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I get off on being a cock tease…

 Making guys think they will get to fuck me. Get them all hard and horny.  Tease them to insanity, Tickle their cock and balls with my pretty feet, Go down on them and lick and tongue their cock, balls and ass.

Strip slowly while I lick my lips, and reach down and finger my pussy and let them taste the pussy juice that is on my fingers and hands. Then convince them to masturbate for me, Making them stop and start over and over again. Letting them go just to the edge of orgasm and then stop them.

Would you like me to tease and guide you to insane orgasms or not, just to insanity.  Call me, maybe I will let you cum and maybe I won’t.


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The other night one of my transgender gal-pals came over for some naughty fun and she did one of my favorite things to have done to my cock.  She gave me a big wet sloppy cock sucking blow job. Then we did 69 and after a few minutes we were swimming in our own spit and pre-cum.  I can offer you a nice big hard tranny cock!  I’m also intelligent and appreciate that quality when chatting to a guy on the phone. If you want someone who will listen as well as talk, I’m the one for you.

What could be better? A fun hot phone sex session with a smart, witty and fun shemale with an extra large cock who will make you explode with an emense orgasm.

Want an extraordinary voice and sexy playmate for phone fucking ~ then a little bit of good conversation. How about it? No time like the present. Please serious calls only, We accept all major credit cards, debit cards or pre-paid visa gift cards. I’m very creative and an excellent role player… I’m also a great listener and will give you excellent advice. Just call me at 1-888-221-9006 for the ultimate shemale experience. Free nude pics with the purchase of a 20 minute phone call. If you have a special fantasy you want to role play


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Orgasm denial and forced masturbation with Autumn


I was talking to a hot Dominate Guy on the phone and having some of the best phone sex I’ve had in a while.  He wanted a nice, down to earth girl to train and he was really into my massive tits.  He forced me to squeeze  them really hard while fucking myself with my favorite  8 inch dildo

 Every time I got near cumming he could tell that I was about to, and he ordered me not to cum yet.  He would when to switch positions, and when I could put my toy back inside my dripping wet pussy.  He told me that he didn’t mind my defiant side when I tried to keep playing with myself in spite of being told to stop, but promised that if I continued to behave so badly he’d teach me a lesson

At the end I was begging him to let me cum.  I needed to cum so bad that it hurt!  I think I will use orgasm denial on some unsuspecting guy one day.


Get 5 free minutes with purchess of a call- ask how!

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Imagine your redheaded teenage babysitter in pigtails, old frayed daisy dukes, & a sheer white t-shirt that is so tight her nipples poke through. How good would it feel to take her to the downstairs bathroom while your wife’s sleeping and pound that hairy virgin firecrotch until you HEAR her cherry pop . . . hold onto those pigtails while bobbing your hard meatstick in & out of that bratty little mouth .. . . shoot globs of sticky cum all over those big brown freckles? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I’ll be your no taboo bratty babysitter ~giggles~ Call me!


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Like what you see? If you look a little closer you’re bound to find a surprise artfully hidden between my sexy thighs—that’s right—a nice thick cock. Are you a bi-curious little boy who can’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to suck a chick with a dick? Well, hun, I can help you out with that. I can also teach you how to properly stretch your ass open wide enough so my prick will fit in there just right. Trust me, once you have anal sex with a big tit Shemale Goddess, you’ll never go back to pussy again! Call me, fisting & forced femme are some of my specialties!

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So I fucked my neighbor again today. This time we didn’t even bother with the wine; she reached over & pulled off my top, rubbing & squeezing my big tits as she sucked on them, saying she wished they were filled with milk so she could drink me—isn’t that fucking HOT??!!

My pussy has never been so wet! Then she got REALLY kinky with me—she made me bend over her lap, spanked my ass, and then shoved a string of anal beads inside of me. She told me I was a very bad little bisexual bitch & deserved to be tied up & punished. Wanna hear what she did next?

Call me for some wild no taboos lesbian phonesex stories!

Danielle~ Hot Phone sex

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The innocent yet oh so naughty girl down the street. The one whose nice big perky breasts bounce as I walk past your house. I love to tease you with my short shorts and my tight top. Seeing my gorgeous sexy body really drives you wild, doesn’t it?

I’m your best friend’s sister, the girl that you saw at the local gas station, the girl in the elevator, the girl at the beach, your bosses secretary, but most of all the sexy girl you fantasize about, even when your making love to your wife or girlfriend.


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 I love talking to guys telling me all that they desire.  If they want strap on play that’s what they get,  if they want me to dominate them as I wear nothing but stiletto heels, black nylons, and a bra that’s what they get.

