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Hello sexy guys! I’m Louise the Older Milf you’ve been fantasizing about. I’m sensual, sexy, hot and always horny, ready and willing to play for you.

Call me and share some of your erotic fantasies – I’m that sexy MILF from accross the street that you’ve always lusted after. Maybe you want some light bondage, or a little panty boy training, strap on pleasure, Domme cuckold housewife and naugty secretary are some role plays I enjoy! Other things that I love include anal, oral, breast play, exhibitionism fantasies, toys, and group action. 

I’m a highly skilled fantasy creator and love teacher/student, boss/secretary, naughty nurse, step-mommy and of course, naughty neighbor! Just ask and I will make your fantasies come true!

Just ask for Louise when you call 1-888-221-9006


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Hello all you horny men, I’m Charlene. Since I’m a pretty young woman with curves that go on forever, men have always been trying to hook up with me. I started learning about sex at a very young age and now I love to talk about it on the phone. I’d love to tell you about all the wild and crazy things I have been through in my life so far. I know it’s wrong to be such a naughty and nasty little slut.  But, it is oh so much fun!!


I work part-time as a waitress in Hooters and its makes me so horny seeing all the men staring at me and trying to cop a feel off my breasts or ass.  I love flirting with all the horn dogs.  I don’t mind too much as long as they tip me well.  I need to make all the money I can, because putting myself through college is not easy these days.  I’m still working on my degree and would love to give you the personal touch you need from a hot, sexy young, and very knowledgeable horny bitch. 

I’m extremely creative and I’d love to take a walk on the wild side… if you know what I mean… Charlene 1-888-221-9006

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Do you like women who know exactly how to get a man off? I have many years of experience so I know exactly what I am doing, and I do it right! Don’t waste your time on clueless little girls, What you need is a man pleaser like me. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I know you love a mature hottie who can suprise you the way I can. Let me bend you over and spank and tease your ass until your thick cock is ready to blow.


Blowing is my specialty. Are you ready to be a cock slut for a very special lady? Call me now and we can do any role play you have in mind.  I can be your cuckold wife who loves to bring home big dick for you to suck and watch me get fucked good and hard.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you be the perfect clean up cum whore for me

Call and make sure you ask for Milf Louise

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We want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you have a Great holiday season and be safe…

we will be here to help “gobble you up”

*** Call thankgiving & get 5 minutes free with any 15 min call or longer! ***

🙂  Lexi  (:

& our other  Taboo Phone Girls

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I love oral sex. I love having my little pink pussy licked til my legs shake and I really love it when it’s daddy that does it. See I have my own daddy’s little girl phone sex fantasies and incest phonesex makes me hot!

I love taboo age play fantasies. I like getting horny older men off and nothing excites you all more than me spreading my legs and asking if you want a taste. I love how you groan and your dick gets hard and you lean in with your eager tongue and enjoy my sweet young little cunny.

Tastes good doesn’t it daddy? Go ahead, slide your tongue down and rim my tiny little puckered asshole too. It’s ok to poke your tongue in a little and feel how tight my little butt is. I like it when you get so excited you lose control and start jamming your tongue in harder and deeper.

I love how your dick stands straight up, rock hard. I love when you are so turned on your voice cracks as you ask me, your sweet little daughter, if I would please give Daddy’s hard cock a little kiss, a little lick, a little suck.

And the first time you feel my precious pink tongue touching the head of your cock and those little drops of precum appear for me to taste… well, that’s just fucking hot.

Yeah. I’m horny and I’m dirty and I need to cum. Like now. Call me!

~ Jenni ~

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I just love talking dirty and getting really nasty.
I will definitely be participating and not just laying there.

I will do whatever you tell me to or whatever I say I am doing!
 If you want to fuck my tight lil  ass then I’m going
to get up on my hands and knees and shove one of
my dildos up my ass and pretend it’s your hard,
throbbing cock.

Does this sound Good? then…

Call Me soon !

Kinky Teen Phone girl Amelia

  • Ageplay Phonesex
  • Pedophile fantasy phonesex
  • Daddy and daughter Phone Sex Girls

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120Cum on now baby, give in to me because  you know your cock deserves to be treated as only I can treat it. 

 My kinky young sensual voice, my erotic perverted mind, stimulating conversation and my nastiness will make you cum back again and again for more of me.

 I am waiting and ready to use what ever it takes to make your experience the best you have ever had. Call me now and make your cock very happy!


Call our toll free phonesex line at 1-888-221-9006

Dont forget to stop into our Chatroom!

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I decided to take my cute young assistant with me on a business trip last week.  He’s been working very hard for me lately and I think it is time he finds out the most important duty of his job is making sure I’m satisfied in every respect.  We were working late, putting the finishing touches on the project we were traveling for.  I’ve got a great feeling this trip will go off without a hitch and win the Account we were bidding for.

