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Feel like feeling me up, Daddy? I wanna be your sweet & sour daddy’s girl. I will lick your cock up and down like a lollipop, suck your balls, and finger my sweet barely legal pussy for you. I love playing dress-up too! I can dress for you in something sleek and sexy like stockings & a teddy, or even just a cute little white tank-top and a pair of my plain pink briefs. I’m the submissive little whore for you and I will do anything to satisfy all your desires & be your good little girl. From ageplay & daddy daughter roleplays, to cheerleader phonesex & family fun, call me today for some hot, no taboos phonesex!


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The black thigh high stockings I have on in this seXXXy picture make a perfect gag for that sissy mouth of yours. They’d also look perfect tied around your wrists & ankles. Hell, if you’re really one of those sissyboy faggot losers then perhaps I’ll just make you wear some as well! Have you ever been bound & dominated by a barely legal teenage slut before? I know it drives some men wild to have a bratty little girl like me make them do naughty things like eat a hot dirty pussy, suck a sweaty asshole, & get down on all fours and bark like a dog. If you’re looking for a BDSM teenager, humiliation phonesex, feminization, or just some nasty naughty kink, then give me a call!


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Stop right here & stop kidding yourself: You’re not looking at my nasty pictures out of curiosity or disgust, but out of the need to feel my shemale cock stuffed inside of your mouth & rammed into your tight, virgin ass. I know the type of man you are; you’re the type that sneaks out of your good wife’s bed late at night and goes to an adult bookstore to secretly swallow loads of cum from girls like me. You may be able to lie to your family & possibly yourself, but your lies & secret life of fetishes stops right here. Open that mouth wide, faggot lover, and spread those glorious ass cheeks open so I can make a runny, creamy mess out of mancunt with my stiff prick. I’m going to fulfill that nasty homosexual fantasy of yours and turn you into my personal sissyboy! Call me wearing panties, with a dildo, lube, & an open mind and asshole! I do shemale goddess phonesex, sodomy, panty lovers, forced bi, and ass worship phonsex!



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It’s been so long since I’ve had a good hard spanking. I love it when a sexy older man will just take my barely legal teenage ass over his knee and belt me till my sweet ass turns bright pink! I also like having my tight pussy spanked when I’m a bad girl! I can be the naughty girl next door or the spoiled, bratty cocktease that flaunts her big tits in your face at school. Call me today for a no taboos roleplay! I’m into daddy daughter, spanking fetishes, ageplay phoneseex, and just about everything else!


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Sthenolagnia (Female Muscle Growth)


Sthenolagnia is a fetish characterizing those who derive sexual arousal from muscularity, or demonstrations of strength.  This fetish occurs in both men and women, but its primary focus is on muscular women. 


Sthenolagnia, and its subset of Female Muscle Growth (FMG) is a fetish that involves muscular growth of a woman. Most Female muscle growth fetishists are very attracted to female body building. FMG fetishists often have fantasies that go beyond the admiration of women with muscles. They are often very aroused by images or video depicting women who’s muscles grow at unnatural rates. Many fantasies include the concept of a woman’s muscles growing in size with her level of arousal.

Representative Porn:

Much of the erotica associated with this fetish involve manipulated images, video, and animated gifs depicting the woman’s muscles growing or expanding.  The most common body part erotisized with this fetish is the bicep. The following excerpt is taken from an article where a FMG enthusiast describes his fantasy.

I’ve had the same combo fetish since I was at least 5, before I could even recognize it as something sexual at any rate. That alone has to be abnormal . . . but at anyway, I can’t orgasm unless I’m at the very least picturing in my mind a woman with extremely huge breasts AND extremely huge muscles that actually swell and grow with sexual excitement.  Part of the thrill seems to be in these “parts” (particularly the breasts, pectoral muscles and biceps) growing and bulging to utterly insane sizes sometimes in the range of buildings, continents, or even planets depending on how far I let myself go.

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Kitten's Funtime Anal Party !

Hi Guys :

I just love a good anal fucking.  I want you to come to me with
your big hard shaft, and ram my tight ass real good.  I also love
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Umm, I can’t wait to feel you deep inside me, so cum on…
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Hot teen phone sex fuck, Kitten

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Wouldn’t you love to go running through the streets stark naked ? 
Allowing anyone who wants to touch your body do just that ?
Speaking of the height of hedonism.
Are you hedonistic ? 
How hedonistic are you ?
Cum tell Me all about it.

Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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Fetishistic Infantilism is characterized by the desire to be treated as an infant or toddler.  Roughly 1/3 of those with infantilism fetishes also have fetishes involving Diapers.  Adults who engage in infantilistic play are often known as “Adult Babies”.


Neither Infantilism fetishes, nor diaper fetishes includes a sexual preference for children, and are not related to pedophilia.  There is no single archetype for infantilism, but as with most other fetishes, it exists in a range.  Many infantile fetishists describe the attraction being about relief from responsibility, control, or guilt.  If they have a willing partner, infantile fetishists may partake in mother/baby  father/baby roleplay.  Most “Adult Babies” choose not to engage in sex while in the baby role, because it isn’t considered baby like.  In contrast, those with infantile diaper fetishes often engage in sexual activity while wearing a diaper.

Representative Porn:

With an estimated 100,000 diaper fetishists worldwide,  there are thousands of websites and forums catering to Adult Babies and Infantile Fetishists! This being an Adult Baby friendly Site!

If you need help finding a Mommy or Sitter for your Adult Baby – call Me,  Lexi (I am the owner) or one of our other Dispatchers at our toll free Number!

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Taboo Phone Sex girl LEONA, A Hot bitch with a even hotter seductive russian accent sure to put you under a spell!

Leona is Full od suprises and has no limits, From Accomplice to  K9 Leona is your all around Phone sex girl who begs to please you. She can be both Submissive and Dominate on her calls and loves to switch it up on her calls.

Give Leona a try, this week if you vote AND mention this Blog you will recieve 5 free minutes with your paid call (15 min or more). This Russian cutie will make you cum over and over!

  • Accent – Russian
  • Favorite Toys – Loves anything in her mouth!
  • Favorites Roleplays – Accomplice, K9, Rape, strap on and BDSM
  • Favorite Calls – Someone who will concider her need to cum
  • Favorite color – Pink
  • Favorite food – Cherry Pie

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I get very aroused when you open your mind with me, telling me what you would like to explore. Talking about very taboo subjects makes my panties extremely wet.

I especially enjoy it when we cum together! Nothing is off limits to me and the nastier the better! I can make your phone sex experience as close to being real as you want.

Domination or submission and everything else in between. The choice is yours.

Ashley –  AIM – Ashleycumshard – Hit me up!

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C’mon, admit it. Whether you like it or not, every single person on Earth has a sexual fetish of their own. Some get their rocks off by spanking during sex. Others are aroused by bondage of some kind. I, for one, am an omolagniac. But before you think I’m some kind of sick pervert (um okay maybe i AM), omolagnia is basically getting turned on by nudity. And who isn’t turned on by people getting nekked? D-uh!

To turn a certain segment of the world’s population on, however, takes much more than showing them a naked human body. While some of the sexual fetishes that exist today are nothing more than just unconventional but harmless sexual practices, there are many that border on the sick, and some are just plain sickening. As far as I’m concerned, these are 10 of the most bizarre sexual fetishes on Earth:

1. Transformation fetish

Strictly speaking, people who have this fetish are sexually aroused by depictions of transformations, usually of people into other beings or objects. I guess that makes Jayna of The Wonder Twins the Jenna Jameson of transformation fetishists.

2. Amputee fetish

I personally have nothing against people who unfortunately lost their limbs for whatever reason, but when a person makes amputees his or her specific object for sexual gratification, it’s just plain bizarre.

3. Hierophilia

People who have this fetish get off on religious or sacred objects. Also known as theophilia. Expect “The Exorcist” to be in the DVD collection of these sacrilegious perverts.

Now here come the really icky ones:

4. Emetophilia

Vomit makes us vomit, right? Well, not people who practice emetophilia. The act of throwing up, especially on a sexual partner, is the biggest of turn-ons for emetophiles. Also called a Roman shower, after the induced vomiting that was supposed to be a staple of those debauched Roman feasts. Again, “The Exorcist” is probably right on top of their must-have DVDs list.

5. Eproctophilia

As far as eproctophiles are concerned, Mel Brooks’ “Blazing Saddles” is their porn. That’s right. These people probably jack off to that infamous and lengthy cowboy farting scene. And since farting gets them horny, cabbage and beans are most certainly a staple on their daily menu.