Anything a man desires I can give.
I happened to have a man over today when I got a call for some kinky phone sex, luckily for me!  I got a special treat by being fucked double.  I fucked the man on the phone by making his dream come true.  He wanted to hear a hot mature woman being dominated and fucked hard by a man.  Just thinking about it makes me want to do it again right now! 

 Want to hear me being fucked any way you’d like? Call me!


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I adore playing dress-up with submissive sissy panty boys; dressing them up in sexy lingerie and provocative clothing and then pulling out my big boner for them to suck. 69 is one of my favorite positions! Think about how good it would feel to have me slide my big hard, slick cock into your tight little pussy.

 I LOVE TO KISS while making mad passionate love. It brings out the girl inside me! I’m one kinky switch, and I’m here to make all your slutty tranny dreams cum true. I know many secrets of seduction and I will use my experiences with you in our one on one phone session.

Call me and let’s take a ride on the wild side of life together 1-888-221-9006 Just ask for  Sexy TransgenderStar.

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I’m a barely legal slut who loves stripping and fucking girls & guys alike. I’m also into older men & have a tight little pussy that can handle loads of cum. Maybe anal’s your thing. Well, if it is, I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear that I adore getting fucked in the ass & have even been known on occasion to pop a guy’s cherry with my strapon; especially those big Adult Babies! Fucking them in the ass while I’m supposed to be babysitting is some kinky shit if you ask me! Call me today for some Daddy Daughter Role-play, Barely Legal Phonesex, anal worship, and bukkake fun!

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Orgasm denial and forced masturbation.

  I was talking to a hot Dom on the phone and having some of the best phone sex I’ve had in a while.  He wanted a nice,  sweet, down to earth girl to train.  He forced me to squeeze my tits really hard while fucking myself with my favorite dildo. 

 Every time I got near cumming he could tell that I was about to, and he ordered me not to cum yet.  He would when to switch positions, and when I could put my toy back inside my dripping wet pussy.  He told me that he didn’t mind my defiant side when I tried to keep playing with myself in spite of being told to stop, but promised that if I continued to behave so badly he’d teach me a lesson.  At the end I was begging him to let me cum.  I needed to cum so bad that it hurt!  I think I will use orgasm denial on some unsuspecting guy one day.


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Watching your sexy girlfriend fuck and suck another person is your sweet torture.  You want the ULTIMATE cuckold action, don’t you? 

Are forced to be a voyeur as I slide my wet pussy up and down another man’s thick cock. As I am riding him I stick my fingers in his ass and make him moan, and you will sit there and wonder why I never did that to you .

I will grin at you evilly as he pumps load after load of his cum into my pink pussy… But secretly you want this even more than I do.

Marla – New to mature phone sex hotties site!

Cum see me at

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I love when I have complete control over my little sluts!
This is an email & pics from my Slut! I must say he sluts up very well! Nice legs!
I love being you little bitch. I want to do anything you say. I want you to have fun seeing how much you can get away with me. I’d love to have you pimp my ass out. Post an ad on Craigslist saying I’ll suck any guy and any guy can fuck me just as long as they treat me as your nasty little bitch. Hell you can even dress me up and send me out to an adult book store and do a guy or two back in the corner. You can even send me out to the grocery store to get things I have to fuck my self with. Like banana, potato, cucumber. any thing you want I’ll get and fuck myself.
 I can get a web cam and let you watch me be your bitch. I can’t wait for your response. I hope you like me wanting to be your bitch so much that you just get right into it and hold nothing back and just have fun letting me be your little  slut bitch. 

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I have recently had one of the HOTTEST role plays with a guy on the phone sex line today. I was this college coed, and he was my english  professer. Apparently, I am failing his class, and what is a girl to do when she is  in desperate need of a passing grade, and failing a college course?

Well, Fuck the teacher of course.  I love extra credit and it is so much easier then studying everyday, after all a girl needs to be a girl!


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Come on all you dirty daddies out there. I am looking for a filthy,
naughty, daddy to pump my bald little cunt full of that big bad
daddy jizz. I want some of the kinkiest , nastiest , most Taboo
Phone Sex that you can think of. No Taboo , no limits , no restrictions
just pure kinky uninhibted Phone Sex with this hot young teen.

Come on daddy pull my pigtails and fuck me good.
Im waiting for your call.

