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Hey all you sissy’s out there , my name is Dawn.
I’m a hot slut looking for a cuckold that wants to have phone sex with this hot cunt while  your wife is out fucking her other huge cocked BF’s.
She only even lets you  watch but you better not fucking touch either one of them! And you BETTER not think about touching youself either!

Well here is a new twist…Making you watch me while I eat out my girlfriend. You like to watch us don’t you sissy ?  You want to be us! You want to taste, smell? Why don’t you call me and tell me about it. Call me for some phonesex  action , I promise me and my girlfriend XXXXXX will get off real good. If your lucky we just MIGHT let you get off too.


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teen phonesex with danielle

I had a great ass play phonesex call today, he had a 8 inch cock he put me up on my hands and knees and smacked his big hard cock off my ass, then he smacked my ass with his hands. He slid the head of his cock in my asshole, as he he held my ass cheeks apart reaching up pinching my nipples and he buried his cock deep in my ass. He gave my asshole a good fucking with his big 8 inch cock pulling on my nipples as he fucked me. I reached between my legs rubbing my clit fingering my pussy as he pounded my tight asshole. He came so deep in my ass it was dripping out. Can’t wait for you to fuck my tight ass again. Do you want to fuck my asshole? If you have a big cock you can call me up and you can have my ass with some hot anal phonesex play!

Kisses Danielle.


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Hey there stud! I’m sitting here all alone just waiting for a cutie pie like you to call me for some red hot sizzling phone sex. My name is AUTUMN and I am an absolute phone sex slut!

Tired of the same old, same old phone sex girls that really are not into it and feed you their “fake” orgasms?

Well that is not me! I am totally into getting you off over the phone! It gets my cunt all wet knowing you are on the other end jacking your stiff hard cock to me! Let’s get down and dirty, tell me your nastiest fantasies and I promise we will BOTH get off good! My orgasms are totally real! That’s why I do this!  
Where else can a girl like me get paid to sit and play with her slut pussy plus get a cutie like you off! I totally love my work!

Pick up the phone baby and call me now for some of the most outrageous phonesex you have EVER had!

My Yahoo IM is: Taboo.Autumn


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I played with big daddy chocolate ( Grande papi!!) 12 inches of pure raw fun and I loved every minute of it.
He loved how I purred on his cock and rolled my tongue over the head making it vibrate. Aye papi, muy calente!!
I was interviewing for big daddy chocolate and had to convince him I was the girl who could get the job done, and I surely showed him!
I sucked that big 12 inch cock into my wet waiting mouth, making it grow to full erection. Big daddy couldn’t help but bend my ass over his desk and slip that cock between my sweet round ass cheeks while I made it clap on his cock.
Before I knew it big daddy was sliding that 12 inches of manhood deep inside my pussy, making it purr for him over and over.
I couldn’t help but scream out for him to Fuck me.. Cogeme duro!! Si papi Si, rapido, mas profundo, mas duro papi, si si.. Ayeeee Papi came deep inside of me filling me with all his muy caliente cream.
Can’t wait to play again big daddy chocolate.

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I love instructing guys on how to get off when they call me for phone sex. Hi guys, I’m Leona, your sweet Russian phone sex girl, call me now for some guided masturbation phone sex. Let me tell you how fast or slow, loose or tight to stroke that marvelous piece of man meat. Would it help if I took off my bra and panties for you? You must listen to me and do as I say though and you can’t cum until I tell you too! I live to tel a guy how to get off which is why I love phone sex so much I think…LOL
Call me right now for the most unreal guided masturbation phone sex experience you will ever have. Make sure you have dick in hand too 😉

My Kinky Sex Addictions:

Dildo Play ~ Strap On ~ Masturbating my Pussy ~Sucking the Cock
Rimming Your Ass ~Toe Sucking ~Ass Smothering


pso_leona – IM me on yahoo

All calls ate $2.25 min or less, see rates page!

