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I like playing dress up and acting older then what I am * giggles * I like wearing my sister’s clothes. I was playing dress up when my brother and his friend came over and I got caught. My brother told me he was going to tattle on me if I didn’t do as they wanted me to do, so I agreed to it. The stuff they made me do for them not to tell on me was so bad but good at the same time  you have to call me to find out what they made me do for them I enjoy being used like a little slut. Want to make me your preteen slut?

Naughty Megan


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I love a hot steamy age play phone-sex call, nothing gets my panties wetter then an older man making me do stuff I shouldn’t be doing at my young age. You teach me how to suck cock, and make my tight little under age vagina take it, and then you make my tight little butt-hole take your big hard cock.  Oh as I moan out as your forcing your cock in me making me be your good little slut and make you cum so hard for me. Ready to play with your underage little girl? Call me now you pedo hottie.



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I am so hot tonight, my pussy is so wet I just can’t hold back from fingering my slick wet hole. Some girls have “needs” but this hot BBW slut needs to be fucked and fucked good right now. I’m so tired of sitting home every night alone, I need someone to talk to now, someone who can give me  good pussy licking phonesex.

I’m really into perverts, the more perverted the better ;0) I have to tell you I had a call from this pervert the other day, he told me about  his Rape Fantasies … let me tell you baby,  he got me off like a geyser! I love hearing your stories about that kind of taboo stuff…the things you really only dream about doing.

Why don’t you give me a call now? tell me all your perverted desires and get me off, make me scream like a bitch in heat.

Hurry baby, I promise this  will be the best, hottest phonesex experience that you have ever experienced.


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I just love jack off addicts!

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Nothing turns me on more than a guy that calls me ready to beat his meat.

I have this one guys who gets off  4 times a day !  What a stud!  Another caller who is into watersports calls me 3 times a week because he likes to hear stories of me pissing on him and bleeding on him when its the right time of month while he  jacks off!


The thought of a guy on the other end of the line jacking his cock while I play with my pussy and talk like a nasty slut sets my pussy on fire!

Leslie –

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A few days ago this guy called me for a wild mother/son roleplay phonesex session.  It was BY FAR the nastiest MILF fantasy I’ve ever had; he caught me fucking a guy in my room & joined in on the fun.  It was more of a mother son cuckolding fantasy . . . I humiliated him in front of my bf & then forced him into cocksucking.  What a fucking nasty sissyboy slut!

Whatever scenario you have, we can play it out together.  I have no taboos & like sucking cock & pussy alike.  All ageplay phonesex welcum, lactation fantasies, GILF roleplays, ABDL . . . nothing is too taboo for this wild cougar!  Call me today for a orgasmic phonesex session at a cheap Phone Sex rate!


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ameliaI was getting hot, and there was nobody around, master had left for the day.  I had the house all to myself, so I decided to remove some of my clothes, I mean what was I hurting right.  So im upstairs cleaning the master bed room, my all-time favorate room to clean.  When I hear the door open downstairs as the footsteps get closer and closer, my heart racing so fast I actually got turned on, in walks masters son, tall dark and handsom man.  He whips his dick out in front of me.  The only words he said that whole night was “Do what the fuck your told and suck my dick,” It was so hot, so erotic, when he finally let me cum it felt like a valcano erupted in my pussy…….mmmm I can almost still feel fim inside of me right now.

If you want to hear more of my sexual exploits, tell me your own, or make one of our own, visit my page at

hope to hear from you soon


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I am a hot slut who loves phone sex talk. My finger or my dildo is always in my pussy while I am talking on the phone. My pussy is so hot and so creamy and always ready for cock. When I talk on the phone I get really excited and you will know when I cum. I moan with pleasure and scream with delight.

All kinds of sex are fun for me. I never have any restrictions or taboos. I love it all. I really want to know what you enjoy doing. Tell me what turns you on, especially if it is
“forbidden”. Anything you can think of is okay with me. Give me a call and let’s tell each other our secret fantasies.
Role playing is so much fun. I can be your aunt, neighbor, co-worker, or the slut hanging around at the street corner

I’m ready for anything you desire: oral, anal, domination,
submission, S&M, golden showers, brown showers, K-9, bestiality,
incest, or anything else.

Hynoticxxxhope on Yahoo

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Hot Taboo phone sex

Have you ever had a fantasy so wild you were afraid to share it with anyone? Are you into Pedo stuff, incest or kinky naught ageplay?
Cum talk to me and I will create a fantasy so real you won’t believe your ears!
From young and sweet to wild and nasty to filthy sexy, I have a roleplay or fantasy for you!
And just because they I am  beautiful and very young, doesn’t mean I don’t get down and dirty! I love talking about naughty things that some women won’t talk about or don’t have experience in. Cum give me a try! You won’t be sorry!

