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ashley999.JPGSometimes a man just needs a really hot phone fuck to release some of the daily frustrations he has bottled up inside. Well I am the girl you need for that. My Mouth is ready for some sucking and my pussy loves a nice hard cock fucking!

There are no limits with this hot whore!

Here are some examples of what I like to roleplay on our hot phone fucking session!

  • Ageplay with Young teen
  • Blow jobs by hot coed student
  • Naughty Babysitter gets some extra cash 😉
  • Your Step sister gets caught sneaking in the window at 3am
  • Your lil Girl has really been bad!
  • Coach shows Student how to get more flexable!

ASHLEY 1-866-923-0069
IM me on Yahoo: fukashley

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I love the special games and secrets I and daddy always used to share. But
now that I am off at school …I have no one to play with. But I do have a phone and a private room…giggles and blushes…
Daddy always used to lay me across his lap and start touching me down
there…he would rub me until it tingles so bad I would wet myself…He
would tell me not to worry as he licked me clean…then that large finger
would slide into that tiny little ass of mine…daddy said it was to stretch
that hole so he could see everything coming…Daddy liked the brown showers the best…


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From a caller:

I can think of many words to describe klara, but the one that sticks out is:
Everything she does is so damn sexy~ from watching her suck on her luscious nipples, to the sexy whimper when she is cumming, Klara is not for the faint of heart.

 She can go from being on her knees sucking you deep, to the One in Control in a split second~ Both heads of yours will be spinning as she takes you on the ultimate thrill ride!

                                                            …Jim Daddy  KS (Addicted)


(note from me) I have  no turn offs when it comes to sex. But I do have  zero tolerence for rude men as well as men who badger me to meet offline.
Other than that.. the skies the limit!

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All types of calls this week and I just love the variety of Roleplays and Fetish’s that comes with talking to men of all ages, ethnicity, dick size and demeanor.  Here are a Few things I did this week!

– Eric –   I was your Tease and Denial phonesex whore, I would make you get right to the brink of explosion and then stop you from cumming. I loved doing this over & over till it was to painful to stand! But yet, you did it…good boy!

– Sissy Sarah –  Aww how cute, (s)he wanted a playmate to go shopping with and then have a girls night out. We got him all dressed up in the sexiest outfit and cum fuck me pumps, a hot blond wig, make up and the whole nine yards…We made sure she got to suck a few cocks!

– Ed-  Always a joy, Older man who just needs a sexy voice and loves instructions on how I like him to stroke his cock for me. I love helping in his Guided masturbation calls!

I can range from your precious daddy’s lil girl to your worst nightmare.

I am a bad habit as all my callers already know! You will be Addictive to me in seconds and willing to do anything just to get your Megan fix!

Call Megan!

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Humiliation and Financial domination & how I got into it

Humiliation and Financial domination & how I got into it

I was 17, sneaking into sleazy bars and staying out late. My mother, who was a drunk housewife was not to worried about me. I would often come home and find her passed out on the sofa with different men walking around the house.
I loved to frequent 2 bars, one was a night club with lots of dancing and a younger type of crowd, but when I was looking for a little something less crowded and loud I would go down on the corner of 6th and Washington to “the Big Apples” a hot strip club that a friend of mine’s dad owned. He would let me come in and give me a few drinks always wanting me to get on the stage. I kept laughing at him, not paying it to much mind to him, as I wasn’t even 18 yet, that he had a little while to wait & I would give him a birthday dance on my 18th birthday.

Well I turned 18 and my life totally changed, I walked into Apples and Dave had apparently arranged a small surprise party for me…but these weren’t my normal everyday friends but a bunch of guys that I had met in there over the last year, and of course the Girls. One of the dancers pulled me into the back and said “this is your chance”. And she handed me 3 box’s wrapped neatly with shiny silver paper. I expected a dildo or something but inside the first box was a hot 3 piece lingerie set, bra, panties and sheer black baby doll top, she told me to try it on, and i was a bit reluctant but i did. Then the next box..A pair of 4 inch platform shoes with a High heal, wow! I tried them on and felt just at home walking around.

