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danielle9Ready for your favorite fantasy to come to life? Are you losing your mind replaying it in your head. You have used it so many times while you masturbate it no longer works!

You have to put a little spin on it. Call me so I can be the voice of your fantasy besides that is what I am here for. Let me guide you to your climax and end with a big finish!

Danielle – 1-888-205-2440

All of our Taboo Phone Sex Girls are ready and waiting. Each of our girls will take your fantasy to a different level. Cuckolds, Sissies, and Pedophiles are all welcome.

Don’t be ashamed of your fantasy, our welcoming voices will be glad to make feel comfortable.

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Come on over to my desire, this is where all of your pleasure and desires will be fulfilled! Do you enjoy fetishes and do you have desires that are currently unfullfilled?

Call me and I will pay special  attention to your fantasy and We can cum together!

Im a cumslut who loves to satisfy you with my sweet, sexy voice. Read my blogs, let the proof speak for itself.

 I love to fuck! Plain and Simple!

Dawn Hottie waiting for Phone Sex with you!

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When have you ever made a woman really have a mind blowing orgasm, have you made her scream in delight?  Oh thats right you cant, not with that pathetic little pecker you have!

Thats why I need my fuck buddy to cum over and do all the things that you cant.  There is no way that little thing could make me cum! Maybe I would every let you help me get a “real cock” nice and hard, one that can make me cum over and over while you sit there and watch with your little knub in your hand, wishing you had that big of a package!

You may even get the privelage of licking my pussy clean like the little cuckold sissy that you are.


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I love all you white cracker heads who love this gorgeous black pussy. Nothing better then seeing your face as I climb on top of you and squeeze you tight with my thick smooth chocolate thighs.

Do you think you can please this Ebony Goddess? I’d love to see you try to please this Dominant Mistress. Only those I choose as worthy will be able to worship this Horny Ebony Queen.

What is your desire? Are you a cuckold, dreaming about a big black cock fucking your wife as you watch her moan and scream with esctasy as you see her being pleasured by some other cock. You know your little penis won’t satisfy her hungry cunt. Call Miss Doletta and tell me what it is you need from me. 1-888-221-9006

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I’m that delicious older woman that knows how to get you going and then get you off. I love dressing in sexy lingeri, thigh highs and heels and teasing men with my hot sexy mature body.

I have always been obsessed with  my sexuality and SEX in general and  the older I get, the more cock I seem to want. Wouldn’t you love to see yourself slip into me?

 My luscious lips running up and down your hot throbbing cock. My wet pussy is dripping  for you! Wouldn’t you want my perfect tits smothered on your face or better yet your cock buried in my tight ass.  I got the body of a mature goddess and I’m one hot phone fuck.

I’m a cock crazy, mature nymph and I’m here for one reason and that is to get you off!


1-888-221-9006 – Ask about HOT Phone Sex Specials!

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Giana  ~ Call Me!!

giana011 I have a strong addiction to take control of everything that happens around me. That includes taking advantage of many different men I come in contact with. I love to go out and have a hot fucking piece of ass come to me in a bar asking to meet up with me later.

This victim does not even know what is coming. He came to my place and I was all dressed up in sexy clothes high heels. I took him to my room and he enjoyed being bound to the bed unable to move. I took his fat cock in my mouth and fondled his asshole inching his cock further in my mouth and my fingers inside his ass.

I then dropped my thongs to reveal my large package, he was shocked and reluctant at   first. So I just shoved my cock in his mouth and started fucking his face all the while  stroking his cock. I then removed my rock hard dick from the tightgrip of his mouth and lifted his legs over my shoulders.

With one stroke I pushed all 8 inches into his virgin ass. Pulling it all out and repeating it over and over until he was used to it. His tight ass made me wanna cum in seconds but I restrained the urge till I knew I could pound his ass with delight. He was stroking his coke and cumming over and over on his stomach. I filled his asshole with so much cum his gaping hole was dripping.

