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Tom and I have a very specail thing going on.   There is nothing I love more then a man who has a soft feminine side.  He loves to wear women’s panties and the funny thing is we are almost the same size so its easy to share some of our sexy things.  

Last week I was jogging around the neighborhood and ran into a few of the married women, or what I really mean is those fucken stupid sluts ran up behind me, pulled my hir and knocked me down, and strarted shouting crude names at me like “WHORE” “SLUT” I had no idea why they would say that…. problem is my big tits and sexy body.  They were jealous because their husbands all have the hots for me and they wanted to let me know to stay away…  I had no clue these women were so insecure and childish.  I managed to make my way home after being attacked by these horrible women. 

When I got home Tom was shocked and so consoling.  Being the perfect, man he takes me to the bathroom, takes my shorts and top off,  then runs a hot bath and put lots of bubbles.  Lit some candles, and even had a bottle of wine chilled for us.   I slipped off my bra and panties and got in to soak.  Tom began to wash and massage my neck and back, cleaned the wounds on my arms and face from trying to fend off those nasty jealous housewives.  Now  I”m totally relaxed and feeling horny from the wine.  Tom picks me up in a big fluffy towel and carries me to the bedroom.  He lays me down on the bed and proceeds to kiss me passionately, after a few hot wet kisses I was ready for his mouth to  cover my pussy.  Well you get the idea, we proceeded to fuck eachother silly until we orgasm together.  Still holding me tight, we catch our breath and fall asleep spooning. 

I will role play any fantasy you have.   Call me at 1-888-221-9006 I”m usuallly up late at night and horny as hell.

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I am the MILF who really enjoys CUCKOLDING!

You dare to complain that I never put out when all you have to offer is that teeny weeny little dick?!  You say you are good to me? Well, you’ll see just how wrong you are!!  Today, I’m bringing home some HOT, WELL-HUNG studs to do me like a real man should!  I’ll make you watch and we’ll all laugh at you!!  LOL   Hey, stop your sniveling and whimpering like a baby!

This woman needs satisfaction and we both know you can’t give it to me!  LOL!  Just when you think “Oh this can’t get any worse!” I’ll make you suck both their HUGE, throbbing cocks, watch while they ram me hard with them, then make you drink every last drop of their CUM loads from my cream pie pussy and ass!  

  If you complain they’ll fuck your tight ass over and over! Ya, I am one nasty MILF! Too bad your teeny weeny dick will never know just how hot my juicy CUNT is!


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I love the sound my teenage pussy makes when a guy is fucking me from behind; that squirting, sloshing, wet sound of a hard cock gloriously spreading my pink twat open wide.  Wanna hear that sound?  I bet you do!  Most people think I’m just the average sweet girl next door, but I have a dark slutty side to me.  So don’t make any mistake when you call—I have no taboos & I like doing naughty neighbor phonesex & babysitter phonesex in a nasty way that’ll keep you cumming back for more of me!

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Have you ever seen a barely legal pussy as tempting as mine?  I love having thick milky cum feels welling up inside of my tight, teenage cunt.  And what I love even more is cleaning off a guy’s swollen cock & cum with my wet tongue after he’s done!  I have a sweet, Young Phone Sex Voice but it’s not beneath me to blackmail you or use forced bondage on your ass!  I can be submissive or dominant, all depending on my mood.  Wanna give me a call and find out?

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I am:
Hot MILF Phone Sex
Nasty Neighbor Phone Play
Substitute Teacher Slut
Mature Counselor / sex therepy
Awesome Aunty MILF
Sexy Sister phone sex
and so much more…
I will fuck, suck, drain, train, love and hate you!

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Like my body baby?

I know you can’t wait to dive that throbbing cock right into it~ please, do! Get me nice and slippery wet, then slide your cock right in and claim your PRIZE – a little piece of Heaven. I can be the Innocent angel on your arm and your secret freak in thebedroom!

 You have a nasty fantasy? I will deliver! Is there one you’ve never told anyone about? cum tell your sexy horny  lil Phone sex Slut!

I have, absolutely NO TABOOS ~ TELL ME ANYTHING! TELL ME EVERYTHING…it’s just between us, baby. We’ll even whisper if that’ll make you feel better – but I will have you groaning and screaming before you know it!


