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Hello sissys, are you willing to turn that pathetic manhood over to me and allow me to turn you into the sissy slut that is screaming to be released? To dress you in MY frilly panties, thigh highs, and sexy bra, to parade you around my gf’s and show them what a sweet little sissy slut I have turned you into?

To have you begging for MY big hard strap on cock to be rammed into your sweet man/pussy, to have you begging to touch your little clitty while I laugh at you? To go on shopping sprees with Me to buy your own sexy panties and frilly petticoats?

Then pick up your phone, put on your panties and heels and be ready to serve me like the sissy slut you are!


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Mature Phone Sex  

I crave the feeling of a huge black cock sliding in and out of my horny pink pussy. I love it any way you can give it to me. There is nothing like a huge dick fucking me in my pussy or my ass!!! I am a massive cum queen. I really get off on making my boyfriends watch those big huge black cocks fucking his sweet  girlfriend, LOL!!

I will let him suck that jizz right out of my freshly fucked cunt. HE gets up in my pussy and slurps all that black jizz out, he crave cock cum anytime he can get it.


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Hi there!

Like Younger Mommy roleplays?

Who wants to be my lil boy?

Hmmm? Well if its you, I will make sure that you do what I tell you to or you wont get what you want from me, I know what It is I see you looking thru the door at me while I am dressing and fucking all the guys I bring home.

So if you want mommy’s pussy juice on your face you must do as i say.

Crawl to me on hands and knees and beg  mommy for her hot cunt!! Then maybe I will let you jack off in my dirty panties and  then If mommy is very happy I will let you put your lil cock in my ass.

Are you my lil boy? Call me !

Roleplay with Mommy Avery

PS, I also love AB/DL’s and would love to do a call more suited to that lifestyle and fetish!

RP Phone Sex with AVERY

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I just got a pretty light pink french manicure done and I went to see amovie  and wow, I really had fun with my date! He had not seen it, so he was totally into the whole movie thing. But he was even more into my fingernails, slowly sliding up and down his thigh during the movie! I could hear him start to breathe a little harder and squrim all around the seat.

 I giggled to myself and began to slightly brush my  fingertips up and down his twitching, throbbing dick! This happened for a good thirty minutes into the movie.

He leaned over and gave me a teasing little kiss on the lips, a few times. But every time he tried to stick his toungue in my mouth, I would just slowly push him away. I really love tease and denial……. especially when the guy thinks he has a chance at fucking me! Yeah, I’m hard to get…..and I intend to keep it that way! That’s why phone sex is so fun. I can tease my guys with my sexy voice and deny as much as I want!

Sexy Autumn

Tease and Denial Phone sex with Sexy Teen girls!

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Hi guys,

I KNOW I LOOK innocent and like a sweet thing, but looks can be decieving. 

 Seriously if you are going to call me and tell me you have a small dick, I am going to laugh at your pathetic tiny piece of meat….haha. 

 I had a small dick looser call me tonight and I had Sooo much fun laughing at his tiny cock!  I think that it is soooo funny when a little boy’s cock is sooo much bigger then his Grown up cock, but you know I dont even think I should call it a cock!

MEGAN – For Small didck humiliation Phone Sex

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I like to make my Daddy super happy.  Sometimes my daddy gets really horny &  naughty since Mommy has gone away. I have to take care of my daddy. He likes to have poker games with his closest male friends. He asked that I take good care of his friends throughout the night. Makes me their little party favor, fuck toy.

               Before the games begin and his froends show up he makes me Dress me up really sexy to get them all turned on. When they have to take a bathroom break, Daddys tells me to take their hand and show them to the bathroom. I take them all one at a time to the bathroom where I make my daddy proud of his little girl. 

  • Daddies friends
  • Makeing myself a little cum slut for daddy
  • bathroom fun
  • Phonesex roleplays with daddies little girl
  • Phone Sex with Lola
  • Cheap Phonesex, just ask for your 5 free minutes with any 20 min paid call!

NINA – also at

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I Love talking dirty to men, listening to my voice, hear you getting off on my words. I have no taboos and really get off on playing with myself while I imagine sucking your big cock, choaking on that big load you shoot in my mouth all over my face, on my massave tits, then kissing and licking all over your body. I want you to taste my sweet pussy too. Its thick and juicy and I’ll give you a sweet treat you’ll never forget. I am as sexy as I look.

Call me and I promise you will get lost in my soft sultry voice and exquisite knowledge of the fetish world!

