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The summer before I came to college, I went on a two- week trip to Mexico. My high school group met up with ones from Indiana and Florida. I was hot for a guy from Indiana named Rick. I’m not sure why, he wasn’t my type at all. He was cute in that Superman/Clark Kent way, and he never said much. Well, the last night of the trip I got drunk at a disco in Puerto Vallarta.

 My friend Nikki, who had a thing for a different guy, was with me and we motivated each other to go try to hook up with them.  I did the sluttiest thing ever and walked up to Rick with my room key and said, “If you come with me now, you’re going to get laid.” He accepted the offer. The minute we got back to the room we started taking our clothes off. I started by sucking him off. He had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, long and fat. I got a little scared. He started to finger me and I was dripping pussy juice all over his hand. I laid down on the bed and spread my legs.

I figured we would just go straight to fucking, but instead he licked me softly and nibbled my clit. I was grabbing handfuls of his hair and groaning. I wanted him to fuck me so bad. He was getting off on it to. I was basically begging for him to give it to me. Finally he stopped eating me and slipped his dick in. I felt something rip but I wasn’t about to stop him. We fucked like animals all over the bed, we did positions I had never done before (hey, I was just out of high school). when it was over we lay there sweating and panting. I realized that huge cock had torn me open and I was starting to get sore. Since it was the last night of the trip, the next morning we said goodbye and went to our separate groups. I had trouble walking for days.

BBW Valley for hot Big gurl phonesex fun!

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 It’s the end of summer.  Where I am I’m catching the last few days of natures heat.  Laying in that warm sun with My body fully oiled up ( I like My skin tanned), I can’t help but get all turned up thinking about My summer flings.  I love cock and new stuff is always fun. 

Thank the Universe that there is always what seems to be an endless number of available men. What do they say – so many men…so little time.  Well, I’ll be back here next summer.  Now it’s time to return to My home and enjoy the boys there. 

Why don’t you cummm visit Me ? 

 Your Fantasy Queen Louise


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Hi Guys,

I am a beautiful horny housewife that LOVES to act out taboo fantasies.  One of my favorite phonesex roleplays is to act out is a Naughty married neighbor seducing her next door neighbor or husbands boss, or being seduced by him.  Since I am a married in real life I know all the right buttons to push to make our kinky fantasy seem completely realistic for both of us.

  We can design our fantasy any way you like.  Do you want it to be the very first time that you got to fuck a married woman? Would you like me to force herself on you, or do you want to force yourself on me and turn her into your moaning whore? I can be a Sub, domme or a desperate horny housewife who will do anything at all to get her hands (and mouth) on your throbbing cock. Cum fill  me with your cum!

Lets Play soon, Delta


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Big Tittie Phone Sex with Autumn

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SLutty Asian Phone Sex Photos 

Got a pedo/incest fantasy?

 I’ve been told I have a very young voice, and I also look a lot younger than I am. I use that to my advantage, especially with horny older men who like younger girls on their pedo phonesex calls.

 I love to play Daddy’s girl or the naughty neighbor next door who seduces you after school. With my cute young body and tight little ass, and of course, that smooth pink pussy, who could resist?

XOXOX Trinity


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 Hey Baby… where are you ?  I’m missing you.

You know how much I love to work your body.

I’m soooo good at it too.

You’re throbbing balls and cock are just waiting for stress relief.

Cummm to Me Baby…I’m waiting for you.  

Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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Hola a todos Mis Papis Chulos – Hace mucho que te e escribido.  Siento Mi panuchita pulsando pensando en ti.  Tu tienes lo que Me interese.  Me gusta tu verga sea grande o pequeno.  Me gusta jugar mucho.  Trame tus fantasias y vamos a jugar.

 Te espero Papi – No me haces esperar mucho.  Empieso sentirme necia.  Estoy mojadita y lista parati. 

 Llama Me Papi.

MILF Charlene


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Cum and Get This Pussy

Hey Baby !
I was just laying here playing with my juicy black pussy for you baby.  I would love to feel you fingering this red hot pussy.  Afterwards I wanna suck your dick real good.  I can just taste you now, all juicy and wet. If you love Ebony phonesex then I am your dream cum tru!