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ellenshorts.jpgI have known for a long time that my neighbor has been looking into my bedroom and watching me dress and undress at night. It does turn me on and I love teasing him. Well tonight his girl friend packed up and went away to her sisters for a few days. This was my opportunity to give him the best tease of his life. I got all dressed up in my “cum fuck me” outfit and went over to visit.

At first he didn’t want to let me in. He was a bit nervous so I told him I knew he had been watching me and I wanted to really give him something to watch. He had the biggest bump in his pants, so I took advantage of his hard cock and got him to show me exactly what he does when he sees me undress and rub my tits and pussy. Let me tease you like I did my neighbor. Maybe I’ll let you cum and maybe I won’t.  Call and lets see!

ELLEN – Naughty MILF next door!

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The best thing about phone sex is that you can talk about anything your twisted mind can come up with. And the girl you talking to like me is just as sick and twisted as you are!  I need a guy like you to call me for some no taboo phone sex! Lets talk and see what the sickest twisted thing we can come up with that will get us off like never before! The sky is the limit baby!
There isn’t anything you can say to me that will make me blush. HOT, twisted, sick, perverted, no taboo phone sex, right here, right now!
Call Me!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!

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Public Sex Phonesex with Dawn

The hottest fuck I ever had was on the overpass to the interstate where I’m from! It was so hot getting my pussy drilled as the cars below were beeping and waiving at us! Call me for some public sex phonesex!

Tell me over the phone in what public place you want to do me! I’m totally addicted to public sex! I’ll do it anywhere! Public restrooms, dressing rooms, I even gave a guy head once sitting in a restaurant waiting on dinner! He was a sweety though and came in my mouth right before dinner was served! Call me and lets have some public sex phonesex and you can tell me the wildest place you mind can make up to have public sex!

Public Sex Phonesex with Dawn

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Interracial phonesex with Sheryl

Hey guys, I love having phone sex with guys of every color 😉
Black guys are the best for interracial phone sex and I also know that many of them have cocks like a mule!
I know this because I was plowed one time by a black guy with a 10″ horse cock, MAN it hurt so good!
The thought of having a cock that large being plunged in and out of my throbbing pussy sends me to the stars!
Black, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, it doesn’t matter to me though.
The thought of having interracial phonesex with anything other than a white guy gets me so fucking hot that my pussy gets all wet and runny!
Like now! hurry up and pick up that phone and call me for some jizz flying interracial phone sex!

Call me now! … Sheryl

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 It's older man/ younger girl phonesex time!It’s older man/ younger girl phonesex time!

I really need and older guy to get me off! My name is Krystal, I am a 19 year old coed totally into older guys! If your over 30 call me for some older guy/younger girl phonesex. Young guys do nothing for me! they just can’t quench my fire down below! The first time I had sex with my boyfriend he came so fast!  Thats when I decided to break up with him and go for the experience of an older guy! Look at my nice hard body and firm tit’s and ass, you know you want it! so what are you waiting for!

Pick up the phone! don’t be shy! we can have a real hot older man/ younger girl phonesex time!


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I am the forbidden fruit, your nasty taboo phone sex secret. I loved the surprised look on a man’s face when he realizes for the first time, just what I have under my skirt and that I am packing more then he is.

I know what you want and I have what you need. Are you cock curious, need to play dress up, bi curious or just a very BAD boy that needs to be bent over and punished!

From domination to submission I have it all Tits, Curves, a Banging ass and a nice hard cock. Give me a call for all your shemale needs!

xxoo Shemale Bianca

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Look at the size of your cock! it’s so fucking tiny! Do you actually fuck girls with that tiny little prick?
Do they even feel you in them? You must have been made fun of ALOT in the gym showers when you were in school!

Call me now for some small cock humiliation phone sex. I promise to humiliate that tiny little prick you have real good.  And when I am done having phone sex with you …… if you want to even call it that! I am going to tell everyone what a teeny weenie little prick you have!
I know girls with clits bigger than your dick! Get on the phone and call me for the absolute best in small cock humiliation phone sex.