Phone Sex Desires …
Secret Phone Fantasies…
Agonizing Thoughts of CBT Fetish’s…
Extreme Phone Sex Fetishes …
Forbidden Phone Sex Needs …
Illegal Needs…Any Fetishes are wonderful for me… You see, anything that gets you OFF is just what I want to do and say to you~ ANYTHING~
The filthier and nastier the better!

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We will be exploring all of your bi-curious tendencies thru a Feminization phone sex call or even a forced bi domination call can be hot. I will put you into lacy and feminine attire. Make up and the Sweet smell of a dab of ladies sweet smelling perfume in the right places will have you feeling like a slut in no time. During our phone sex call, you can expect all your feminine and bi curious tendencies to be explored.

You will be forced to go out on the town dressed up and explore your new found feminization. You will soom see how a real woman is fucked and played with. You will become my little whore and you will drop to your knees whenever I tell you to.

Forced Bi cock sucking is what I will bring to our Phonesex call, you just bring the red lipstick and heals,  call the toll free number and ask for me!


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I’m looking for a sweet virgin-type of guy who I can mold into my own personal toy.  I love trying new sexual positions, but my favorite is being on top!  Nothing’s turns me on more than watching my hard cock rip open a man’s tight little cherry asshole . . . mmmm . . . . I also like being fucked by big black cocks, having bukkake parties where tons of men shoot their hot loads all over my face, tits, and ass, and fucking other trannys and shemales in general.  Wanna taste this dick, baby?  Let’s chat!

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Pink, hot, wet, and juicy.  That’s how I’d describe my pussy to you if you asked me.  I have big soft tits and a nice firm ass that’ll keep you busy for days.  I love anal sex & oral, both giving and receiving if you know what I mean ~wink~.  My favorite position to get fucked in is on my back with my legs wrapped around your shoulders.  I just love it when both you and I are able to watch your hard throbbing cock going in and out of my slick teenage pussy!  You think I’m the girl for you?  I’m everybody’s girl!  I have a young phonesex voice and will do just about any kind of roleplay or kinky fetish phonesex you desire!  No taboos here—I do it all—from vanilla to strapon phonesex, just name your poison when you call me 😉

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I like to party and have a wild time with my girlfriends, and what I really mean by that is we like to fuck each other in front of strangers at kinky college coed parties.  Licking a girl’s pussy, her clit, and sucking on perky nipples until they turn long and firm makes my barely legal pussy drip.  I know you can imagine what that does to the   horny group of guys watching us!  I’m always up for a gangbang, 2 girl session, or some babysitter phonesex.  Whatever your cock desires, give me a call and let’s get you off!

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I”m very new to the whole phone sex scene, but I have always been a dominant girl.  Nothing pleases me more then watching a man grovel on his knees begging me to let him cum.  I love to tease and deny your pleasure. 

I have several tricks and ways of making you submit to me.  I will torment and tease you.  I’ll put you in a chasity device and not allow you to cum for days, even weeks until you are ready to call me and only then will I unlock your cock and let you touch it.  I will never touch your little weiner. 

The only thing Iwill let you do, is get on your knees and stand over you so you can taste my juicy wet cunt.

If you are looking for a mean and strict Mistress look no further, Scarlet is here for all your tease and denial needs. or find me online at

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charlie_05I’m one who understands and enjoys erotic and kinky men! I’m just simply a hot lady who loves sex! I can’t ever seem to get enough. My pussy is always wet and ready. Mmmmm. I like talking about family fun. Playing Mommy is one of my favorites.  I can also be your Aunt, Sister, Cousin or any other family member you’ve been thinking about.

 I can be your horny Mommy who loves to tease your little cock by flashing my pussy thru my short skirts, or leaving my musky panties lying on the floor after my shower.

Let Mommy get down on her knees and slide you little boy cock deep inside my hot mouth while you inhale my wonderful scent. Call me up baby and lets play.

The choices can be endless. I have no restrictions and no taboos. My goal is to get you off, and I will….trust me. I have a sexy sultry voice that will have you cumming in no time. I have some toys available if you’d like to hear me fuck myself. Listen to my moist cunt, listen to me cum….mmmm, I’m ready now!