6. Urophilia

Urophilia fetishists love to pee in public, pee on somebody, or get peed on. Also known as “watersports” and “golden showers”. Now we know what the medical term is for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ray J.

7. Klismaphilia

Normally, people avoid enemas like the plague. Not for those who practice klismaphilia, a fancy word for those who enjoy getting and administering enemas. Yucky stuff, I know, but look on the bright side: These people have got to have the cleanest anuses in the world.

8. Necrophilia

The sexual attraction to corpses. These sickos just don’t see dead people. They screw them.

9. Coprophilia

This one’s better known as scat. Not the rapid-fire singing style, but the act of, well, deriving sexual gratification from feces. Tell these people to “eat shit” and they will. Barf.

10. Anthropophagolagnia

Rape is a person’s worst nightmare, but falling victim to a sick bastard who enjoys anthropophagolagnia is a fate worse than rape, or even death, for that matter. You see, those who practice anthropophagolagnia rape their victims, then eat them. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is basically the poster boy for these twisted fucks.

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Do you fantasize about wanting to try it, lick me, taste my cock as it grows in your mouth. What it would be like to be with a beautiful chick with a dick. We all have a natural curiosity about what it’s like to be with the same sex. Imagine being with someone who is beautiful, has great tits, a hard cock and a firm round ass! No one will ever know ~ We’ll keep it our little secret.

We can talk about anything you like and role play any situation you ever imagined. If you don’t have anything special in mind, then leave it to me. I have a very very wild and dirty imagination and will take you places you have never been before!
Your experience will be unforgetable and I’m sure you’ll be calling back for more

TS Bianca
Yahoo: shemalebianca4u

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Lesbian Prison Guard Sex Rape Fantasy

Over the summer I got myself into a bit of trouble while hanging out and drinking with some friends, and ended up spending the weekend in jail. I could say it was horrible, but there was one thing that happened that made it somewhat worthwhile. When I got to the jail the female prison guard on duty ordered me to undress. I could see her watching me intently as I slid out of my jeans and tshirt. As I was standing there in my bra and panties, she walked over to me and reached around to unsnap my bra. “Let’s get a better look at those tits.” She started fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples as I stood there frozen. Her hands moved down to my bikini panties, then she grabbed my hips and spun me around to face a table that was right behind me.

“Bend over!”, she snapped and pushed my head down on the table. I could feel her pulling my panties down to my knees and spreading my ass cheeks open. I heard the snap of her latex gloves as she proceeded to tell me she was going to give me an “inspection”. I was so scared when I saw her pull out a bottle of lube placing it on her gloved fingers. She pulled my ass cheeks open, and made me spread my legs as she slid a finger in my ass and then another in my pussy. I gasped as she began finger fucking my ass and pussy, fast and hard. I could feel myself getting aroused and wet.

I’d love to tell you the rest of the story, so make sure you give me a call!


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I am your no limits total taboo MILF who loves a variety of things when it comes it comes to sex, such as:

Sissies/Domination/Humiliation/Strap on Play/ABDL/Gangbangs/Anal Sex/Oral Sex/Bukake/Threesomes & So much more.

So why don’t you pick up that phone and dial in to the hottest MILF on the net?

Ask the Dispatcher to speak with Ellen and don’t forget about our Halloween Special which is 30 mins for $49.75!

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My Teacher Caught Me Masturbating!

I was by myself after classes, and wasn’t ready to go home yet, so I asked my History teacher if I could use his classroom to do some homework and study for a test. He told me it was okay and then left because he said he had some paperwork to do and closed the door behind him. I was left all alone in the classroom. While I was sitting there I started to feel a little horny, and a little daring, so I thought why not and slid my hand into my panties and started playing with my pussy at the desk. I was wearing a skirt that day so I just hiked my skirt up and spread my legs. I was so engrossed in fingering myself that I didn’t hear my teacher come back in the room until the door slammed and my eyes flew open to find him standing in front of me. I must have turned about 5 shades of red I was so embarrassed, I started to apologize and pull my skirt back down, when he stopped me and told me to go over to his desk. I walked over there and he instructed me to pull my skirt back up and sit on the desk. He spread my legs open, pulling my panties to the side and started licking my already wet slit, spreading my pussy lips open and licking and sucking on my clit. I could feel myself on the verge of cumming and I grabbed the back of his head and bit down on my lower lip to keep from screaming as I came hard all over his tongue. Needless to say, I got an A in my History class that year!