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I do not care what I have to do to get fucked and sucked and get off. I am a cock sucking, cum loving, anytime and anywhere type of little whore. I know how to get my way with any man, and with my body…can you even think I wouldent?

 I can make you very very happy. I love to get my pussy filled with big fat cocks and dripping with hot cum. I’m what I call a Cum Slut! Not only am I addicted to sex in general, but also big cocks…and I seen to get what I want, I love the control that I have over men. I also love to tease!

Most girls get upset when you call them a whore…..
Well I love it…so please call me all the names you want.
That just makes my tight lil pussy even more wet hehe!

Teen Phone Sex Girl Ruby

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pet0102_36There is no limit to my imagination – but I really enjoy story lines like: a student needing an A in her math class and doing anything to her professor to get it, talking myself out of a speeding ticket while two big black police men wave their “sticks” in my face, Seducing my girlfriend’s dad, Dress-up and photo shoot with a kinky agressive photographer, and others far too dirty to mention.pet0102_34

 I also am able to do unusual fetish calls – and hate to say “no” – so call me and tell me what YOU’D like to have me do/say during our time together!

Thanks for peeking thru the curtains at me. *wink*. Now cum on and give me and my tight, pink pussy a ride for our lives!!

Hope to talk to you soon!


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milf phone sex, mature phonesex

MILF Sheryl

Hello, Allow me to introduce myself, I am Sheryl, a no taboos mature woman, everyone here calls me MILF Sheryl. Cum take a stroll into my world and we can explore each others fantasy’s and deepest secrets together.
There are fantasies that only a mature woman such as myself can make come true!!! I am a sexually confident, sexual abd fetish friendly woman. I am here to delve into your deepest fantasies  about beautiful mature woman.

I enjoy just about anything so cum share your fantasy with me, you won’t be disappointed on our phone sex call, thats for sure.

Talk to you soon,

MILF Sheryl

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naughty nurse ellen phone sex

Calling all naughty boys who need a hot MILF Nurse to tend to you, is that you and are you in need of some tlc from this naughty nurse? I’m Ellen and i’m the HEAD NURSE for the day, come to me and let me take care of all your special needs.

Domination – Submission – Sissies-Strap-on-CBT-Guided Masturbation and even good old fashion TLC. What is your desire today boys?

Ask for Nurse Ellen

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Hi all of you subby little dick losers.  I talked to lil winky again this week and he told he has been so very naughty.  He loves to get off by flashing young girls by showing off his tiny little dick.  It makes him cum so hard when he sees their faces and hears them laughing at his extremely small penis.  Does your member measure up?  If not give Louise a call and she will tease and deny you too.  I love to cuckold too!  Nothing better then getting pounded by a big fat dick and making you watch while you rub your nub.  hahahahahahahahahahaha

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hot teen phonese with redhead  coed abygail

Guys always ask me what tyes of things I am into while on our phonesex call, sometimes It’s so hard just to tell you one or two things so i desided to give you a little list to get you started! You can pick something from this phone sex roleplay list or ANYthing that you already have in mid!

What I Like:

•Father/ daughter role-plays
•Daddy & son gang up on neighbor
•College Coed being raped
•Trailer Park Trash treated like she acts
•Golden Showers and Scat
•Daddy’s Good girl
•Student will do anything for an A in class
•Lost girl finds herself on her knees for you
•Much Much More!

ABYGAIL – 1-888-221-9006

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Click to view full size image
What I Like on my calls to help get you started:

Father and Step daughter role-plays
•Daddy friends gang up on neighbor
•AgePlay Phone Sex
•Trailer Park Trash treated like she acts
•Daddy’s Good girl Phone Sex calls
•Student will do anything for an A in class
•Lost girl finds herself on her knees for you
•Much Much More!