Umm, cum here baby, feed that hard cock to me and fuck me real good.  I just love the way you handle that nigga pussy baby. I wat you to fuck me long and hard, all nite.

So hurry now, and call me…My Juicy Pussy Awaits You !

Doletta -Mature Ebony Phone Sex
Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Phone Sex Playtime with Amelia

Hi there Guys !
I’m Amelia and I just love playtime with a hot guy like you.  I am still young and
learning new things everyday.  I am a good lil sub, and am sure you could teach
me how to be an even better little sub for you, Sir.  I love to serve and know how
to give an awesome blow job as it pleases you, Sir.

Call your avorite teen sub, today !  I’m waiting to serve you, Sir.

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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hot mature phonesexMonika – Seductress Phonesex

Always remember that your I like all types of kink and naughty calls, but my biggest pleasure comes from taking your respocibilities away, allowing you to feel a total loss of control, in a completely discreet, sensual and safe environment.

I will break the boundries of shame and embarassment and break down your facade so that you may feel the pleasures of a stinging paddle, thick straps, hard dildos, and humiliating servitude, erotic bondage and sensual domination.

Do NOT be tricked into a false sence of security though…Your Temptress Monika can be a total bitch as well as a titillating seductress.

Total Surrender is what I demand…
Total satisfaction is what I deliver…
Call me now..

Monika <-Click to view my Profile
taboo.monika is where you can IM me on yahoo

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 I love engaging in a seductive and sensual conversation. Hearing your deep, warm, sexy voice moves My body. I can feel as My face gets flush and My pulse quickens.  I’m so sensitive to those changes in your voice and speech as you get deeper and deeper into our conversation.  And we will go deeper and deeper. 

 Give Me your mind and imagination for a while today and let’s relieve some of that stress.  I’m sure we can go places you only go in your fantasies. You know I enjoy it.

 GILF Jackie


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Don’t waste a moment sitting there wandering what it is like, pick up the phone for hot shemale phonesex with me! I have no limitations and I love talking about all my nasty sexual experiences and transformation.

Cum share your secrets with me! I’ll order you to unzip your pants & show me your cock  and then, I’ll pull up my dress & show you my fully erect boy-toy…You’ll be shocked 2 see that I have such an impressive-sized dick – Straight boys like you always are! I’ll force you down & put you on your hands & knees. Is it your first time? Don’t worry. I’ll start off slow cus the sky is the limit…. whatever you desire!

Call me & Cum for me!

Shemale Bianca

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Do you remember your hot grandma, the one who always smelled good and dressed so sexy? She looked younger than your mother, had a better body, and turned heads everywhere she went. You loved staying the night at her house cuz you’d get to see her in the slinky revealing nightgown she’d wear to bed. After she’d tuck you in, you’d stay awake for hours fantasizing about licking her pussy, sucking her big soft perfect breasts. You’d stroke your little cock, making yourself cum over and over, hoping she’d walk in and catch you. Is this your ultimate GILF Fantasy? I love training naughty little boys and do all kinds of ageplay roleplays. From milf to gilf, horny auntie phonesex, golden showers, accomplice phone sex, and so much more! Call now for a hot phone session with a filthy cougar!


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Have you ever had a fantasy so wild you were afraid to share it with anyone? Cum talk to the girls of  “Taboo Phone Girls” and they will create a fantasy so real you won’t believe your ears!

From young and sweet to wild and nasty to older and sexy, we have a beautiful group of ladies just waiting to play with you!

Hot Teen Phone Fuck, Kitten

And just because they are beautiful, doesn’t mean they don’t get down and dirty! They love talking about naughty things that some women won’t talk about or don’t have experience in.
Cum give us a try! You won’t be sorry!

Oral, Anal, Groups, Gangbangs, Incest, Family Fun, K9, Crossdressing, BDSM,Forced Femme, Age Play, Sissy Training, CBT, Role Play, All Fetishes &Fantasies Welcome!