You can usually find me up very late night , for those of you who can’t sleep like me. Looking forward to having some fun baby.

BBW Valley

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“What’s the three
words you never
want to hear while
making love?

Honey, I’m home.”

Ken Hammond quotes

Quote of the day by DAWN

For more quotes click HERE !

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I enjoy everything from sweet all night love-making with soft kissing and touching to hard and rough sex with pain and anal penetration.

I love blowjobs and having my pussy licked – what girl dosent but I  also enjoy all kinds of kinks and fetishes.

I love to play with toys and have a huge toy chest with several dildos and vibrators. Cum listen to me play with myself. Tell me how you would be usuing YOUR toy on me and let me do the rest.


PS buy 20 min get 5 free with me!

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I’m Granny Louise

I know I don’t look like a granny, nor do I feel like a granny.  I am horny all the time.  My boss is such a hot young stud. He’s smart, good looking , very rich and very single.  I love to tease him every day with the sexy outfits I wear to show off my long legs and sexy ass.  Friday I wore a tapered, navy blue, skirt and jacket.  I had on nude thigh high stockings, like the ones in these pictures, blue high heels and a button down white blouse, sheer and unbuttoned down so you can see my big round melon tits.  We have a  great working relationship with benefits.  wink wink  You know what I mean.  

I”m home all alone and up right now playing with my wet pussy and big boobs.  I can be quiet creative so if you are looking for some fun role playing or mutual masturbation, I’m the more mature woman for you.



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Do you fantasize about me often … wanting to try it, taste me. What it would be like to be with a beautiful chick with a dick. We all have a natural curiosity about what it’s like to be with the same sex. Imagine being with someone who is beautiful, has great tits, a hard cock and a firm round ass! No one will ever know ~ We’ll keep it our little secret.

We can talk about anything you like and role play any situation you ever imagined. If you don’t have anything special in mind, then leave it to me. I have a very very wild and dirty imagination!

Your experience will be unforgetable and I’m sure you will be calling me back again and again!

TS Star

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All our phone sex calls are 10 Minute minimum,  Extention’s are 5 minute increments!

This week if you mention this blog get a 30 Minute call for only $49.99!

NEW callers buy 15 minutes or more & get  5 minutes free! !

 We ALSO offer the hottest 2 girl phone sex sessions out there $3.75/Minute.


*International, & Canadian Callers Rates*:
Rates are $2.50/Min with a 10 Minute Minimum

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“Sex is like air;
it’s not important
unless you
aren’t getting any”

Quote of the day by DAWN

Se more SEX quotes HERE

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Doug has been a fuck buddy of mine for a couple of years.  His perverted fantasies always make me cream myself.  He likes to fuck me hard, rough, and dirty.  He asked me if he could film it next time he banged me and I told him that since I knew he’d show it to all his friends I wanted some money for it, and he agreed.  I now have a copy of our sex tape,  and I masturbate to it every day. 

First Doug came all over my tits, and then he laid me down on my back and got on his knees.  He brutally slammed his still hard cock in my wet twat. 

In the video you can see my face, and watch my cum drenched tits bounce up and down with every forceful thrust of his thick cock into my willing hole.  As you see his huge member pound in me you will want his cock to be yours.  Doug drilled at my pussy until he was ready to cum again, then pulled out and splooged all over my tummy. 

If you want a girl with no inhibitions, and no taboos then you want me!


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Most of the people that I know call me the sluttiest teenage whore they’ve ever encountered. And guess what—they’re 100% right.  I love cocksucking, threesomes, pussyeating and gangbangs.  I also love to have family fun and be a daddy’s girl in my spare time.  Mmmmm . . .call me now baby—I’m so horny . . . I want to masturbate to the sound of your voice.  Let’s have some Barely Legal Phonesex or some Hardcore phone fetishes today!

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Interracial fuckfest with hot black and white cock!

When my friend Tammy got her first black boyfriend she told me that she had never been fucked so good before. She told me that black guys have long and fat dicks and that they ball you so hard that you can feel their giant cocks stretching you out, and it almost feels like their dick could go all the way thru you.

She said that once you go Black you NEVER go back. Ever since told me about balling a black guy I have been curious, and also sorta scared of their big monster dicks. I knew I had to try to hook up with a hot homeboy one day. My big brother made friends with a beautiful chocolate brown black dude named Markus, from the second I saw him I knew I wanted him to fuck the hell out of me.

