret desires unfold. I have a rock hard, cum squirts, ass fucking cock!


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Wanna smell and taste what a real man’s cock left in my cum filled and used
pussy? Did you enjoy watching them fuck my little pussy until it was red and
swollen? Come closer and taste and smell his hot load of cum that I have
saved for you. Cum lick my nasty used pussy clean.

Daddy’s School Girl, Horny Cheerleader, Sweet Girl Next Door, Bratty Teen,
Do you want those nice full lips to suck your cock dry? Do you want to taste
that pink cunt?

Be connected to this nasty school girl in the privacy of  her bedroom.


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    pc0147sc_045.jpgI may only be barley 19 but I can probably show you a few things about how a girl should please you in all the right ways! I love all kinds of kinky hot role-plays and enjoy the nastiest fetishes you have to offer! Anything from ***, Age-play phone sex, Girl next door, Goldenss, ***, Family-fun play, teen Phone sex  and lets not forget any of your BDSM needs!

    Give me a call… See if my purr can start your motor!

    ASHLEY 1-866-923-0069
    My Aim/AOL Name is: ashleycumshard

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    You just couldent stop staring- could you?

    I saw you the other day, you were staring at me as I got out of the pool and quickly took off my bikini and threw on a towel. I know you got hot because when I saw you watching me I took off that towel and laid to to sunbath nude. You saw me touch myslef dident you? Your cock got really hard, you just had to touch it!! Shame on you!

    Why dont you call me so you can hear my voice as you jerk off! Just pick up the phone and call me at  1-888-221-9006


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    This firecracker girl will play out ANY fantasy you dream up.

    I love dressing up in pretty, hot, sexy lingerie and
    slutty feminine attire. I enjoy teasing and sometimes tormenting a hard
    cock. I dig “girl-talk” with sissy boys, and I love any and all hot, nasty,
    explicit discussion about cocks, pussies, asses, dildos, strapons,
    sucking, licking, fucking and being fucked! 

    Anything i may have forgot? No worry….I DO IT! 

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    I enjoy roleplaying. Wouldn’t you like to fuck your slutty next door neighbor, your sexy aunt, or your favorite teacher or co-worker. What
    other hidden secret fantasies do you have? I’d love to explore them
    with you.

    Let’s explore crossdressing, incest, K-9, watersports, bondage,
    spanking, domination/submission. humiliation, toilet training,
    masterbation,gangbangs, oral and anal sex. There’s lots more too!

    Call me today & get 5 free minutes with any paid call!

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    Look at those little tits and cute nipples.


    Sexy young ass ready to be fondled.


    Sweet young pussy to play with!


    I know you wanna come play with this hot teen body!

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    High School Teen

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    I can be such a good little innocent young girl. I clean the house do my chores and keep my daddy happy. He says I am his favorite of all the kids. I do things the boys can not; wash dishes, do the laundry, and cook dinner. It is a good thing when daddy sends me to my room. I know he will be here shortly.

    He has had a rough day today at work and he needs me to massage him. I use both my hands stroking him up and down getting his cock very hard. I suck on the top of his head to get the precum out of the way. When he is ready he tells me to do all the work and to do it right. For all the details of what daddy and I do give me a call. I have so many good stories to tell.


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    A few of my friends and I went to the beach and had a lot of fun. Fucking with all the guys and pissing off the girlfriends and wives! We acted like coed whores! Brushing up against our victims then grabbing their package! Taking off out suits showing everything we have to offer. I made sure everyone got a good look at my tramp stamp whether they wanted to or not!

    This one married guy was slapped when I took off my top. His wife got pissed because he was staring at my tits, poor guy didn’t have a chance! She got pissed at me when I shook my tits in his face!

    Yahoo ID:  taboodanielle


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    pc0147sc_045.jpgI will do ANYTHING, and i do mean ANYTHING!
    I Love to be simply slutty. I love to dress very naughty and tease all the boys
    with my sweet charm. I have some very naughty outfits and I can dress
    for any and all fantasies. I will make sure your naughty desires come
    true and all your wicked little fantasies fulfilled. I have a naughty
    mind and I can coax all the cum out of you. Don’t be surprised when I
    whispers some dirty little secrets to you on the phone.
    I love twisted little role play and I never will have any limits or
    taboos. Some of my favorite role plays are:
    **College Coed/ Professor**
    **Forced Fem/ Panty Sluts**
    **AgePlay / young voice**

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    ashley1stpiconherpage.jpgI love when you bring out the naughty side of me. Show me just how deviant I can really be. I have a toll-free number, tons of nude pictures, and a wild imagination to guide you on the road to a mind blowing orgasm. So lube up your cock and make the best call your cock will ever have.
    Must Be 21 Years Of Age and Older to Purchase A Call with CERES Enterprises, due to the Graphic Nature of Calls. Please tell me about any specials before I run your credit card!
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    Yahoo IM – fukashley

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    Trying different position is what I love to do. Tell me to spread my legs while you lift my knees to my head. Doggie style is always good too, missionary is for lovers but I just wanna fuck! There is no need for kissing or rubbing. Just tell me to get my fucking clothes off so you can take control of my tight fucking cunt!