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phone sex princess jenni

I am the Sexy, Blonde, Gorgeous, Long-legged, nasty princess you’ve only dreamed about! You so know it’s true, so stop everything and come with me on a Magical phonesex Ride!
Don’t let the pure and innocent look fool you! I’m no angel and I am damn sure not a Virgin! I love my reputation “The Extreme Phonesex Slut!”

Come join me and we’ll explore all your deepest, darkest, most vile, nasty and forbidden desires! I am a NO TABOO Princess Slut… There is nothing you and I can’t share – I’ll even share all my dirty little secrets with you, you Horny Cock-slingin’ man! Come find out why I am so desperate for cock!

Princess Jenni


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From Caller Mark in NY State writes to owner to post:

(Hi Lexi, I wanted to let you know I have been haivng such a wonderful time with scarlet over the past month, and could you put this email in your blogs…she is truley amazing! Thanks, Mark…)

To Potential Callers:

This lady is a delight to all of your senses. She knows just how to relax you and make you feel totally at ease. Her sexy voice on phonesex calls  is amazing~ it sent shockwaves straight to my cock and I’ve never been the same since.
She hasn’t turned down any of my requests ( even some of the ” taboo” ones like incest, k9, rape, watersports, gangbangs, BDSM… ) and she loves it when I tell her what toy I want her to use on herself while we are playing. She really gets into the roleplay~ I’ve heard her change voices and even accents to create a realistic fantasy for me. But don’t take my advice … find out for yourself!! But be warned…. this slut is addicting!!

She once told me, that her only turn off is a closed mind. Having said that, feel free to be as kinky, sexy, wild as you want with her. Phone sex is supposed to be a mutual exchange between two or more people. The more honest you are with what you want, the more satisfying the orgasm!


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A fucking hot MILF is what you need. One that can’t keep her mouth off cock no matter the size. Well guys ….that’s not me. I am the one you call when your little cock gets hard and I get a good laugh.

I am sure if you want that little thing licked on Danielle the fucking coed whore would love to. But, I think she has standards too, I believe she has a 6in minimum.


For all those guys with a big cock for this hot MILF give me a call! Black cock is the best and the biggest. I am ready for all my holes to be filled, so the more the merrier.


Blow Job’s * MILF Phone sex * Black Cock * Big Tits

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Do you have any sissy boy, cock-sucking stories to confess on our phone-sex call?

Are you packing nothing in the meat department?
I love to laugh at your birth defect and remind you of what a tiny clit loser you are. I even get my friends in on the fun! Emailing them your pathetic pics and having a laugh-fest at your expense.

Get ready to confess your sexual inadequacies to me!
Now Let’s Have Some FUN!

Kisssss Ashley

You can Hit me up on Yahoo IM to set up a call!

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I know what you want me, I am your mature phone sex mommy!!!

You want to make my pussy drip all over your face & down into your mouth. Ummm, It’s ok though because I want to swallow your big cock until it drips in the back of my throat. I want to drive you crazy, so just let me! I have a hot little pussy that wants to ride that fat cock. I want you to force all your cum in me…my mouth, my pussy, my ass, anywhere you can think of.

Baby,  please don’t waiste your cum. Give it to me. Fuck me until I can’t FUCK anymore. Let us do it in anyway possible. I want to have it all, but I really want to give you all of my pussy. I love phonesex because there is no limits. I don’t like rules and regulations that other phonesex companies have- thats why i am here…so when it comes to fucking you through this phone, anything goes…

Mature Beth

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The first time I fucked a black man he stretched my tight barely legal teenage pussy to it’s limits. At first I thought I was gonna pass out when I saw that monstrous black snake cumming towards my snatch! But he knew it was my first time fucking a black cock so he gently eased his enormous head into my twat, then ran it up and down between my lips until my pussy creamed. He stretched me open with his fingers and then jammed his cock inside. OMG I screamed so loud, but after a while I couldn’t get enough of that sweet chocolate fucking my pussy raw! What can I say, I’m now officially addicted to black dicks! Wanna hear more of my interracial stories? Call me tonight for some extreme ageplay, interracial phonesex, pedophile fantasies, golden showers, or creampie phonesex!