Accomplice, Pedo, Groups, Gangbangs, Incest, Family Fun, K9, Crossdressing, BDSM,Forced Femme, Age Play, Sissy Training, CBT, Role Play, All Fetishes &
Fantasies Welcome!

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I have had so many calls where guys just blow their loads & leave me out to dry with an aching barely legal pussy.  I need a real pedo Daddy who will make me do sick & twisted things to get me off!

As you can see from my pictures, I’m a nasty underage slut just begging to be fucked, sucked, & taken advantage of by a pedophile. I’m getting hotter & hotter just thinking about all the kinky roleplays we can cum up with; family fun, babysitter, girl next door, girl scout selling cookies . . . so many possibilities & so little time!

Call me today for the best ageplay phonesex in the world! My pussy, ass, & mouth are ready for your hot load of creamy cum!


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Cum worship my thick shemale cock, huge tranny balls, and beautiful ripe tits.  I’m looking for a man that can hang with me the way I want; I’m a spoiled shemale princess who loves being anally worshiped, sensually aroused, & properly served.

I want you to take your time rimming, licking, sucking, & molesting my beautiful tight pussy . . . slowly sliding your hot wet tongue inside and cleaning that brown out in thick, nasty chunks.   Think you can hang?  My cock won’t hang perfectly in your mouth, but I can assure a little bit of throat rape never killed anybody!

Call me for a wild & cheap phonesex session with a shemale diva!


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Kitten’s Phone sex special

15 minutes for $25.00


Talk is CHEAP but me ACTIONS SPEAK!!!!
Let’s See what YOU Have to OFFER me!!!

I Have It All – I do it all!
No Limitations
No Restrictions
No Taboos
Good Fucking Phone Sex * Taboo and Kinky
The Way MOST Men Like It!!!

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In the mood for something Ruby Red?

I am the NASTIEST barely legal ageplay slut when it cums to fucking.  I like spankings, bondage roleplays, incest, pedo fantasies, rape abuse, and above & beyond all, bloody messy PERIOD PLAY!

I love watching a guy’s cock turn bright red as he’s pounding me in & out, seeing that look on his face like he’s stabbing me do death or something.  I’m super horny when I’m menstruating and all I want is hard, rough, passionate fucking.

Imagine your throbbing dick slipping inside of my sopping wet sticky red pussy . . . hearing that sloshing sound of carnal fucking as my dark thick red blood drenches your stomach, balls, thighs.  Can you smell my musty tart scent? Call me today for a no taboo phonesex session with a redheaded teenage freak—I am definitely NOT your average girl next door!


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Click to view full size imageMy name is  Anarosa and my specialty is CBT phone sex! call me for some hot phone and I’ll take you down to my dungeon, tie you to my post and then proceed to bind your cock and balls before I whip the shit out of them. I’m a cock torture specialist!

I just finished with a session with a sissy that blew his load way to fast and now I’m really pissed and am ready for the next sissy. How would you like me to tell you how delightfully delicious it would be for me to stick the spike of my high heels in your balls! Can you hold on from cumming until the end of our session or will you piss me off too?

Pick up the phone for some wicked CBT phonesex and let’s find out, the restraints are waiting!

Anarosa – CBT phone sex

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Hi! I’m Sheryl and I’ve a confession to make. I get turned on by young boys. I noticed this when I started dropping my teenage son to school. There was this one friend of his named Sam, who always came running to us, the moment we arrived at school. This kid was the school’s football star and had a nice tanned and muscular body. I loved teasing him and deliberately stoop way too low to kiss my son goodbye, so that he could feast his eyes on my deep cleavage. Of course, I always unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt and never wore a bra. The lustful look in his eyes used to be my daily reward!

Once, my son surprised me by bringing Sam to our place. I was alone and was about to enter the bathroom to take a bath. He saw me clad in a towel and just couldn’t take his eyes off me. Probably this was the chance even I was waiting for. Soon, my son went out to get something, leaving Sam behind. I entered the bathroom taking care not to latch the door. And sure enough, Sam began to peep inside. I got out of the bathtub and spread myself on the bathroom floor. Taking out my vibrator, I slowly turned myself on right under Sam’s penetrating gaze. The thought of being watched in action was enough for me to experience an earth-shaking orgasm.