Dave walked in and i was a bit embarrassed…”Go ahead” he said pointing to the littlest box. Inside was a flier roller up with a garter belt doubled around it. I looked at him pulled and then slide the flier out and unrolled it. This is what it read:

Scarlet is 18 today!
Your invited to Join her in a special birthday dance,
$50 minimum tip required
Lap Dace’s by Tasty Fresh Teen $100.00 per 10 min Session
Door’s are closed to general Public!

I was terrified, but sooo excited, that was allot of money and that was something that I always liked. I slide on the garter and took a long breath… Now I am older now and I have been the prize of the bar, I am a little bit mean to clients, humiliating them and laughing and teasing…They pay me more to tell them how pathetic they are and I also have my sugar daddy’s!

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You have never met a hornier old broad then Granny Louise.   Some guys have no imagination and I have to cum up with clever ways to make sex more exciting.  One of my favorite things to bring into the bedroom is some whip cream. chocolate syrup or uuummm maybe some organic honey.  There is nothing better then sucking cock with a big dollop of whip cream on the head of your cock.  Think about how good it would feel to have me suck your dick like it was a big ice cream cone.  I have an insatiable appetite for sweets and cock so why not mix them together and enjoy something different.  Get your food and phone me now and lets play with it together.  After I do you its your turn to drip honey on my big tits and lick me all over…. MMMMM sounds good to me… how about you?   Call Louise


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I’ve been sexually active since I was very very young… my first fuck was my pedo Uncle Danny. He could never keep his hands off of me, he was always copping a feel and trying to peek in at me while I was changing or in the shower. Finally one day I begun to notice he had stopped paying so much attention – he had found a new young girlfriend, and I started missing the attention.

I decided one day to get my Uncle Danny’s attention back and layed out naked on his bed with a ribbow placed over my bald 13 year old cunt… It was my 13th birthday so i thought it was a cute idea! Lets just say he walked in & he was all mine again, he dove right in and I had my pussy ate soooo good for the first time…

I still see Uncle Danny!

Let’s Play Soon, maybe you can play like you were uncle danny!

xoxox Tiffany

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Watersports and Anal!


I was so drunk last weekend, all I remember was laying in the tub with about 3 inchs of water, I remember My “fuck friend” comming in and trying to use the bathroom, he was a little tipsy himself and I was laughing at him. He said he couldent hold it and I opened my mouth and said “AHhhhhh” he laughed and I dared him to shoot his piss right down my cheast and belly. He said he was always fasinated by watersports and turned toward me.

 I layed my head back and felt him draining himself on me. He was hard as a rock when he was done so he said he wanted to fuck his new “water lilly” and I stood up and put my hands against the wall. I should have known he was gonna go for my ass, I mean I DID give him a perfect shot! hehe. The next day we woke up laughing about our watersport & anal bathroom play night! We dont know what happened after that!


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I had the most amazing weekend. I was with my Daddy, which of course always makes me happy, and wet. My D-a-d-d-y took me shopping.I bought lingerie, all colors and the most exotic ones.

 My favorite part of that, you ask? Well, of course modeling them for my Daddy! It was so hot watching his cock grow inside his jeans. I knelt down in front of him in the changing booth, and gave him an incredible blowjob…. It was so good, I couln’t wait till we got home so that he could pleasure me.

Logan – Call Soon!

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I was at the beach today, and realized all i wanted to do was strip, and lay there for everyone to see my hot body, I had a phone sex call last week where a guy saw my naked body laying on the warm sand, and he came over to me, cock in hand. He fucked me untill the tide came in and we were half in the water, him pounding away at me.
I think thats why i love phonesex calls, they give me so many naughty ideas to do…most of wich turn me on like crazy and i just have to play with my pussy!
Give me a call and tell me what your fantasy is..


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1111 11111 4444

   Amelia                 ***             Nina            ***               Tiffany

Call today and Join us in many different kinds of hot kinky play!

We may be young, but we love to experience many different things!

Hot teen phone sex, Barely Legal phone sex and college coed girls for your pleasure! We love Role Play phone fun, we have Cute Voice’s, were your Cum Sluts, Princess Bitch’s, Financial Domination teens, Feminization, Pantie Boy Mistress’s, Seductive phone Sex, Soft Domme teenagers, Pedo phonesex, Pedophile Daddy’s & more!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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HOT mature Sheryl, call me now for Hot mature sex! 