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How often can you say you’ve been humiliated by a barely legal bratty teenage princess? I know you’re the kind of sick pedo pervert who has a fetish for underage girls; those flawlessly smooth bodies, soft bare silken pussies, and puffy little round nipples; just how hard does that image make your cock? You know you want to pop that cherry, rub your hands all over her tiny body, and fill her tight pink cunt up with a hot creamy load of your cum *winks*. I’m willing to be your accomplice to eXXXtreme underage roleplays. Call me today for a filthy phonesex session!


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Suck my dick! Give me the best blowjob of my life & you’ll win over my sexy shemale body. My gorgeous tits were made for titty fucking & sucking, my huge round ass for drilling your tongue inside as deep as it will go. Before the night’s over, I’ll have you turned into my personal submissive sissy faggot! You know you’ve been craving a girl like me all your life, you just never had the balls to admit it! Let’s fulfill your naughty fetishes and kinky desires on a no taboo phonesex session with a shemale goddess! Call me tonight for some scat play & anal fun!


888.221.9006Click to view full size image

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asian phnesex with Yoshie

Call me, your favorite phonesex “Asian Wake up” first thing when waking up – I want to be there for you first thing in the morning to help with that morning wood!

 Or you can call me if you can’t fall asleep! Poor baby, I will end up giving you sweet, nasty dreams that only a hot asian phone sex voice can give you!

Only $2.00 per min – 10 min minimum.
If you have more time to spend with me, then why not get a $10 savings for a 30 minute call? Pay $50! Wow that is $10 off to really get you groaning, moaning and squirting your cum all over your legs, groin, chest and shoulders!
Mmmmm, HARD-COCKED, YOUNG STUD, call me!

30 Minutes for Only $50 (CHeap Asian Phonesex calls!)

Asian Phonesex with Yoshie

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You know you would love it.

Infact, you know you need to – it’s gorgeous isn’t it.

You would love a golden shower from this stunning body.

Scat play would throw you over the moon – now wouldn’t it ?

You can feel your cock sliding up deep inside and if you’re real nice…

I just might let you slide up inside My tight, sweet asshole.

Can you take it Baby ?  Cummm on Baby … Kiss My Ass to enter.

Fetish phonesex can be very naughty, messy and extremly HOT!

Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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teen phone sex with pedo play

Hi there Guys !
I’m Amelia, a good lil phonesex  submissive.  I’m sure you could teach me how to be an even better little sub for you, Sir.  I love to serve and know how to take orders/directions and give an awesome blow job as it pleases you, Sir.

You can tie me up and do insertions on me, make me take your golden and brown showers Sir, and I will obey you.  I love to wear the spiked doggie collar and chain Sir, so if you want to leash me and make me crawl on the floor wherever we go,
I am at your service, Sir.

So Master, I am Ready to Serve You, as you wish !
I look forward to our phone sex sub chat, soon.

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Phone Sex with Hot Teen Tiffany

 Hey !
I’m Tiffany, and I am as promiscuous as it gets, dude. I have always loved hard cocks in my mouth and being tittie fucked, waslike second nature to me.  I had to have a good sexual experience daily, as I was growing up.

I know that it is often said that us teens should wait til we are alittle older, to really experience the joys of sex and all that it is supposed to offer.  I say screw that, I have
pretty much always known what I wanted, and damn sure knows what feels good and when I want more of something…and I can surely tell you that I am in great need of more and more sex, DAILY !

I guess it all started out with the hot family fun I had as a kid, (more about that later).  I like to have fun, period. Daddy used to play with me from early on.  I loved the funtimes we still have together.

Maybe you could come and have some fun hot times with me too.  I love to be fondled too,  and take sexy nude and or racey pixs outdoors, as you can see…

Cum & Play with Tiffany

 Is your cock ready for this hot body?  Call me and let’s have some fun tonite !  Don’t forget to bring me all of your wildest thoughts, too.