No Fantasies to wild for me.. No Limits.. I please.. Pick up the Phone! Call Now! Ashley

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Does my little sissy boy want to play dress up? I have picked out some special panties, bra, and thigh highs for you. I know you like the way you look all dressed up. We even have new shoes and a hooker red dress for you!

I have a special surprise for my sissy slut. Now that you are dressed and your hair and make up are done, off to the bar we go! You have a VIP pass to  the back room, where I have sold you to the men waiting and lined up for you. One by one you will suck off all 6 cocks, BIG BLACK cocks that is. 

You are here ONLY to please us. Then go ahead, bend over and lift up that pretty dress, show the nasty men your little pussy, and get ready to get stuffed full and poked good! Mommy always wanted a little girl! *laughs*


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I love to role play and have many freaky fantasies we can play out. I can be the sexy young girl who lives next door or your best friend’s wife, maybe you have a collage professor you’d love to bang.  I have beautiful perfectly perky breasts for you play with, soft hands to help you masturbate and an imagination that will bring us both to ecstasy.

Maybe you have been a very naughty boy and have no body to tell your devious tales to.  I can be your secret confident.  I promise I won’t tell, unless you want me to tell… I’m an expert blackmailer and will make you beg me not to tell anyone what you have done.   I am always available for chat sessions as well.  You can find me at for Chat or Email communications.  I’d love to hear from you soon.  1-999-221-9006 check out my profile at

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 cheerleader phonesex

Have you ever had a fantasy that a beautiful cheerleader makes you wear her cheerleading uniform?

Well I’m a cheerleader and I want you to wear mine and some of that dick sucking lipstick you know what color it is.  I have decided to make you into a sissy cheerleader. I would be a great teacher in helping you be the best little dick sucking whore there is. You’ll will enjoy every bit of your training and I will be in complete controll over you.  


  • cheerleader phonesex sissy’s
  • sissy boy phonesex with hot teen cheerleader
  • teen dresses up sissy boys

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Do you wanna fuck and taste my hot golden sprinkles ?
Umm, I bet you do.  This weekend, Brad and I had a hot
time together, as we did a schoolgirl roleplay, which is one
of my favorites, and I gave him the hot surprise of my warm
and golden sprinkles as well.

Brad picked me up from the mall.  I had just purchased a pair
of hot pumps and my new schoolgirl outfit.  Umm, as we get
back to his place, I can hardly wait to put on my new outfit
and pumps, so I could seduce Brad to the ultimate fantasy
with me !

I sat on his near rockhard cock til I got it harder, and then
told him I was about to sit on his face so he could taste my
juicy golden sprinkles…Umm, “Here it comes baby, open
wide, I said.”  Ooh, he looked so sexy, Brad did as he took
it all in like the trooper he was.  He licked my dripping
pussy real good afterwards…I kept my pumps on and
we fucked the night away.  His cock was so good…
Are you next ?

Call me, at:  1-888-221-9006

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I am your  horny older MILF, Granny whore. 

Your naughty neighbor divorcee teasing the younger married man next door.

I am the one who will make you cheat on your lovely young wife.  I can give you the kind of sex your wife or girl friend can’t or won’t give you.

I have no taboos, no inhibitions, anything goes. I am just what your cock needs. I can role play all of your fantasies or fetish needs. I can be any one you have ever thought about fucking.  Mother-in-law, teacher, bosses wife, celebrity.

Just think about someone hot in the public eye, or right in your own town or neighborhood.  Take a chance and call me, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

 Granny Louise  1-888-820-8084

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Hello there, I am Giana. I am the girl of your dreams. With me, you get the best of both worlds – a tight fuck hole and a throbbing hard cock to suck. I love all things sensual and feminine, but, still, I have a need to dominate both men and women. I have a wild imagination and am very good at fantasy role-playing and I’m sure I can make your fantasy seem extremely real. I would love to meet you and your wife or girlfriend in a bar and then go for home for a threesome.