Hello boys, I’m sexy, I’m hot, I’m horny and ready for anything. I’d love to be that older woman you want to have so bad, you crave her kiss, her touch and dream about being nestled in her arms. I can be her and so much more.

Call me for a ass kicking good time. I will fulfill all of your dreams, fantasies your wants, needs and desires. I am the woman who can do it all for you! Want to make a date, get to know me.


also visit my friends at !

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Barley Legal teen who loves to get nasty with Teen Phone Sex I’m a hot young flirtatious blonde cutie. I love going to the beach, writing &  horseback riding. I’m gonna love your rock hard cock, umm, that hot steamy cumm all over my face. I just took a whole bunch of new hot pixs, so look for them soon…but for now, you can call me and get off with me!


 Foot or Shoe Fetish?

I paint my pretty toes in shades of pink nail polish, and have the most extensive all shoe collections. I know you wanna feet my feet and aches slide over your cock and body. I’m waiting for you now, I want to play!


Come visit our chat:

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I am all horny and wet, thinking about whats to CUM for the days ahead! Right now I am getting ready for the weekend. Packing slinky shirts and to short skirts…fuck the panties and bras…who needs em! They will just get torn off and left behind. Maybe thinking about packing some dildo’s a vibrators! Oh what fun!

I can not wait, I am going to LA for a weekend of sun, sex and swinging. Yes im a swinger, anyway you look at it, only because fucking strange cock is what i like to do, as much and any color shape and size that they may cum. Could even use a few sissies to help swallow all that cum I know I will have the oppertunity to gulp up!

 keep looking for more details..

until then suck, suck, swallow, and smile…


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Kitten’s Phone sex special

15 minutes for $25.00


Talk is CHEAP but me ACTIONS SPEAK!!!!
Let’s See what YOU Have to OFFER me!!!

I Have It All – I do it all!
No Limitations
No Restrictions
No Taboos
Good Fucking Phone Sex * Taboo and Kinky
The Way MOST Men Like It!!!



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01CALOG7S0Most guys love my sweet young voice, and I will role play any fantasy, from being a very young and innocent virgin, to a slutty nympho who’ll do anything to get you off !

 I am very kinky and I have no taboos, so tell me all your wildest fantasies and we can explore them together. I’ll be  a cheerleader, babysitter, your daughters best friend or any other  fantasy you can imagine up or that you dream about.

I want to make all of your hot, sexy fantasies come true. I am a 18 year old small town girl turned slut, so next time you need someone to deep throat that hard throbbing cock pr play out your naughty pedo fantasies, simply call me.

Talk to you soon!


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I know that you would love to have incest.

There is someone in your family that you want to have sex with. It could be your mother, sister, or grandmother. There is someone now that you dream about or it could be fantasies of the past when you were younger. Wouldn’t you just love to suck your mother’s breasts again?
You would love to have sex with her. You don’t dare mention it to anyone.

I love to wear next to nothing around the house.
Sometimes I walk to the bathroom at night with no clothes on.
Sometimes I masturbate in my room with the door open.
Am I a tease or am I just a hot slut?

You may have a daughter who turns you on so much that you need to use self control to prevent yourself from raping her. Perhaps you can explore this fantasy in our phone sex talk. Decide if you really want to go through with it. We can talk about any kind of sex that you want to do. there are no taboos here.

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043Mommy may Know Best.  But GRANNY does it best.

Who the hell do you think taught Mommy? LOL.

My hot, tanned body will catch your attention, but my uninhibited ways will keep you cuming back and wanting more.  I see what I want and take it.

My depraved thoughts and ways will allow you to explore what you have otherwise been denied. There wasn’t a thing that my molesting Grand Daddy would not buy me for some tight pink cunny.

Some Grand Daddy’s buy you dolls, mine taught me how to suck cock, his and the pets and live stock too. This Granny is BENT OVER FOR ROVER! As his little princess, I got whatever I wanted.

There was nothing that I enjoyed more than when I got the attention of both Daddy and Grand Daddy! I LOVED making them proud and did so every As a Granny myself, I have to pass on what I’ve learned. Isn’t it time you came to visit Granny?

