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I love dressing up in my hot sexy lingerie. From skimpy see-thrus, my camisoles, garter belts, thigh high stockings, silky panties and of course my variety of heels. 
Dressing up isn’t fun unless I have someone to dress up with. I know there is a sissy boy out there dying to play dress up with me! We can dress up together, do each others makeup, hair and paint our toes. You enjoy the more delicate things in life dont you?

I sure hope that you will give me a call and we can play together real soon!


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Let your body melt at my touch. Let me arouse all your super sized senses wild with excitement.

I move close to you, planting the sweetest of kisses on your mouth, pulling you close as I grind my skin on yours.

Give in … live the phonesex fantasy … take all I can give…give all I take……Not forever … maybe never again…  But this one time… Let me seduce you.


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Hello there my love.  I hear you have been looking and yearning for a hot and sensual touch. A lady with loving controlling ways to get you deep into your mind and play out your ultimate fantasies.

Well look no further, I love making your dreams feel real. I know you are wondering how is that possible?  Could I actually make my ultimate wet dreams cum true over the phone? Well the answer is YES, so grab that cock, use your imagination and give me a call!


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Those little college hotties think they know how its done, but when I get done with them they learn a thing or two, being I’ve been around a bit longer then they have. You want a milf  for mature phone sex who knows how to please you.  I know my son’s friends have always whacked their little willies after seeing a hot bodied mommy like me.  Now that they are older, and my son is off at college I let them cum and visit me, he will never know.  I lick my lips thinking about which one of them will come begging to taste my hot & wet pussy.  I can drain these young cocks within minutes because I know how to get the job done.  You will be coming back for more mature phone sex.


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I have a little fuck buddy that I call my “fuck brat”.  Fuck brat tries to act all spoiled with me, but I keep him in his place because he’s addicted to the creamy taste of my wet asian pussy.  I love it when fuck brat calls me and strokes his cock while looking at the pictures I email him because he’s one of my favorite regular callers. 

He’s totally hooked on hearing me use my toys on myself while we have hot, cheap asian phone sex.  Fuck brat bought me a Christmas present at Victoria’s secret last year, a $200 gift card!!  I can’t wait to see what i get for my birthday! 


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Our girls also specialize and love all fetishes and role plays including but not limited to :

Odor Fetish’s – Anal Phone Sex- Oral Fixation – Foot worship – Barely legal & teen Phone Sex girls – Peeping Toms – Bondage – BDSM – Role play – Panty Boys- Sissy Phonesex Boys – Rubber – Latex – PVC fetish’s – Pantyhose – Belts & spankings – Authority role plays as in Police officer, Boss – Strangers – Public places – Rape- Up skirt – Panties – High heels – Smoking And so much more!


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Sex toy Masturbation:

I went shopping today and got a new vibrator and a few other toys to play with on my phonesex calls. I love sex toys and playing with myselffor all you guys on the lines. Do you like to listen? Wouldn’t you love to do a role play with me? Where you walk in on me masturbating, or you’re peeking into my room as I’m laying on my bed spread eagled massaging my aching pussy with a dildo? I think masturbation phonesex with toys is FUN!

I’d love it if you stroke your cock for me while I finger myself. We can play together and help get each other off. I’m so horny right now I think I’m going to go try out my new vibrator!

XOXOX Britney!

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Perhaps you like your young litle sluts to be very submissive phonesex girls… Well, I can be the sluttiest little submissive teen cunt you have ever talked to!

   Take charge of me, grab my hair and command me to my knees, make me suck your throbbing cock, choke me, make me gag, force me, spank me, rape my hole & use me for your young girls phone sex pleasure.

Make me beg to swallow your hot creamy load, and beg to cum for you! I promise to be a very good little cum slut for you! Whatever your phone sex fantasy or fetish, call me today. I love to do teen roleplay phone sex, and any and all fetish scenarios are welcome.

Teen Phone Sex whore Brandy

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Sweet and sexy teen phonesex slut Amelia will do anything for you on your call!