XOXO Amelia

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My daughter has a cheek covered with my hot salty cum. You see I have a daughter that is 16 and about a month ago she told me she was having sex. She thought I would have flipped out. But much to her surprise I took it all in stride. Little did she know the reason why is because I’ve been watching her fuck the last two times she’s had sex at home. 
She has caught me jacking off a few times in the past. She never said anything other than a big smile and turning around. So I figured she would be okay with me jacking off out side her bedroom door. So tonight I did just that. I opened her bedroom door about 1/2 way. It was dark in her room and in the hall way. I wanted her at least see something if she were to wake up in the middle of me jacking off. SO I turned on the hall way light where it light the entire hallway including me and my hard cock. The way she was laying on her side facing me. If she opened her eyes the first thing she would see is me jacking off.
The more I thought about her waking up and seeing the harder I got and the faster I stroked my cock. It seemed the faster I got the louder I got. I got to the point I couldn’t take it any more. With a loud moaning sound I shouted I’m cuming for you Beth. I squirted my hot sticky cum into my hand where I smeared my cum all over my lips and walked into her bedroom naked it my cock only inches from her cute little face.
I got down on my knees right in front of her ans gave her a kiss on her cheek. Her cheek was covered with my hot cum that it started to get my cock hard again. I stood up again with my cock only inches from her face. I turned around and walked out of her room. I can’t wait for her to watch me jack off. I can’t wait to have her watch me cum for her. Until then I’ll be hard every day for her tight little pussy.

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In search of a phonesex Girlfriend Fantasy Experience? Well here I am! I may be young but I’m a redheaded, red-blooded, lusty young lady with loads of experience in prostate milking, anal play, & making a man feel like he’s loved inside & out. I have no problems sharing XXX pictures & exchanging quick emails with you just to find out how your day is going.

Even though I love taking care of my special guys, I can be really feisty so you better know how to handle me! I’m into all kinds of no taboo kinky plays, including fantasy phonesex, cross-dressing, bratty evil cheerleaders, & daddy daughter family fun! What are you waiting for—call me now for a guided masturbation session you’ll never forget!

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I love talking to anonymous men about really taboo subjects, the dirtier and kinkier the better.  I enjoy talking to cross dressers, sissy boys and submissive slaves.   I love hearing you tell me how you feel when wearing women’s panties, stockings and other assorted lingerie on your smooth shaven skin. How you love feeling girly and getting down on your knees to suck a big cock or get your man-pussy fucked good and hard. I will give you the best phone sex experience of your life. 

All role play requests shall be fulfilled. All you have to do is tell me what turns you on the most. I have no taboos, no limits and no restrictions whatsoever. Young and inexperienced boys turn me on the most.  Nothing feels better then a young hard body on top of mine.  Just call TS Star @ 1-888-221-9006 and I’ll teach you everything you need to know about giving oral to a nice big dick and I will also teach you how to enjoy anal sex and how to make a woman like me feel special!  

Just call TS Star @ 1-888-221-9006 

shemale phone sex with TS Star

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Sex at age ninety is
like trying to shoot
pool with a rope. 

~George Burns


Obscenity is whatever gives the
Judge an erection.

  ~Author Unknown

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I have a hard cock & a set of soft tits just waiting for you to suck on. I want to turn you into my shemale worshiping faggot boy—dress you up in sexy lingerie & tons of whorish makeup for my own personal pleasure. By the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna be a certified professional at cocksucking & rimming! Be prepared when you call me with your jar of vaseline cause Giana’s throbbing cock is going to turn that pretty ass of yours into a loose sticky mess!

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You could never please me in bed and you know that. I dont even know why I dated you. You have nothing in the manner of cock to offer me! Now you will have to sit there and not say a word as I bring home Hot Young studs with nice big cocks to play with! Listen and watch me get fucked by a man with a real dick, not a small cock looser like yourself. Cockold Phone sex calls are Hot, call me for your small dick phone sex session now!

Now that I have had my Pussy fucked all day by different cocks and I am satisfied, I may give you the please of cleaning my cum filled ass and pussy out! Maybe I should sit on your face and let all that cum drip onto your pittifuly excited face as your careful to suck down every last drop of a real man’s cum!

Miss Klara to you!

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Lay back and put yourself in my sensual hands. Let my sexy erotic voice and depraved imagination take us both on a journey of pure ecstasy and intense pleasure. You’ll be able to feel me there with you. You’ll feel every touch of my hand, every stroke of my legs and every sound of my sultry breath as it pours onto your mind.

Once you close your eyes you’ll be able to imagine me being right there with you. You’ll have no doubts that I’m pleasuring myself and riding the same waves of passion that you are. The sound of my seductive voice will etch itself into your erogenous mind, causing you to count the minutes until we can cum together again.