All the anticipation was making me anxious and I was feeling hornier then usual.  I told him to lock the door and come sit with me on the comfy couch.   He sat down next to me looking baffled.  I leaned back, opened my legs and gave him the best few of my red lace panties and black thigh-high stockings.  I pulled him close and planted a big wet kiss on his lips.  He was hesitant at first, but then he started kissing me back, then slowly kissing my ears, moving down my chest, unbuttoning my blouse as he continued down to my big beautiful breasts, my nipples already hard as he ran his tongue over them, he continued down my stomach until he reached my soaking wet panties…..

I think you know what happens next, Yes we fucked like animals and continued to fuck eachother throughout our whole trip.  We landed that big account and celebrated all weekend long.


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Brother Incest Phone Sex – Caught Masturbating

I know he is only my step brother, but the thought of having my own family’s cock shoved up inside of my hot dripping pussy really excites me!

I was about 8 years old the first time he caught me in the tub with my ass up against the font of the tub, legs in the air and the water pounding down on my bald young cunt. “what are you doing”  He said and I panicked not knowing what to say. He walked over to the edge of the tub and got on his knees. I was still quiet not knowing what to say.

“I knew you were a dirty girl” he said as he slid his boxers down off his hips leaning toward me. It must have been the way he said that or the fact I dident want his to tell, but i knew what he wanted and had NO hesitation!

Now he calls me his dirty good girl and I get a visit every time I am in the tub. For some reason I have been taking alot of baths lately, I guess that’s what dirty girls do *wink*.

Right now call & get 20 Minutes for only $35.00!

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Straight men tell me all the time that I am sexy and beautiful, and that I have the most sensual eyes. Do you think so? I know I work hard on my looks and enjoy being a special kind of woman. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be with a woman like me? I think you have. I think you have had more than one wet dream about me.

Does the thought of my full lips on your cock make you crazy with desire? I know you want to fuck and feel my tight round ass around you hard cock. I know you want to hold back but you can’t keep your cock from exploding. Well you better learn how to. You better learn to cum WHEN
I tell you that you can.

Well, I’m here to tease you and make you beg for it. You’ll fill my sweet ass with your cum when and if I tell you to. But first I will tease you. And just when you think you can’t take anymore, I’ll slide my hard thick cock in your mouth so you can taste my precum. I know you want to feel my cock growing in your throat and then pounding your ass!

I have no limits and especially love panty boys, cum sluts, Domination/submissive, voyeurism, spanking, teasing and denial,cock control, telling you how to touch yourself, and toys!

TS Giana

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SPECIAL * 20 Minutes for $35.00!

Talk is CHEAP but my ACTIONS SPEAK!!!!
Let’s See what YOU Have to OFFER!!!

I Have It All to offer you!
No Limitations
No Restrictions
No Taboos
Good Fucking Phone Sex * Taboo and Kinky Slut
The Way MOST Men Like It!!!

That LOVE Phone Sex and Will Give You 100 % 
I give Individual Personalized Attention To You!!!
No Man Could Ever Turn Down What I Have To Offer!!!!!


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Come spend some time with your friendly neighborhood Milf Louise.  I will be sure to find out what it is that turns you on and make sure all your needs and fetishs are taken care of. 

So boys, if you are looking for a good mature phone sex whore, one who knows how to please a man from top to bottom, and I literally mean “top to bottom” …Well then I am the last phone sex lady you will ever need.   I am familiar with all types of new and old fetishes. 

I especially love cuckold bitch boys who know their place and love a strong woman who will keep them in their place.  Tell me about her black lover who’s cock is so much bigger then yours. 

Do you have a specific fetish you would like to role play out on our phone sex call?

 Here is a little list to get you started, or you can tell me what you want to do… the choice is all yours!
Kinky Milf Role Play’s
Ass Worship
Full Body Worship
Forced Bi Sexual Play
Mature Phone Sex Play
Naughty Neighbor Role Play
Auntie’s Lingerie Drawer 
Mommy Sex Fantasy
Boss /Sectary
Teacher/ Student

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Just think of me as the naughty young neighbor girl. The one that looked so sweet and innocent, but you see me in the middle of the night sneak out of my window. Wearing my short skirts and tiny little tank tops. The car full of bad boys and misfits pull up with no lights on so they are not detected. Under the cover of darkness you see only the tale lights drive away.

You can only imagine what I am doing in the back of that car! I look completely innocent during the week day but I am a total cock teasing whore on the weekend. I know you are thinking about watching me doing all those dirty things to your cock

Well I hope you like sloppy wet blow jobs, I like it better when i put my watermelon lip gloss on and deep throat you fat cock inside my little girl mouth. Don’t hold back choke me with your cock and make this teen whore yours.

I know you are waiting and you cock is aching for my innocents. I might let you in my precious blooming garden

Cum Get Nasty with Me.


When I finally let you see my bald young cunt, it will smell like the cotton candy body spray and you will definitely wanna lick, suck, and fondle my pretty little innocent pussy.

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What is the naughtiest thing I did when I was younger? My girlfriends and I decided to have a slumber party this weekend. Well after the manicures, peticures and the munchie fest popcorn,pizza and sodas…someone started talking about sex..we talked about blow jobs, our wierdest place for sex, and if we had had two guys or not?