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Babies love to lick and suck and I have just the spot.
Once I put a fresh, clean diaper on you, you’ll feel more yourself.
Mommy’s got so many spots to lick and suck.
I know you love to suck on My fingerand My nipples.
Now we’re going to kick it up a notch.
Are you ready Baby ? 

GILF Jackie

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Hola Papi – My name is Veronica.  That rolls of your tongue – doesn’t it ?  That’s not the only
thing that will roll off your tongue.  I love being pura mujer (all woman)  Ok…don’t be that
way.  I will make you feel soooo manly, you’ll forget My little added accommodation.  Seriously,
there has NEVER been a man I couldn’t satisfy.  You will totally enjoy every minute.
Cummm talk to Me Papi.

Your TS Veronica

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I’m that hot teen friend of your young daughters, you know, the one you have always had your eye on since I first started comming over a few years ago. Well guess what, I just turned 18 and I’ve always wanted you to fuck my tight little pink pussy!

I bet you didn’t know that when I spend the night I lay awake fingering myself, imagining it’s your big cocked stuffed in my moist little hole. There is a reason I’m always wearing those short little skirts with no panties, I WANT you to get a peek at my pretty little kitty. I can’t help but imagine you bending me over while I’m wearinf that little skirt, fucking me hard from behind…mmm I better stop hehe I’m making myself so wet …or better yet why don’t you just call me and we can take it from here…

Ageplay Nina

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See anything you like ? 
Now I know your subconscious mind goes so many places. 
You’re often at a loss to find anyone to share those thoughts with. 
Well, Honey that’s what I’m here for.
You couldn’t shock or surprise Me.
Don’t be embarrassed or shy, I’m here for you.
Cummm share a live conversation with Me.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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Hola…Como va tu fin de semana ?  I love the weekend don’t you ?  Except for those whose wives are home on the weekend.  I mean, she’s no fun and doesn’t let you have fun.  Booooo ! Si estas solo vamos a jugar.  If you’re alone, let’s play.  What’s your fantasy Papi ?  I have a fine, supple body and I want to feel your strong male body next to Me.  Cummm to Me Papi…let Me give you some well earned satisfaction.

MILF Charlene

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ashley002.JPGI am a Beautiful Princess who will put your stupid loser little dick ass in place. I already know I’m hot but I love for you to keep telling me over & over.

Pay me to tell me how you could never get that lame cock anywhere near my precious pussy, you loser.

Financial Domination Phone Sex is the best way to keep you under my spell, cus you know you could never actually have me!


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This nasty guy liked spying on the girls in the ladies toilets at different nightclubs. And he always got a pleasure spying for them and jerking off. But one time he was caught during that process. Undoubtedly, he was punished by all the girls in the ladies toilet.

They stripped him naked making him feel humiliated and the tortures began. He got his ass spanked and dildo fucked and then he was ordered to masturbate straight before the clothed females eyes. He will never forget that cruel cfnm humiliation lesson!

Need Humiliation and tourture Phonesex? A little CFNM?

Call Lexi 😉

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I never thought I would be doing something like this. I’ve always been a very sexual person with a healthy sex life. Lately, I’ve been needing more. A few years ago, a friend of mine mentioned that her husband had been calling phone sex girls and she wasn’t very happy about it. Ever since then, I’ve been imagining what it would be like to get off with men over the phone. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head so I decided to just go ahead and do it.

I’ve been divorced for about 5 years now. At first if was strange being on my own again but now I know I wouldn’t want it any other way. Now that I have been enjoying my sexual freedom, I don’t know how I managed to be with only one man all that time. I’m definitely at my sexual peak right now. I find myself craving intimate contact with men. I can’t seem to get enough.


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(semen swapping; Cum swapping)

Snowballing or semen swapping is a human sexual practice in which one partner takes into their mouth the semen of another person, and then ‘swaps’ it to the mouth of another through kissing.

In a heterosexual context, snowballing is when a man receives his own semen from the mouth of his female partner, into which he has ejaculated. This may appeal to a male who wishes to adopt a passive or submissive role (which conventional fellatio does not entail). Some men may do this as a gesture of tenderness and communication after having played the dominant role in power exchange play.

In the more common homosexual context, a man or men may share the taste of one man’s semen by kissing or spitting the semen before swallowing.