I’ll be waiting for you… Kisses


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Last night my neighbor & I watched some movies in her bedroom & had a little too much wine. Before I knew it, I was lying naked on the bed with her tongue flicking excruciatingly slow circles around my throbbing red clit. She rimmed out my asshole & teased & denied my little pussy until I had no choice but to beg her to fingerfuck me good & hard! I’ve had 2 girls before, but never with someone who I had no idea was into girls & was just a friend, so you can imagine how it really blew my mind when she pulled out this enormous black cock . . .

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Tell me how you want it!

Do you want it nice and slow?- Do you want me to take my time telling you how I am devouring every inch of your body, making sure I pay special attention to those “naughty spots”? How you can feel my breath as I kiss down you and let my hair slowly run across you…

Do you want if Hard? – Do you just want to throw me down on the bed, rip my cloths off and shove that hard cock in every hole! Raping this slut’s hot body will be a privilege but I promise I will beg you to stop & cry like  little a good rape victim.

This phone sex call will be to please you, don’t worry about me, I love it any way that I could possably get it.

Anything you have in mind will be fine with me! Call me today honey and let’s have some naughty MILF Phone Sex fun!


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I’m a young, extremely horny girl who just can’t say no!

I will do ANYTHING to get you super hard and ready to blow your load for me… Take me hard and ram the hell out of me or let me ride you and your fat cock. Do me really good, honey – or I’ll do you if you want me to turn the tides!

Call me NOW for some of the hottest kinky phone fucking around!


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“There are three possible parts to a date, of which at least two must be offered:  entertainment, food, and affection.  It is customary to begin a series of dates with a great deal of entertainment, a moderate amount of food, and the merest suggestion of affection. 

 As the amount of affection increases, the entertainment can be reduced proportionately.  When the affection is the entertainment, we no longer call it dating. 

 Under no circumstances can the food be omitted”

~Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour

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Cum Fuck Your Little Nympho, Now !

Hey there Cutie, it’s Kitten…
Well, I am going to just get right to the point, here.
I LOVE SEX, I Love Everything About it.

My daily dreams are to be fucked in every
hole, every single day of the week.  I usually
accomplish two out of three above.

I wanna talk to you if you feel the same way
too, about SEX.  Do you think about fucking
a juicy pussy and ass, and getting your cock
sucked by someone who is really and truly
into it ?

If so, Yup, that’s me again, lol. I know you wanna let me whip
that hard cock out and start sucking on it, so call me now and
let’s get fuckin’ wild together.



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I am in my mid 30’s and was married 11 years. I was also a good girl for most of my life until I met Bob. Being married at such a young age made me realize what sacrifices I had made. I was shopping one day when I bumped into Bob, he could see I was struggling trying to get my packages into my car.

I had some spare time when he offered to buy me a cup of coffee. I don’t know what got into me when I agreed to follow him to his home. It was the longest mile I ever drove and my panties were soaked when I walked through his front door.

The door was not even closed behind us when we  started stripping our cloths off. One wet orgasm after another happened and I hoped his cock would never stop thrusting deep in my pussy. Then Bob rolled me over and I instinctively began to suck his cock which was covered in my hot MILF pussy.  I had never given a man head before, let alone do what happened next.

I could feel his cock in my mouth begin to shake then a massive load of cum bursts in to my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his sweet creamy load. We fucked each other for several more hours that day and before I went home I stopped by the court house to finalize the divorce.  I didn’t know signing my names to those papers would turn me in to a cock hungry whore, all I want now is to experience every type of cock, cum and ways to fuck.

  • Rape Fantasy
  • Taboo Phone Sex
  • Spanking Phone Sex
  • Incest Fantasy



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He came from nowhere, behind me, grabbing my neck and touching me…

…I can’t help myself I slide my hand down to my clit and start to rub. Immediately he pulls out his huge cock  and throws me down on the bed. He pulls me close to the edge and throws my legs over his shoulders. His hugecock  is finally inside me, he’s fucking me like some two dollar whore, my body starts to shake.

 My mind says this is wrong but my body says its right. I open my eyes to see the look on his face; from the clenched jaw and tightened muscles I know we are both close….


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There’s nothing I love more than having my slick pussy filled with creampies from many different cocks. I may be a barely legal teen, but I’ve done lots of gangbangs in my time! When a big strong guy fucks my asshole from behind as another crams my tight cunt full of his cock I cum like mad! Mmmm . . . I’m just waiting for the day some guy accidentally impregnates me—that’s my ultimate fantasy—for me to get pregnant from so many guys fucking me that I don’t know who it belongs to! Feel like some kinky fetish phonesex? Call me—I have a young teenage phonesex voice and am ready to play!

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