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Two Girl Lesbian Phonesex

Why don’t you join myself and my phonesex play mate for some two girl phone sex. Play out your every fantasy and scenario with us over the phone. You’ll really get off over the phone with us because we have been friends forever and we do and share EVERYTHING together. Sometimes when we are alone and there are no guys around we will share a dildo …. a double headed dildo…LOL!

We get ourselves off like rockets while we pound our pussies together each of trying to grab more of the dildo than the other while we scream out in extasy having orgasm after orgasm! Isn’t that just fucking hot?

Call us now because two is better than one for some two girl phone sex play! We aim to please!

Two Girl Lesbian Phonesex with Klara & Monika

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A little cam fun with a phonesex client!

Awesome call with my new “lady in purple

Made him stroke his little clitty 4 me & taste it!

Very Lovley to talk to! Smiled the whole time!

Stay safe baby!

Permission to use & take Screen Shots is always asked Before I do it!

XOX Lexi!

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I’m AVERY and I like it ROUGH, Call me for some rough sex phone play. The rougher the better! Fuck me like an animal! Take me and throw me up against the wall and pin me down and tear off my clothes!

Fuck me standing up while you choke the living shit out of me! Fuck me doggy style while you use my long hair as your riding bridle! Rough phone play is the shit! I need you to tell me how rough you want to treat me, you can be as brutal on the phone with me as you want to be! Pussies are not for me I need someone like you who is aggressive who will brutally fuck the shit out of my ass! Call me now! Pick up the phone right now for some rough sex phone play, Im waiting.


sex with MILF Avery

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dawnblueyellowWhat does it take to get your manhood stiff and dripping? What If I just bent over in a tiny little skirt and no panties so you could see me tight teen pussy, would that do it for you? What if I pretended to be an innocent little girl next door? Or maybe your innocent little daughter who just loves to please daddy.

I want to get you so fucking horny for me you don’t know who you are anymore – your mind starts thinking of things you would never do. I will make you a naughty dirty phone sex pervert your hand around your cock jerking it furiously for me. That’s right, I want you to stroke your cock just for me. I want to be the one who recieves that delicious reward that “cums” from getting you overly excited.

How we get that to happen is entirely up to you and I…

I want to get as nasty as possible with you, I want to know what a naughty jerk off pervert you really are. What terribly nasty and taboo topics get you all aroused and so uncomfortable in your jeans you just have to unzip them and release that buldging cock?

Well I know I’m getting worked up just thinking about it. Will you join me for a phone sex tease and enjoy a wild erotic ride today? I’ll be waiting for you…

DAWN – 1-888-221-9006

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Asian Phonesex with Yoshie

Hey there sailor, want some asian phone sex? How about an oriental fuck machine from the far east? You know we asian chicks are brought up being taught EXACTLY how to please their man! I am well versed in the ways of the Kamasutra and more! Call me for some hot phone and I show you how good of a hot fuck we Asian women are. My mouth and pussy are eager and wanting to please you! Call me, My name is Yoshie for some awesome Asian phone sex, I’m a far east freak!

Asian phone-sex with Yoshie

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babysitter phonesex with BrandyBabysitter Travails

I keep telling my phonesex friends that we babysitters are a vulnerable lot. No, not to the tykes we have to babysit, but from their dads. They’re forever eying us in a most lustful manner and waiting for an opportunity to strike oil! I am a regular babysitter, making a few bucks on the side in my spare time. Let me tell you what happened once.