 One day Markus showed up when I was home alone. I answered the door in a sexy miniskirt, and a tight shirt that showed off my sweet lolita bod. I couldn’t wait to start an interracial fuckfest with Markus and I finally had my chance!






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“Sex is like snow,
you never know
how many inches
you’re going to get
or how long
it will last”

Author Unknown

Quote of the day by DAWN

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I love it when my local repairman comes over to fix something around my house. I pay him in favors. He loves my big tits and I love his big cock. Not to mention his big cock is a young cock. I love that young cock meat. He calls me his hot big titted MILF whore

I don’t get insulted, I get horny. I just want that young cock and will do anything to get it. He loves the older woman/young guy thing as much as I do. He says us older women know how to treat a man better than the young ones with no real experience. 

My favorite thing to do with young cock is getting down between their thighs and wrapping my big tits around their cock and riding up and down and licking the head as it pops up. When it pops up high enough I can suck on the big mushroom head and still keep my tits firmly wrapped around that shaft. 

The hot cream will soon erupt and splatter up to my mouth, chin, and all over my tits. Love cum covered tits, yummy!


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My Grandson came to visit me the other day and when he comes to visit he loves to snuggle with his grammy Louise.

He stayed the night and we had so much fun together.  We made popcorn and watched a scary movie, which allows me to hold on to him tightly.  I rub my big breasts against his arms and chest.  My hands wander down to his crotch which is already getting stiff.  I love to tease him, make him think he’s going to get some from granny tonight. 

I love young men, the more inexperienced the more I love to teach them about sex and how to make themselves feel good and of course, how to make me feel good too!  Do you need a lession on how to please a real woman?

Just pick up the phone, dial 1-888-820-8084   If you’ve been a bad boy, i’ll have to spank your little ass!

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“Women need a
reason to have sex.
Men just need
a place.”

….Billy Crystal


Quote of the day by DAWN

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Hello all of you horny dirty ass worshipers, come and taste some of my sweet chocolate booty.

There is nothing I love more then a man’s face burried so deep inside my love cheeks. 

If you love to worship big black booty, then you have to call me for an ass kissing, ass licking phone fuck session.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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Cheap phone sex keeps me soaking wet.  I love talking to guys telling me all that they desire.  If they want strap on play that’s what they get, if they want me to dominate them as I wear nothing but stiletto heels, black nylons, and a bra that’s what they get.

Anything a man desires I can give. I am not like many others phone sex op. I know you will have a good time with me!!!!
I happened to have a man over today when I got a call for some kinky phone sex, luckily for me!  I got a special treat by being fucked double.  I fucked the man on the phone by making his dream come true. 

He wanted to hear a hot mature woman being dominated and fucked hard by a hot mature man.  Just thinking about it makes me want to do it again right now!  Want to hear me being fucked any way you’d like? Call me!

Sexy Sheryl

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      “Don't have sex man.  It leads to kissing and  pretty soon you have  to start talking  to them.”  

“Don’t have sex man. It leads to kissing and pretty soon you have to start talking to them.”

..Steve Martin

Quote of the day by DAWN

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I have a big imagination and ever since I first started playing with my clit I have always been into role play. I am kinky and enjoy everything from being that little mall rat princess to the mistress who loves to torture cock.  I enjoy dressing up and appreciate kinky men and women who feel like I do, sex should be fun and orgasmic.

I squirt when I cum and love a man who can produce a steady stream of pre cum. Maybe that’s why I am into submissive cocks so much. Anyway you want it is how I like it. I enjoy romantic fucks on the beach as much as kinky gang bangs at our local swinger club. I am bisexual, a bit of a nympho and have a kinky streak towards rough and tumble nipple play.

My pussy might appear tight and delicate, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Fuck my twat hard and like you mean it. I cum quick that way. Lately I have been exploring the bondage and discipline lifestyle and I am still conflicted about whether I am a sub or dominant. I can’t decide what gets me off more. I do like to be tied up and tortured till my pussy is dripping wet. 

Leslie –

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So you like ass do you? Well baby, I am here and willing and ready to take whatever you give me. Anal Play is so rough and hardcore and I am all about that! I love it when I am up on all fours in the end of a bed or sofa and your standing behind me.

Start with my pussy, pund it and get that cock of yours nice and hard, then grab my hair and shove that cock into my tight ass, dont mind me saying no… Just take it! Make me like it and want it. I will be begging you soon to shoot that hot load into my ass.