Imagine how surprised you both would be when I pulled out my beautiful clitty-stick for the two of you to suck. Then I would take turns fucking the both of you. I adore playing dress-up with sissy/panty boys; dressing them up in sexy lingerie and provocative clothing and then pulling out my joy stick for them to suck. 69 is one of my favorite positions! Then how good would you feel when I slide my wet, slick cock into your tight little pussy. I like kissing and making mad, passionate love. It brings out the girl inside me! I’m one kinky switch, and I’m here to make all your slutty tranny dreams cum true.

I know many secrets of seduction. Call me now and let’s take a ride on the wild side of life together.

TS Giana

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first public fuck

About 7 years ago – when I was a junior in high school I was allowed to go to the city without my mom and dad spoiling my good time. So my girlfriend and I took the train to the biggest night club downtown. The place was packed and you could barely move on the dance floor, but I didn’t care. It was exciting being packed, bumped and grinded by all those good hot guys.

 After a while I got separated from my buddies and was stuck in a group of guys. I felt someone lifting my skirt and touching my pussy. I wasn’t sure if I should scream or enjoy it since it felt good and I was a little wet. I played along, letting him fell me and even slighty bending forward to give him a better feel.

The next thing I know I felt a hard cock thrust into my my twat. I just spread myself a bit and let it happen. When I felt his hot load, I quietly came. That was so taboo getting fucked in that huge crowd and I loved every minute of it. I have no clue who it was fucking me, but what makes it even kinkier is i was only 16! 

 I have no restrictions except one. I want my orgasms to be really kinky.

ADRIANA 1-888-221-2006

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Me, Leslie and my boyfriend all went out together.  We had a plan to get Leslie really fucked up and take her  home to take advantage of  her. We had a few shots and then more & more & more, she was pretty slammed when we finally got her home.

We giggled and took off our clothes, then chris asked us to kiss. Before you know it we were all naked and Chris’s Big cock was in her mouth!

 Mmmm . . . I licked Leslie’s sweet little clit as he fucked her deep inside of her virgin  ass. Such a wet little pussy–I felt her juices smearing my face with a thick, white cream!

Danielle & Leslie

SPECIAL RATE:  30 Minute 2 girl call for only $99.00

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small penis humiliation


Did you honestly think you stood a chance with me? I mean COME ON! You sit there, hitting on me thinking your the shit with that TIEENIE WIEENIE cock ha ha. You must be kidding yourself as you are a poor excuse for a man thinking you have enough to please me.

 What woman ever told you that you could ever satisfy her? You cant even see it, its so small.  I need a man with a real big cock, and one that satisfy’s my pussy. I do feel sorry for your pathetic ass because your not worthy of ever fucking my pussy.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to use your tongue like a piece of toilet paper to clean my pussy after I have been fucked by a real mans cock. You know the only way you can ever please me is to be my toilet slave, and be ready to clean up the mess. How about my boyfriend ramming his cock down your throat HA HA CALL ME lets see what your capable of.

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Every time the phone rings my body starts to quiver in anticipation of whats cuming.  I press my thighs together squeezing my pelvic muscles against my already swollen pussy.  I can’t wait to find out what my next role play will be.  Its so much fun stepping into my caller’s fantasy.  I love it all, there is nothing I don’t get into.  I spent more than half my life experimenting with all different kinds of fetishes and kinks trying to find out where I fit. 

In college and to this date I experiment with any and all requests, the more taboo the better.  I have finally just embraced the fact that I’m an all around whore constantly craving orgasms and wildly turned on by so many nasty, unspeakable things.Call to tell me all your darkest fantasies, lets make sure we cum together

Charlene 1-888-221-9006

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A tight young body, nice tits, and a very naughty mind! Is that all you really want? Well I’ll tell you all about my senior year in high school however that was 20 years ago.

I am a hot MILF with some really wild tales to tell you. I’d love to hear all about your fantasies and kinks. Are you ready for something more than a young bimbo? I have the experience you want nasty mommy ALWAYS knows what to do ?