I’ve been fascinated about sex since I started puberty and I still am! I would feed my desire to know more by trying to look up dirty words in the dictionary! It finally had to stop when my parents found out what I was up to because the dictionary would fall wide open on the pages that had words like “vagina”, “penis”,  “sex”, “erection”, etc.! Since then, I’ve found much better descriptors for them… and I use them very well and at perfect times, too! Ah, you should hear me, your little Teen phone sex slut, talk about sex!


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laugh.jpgTonight I had to call my friends laughing so hard I was cyring. I got to talk to lil penis. It had been so much fun looking at laughing at his pictures he was sending me..HAHA.  I have shown them to everyone cus hes unbelievably small…its just um…FUNNY! 

SO if you need a girl to tease,  humiliate, degrade you or laugh at your small little penis, then I am definitely your phone sex girl! I love laughing at you small cocks who think you ACTUALLY have a chance with a girl like me!


My Aim/AOL Name is: ashleycumshard

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I can dress up and be a naughty school girl that needs a spanking from her teacher or daddy. What fantasy do you desire to have be fulfilled tonight?

I’m a princess and love to be spoiled rotten…give me a call to worship my body tonight.

I have more intimate photos I would enjoy sharing with you, just let me know your email address when you call.

There are so many roleplays, fantasies and fetishes I do specialize in, so what you do not see here, feel free to call and ask me. Your wish is my command.

Kisses, Trinity

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Are you looking for a woman that will give a whole new meaning to the words PHONE SEX PLEASURE? Someone that takes the time to make sure you are pleased in every sinlge sexual way possible?

 Anyone can make a man’s cock get hard, but turning on his whole body including his mind and THEN making his cock cum is what eroticism is all about! Close your eyes and feel the sexual explosion I will bring to your body over and over again, leaving you breathless and aching for more is what turns me on!

Mention this blog & get 5 min free with purchess of 15 min or more!


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Lingerie Phone Sex Phonesex calls: 

I have a lingerie fetish, especially for sexy, lacy boy shorts. I love the way they look on my nice round, perky ass, the way my asscheeks stick out of those boy shorts, especially when I bend over in them and you can see the outline of my tight pink pussy.

 Wouldn’t you love to play dress up with me? I’d love to talk to you about my lingerie collection, and maybe even tell you about my favorite bra and panty sets. You can tell me all about your panty phone sex fetish, and you wildest secret fantasies.

Kisses, Autumn

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Do you want to FUCK? Do you want to get down and dirty? Do you want to rip off my clothes and ram your pulsing cock into me?

Do you want me to spit on your cock and make it nice and wet so you can fuck me in my sweet little pussy?

 I want you to fuck the shit out of me!!! I want you to make me scream!

I want you to make me cum so hard that I cant stand it! I’ll turn around so you can hold onto my legs and shove your cock into me harder and harder until you shoot your load all over me!


And if you really wanted to fuck me really good, I would suck your cock until you get hard again and then you could fuck me more and more! I want to be our nasty little fuck slave!


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Tell me all your dreams…

your secret fantasies…

your forbiddin desires…

 Anything goes during our naughty phone session! We can play out any of your fantasies or mine. We can talk about anything SEX or chat about anything thats on your mind.I`m an out of control horny, dirty talking, insatable milf next door with a kinky side who loves to fuck. I love fresh young college boys and seasoned men. Nothing you can say about sex can shock me. I love playing naughty and give you the most mind blowing phone sex experience. From erotic and sensual love making to hot sweaty sex there are no limits on what we can play. I have an exremely high sex drive, always craving a hard cock to fill me up.  Big sensitive boobs, hot sexy ass, wet Milfy pussy and a wild imagination to make our time together as one nasty, kinky, nut busting experience you will never forget.


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  We offer a variety of phone sex mommies, Phone sex grannies, barley legal teens and every thing in between. Phone sex flavors has hundreds of XXX Pictures and personal blogs for you to look at while trying to decide what girl or MILF caters to your particular fantasy or fetish. You can also type  keywords  in the search box to the right under all the girls pictures to find blogs containing your specific need or fetish. If all else fails, call and our dispatcher, she will be more then glad to help you with finding the perfect Taboo Phone sex Girl!