Granny Louise  1-888-820-8084

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If you like at-work scenerios and fantasies, I have had a life long history of seduction at the workplace. Even as a teen working as a waitress, I made lot’s of  “extra money” by teasing and flirting and doing a bit of extra service with the boss in the back!

I always got what I wanted by teasing, suggestive behavior and staying late to make his cock happy. You ever wonder if people ever have sex on the table you are eating on, well the answer is yes. I had a lot of sex as a teen on the tables, in booths, and in the bosses office on his desk.

I love sex anywhere and still use it to get what I want.

Scarlet  1-888-221-9006

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Mistress Raven

Always remember that your Mistress likes all types kink and naughty calls, but my biggest pleasure comes from taking your responsibilities away, allowing you to feel a total loss of control, in a completely discreet, sensual and safe environment.

I will break the boundaries of shame and embarrassment and break down your facade so that you may feel the pleasures of a stinging paddle, thick straps, hard dildos, and humiliating servitude, erotic bondage and sensual domination.

Do NOT be tricked into a false sense of security thoughYou Mistress can be a total bitch as well as a titillating seductress.

 Total Surrender is what I demand…Total satisfaction is what I deliver…Call me now…

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For Mr Fake Tom:


love Dawn

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teen slut for pedo fun

Nina loves incest roleplays~ from to Sister to naughty Niece. She also loves to be teased as well as do the teasing. Being multi-orgasmic, she loves to mutual masturbate during her calls… and who wouldn’t want this sexy teen vixen stroking her hot as hell tight pussy while you jack your dick off to her sexy young voice?

She has explored Pedo, Incest, submission, Anal, Incest, Foot & Leg Worship, Smoking, BDSM, Watersports, Babysitter and Tease & Denial Fantasies, as well as hypnosis roleplays. You cannot shock this little teen slut~ but you can sure try.. and she’s always up for a challenge.

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ashley1stpiconherpage.jpgI have a secret, I LOVE BLACK DICK!! I first had my first big black cock up my tight little white snatch when I was just 17. I went to a house party with my 22 y/o cusin I had been curious about what it would be like to be with a black guy,  So after a few beers (I was feeling mighty good) I asked the first black guy I saw if it was true what they say about Black Men nad then I  put my hand over his crotch and I almost creamed my panties!!! He said nothing, took me upstairs and before the door was shut, I was hiking my little skirt over my ass and pulling my panties down….He bent me over the bed and started rubbing his HUGE fuck rod up and down mytight pussy lips!

*Wicked Naughty Grin*

Wanna know more? Call me! ASHLEY 1-866-923-0069
Yahoo -fukashley

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Teen SLut Phone sex


Tell me how you want it!

Do you want it nice and slow?- Do you want me to take my time telling you how I am devouring every inch of your body, making sure I pay special attention to those “naughty spots”? How you can feel my breath as i kiss down you and let my hair slowly run across you…

Do you want it  Hard? – Do you just want to throw me down on the bed, rip my cloths off and shove that hard cock in every hole! Raping this slut’s hot body will be a privilege but i promise i will beg you to stop & cry little a good little rape victim.

This phone sex call will be to please you, don’t worry about me, I love it any way that I could possibly get it. Anything you have in mind will be fine with me! Call me today honey and let’s have some naughty fun!

CHECK ME OUT!     Get 20 min for $35.00!



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teen tease phonesex

Guys night out!

Daddy used to have all his friends come by for a “guys night” on Saturdays and Mom went out with her friends, so I was stuck at home hidden in my room. One night I decided to go take a peek at what the “guys” were doing down in the basement. I snuck down the stairs and peeked around the corner and there was my daddy and 3 of his friends watching a porno on the TV, cocks all in hand & pants around their ankles.

I was a little shocked but then I desided to take a closer look and walked right in the room. They all jumped and tried to cover themselves and I started laughing really hard…I told them that they were in trouble and they better go ahead & finish or they might get blue balls. again i laughed really hard, but to my suprise 2 of the guys sat back and resumed th

me: resumed their masturbation watching ME…My daddy told me I was a tease and I was gonna be in trouble for interupting. I laughed and told him that I wouldent tell if he dident….

Needless to say, i ended up sitting in daddies best friends lap with cum all over my pretty little nightgown!

Wanna Hear what happened?

Call me soon! Amelia


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