Cougar Charlene

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Melbourne, Mar 4 : The uniforms of Japan Airlines flight attendants are being sold to the local sex industry after they became highly sought after by fetishists, it has emerged. While several shops have created credible imitations, uniforms worn by air stewardesses have become worth their weight in gold for customers keen on role-playing fantasies, reports

Since announcing bankruptcy in January, cabin crew face mass layoffs and an increased temptation to sell their outfits for a profit.

The airline expects a flood of uniforms to go on to the black market.

According to UK’s The Times, Yu Teramoto, the owner of a specialist costumier in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, said real Japan Airlines (JAL) outfits have been virtually impossible for buyers to lay their hands on.

The airline has gone to great lengths to ensure uniforms stay off the black market, including inserting a serial number into each item of clothing, and keeping meticulous records of the exact whereabouts of garments all around the world.

This airline may also follow All Nippon Airways, who were forced to sew computer chips into its stewardess uniforms after suffering a similar problem.

This is not the first time JAL uniforms have been in the headlines.

The airline was forced to pay 2500 dollars after uniforms worn by staff in the business-class lounge were stolen and then appeared on an Internet auction site.

Teramoto said one uniform from that famous haul sold for 18,000 dollars.

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 ashley2.jpgHi Lil Dicks. My name is ASHLEY. I’m a 19 year old party girl. I pretty much do whatever I want and get whatever I want. Smart, sexy, pretty girls always do.

So let me guess. You know that you have a lil dick. Your girlfriend or wife has stopped pretending that she can actually feel you when you fuck her. A couple of times she has even asked you if it is in while fucking.

Hey loser….I’m not sorry to tell you that your suspicions are true. She’s cheating. She has been getting fucked by a real man. Can you honestly blame her? I mean after all, you are not a real man with that pathetic nub!
Call me I promise to tell you the truth about what I really think about your mini dick.

Then you can tell me that you secretly want to watch her get fucked. Oh! You want to clean her pussy too. Call me.

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My Kinky Sex Addictions

Add a little bit of erotic pleasure to your day with a spicy phone sex Girl. I will have you doing things you never thought a phone sex girl could ever possibly have you doing!

This phone sex call will be an electrifying time for you and I both. You live to please me, to love me to cum with me.

Men love my mischievous smile, but mostly my addiction for cock. It gets me extremely excited to wrap my lips and suck on a nice hard stick. I love to slide it down my throat and gag as my pussy becomes excited. I am no church girl like I may appear, but the back door slut you always wanted.
My Kinky Sex Addictions:

Dildo Play ~ Strap On ~ Masturbating my Pussy ~Sucking the Cock
Rimming Your Ass ~Toe Sucking ~Ass Smothering

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Are you ready for a passionate affair with a mature, charming, intelligent blonde beauty, skilled in the art of erotic seduction and intimate sensual fun? I have a warm engaging personality and a great sense of humor. I’m an alluring and very sexy young lady. My long silky blonde hair cascades over the shoulders of my smooth tanned voluptuous figure.

I exude femininity and capture the essence of sensual sophistication. Of course, I provide what every discerning man seeks in a beautiful woman, but without the demands of commitment…I am perfect for your magical “girlfriend experience”. I can assure you that our time together will be stimulating and exceedingly memorable.

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I am here for all your medical fetish fantasy needs.  I specialize in several different fields.  Please choose the one that is right for you.  Do you need a Proctologist, a Urologist, Sexologist or reproduction assistance?  I am quite knowledgeable and will give you good advice or we can role play a specific scenerio.  Some of my favorites are:

** You need assistance with your sperm donation**

** post surgery sponge bath from the hot nurse**

** you shoved an inanimate object up your ass and need help to get it out

** You took too much Viagra and have a raging hard-on for over 4 hours

All requests and role plays accepted, just call Dr. Louise for a good time.

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Call Girl: Tiger Woods Plays Weird Sex Games

Disgraced golfer Tiger Woods liked to play weird sex games, including watching men dirty dance for each other, his alleged call girl told the New York Post on Friday. Loredana Jolie, 26, also predicted Woods’ stint in rehab probably would not cure him.