     If you cant find what you are looking for here then you can try one of other Fetish sites. We have over 100 girls, transexuals, couples, grannies, teens, dominatrix’s and more! You can even do 2 girl calls! Call now, what do you have to loose?


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I want to welcome the girls of Mature Phone Sex Hotties to our lovely group of ladies, Were giving you a sneak peek, although the sites not all the way done, our Mature phone sex ladies are available for your phone sex calls!

Cum take a peak!

Give em a call soon!

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Teen Family Fun Phone Sex

I know its really naughty and very taboo but I love “family fun” teen phone sex calls.

I will roleplay with a man about being his young little whore, his daughter or any other underage girl who has his eyes on and that makes his cock rise!

 Sometimes me and my callers pretend like its my first time, and sometimes we pretend that he’s been training me to be a young little cum slut for a while and he wants to play rough.  Maybe it gets me off because its naughty and kinky, but it ALWAYS gets me off anyways!

NINA – Teen phone sex slut

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doletta4I’m a hot black  mommy with a wild sex drive. Sometimes, when I don’t have anyone to play with, I get the urge to rub one off in the middle of the day. I have an assortment of dildos, vibrators, and toys at my disposal in case I’m having a sex emergency. I even carry a vibrator in my car in case I feel the urge to pull off some where and pleasure my hungry black pussy.  

The other day I was at a office meetng and they just hired this fly brother I couldn’t stop staring at.  I was having such filthy thoughts about jumping his bones.  I just couldn’t fight off the urge any longer, so I went to the ladies room and pulled a mini vibrator I keep in my purse for just such occasions. I went in the stall, played with my nipples till my pussy was wet and throbbing, then fucked myself good with my secret vibrator. Want to use my vibrator and your cock on me? Call for Doletta 1-888-221-9006!  

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My dear friends, you must’ve heard that I had my driver license suspended last night. I was falsely accused of drunk driving and just wanted to let you know what exactly happened. Anyway, last night I was at a party and did have a beer or two, but wasn’t even dizzy, let alone drunk. After the party I got into my car and two minutes later noticed flashing lights in my rear view mirror. Shit. I slowed down, pulled over, got my documents ready, and rolled down my window. A cop walks over and says the usual:- Good evening Madam, can I see your license and registration? Have you had anything to drink tonight?
– Evening officer. I was just on my way home from a party and did have two beers, but nothing more than that.
– Hmmmm, two beers? That’s it? You sure you didn’t have a few more drinks? Let me ask you something. Let’s say that you are in an dark street and you see two lights coming towards you. What do you think that is?
– I suppose that would be a car.
– Yes, it is a car, but what kind of car: a Mercedes, an Audi or a Ford?
– No idea, the street is dark. No way I could tell the car make!
– Alright, let me ask you something else. Same street, but this time you see only one light. What would that be?
– I presume a motorcycle.
– Yes, that’s right but what kind of a motorcycle: a Honda, a Kawasaki or a Harley Davidson?
– No idea officer.
– Hmmm, I think you had a bit too much to drink. Can you please step out of the vehicle?
– Sure, but let me ask you one question officer. You’re driving down a dark alley and see a woman wearing a mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and high heels. Who is she?
– She’s obviously a prostitute.
– Yes, she is a whore, but is she your mother, your sister or your daughter?

Needless to say, I was immediately charged with drunk driving and taken downtown for processing. But I wasn’t drunk, I swear.

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Are you looking for a sweet little daddy’s girl who likes adventure and is willing to try new stuff with her phone sex Daddy? Are you after that perfect teenage phone sex girl?

Maybe you wanna teen who you can spank  for being a naughty little cock tease.  Maybe I will get in trouble for showing off my little school girl panties to your boss. Maybe You have just plain had to much of my teasing and deside to teach me a lesson!

If your looking for a young, naughty little  teen phone sex girl for your big man cock. Call me and tell me what gets your cock off for this little girl.

Teen Phonesex with Brandy

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The sweet school girl next door gets locked out of her house on a cold winter day! She looks so HOT in that little skirt but her poor little legs must be freezing.