    Abygail is always here for whatever you desire!

    Yahoo ID: tabooabygail

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    I’m a Sexy Girl next door That’s Finally Grown Up with Luscious Breasts and Very Alluring Eyes. I Just Loves To Get Lost In Erotic Sexual Fantasies Alone or With a Friend.

    I’m into a lot of different things… Like Oral, Anal, Gangbangs, Toys, Domination & Submission, K~9, Incest, Spanking, Bondage and Watersports.

    I Can Be Submissive yet Very Assertive. I like to Please and to be Pleased. I can be Daddy’s Little Whore, Your Personal Sexual Toy, Sexy Teacher Or Naughty Young Mommy, Your Possession To Own and Do With What You Like….Or I can Be Your Demanding Mistress, Expecting Nothing But The Very Best From you!!  The Wide Scope of My Erotic Soul and Mind will be Your Greatest Advantage and My Greatest Gift to You. jenni_389

    Just Loves the Flavor of Cum This Sex Babe Will Bend and Take it in the Ass Then Suck You Dry Like A Cock Whore in Heat  – Nothing is too Kinky ~ Very Open Minded To Taboo Role Playing and Talk No Limits and No Restrictions!

     If You Wanna Masterbate & cum hard then Call Me ~ I’m Willing and Waiting …




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    No Limits and Absolutely No Taboos when it comes to Sex…I love being
    Very Open Minded…I’m here to explore the taboo side of you of your

    Fantasy is a Great Place to start exploring all your taboo sides
    you’ve always wanted to uncover…..I love Oral, Ageplay, Spanking,
    Bondage, Incest, Handcuffs, Gangbangs, Family Fun, Toys, Teasing,
    ForcedFem, Golden Showers Anything Goes!

    I’m willing to try anything once…and so should you!!!


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    I can’t believe everyone thinks I am just a sweet little innocent girl. During the day I volunteer at the hospital. The dirty old me love me. Especially when it is my turn to give them sponge baths. I give them a little hand job under the sheets while they are grabbing my ass. After they cum the sleep like babies and the nurses love it.


    Then go help the homeless after dark. I bring them soap, food, condoms, and me in a large black coat naked! You know everyone needs help every now and than. What wrong with making them feel good! I love to watch them fuck the woman and some even get to have a little of my pussy.

    I love to be nice but naughty fits better!


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    Let me cum for you hard!
    Do you want to hear this wet pussy getting wetter as we talk naughty on the phone? I will let you listen to me as I finger myself into a hot fucking exploding orgasm. I will cum over and over for you if you want me to, letting you deside how quick and how hard.

    I just have one request and you know what that is…. I want to hear you cum as well. Mmmmmmmmmm call me now I’ve already started!

    Call Me Now!

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    I’m here to play with you no matter what your fantasy is! I love to try new things and I am very open-minded. I find many different fetishes and kinks to be so exciting & just plain sexy.

    Some hot ones are worshiping feet, dressing up boys in panties(cross dressing) and using strap-on’s with naughty boys.

    I’d even dress up like a hot little cheerleader and parade around in my skirt teasing you all day long. After I catch you wanking off to me who knows where it could go.

    I could either turn into your horny little slut neighbor who pounces on your cock or I could be a nasty little teen tease and tell you how old and perverted you are while I laugh at you.

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    Are you a submissive little bitch looking for a Goddess or Mistress to take control of you? Get down on your knees and worship every inch of my beautiful body.

    Now kiss, lick and suck me from the bottom of my toes to the top of my breasts. Yes, that includes my sweet juicy pussy and my beautiful round ass!

    I’ll tie up your cock with rope so tight it will turn your balls a nice shade of purple…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    You will be on your ass, panting like a dog once I’m through with you.

    Call Goddess Scarlet for the Ultimate Mistress Experience.

    All KINKS & FETISHES welcome in my dungeon.


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