“Tiger’s sexual fantasies were not normal,” she revealed. “He likes role playing, he likes to be the guy in control and wearing a suit while there are girls performing girl-on-girl and guys entertaining guys.

“By that, I mean they would dance for each other like girls would do for a man. He’d have different girls all the time, entertaining, role play, fetishes, stuff like that. But he would only watch.”

Jolie – who initially claimed to The Post she never slept with Tiger, then declared she wanted US$1 million for her story about their alleged sex – is now trying to sell a tell-all book to publishers.

The Sicilian-born blond said: “He would engage in sex from 9 p.m. until the sun came up – he wasn’t a healthy guy. He couldn’t sleep and would stay up all night. I am not sure rehab will help him.” Jolie met Woods while working as an escort for infamous madam Michelle Braun.

Braun claimed Woods spent US$16,119 a session on weekends with Jolie in New York for two years until 2008. In her book, Jolie promises to name other clients she serviced while working for Braun.

Jolie’s representative Teisha Dynell said she has had many celebrity clients, actors and businessmen from New York, California and around the world. But it is doubtful she “escorted” anyone more famous than Woods.

Woods, 34, has been linked with up to 19 women since he crashed his car outside his Florida home in November following an argument with his wife Elin Nordegren, 30, when she reportedly accused him of cheating.

Tiger, 34, is now in a sex addiction rehab center in Mississippi trying to save his marriage to Nordegren, the mother of his two children.

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You have been a bad boy? Mommy is mad because you have been a bad boy. Come here and let me show you what you have to do now. I think you need to go to mommy’s room, I am going to teach you a lesson. You need to strip for me now! You like to take my dirty panties and rub your cock on them.

Don’t tell me you have not done it, I found my panties in the floor with cum stains on them. Since you made yourself cum all over my panties its my turn to cum all over your face. You need to rub and lick mommy’s pussy. You like mommy’s pussy don’t you? Call me and I can tell you what I made him do then.


Would you like to be my bad boy?

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Get that cock out of those underwear and stroke it til your mushroom head shines!  Then I’m gonna tell you what I’m doing to my sweet little barely legal pussy as we’re talking on the phone.  Mmmm . . . my cunt is just begging to be pounded by your rock hard cock . . . needing to feel your tongue flicking my clit needs to feel your tongue flicking it til it turns a bright, throbbing red.  So if you’re in the mood for some sick and twisted cocksucking phonesex, anal phonesex, incest fantasy ageplay, or just plain ol’ vanilla kink, call me!

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Age play phone sex is very HOT! And also very fun. Starting out as your little girl who gets younger and younger for you or just starting out your cute little girl is awesome. It doesn’t matter if I’m your babygirl or if I join you in playing with a very little girl, either way it’s hot!

No matter what the role play is, underage fantasy is hot and I’m your no limits, any age goes girl to play with! Your little Nina knows just how to be that sweet little innocent girl who wants to do anything to make you happy, or the innocent girl you can take full advantage of.

I can be the bratty little girl you want to teach a lesson to, the slutty little girl that Daddy taught to be so good to his friends too, just to name a few things we can do. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to find out what your favorite age play is and have fun with you too!

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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Are you a horny pedophile who’s looking for some incest ageplay or some daddy daughter roleplay phonesex?  I’m a barely legal babysitter whose sweet little pussy constantly craves big hard cocks—especially those of men much, much older than me!  Mmmm . . . just imagine spanking my sweet, tight ass & then pumping my little cunt full of your warm sticky cum, or having me wear pigtails & a schoolgirl uniform as you cram my bratty mouth full of your hard cock.   Call me, you pervert lol—no one gets all of your sick & twisted dirty fantasies, roleplays, or desires like I do ~wink~

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Are you a cocksucking sissyboy who craves & desires to be dominated by a hot shemale?  I have tons of toys and tons of ideas to keep your cock throbbing hard throughout our entire call.  There isn’t any kind of kink or fetish that I’m not into.  From anal, oral, feminization, smoking & stocking fetishes, to cuckolds, scat, golden showers, & more.  So what are you waiting for—cum out of that fucking closet & call me today!