Call me for some naughty Anal Phonesex Play, or any other taboo thing you want to do to me! I also do golden showers and brown showers (scat),  ATM (ass to mouth) and fisting fun. I am a true Slut.

ADRIANA 1-888-221-2006

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 Hot tease & Denial Phonesex

 I get off on tease and denial, owning a man through his cock. Making him know who is in charge. Once I own your cock, I own you. It then becomes “all about me” I am young and spoiled and have always gotten my way. I will hypnotise you with my voice, mentially lock your cock away so you can’t stroke it off.  

There will be no release for you unless I allow it. Funny thing though, you will love it and will never do anything to disappoint me. Once you have reached that stage, I will request that you get a chastidy cage with a key for your little cockette. You will lock it on and send the key to me. I will then be your “Key holder”.

You will have to really work to get that key back. Does that excite you? Does the thought of me owning you to that extent turn you on? Well call me then. I want your balls full and your little cock hard.

I want you already aching when we begin.


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Hello boy’s, I am Autumn and i want to Role Play with you! I see you staring at me everytime you come into the Diner where i work, your eye’s never meet mine. Instead you innocently stare and talk to my chest, getting a big hard on. You may think that i dont notice but i do. How can you honestly help it? My chest is rather large! I get very horny knowing that you get arroused by the sight of me.

I notice you are about to leave, so i quickly punch out for my dinner break. I go outside and wait. You come out and i “bump” into you…your speechless! “Could you possibly give me a ride to my house?” I ask, you quickly shake your head like a happy little puppy dog.

“want to come in for a drink?” Call me and find out what i have planned for you!

  • Role Play Teen Phone Sex
  • Naughty Co-worker
  • Nasty Neighbor Phone Sex
  • Scat & Golden Showers
  • Huge Tit Fucking
  • NO taboo’s
  • Slutty girl from next door

Take a glance at my Pictures and call me…I like to know you are getting hard looking at them!

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Lexi’s Phonesex Rules!

  1. Always have fun on your phonesex calls!
  2. Talk about whats on your mind- dont be afraid to disgust me or turn me off.
  3. Never Call me beating yourself to death, there will be plenty of time for that!
  4. Never ask for real meets – I will be your GFE or phone girl, but I do not meet IRL.
  5. Tell me thank you, fuck you or at least kiss my ass before hanging up on me!
  6. Be honest with me.
  7. Know that I am there for YOUR pleasure and may ask you alot of questions IF I am unfamiliar with your fetish or roleplay.
  8. Feel free to IM me to see if I am online but done think I will cyber with you (unless you pay for cyber first!
  9. It’s okay to be a pervert.

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Hello all you horny men, I’m Charlene. Since I’m a pretty young woman with lots of curves men have always been trying to hook up with me. I started learning about sex at a very young age and now I love to talk about it on the phone. I’d love to tell you about all the wild and crazy things I have been through in my life. I know it’s wrong to be such a naughty and nasty little slut. But, it is oh so much fun!! I work part-time as a Hooters waitress and its makes me so horny seeing all the men staring at me and trying to cop a feel off my breasts or ass. I don’t mind too much as long as they tip me well. I need to make all the money I can because putting myself through college is not easy.  How about you make a contribution to my college fund by calling me now and i’m sure we can talk about the first thing that pops up… lol.. Just ask for Charlene 1-888-221-9006


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Hi everyone, I’m a very kinky mature housewife, mother and grandmother who is lonely and horny because my husband is working all day and night, taking long business trips and has been neglecting my pussy and ass for way too long.  Now it’s my turn to get my fantasies fulfilled.  I love talking to strangers about really taboo subjects, the dirtier and kinkier the better.  I enjoy talking to cross dressers and sissy boys.  I love it when you tell me how you enjoy the feel of women’s panties and stockings on your smooth shaven skin.  

Cuckolds are another favorite of mine.  Tell me how you love feeling girly by getting down on your knees to suck a big cock or get your man-pussy fucked good and hard with mybig  Strap-on.  I will give you the best phone sex experience of your life.  All role play requests shall be fulfilled. All you have to do is tell me what turns you on the most. I have no taboos, no limits and no restrictions whatsoever. I’m getting older now, but still very young at heart. 

Young boys also turn me on.  Nothing feels better then a young hard body on top of mine.  Just call mommy Louise and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about sex and how to make a woman feel special!  If you just need someone to talk to and tell all your dirty secrets, I love to listen.  I can give you advice to use with your wife or girlfriend, to kink it up in the bedroom. 

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