The kid I was babysitting was no brat and that made my job easier. However, his dad, Alan, was forever trying to touch me, much to the consternation of his wife. One evening the couple left me with the kid. I got him busy in games, took out my book and started reading. After an hour or so, I heard the key turn in the door and found Alan entering alone. He told me he is here to fetch something and called me up to the closet to help him out. The moment I entered, he grabbed me. Before I could do anything he had raised my skirt from behind and tore off my panty and with one hand holding me, he parted my legs. Then he shoved his huge dong inside my tiny pussy. I screamed both in pain and pleasure, while he raped me well and proper. (Rape phonesex)


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I am one of the prettiest girls you have ever seen, and have one of the biggest surprises for you.  You love to watch such a pretty lady fuck your man pussy with my cock, don’t you?  You love becoming my bitch by sucking my hard cock, and then letting me spread your tight man pussy with a little bit of oil while I jam 4 fingers in there to prepare it.  You are now completely my bitch, so I fuck you fast and hard in your man pussy, and you love every second of it.

TS Star

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Anal and Ass licking phone sex

Want to enjoy something that your wife or girlfriend won’t ever give? Well, I am the phone sex expert on asshole licking. I’m sure that the mere thought of a tongue moving purposefully inside your anal opening and tingling the sensitive nerve endings of the rectum must be sending shivers up your, you know what!

If you can imagine this, think what I’d do, once you call me up on anal phonesex. Tonguing the asshole requires expertise. The one giving the tongue should not rush things and should aim to relax the sphincter muscles controlling the anal opening. Otherwise, the asshole would remain tightly shut and the tongue would only manage to probe the exterior without any pleasure. Why not let me teach you a trick or two in asshole licking!

Anal and Ass licking phone sex with Scarlet!


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I spoke to a hot, strong, and willing new submissive today. He is very exciting, and I have high hopes for him.  However, I had to explain the rules to him a few too many times and was forced to flog him at one point.  The rules for new subs are simple: while you are in training you must always address me properly! AND you must ask permission before orgasming, even if I say no the first time.

While he failed on the first rule several times, he excelled on rule number two.  Teaching him to allow someone else to take control for a while is going to be fun.

I told him to buy a pair of pantyhose, and to be wearing them and nothing else next time he calls. I have a feeling he’ll be one of my favorite pets.

Cum see me and the other hot phonesex girls at! So many to choose from and look at! Also try our chatroom!


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bbw phonesex with valley

I got a call today that made me climax so hard. I was talking to Gordy, and he told me how much he loves my big beautiful curves, soft skin, and shaved pussy. I’m 100% woman, and I need a man who knows how to treat a lady like me.  Men who love my curves can’t stay away for too long.  Am I more woman than you can handle?

Give me a call for BBW phonesex.


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Sex Has No Language

“Am I himself speak to phone sex?” We get such queries in broken English and weird accents all the time, but they don’t make us laugh. This is because we know that people from any part of the world have a right to derive as much pleasure from phonesex as the English-speaking population.

This query in question was from a middle-aged Malaysian, who got so enamored by our phonesex portal that he just couldn’t contain himself and dialed away. He wanted to do some fucking and sucking with me on the phone and he certainly wasn’t disappointed. Despite his serious handicap in English language, I was able to convey whatever I wanted to in my husky sensuous voice with moans and groans thrown in for good measure. Now, this Malaysian is one of our esteemed customers. (Accents phone sex)


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ageplay phonesex

Age play phonesex with Nina… I’ve been talking with lots of hot and horny men lately. I feel so excited when I talk to sexy guys! Men love me because I’m a Daddy’s girl, and will do anything to please Daddy on the phonesex lines.  I betcha I could please you too!  Call me, and we can play some fantastic games and tell each other hot stories. You’ll be cumming back for more and I’ll be creaming my panties.

*giggle* xoxo-Nina

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Click to view full size imageI’m REALLY into having some hot transsexual  phone sex, tell me all your perverse desires. I need to hear how your going to take my quivering  ass and use it for all it’s worth! I have no taboos and LOVE first timers!

Call me now for the hottest Shemale Phone Sex you have ever had in your life !  Can you handle this hot bitch, or better yet, can  you handle my hot 8 inch cock?

TS Star


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