As I was in the throes of orgasm, I saw the bathroom door swing open and Sam was standing right there in front of me, staring fixedly at my naked body. Want to know what happened next? Get on MILF phone sex now.


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I’m ADRIANA and I’m a gang bang freak! Call me for some hot gang bang phone sex and tell me about your freaky wild experiences! I just love being in a group and being the center attraction …LOL!

The more the merrier with cock everywhere! I have always fantasizes about having my ass and cunt stretched to the limit, two cocks fucking my ass another in my mouth, another pounding my throbbing wet pussy and a cock in each hand with more waiting in line to use and abuse me! What kind of gang bang phone sex scenario can you throw at me?

Call me now for the nastiest gangbang phone sex experience this side of Bangcock!


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I am hot sexy and a tease, but look at me how can you resist me? Thats right you cant now can you? No you cant I do like to tease at first and get you really excited and ready for me, till you cant hold back no longer you just have to have me. Now you want me dont you? Just think of all the naughty, nasty taboo things we can do together. What are you waiting for call me now and lets have some taboo fun.




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Sit back, relax, whip out your cock, and let me take you on the wildest phonesex ride of your life. My name is Danielle & I’m a trashy barely legal whore who would love nothing more than to suck your cock till you explode with ecstasy inside my greedy mouth. I am here for your phonesex pleasure & trust me, no taboos here—anything goes with me! I love having a great time and for me pleasing older men is what brings it! No matter if you just feel like talking, trying a new kinky roleplay, or confessing your dirtiest fantasies and desires to someone who will never judge you, I’m here for you! Try me for some accomplice phonesex, big tit fetish, blonde fantasy, or creampie fun today!


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I’m a submissive Shemale Goddess who adores doing anal phone sex sessions, but nothing pleases me more than having my asshole stretched to its limits by a thick BLACK cock.

Yea, I’m quite the anal slut alright, but I know just looking at my nice round ass will make your cock stand at attention.  You wanna pound my anus & make me cum over and over again?  Where most divas whimper at the thought of having their rosebuds ripped open, I absolutely CRAVE it!

Cum stick your cock in my browneye and work my ass like the tranny slut that I am! Cal l888.221.9006 now for a golden shower roleplay, feminization fun, or sissyboy phonesex!


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I am Shay – 100% woman
Sissy training is in My repetoire.
Humbling you in the process is My aim.
Ass worshiping should NOT be beneath you.
You are going to love it – trust Me.
Now this isn’t to say that I”m not excellent at other role plays.
I have a blast at anything I do.
Cummm spend some phonesex time with Me.

Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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Hey Papi – I have what you beg to play with.  You play with yours but you like
the idea of playing with someone elses.  I love to pump tight, virgin ass.  Is it
your first time ?  I’ll be gentle.  I have the perfect lube for a virgin.  You want
to swallow My load ? 

I have an oral fetish as well – not shy to give or receive.  Wanna see your pud in
My mouth ?  I’d love to see Mine in yours.  I can feel your throat constricting
around Mine.  Ayyyyi Papi. 

Que esperes ? ? What are you waiting for …Cummm on.

Your TS Veronica

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I am a Goddess of pleasure.
Thinking of your hard throbbing cock makes Me wet.
l love to masturbate.
Only thing better is you fingering or licking Me.
I know seems like I’m only here for Me.
Guess what…you’re right I am here for Me.
When it comes down to it…aren’t we all ? ?
Cummm share a phone sex call with Me – you’ll love it.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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You know it’s hard being being a slut. I spend every night so fucking horny so I sit around fantasizing about studs like you calling me for some hot phone sex …. Mmmmm it gets me so fucking wet!

Like right now I am sitting here with my fingers in my snatch just waiting for a hot pervert like you to call me for some hot , Rough MILF phonesex. Just the other day I had this stud call me and he told me all about his Rape Fantasies ….. Well let me tell you that hot fuck got me off like a fucking guyser!  Do you think you can handle this nasty, dirty slut ?