 Someone asked if  anyone had been with another girl and a few of the girls looked around to see who was going to admit to it..well I admitted to it to see who would then a few others admitted it . So then the question arose of who actually liked it…I gladly admitted hoping afew others would be eager..the next thing I knew girls where kissing and rubbing eachother…we went all night with each other we did everything..

that was such fun thats the first time I ever saw and particapated in a daisy chain..that was the most fun I had in my life.


Call us for a hot 2 girl!  Danielle & Leslie

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I have been such a naughty little girl daddy, pull down my panties, look at my bare bottom and bald little pussy. Give me the spanking I deserve, make my little bottom red. Whether or not it is to teach me a lesson or for only your pleasure.

I was caught rubbing and fingering my school girl pussy like a naughty little girl, I have to learn why that is oh so naughty. I was caught by a teacher in my high school bathroom and  she told my daddy. My punishment requires both an enema and a good hard spanking. I don’t like the enema much but I secretly like when daddy spanks me.

Although I love to be daddy’s little girl it does come with its ups and downs.  I am not just referring to his big cock. A good spanking phone sex call with daddy is just what I need sometimes.

tiffany0004Tiffany 1-888-221-9006

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Hello guys it’s me your favorite tranny Giana you know, one with the big cock. It’s okay you know all your phone sex secrets are safe with me.  We both know what you want, need and desire.

I know you want my cock in your tight ass and you need it in your mouth. It feels so good the way you lick the head of my dick. I really like it when I smack you in the face with it. I want you to gag and drool all over my tranny cock. You know I like it when you  pinch and suck on my nipples make them nice and hard. Then you can bend me over and fuck my ass hard!

Giana  1-888-221-9006

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I see you staring in the doorway watching me and my little friend from next door. Daddy that is so hot it turns me on to know that you want to see my slutty teen pussy get fucked. You want to join don’t you I can see it in the way you look at me, thing is daddy you cant, and you know it, and so do I that is why I tease you ever chance I get.

When I walk by you I make it a point to brush my hand against your big fat daddy cock or maybe even Bend over in front of you with no panties on. At times I Leave the bathroom door just a little open when im taking a shower letting you watch me rub my little tight pussy.

 Daddys out there who have the same fantasy as my pervert of a daddy call me and I will make sure you get everything you want out of this slutty little daddys girl..


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Do you think im going to touch that small cock of yours? 

You better be prepaired to eat alot of pussy because I am not going to touch that tiny cock.  Give me a big cock you little bitch and I will suck it all day long but your tine cock is not wanted by me or any other self respecting man. 

 You little dick piece of shit, put that shit away you dont even deserve to jerk off to my perfect pussy. 

 Nobody is going to want that little dick in their pussy what are you thinking, better have a good tounge to get things done you little dick mother fucker!!!


Call me now

  •  Humiliation
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Small dick loosers
  • body worship

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Blow Job (“BJ”) Fetish Phonsex with Dawn!

What do you give to the man that has it all, that would also please the man that has nothing? Why it’s a BLOW JOB, of course! Show us a man that says “no” to a blow job, and I’ll show you a creature from outer space, ‘cause there’s not a red-blooded man ALIVE that passes on sweet wet lips wrapped around his cock.

The funny thing is, ‘blow jobs’ usually have nothing to do with blowing at all, but rather sucking, and suckling. A man can take his blowjob much in the way nowadays that a person can take their coffee; there’s so many variety of methods. He can get it as fast or slow as he wishes, with tongue or no tongue, sucked or slurped, you get the picture. Any way you like it, just like coffee, it always brings things to a steaming hot boiling point!

DAWN 1-888-221-9006

Yahoo ID:   taboodawn

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I am the cutest little daddy’s girl, if you have that naughty little girl need for your cock you need to call me. I also get off on being the really young daughter of your girlfriend. When mom leaves me with you, I tease you with my little sweet hinny.

I do little wicked things that make you cock hard and believe me I noticed what turns you on. You try to be good but it is impossible with my little ass and lacy panties right in your face. My mom has had a lot of boyfriends and I figured out right away how to get what I wanted.

Tiffany 1-888-221-9006


Yahoo ID: tabootiffany


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Look at my hot friend Leslie! This is what happens when two hot girls go to a sex party and then have too muck  to drink. Her boyfriend is the one that took the pictures of us fucking this double headed dildo. If felt so good when she pushed that cock deep inside my cunt.

I really liked watching her rub her clit, now I have to clean the 2 wet spots on the couch. We had a really good time giving her boyfriend a good show but, he was mad about not being able to join. After all, we had everything that we needed wight there between us ! Giggles

Humiliation Phone Sex
Incest Phone sex

Kinky Phone Fetish’s
Leg fetish phone sex


Danielle 1-888-221-9006

Leslie 1-888-221-9006

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Tiffany  1-888-221-9006


Stare as long as you like! Look at that nice round ass and the shape of that perfect little pussy. A pathetic little cock like you will never get to enjoy a barely legal pussy like mine. Invite your friend, the one with a massive cock.

Watch me get fucked in every position while you beg just to lick the leftover cream pie! I am the ultimate cock tease! You will never see or touch my cute young cunt. Call me and persuade me see how far you can get!!


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