I am a very Sensual Domme! I will have you doing things you could never imaged just because you worship the ground  walk on. My acceptance is what you wish for most and  I know that.

However for you to gain my acceptance,You must always show your Mistress respect. When I answer the phone you will can address me as Mistress, Mommy, and Madam Avery. MY rules are very important, they are to ALWAYS be followed.

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I’m a pedophile’s fantasy dream cum true on my phone sex calls. I do any and all fantasies from very mild to extremely wild, so as you see i’m the nastiest little teen phone sex slut on the net.. and I promise I will make your pedo dreams come true!

I have to say I really  get into daddy/daughter, incest & Family Fun fantasy roleplays on my phone sex line, but I will do and enjoy any of your perverted teen or preteen fantasies!

Here is a list of some of the naughty phonesex fantasies I enjoy:

 pedophile fantasy – incest – daddy/daughter – brother/sister – teacher/student – nurse/doctor – CBT – humilation – Financial Domination – Submission – Rape fantasy-  mutual masturbation – ageplay fantasy – latex/leather -bondage- forced bisexual – interracial – threesomes – 2 girl calls -orgies  and much much more!

Call Me soon!


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Do you need Hot Nasty Kinky Teen Phone Sex or Just plain old Sexy Erotic Hot Talk? Well either way I’m your girl. I love everything from simplay mustual masturbation to Extreme ageplay.

 No Fantasies to wild for me.. No Limits.. I aim to please.. Pull that Cock Out and Pick up the Phone! Call Now!


Ageplay phonesex, School girl phonesex, Pedo Phonesex, pedophiles dream, young girls, Virgin Pussy, Free Phonesex Minutes

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Do you need Hot Nasty Kinky Phone Sex MILF or Sexy Erotic Talk with a no taboo kinda girl? Well either way I’m the mature phonesex girl you have been longing for.

I love ATM, Oral, Anal, gangbangs and much more, I will talk about all the naughty things that you only dream a girl will talk about to help you fulfil your peverted and twisted mind.

No Fantasies to wild for me.. No Limits.. I aim to please.. Pull that Cock Out and Pick up the Phone! Call Now!


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Im here just for you today, to please and excite you, to endulge you with my sweet sexyt body and Hot mind. I want to play your little phone whore for the day.

Call me right now and ask for Me- Charlene

Panty hose fetish ~ Shoe Fetish ~ Family fun Role Plays ~ Golden Shower & Scat ~ Feminization ~ Little dick Humiliation ~ Sensual Domination ~ Nasty Fetishes ~ K9 ~ Beastiallity ~ Bondage ~ And much much more!

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Do Blondes really have more fun?  I think NOT, Nothing sexier then a dark hair beauty who has the confidence to match.  I can tell you one thing.  Its so easy for me to go into any club or bar and walk out with a date for the evening.  As a pretty young brunette woman, I can have my pick of any guy in the place.  I especially love to go out to a club dressed in a highly provocative outfit and just watch all the men looking and trying to catch my attention.  I love to tease and please!  Look no further for your raven haired hottie.

Call Scarlet, you won’t be disappointed 1-888-221-9006


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  • Young Hooker/ Hitch-hiker / Underaged Slut Age Play Phone Sex
  • Rape Fetish Fantasy / Forced Sex Fantasies
  • Blow Job & Oral Sex phonesex fantasies
  • Spanking Fetish – Spank my ass hard baby
  • Sex Toys & Dildo Play , Insertion fun!
  • Young Girl / Barely Legal Masturbation Fantasy
  • Punishment and Young Girl Discipline
  • Anal Sex
  • K9 & Bestiality, barnyard fun
  • Exhibitionism / Exhibitionist Role Play
  • Fuck My Pussy Roleplay
  • Daddy’s Girl / Incest Phone Sex Role Play
  • No Taboo Phone Sex & No Limit PhoneSex
  • Anything Goes!

Kitten – 1-888-221-9006

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