Snowballing is often featured in pornography, sometimes as part of a practice called bukkake. Here, men generally adopt the dominant role, and semen is passed between women’s mouths. Instead of spitting the semen, a much more common practice is that one woman opens her mouth and lets the semen flow very slowly or trickle into the other woman’s mouth; this process is slower and so it takes more time on video. Also, a clear distance is kept between mouths in order to better see the actual fluid that is swapped. In some cases the semen will then be swallowed by one or both people.

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Add a little bit of erotic pleasure to your day with this mature phone sex STUNNER . I will have you doing things you never thought a phone sex girl could ever possibly have you doing!

This phone sex call will be an electrifying timeboth of us . You live to please me, to love me, to cum with me.

Men love my mischievous smile, but mostly my addiction for cock. It gets me extremely excited to wrap my lips and suck on a nice hard stick. I love to slide it down my throat and gag as my pussy becomes excited. I am no church girl like I may appear, but the back door slut you always wanted.

My Kinky Sex Addictions:

Dildo Play ~ Strap On ~ Masturbating my Pussy ~Sucking the Cock
Rimming Your Ass ~Toe Sucking ~Ass Smothering


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I am here to use and abuse you! Call me for a real Mind Fuck that will have you begging me to allow you to worship me. I love little panty boys, sissy’s and humiliation…I laugh at your tiny little cock as i lube up my nice BIG black strap on!

You must always remember that I am the one in Charge and your body, mind and soul belongs to me! I may want you to get down on your knees and service me…or I may demand you dress up for me in an outfit of my choice. Whatever my wishes are, you will obey.

*      Humiliation
*      Worship
*      Strap On Play
*      Dommination ~ Soft & Hard
*      Sissification
*      Feminization
*      Spanking
*      Bondage ….. These are just a few!

Adriana –

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I’m a hot & horny tranny party girl. I love to dance & party at clubs, raves, or wherever I can find HOT guys to play with! You would never suspect I am a transexual until…

I’m Of course, by this time I have you so Hot and Horny that you will not be able to resist sliding it into your mouth and sucking it! You find me so irresistibly sexy that you will do anything I ask ~ maybe like letting me fuck your ass for the first time! Once you have had me inside of you, you will be begging me for more, as I blow my cum all over your face!

Call Me Baby!
TS Bianca
Yahoo: shemalebianca4u

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Do you like little slutty half breed sluts?

If you do, I am here and waiting for you! I’m that sweet, slutty half ebony hottie that teases and pleases you. I have this dream I love to talk about on my phone sex calls,  lets just say My mom is your house maid and she has done something very bad… we will loose our place to stay if you fire her, so maybe we can come to another arrangement…make me your lil half breed nigga slave!

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As we begin our chat, you share with Me that you have seen My pictures.
With that in mind I envision that you have reached down and touched yourself.
You feel a stirring in your genitals and you think of how I would touch you.
Your hands become mine and once you have dialed Me and we begin our conversation –
you know I know just how you need to be touched.
I usually tell My callers “feel the touch NOT the touching”.
Practice makes perfect. 
You will make that transition with My guidance.
Are you ready ? 
Cummm to Me.

Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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little girl phone sex
Hi I am Julie your Nympho Teen Phonesex lover. I am a sexy 18 year old that has a sex drive the size of most mens! My pussy is always aching to be used by a powerful older man and I often spend hours in my room just teasing my lil clitty with my eager fingers. I decided to join the teen phonesex lines because I wanted to speak to all you horny men out so I could learn how to really turn men on with my sweet innocent voice and slender body. I wanted them to call me degrading names and tell me what to do with my sopping wet pussy hole, I also wanted to hear them jerking off whilst I had my fingers deeply rooted into my tight snatch just ready for the next piece of filthy smut to come from my mouth, to be honest I have learnt how to use my body to turn men on especially with some very dirty sex chat. 

Do you think you could handle me? An over excited teen that will will do what is takes and can watch your dick rise and get harder and harder! I will beg you for your cun to fill my mouth until it is full and I can gulp no more and let the rest just run over my hard nipples and down to my smooth pussy brow when I can rub your cum juice into my very erect clitty now that is some special dirty sex chat which breaks all the rules of decency.

Cum play with me – we can have some filthy fun on our Nympho Teen Phonesex call!
Talk to you soon!

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