The thought of sucking your meaty cock gets my hot pussy dripping …. Mmm Hmmm.  Call me now and fuck this slut senseless, I promsise it’ll be the hottest phone sex experience you have EVER had :)~

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Shemale phone sex

Hey love , you sound like you could use a good working over …. yum!
I’m very into guys who like girls with something “extra” , wouldn’t you like to hold my hard throbbing shecock in your hands ?
After you caress and gobble down my hardness I just may let you take my tight ass ! … Oooooh!
My she puss is snapping  just thinking about it .
I’m a raging hot TS bitch and just can’t get enough cock. Do you think you can satisfy this hot slut ? I am ready to have some hot shemale phonesex with YOU right now !
Can you satisfy this raging hard cock ? Call me now while I am sitting here stroking this stiff hard rod of mine and help me get off so I can shoot my thick wad of she-cum all over my face.
Call me now for some hot Shemale Phone sex roleplay , I promise to get you off REAL good baby ;0)~

Shemale Phonesex with GIANA

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Shemale Phone Sex

Shemale Star

I’m a Tranny Slut who loves to have a good time by getting dressed up kinky and slutty and then going wherever I can find HOT guys to play with! You will never suspect I am a shemale until…Surprise…but Of course, by this time I will have you so Hot & Horny that you will not be able to resist sliding it into your mouth & sucking it!

You will find me so irresistibly sexy that you will do anything I ask…like letting me guide my massive 8 inch bulge into that tight little ass for the first time!

You will beg me for more, as I blow my cum all in that tight little virgin ass! I also like to be bent over and fucked, so this can work both ways! You know i am the one you have always wanted to try, i know your desires and i will make them real!

TS Star


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Do you have a naughty spanking fetish that you’re unable to share with anyone? I’ve been placed over a daddy’s lap or two in my day; skirt pulled up, panties yanked down, one hard whack on each barely legal cheek after the other. And you know what—it really turns me the fuck on!

My body shudders and my pussy quivers with a slick coat of warm sweat every time I feel an older man’s rough hands tan my soft, pale ass into a bright red mess.

Just imagine your meaty fingers stuffing my beautiful pink cunt so full that it drips all over your thighs, balls, cock. Wanna be my Daddy? I’m more than ready to be your nasty kinky fantasy phonesex girl! Call me now for spanking phonesex fun with me!


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Phonesex girl of the week... Asian Layla

Asian American Phone sex girl Layla
1-866-909-9059 ~ Toll Free Anytime!

All call with me this week will be billed at $1.75 per minute!
You must ask the dispatcher for the Girl of the week special!
Special goofd for  Feb 10 – 16th Only

My seductive asian voice will guide your phone sex session to new levels and you will be taken to places you never knew existed. I am the sexy Asian Princess you have been dying to meet. Your little secret fantasies will be safe with Me. Let all of your wild and twisted kinks run free and Layla will show you how to become the secret little slut you were born to be. Come let Me weave My web around you, once you’ve been entangled you’ll never be able to escape my hold on you


Click HERE for my Profile page

Yahoo Messenger Name: lustyasianlayla

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Look at how hot I look in my fishnet stockings / body suit. I bet you would love to feel them up against your skin. Sit back and let me rub my stocking covered foot over your cock.

Feel good? Just wait till I rub them all over your body. You will go crazy. I will keep rubbing and stroking until I make you pop. My stockings will look even better once they are covered with your hott sticky load!

Do you have a stocking fetish? If you do call me know! Stocking fetish phone sex with me is super hot and addicting I will have you calling back for more and more.


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On your knees, Daddy! I’m not your average girl next door, barely legal teen, or submissive fuck toy. I like my sex hot & wild with a little bit of pain & torture mixed in. I can be very dominant at times and want you to know that when you call Me for a phone sex session, pleasing Me will be your main goal! I have no problems taking hot wax to your body, tying you up, or feminizing you with my very large black strapon. So if you’re into anal sex, cock & ball torture, or humiliation phonesex with a very kinky redhead teenager, call me up & beg for this sticky wet pussy!


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Ven a jugar donde el cielo y el infierno brillen con la misma luz.  Cummm where the light of heaven and hell are the same.  You know how important satisfaction is to you. You need your fair share of stress relief and I’m here to make sure it happens.  You dwell in that place where your fantasies live only as  forbidden thrills, I’m here to use My favorite toy…your mind.  If it was reality you wanted …you wouldn’t be here. 

Cummm share those forbidden thrills. 

 Cougar Charlene

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Jackie is here to satisfy your fantasies – the fantasies that never pass your lips.  I am perfect for any fantasy you might have.  I can’t get enough of your hedonistic mind.  Did you dress up in any part of Mommy’s wardrobe ?  Did you have a particular affinity for her lingerie ?  I have some I’m glad to share with you.  Might you be looking for some guidance to make that masturbation session more fun ?  You always wanted Mommy to catch you in her panties.  Call Me let’s talk about it.  I might let you touch yourself while you’re telling your story. 

 Cummm experience My imagination and get a little. 

 GILF Jackie

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