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I’m Danielle, a barely legal teenager who loves to talk dirty on the phone!  One of my all time favorite positions to get fucked in is doggystyle.  How would you like the be the lucky guy behind my sweet school girl cunt—staring right inside of my wet twat and right between my big ass cheeks . . . watching your hard prick sliding in and out of each of my two tight holes?  Mmmmm . . . that’s right , Daddy, fuck me harder—fuck me so hard that my big fat tits bounce!   My little pussy is wet and ready for you to call now.  No taboos, babysitter phonesex, anything goes phonesex, and even ABDL are some of the things I enjoy!

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I’m a hot chick with a stick—yea, I said it & you heard me right—I’m a shemale with a nice, hard cock.  I would love to hear you moan & scream as I slip my prick deep into your tight, virgin asshole!!  You get the best of both worlds when you call me; I look like a soft & gorgeous milf with round hips & nice tits,  but can fuck you good and hard like a real man.  Anal play, blowjob phonesex, cocksucking phonesex, and feminization fantasies are just a few of my many fantasies.  Call me today!

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Shemale Phone Sex

Dirty little secrets and naughty devious lies.I have some surprises in store for you. All of your secrets will be safe with me. I know what a man really wants in the bedroom. A soft supple body, firm bouncy tits, and when the light go off and my panties disappear the real secret desires unfold. I have a rock hard, cum squirts, ass fucking cock!

I just love the dirty little roleplay where you don’t know my naughty little secret untill your cock is throbbing and you have lost all desire to stop. Reach up that skirt and grab my cock. Bitch you made it hard now you have to please it. On your knees and suck my throbbing fuck stick like the little whore you are.

Shemale Bianca

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I was sitting on my patio, trying to get some sun today when I saw my sexy young next door neighbor peeking over the fence.  I couldn’t help myself, but I was feeling a bit naughty and decided to give him a show.  I untied my bathing suit top and laid down on my back exposing my huge 36 FF breasts.  I could tell he had his dick out and was jerking off watching me sun bathe.

It turned me on so much I began to massage my boobs, and finger my pussy.  The hot sun beating down on my oily body and the picture of that cute young boy playing with his hard dick made me cum so hard.  I needed to take a swim and cool off from that hot mutual masturbation session.

Do you have a similar fantasy?  Make sure you call Louise for the hottest role play ever. 

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Let’s have some fun today!
Do you like Mature ladies? Need a Special Mommy/Son Roleplay? I can be whomever you need me to be! Lets have some phone sex fun together today!
I know I can use my body to get what I want. And what I want right now is some young hot cock. I like getting down and dirty so be prepared, Mommy likes dirty boys too. I like to get freaky and have “loads” of hot sticky fun.

:: Oral Sex :: Anal Sex :: Role Play :: Double Penetration :: Sex Toys :: Humiliation :: Feminization :: Submissive Switch :: Tease and Denial :: Cuckolding :: Gang Bangs :: Rough Sex :: Jerk Off Boys
:: Straight Sex :: Mutual Masturbation :: Always Accommodating
:: Always Friendly :: Anything Goes :: Quickies I do it ALL!


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Call me so we can play….My Pussy gets  oh so wet when I start to think
about a man stroking his cock on the other end of the phone sex line talking and thinking about ME…God Could
you imagine the steamy hot vibs that would be going on between us as we get off together!
Call me so we can explore all the deep dark taboo fantasies!!!!!
No Restrictions and No Limits

_ Naughty Neighbor Phonesex
_ Peeping Tom Phone Sex
_ Phone Sex Masturbation
_ Teen Phone Sex Girl Masturbation
_Princess Financial Domination
_Sissification & Feminization Phone Sex

XOXO Jenni

Yahoo = taboojenni

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Our Lovely Ladies are the Most Experienced Phone Women
On the Internet…Our Ladies  love taboo fetishes with family members,
strangers, best friends or even being Accomplice’s…There’s no stone left unturned and no cock
left un sucked!!!

We are the women
With No Limitations and No Restrictions
In Exloring Your Taboo Phone Sex Fetishes
Don’t Miss Out on the Chance For the Best Phone Sex You Will Ever

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