Won’t you invite her in for a cup of cocoa? *giggles* Is she wearing panties under her skirt? Does she have a boyfriend? I bet she’s the best cock sucker!

AMELIA – Teen Phone Sex Girl

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Do you like a sensuous older woman? If so, you need to call me and tell me about your fantasies and I will tell you what I want to do to you.  My pleasure is to tease and pleasure your mind and body. Let me take you to a realm of your wildest fantasies. Relax and be teased with slow sensual erotic adult fantasies, I am here to fulfill it for you. Lets talk about our private secret fantasies I love Role play, lets play.



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Hi guys, I am one of the original Taboo phone girls and I wanted to thank all the guys that call me faithfully! I have been away for a week on a little vacation but I am back now and ready to take your calls again! I have some stories I would love to tell you that happened to me while I was away.

 Let’s just say I was a very very bad girl! I am a little wore out (well my pussy is) but if you get me really wet, I would love to squirt for you!

So call me and lets have a little fun!


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I see that little cock of yours is hard thinking about a mommy phone sex roleplay. I cought you in my drawer again, dident I.  Do you like to play with Mommy’s panties? You know I will have to punish you, Now come over here to Mommy, why don’t you try on those panties you were just sniffing…. Mommy always wanted a little girl. Let’s have a dress up show… after all I saw you in my slip and pink lipstick the other night, I know you like it!

  • Panty Boy Phone sex with Mommy
  • Dress up Phonesex with Panty boy
  • Mature phone sex Roles

Anarosa – Mommy Phone sex

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Thanks for comming and checking out my blogs!
Do you have a particular fantasy that never fails to make your cock swell and balls ache for more?

Do you need someone to talk to who understands your fantasy/fetish/obsession and are afraid to talk to your “special someone” about it?

You’ve come to the right place! Call me and you can bet that I will make your dreams cum true when it comes to phone sex!

Oral, Anal, Groups, Gangbangs, Incest, Family Fun, K9, Crossdressing, BDSM,Forced Femme, Age Play, Sissy Training, CBT, Role Play, All Fetishes &Fantasies Welcome!

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Two friends:
– Tonight I am going to organize a group sex session in my apartment. Do you want to come?
– Of course! How many people are coming?
– Three, if you bring your girlfriend.


A little boy asked his mother:
– Mummy, why are you white and I am black?
– Don’t even ask me that, when I remember that party…, you are lucky that you don’t bark.

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I’m Valley and I am your hot BBW phone sex slut. LOL, who am I kidding? I am always a bit of a slut not just on my phone sex calls! I love to get nasty with you and just love when you lick my sweet plump pussy. I will wrap my nice thick thighs around your head and pull you in even closer. Squeezing the back of your head as you tongue my slippery slit and nibble on my swollen clit.
Call me now for some hot oral phone sex with your favorite bbw phone sex girl!!
Your plump phone sex slut, Valley

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I’m a very hot and horny mature woman that enjoys younger men both in real life and in mature phone sex fantasies. I truly love to fulfill a young mans curiosity as well as his sexual desire to be with a mature lady who can show him a thing or two about his young raging sexdrive.

 Every young man dreams of being seduced by an older woman, one that can teach him, please him and use him. I think that every mans first sexual experience should be with a kind, loving older woman that truly wants to teach him. Interested in getting to know me?

Well Take A Chance….You Won’t forget it!
No Restrictions and No Taboos – Bring back those Naughty fantasies from your childhood! Hot Mature Phone Sex
Anything Goes!!!

Jackie –

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Me and my hard thick cock are just waiting for your lips to suck, lick, and swallow us. My name is Giana, and I love to turn men like you into cocksucking fags. I love to tease, be pleased, and then bend you over and rip open that tight little asshole of yours with my firm prick. It also satisfies me to crossdress my men, paint their fingernails, and make them wear cute high heel shoes. I am your fantasy girl, with a special surprise under my panties! So for all you pantie lovers and closet faggots, give me a call today! Oral, anal, blowjobs, rimming, and humiliation welcum!

~Giana  888.221.9006

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