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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Cum and Fuck Me, Hard !

Hi !
I wanna tell you about a hot time I had with Daddy and Me,
last weekend.  I was home watching TV and playing my video
games, when Daddy came home from work early.  He was real
happy to see me and told me he had a BIG SURPRISE for me
if I could first follow his orders.

First, he wanted me to see the first surprise he had for me.
It was an awesome short cheerleader outfit.  It was pink and
white, and looked and felt really great when I put it on.  Oh
Daddy, I said, it is so cute !  Glad you like it Daddy said.

Daddy then ordered me to come and sit on his lap, after I took
off his shoes for him.  As I sat on Daddy’s lap, I noticed how big
and hard his cock was.  Oh WOW, Daddy…did I make your cock
get that big ?  “Why Yes, ‘lil Nina, you sure did.

Oh how excited I was, when Daddy told me to suck his cock off
right there on the couch.  I got on my knees and began sucking
that big fat cock Daddy had for me.  Daddy just loves to push my
head down on his cock and make me gag on it.

After he got hard as a rock, he wanted to have a lil anal play.  He
told me the BIG SURPRISE was going to be a new sex position for
us called, 69.  After he told me what it was and how to do it, I was
so glad we did.   Daddy licked me really well, and it became a huge
rush for him as I sucked his cock really hard and long.

Daddy did more than just that, we had some hot anal play too !
Then Daddy fucked me real hard in my bum hole.  I really loved
that, “BIG SURPRISE,” Daddy gave me…You’re next, so call me
now and let’s have some hot phone sex and anal play, baby.


Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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mature mommy phonesex


I’m a very hot and horny Older woman that enjoys younger men both in real life
and in phone sex fantasy! My name is Anarosa but most boys call me “Mommy Ana“. I truly love to fulfill a young mans curiosity as well as his sexual desires. Every young man
dreams of being seduced by an older woman, one that can teach him, please him
and use him. I think that every mans first sexual experience should be with a
kind, loving older woman that truly wants to teach him the art of pleasure, one
that will show him how a woman needs to be treated and also knows how to teach
his mind
as well as his lovely cock. I know just how to punish my boys when
they’ve been bad or how to reward them when they’ve been good.

Call Me Now….So We Can ROLE PLAY as Well as Explore your deep dark hidden
desires for an “Older” woman! Call Me- I will call back from the Privacy of My Bedroom One-On-One Unrestricted, No Limits, No Taboos Nothing is too KINKY for Me!!!


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All of your dirty little secrets are safe with me. I have some surprises in store for you.  I know what a man really wants in the bedroom. A soft supple body, firm bouncy tits, and when the light go off and my panties disappear the real secret desires unfold. I have a rock hard, cum squirting, ass fucking cock! I just love the dirty little kinky TS phonesex roleplays where you don’t know my naughty little secret untill your cock is throbbing and you have lost all desire to stop. Reach up that skirt and grab my cock. You made it hard now you have to please it. I will keep your secret as long as you please me. Open wide I just may feed you a full load of the sweetest candy you have ever tasted. I also Lve first time shemale phonesex callers!

Shemale Bianca – Hot Shemale Phonesex
Yahoo Name: ShemaleBianca4u

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Golden Showers Phone Sex, with Leslie

Hello there, I’m Leslie ~

I hope you are the type to explore new things and enjoy a good kinky sex
act every chance you get like me, lol.  I guess what I’m saying is…I love
hot kinky sex and big hard cocks, but I also love a man who can get into
hot golden showers with me.  I love to straddle you and play with your
cock before I let loose.

Umm, as I straddle you and stroke your cock baby, I want you to finger
my tight pussy real good before I ride your face and cum allover you
with my beautiful golden showers.  I want you to lick every drop of
my sweet essences and tell me how much more you wanna receive
from me, for next time.

After that, I want you to fuck me real good doggie-style and let me
feel those big balls bouncing off my tight dancer’s ass, baby.  Oh, I
just love the way you ride me.  I’m horny mostly all the time, so
whenever you are ready to do it again, I will be right here waiting
for you baby !

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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