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  I am looking for some hot nasty phone sex, I love it to be so

 fucking taboo and no limits. Call me with your deepest darkest
fantasies and lets have some fun doing them. Anything goes
with this hot horny teen slut. Remember No TABOOS or should
I said what the fuck is a taboo lol. Call now so we can play.


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jenni0002I Am a VERY naughty girl!


Hitchhiker you cant resit!


I spoke with a horny guy from California this morning that I have spoken with a few time before, and we had a really hot time. We pretended that I was a little hitch-hiker, he saw my little cute young body shivering and walking and just could not resist when I flagged him down for a ride.

I was such a bad little girlonce I got into the dirty ole pickup truck with him! I leaned back against the door a little and put one knee up on the seat -kind of facing him so he could see that I wasn’t wearing no panties at all.

He got a little red in the face and he keep looking over at me. I teased him for a while and then finally gave him a show by letting my fingers find my tight little cunty and fingered it while he watched. I could see the hard bulge beginning to form in his jeans, which made me even more bold so I leaned over for a closer “lick”…

Before our Hot Phonesex call was over, we both got off with him giving me another kind of ride! *wicked grin*
Don’t you want to give this bad little daddy’s girl a ride?

Jenni –

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Hi guys, I am Valley..a Sweet but very naughty BBW sweetie who will rock your world! I may be large but that just means that you can be rougher and harder on me, from fucking my big tits to pounding my round ass!

I am the best at BBW phonesex and you may be suprised at how much you will enjoy a girl like me! Call me now & mention this blog to get 5 free minutes on any 25 minute call or more!


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I want a real man willing to take control, and really use me. I want you to grab me by my hair and shove his cock down my throat till I gag and beg for more. I want to be the best fucking cum slut he has ever fucked. I want to feel the cold blade of a knife at my throat when he forces me to suck his cock.

My hair in one of his hands the knife at my neck in his other. He has a handful of my hair and if shoving my face down further, he seems turned on by the sound of my gagging. I can feel the cold edge of the  knife each time my head moves, I know its cutting me I feel a drop of blood streaming down my cheast and knowing that is making me even wetter.

He has laid the knife down and is sitting on my chest. He slaps me across the face and yells, “you’re my fucking cunt now and I’ll do as I please with you whore!”. He wants to make sure I know he means it, I feel the knife dragging across from my neck down to my breast, he is letting the edge of the steel blade run over my hardened nipple.


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teen phone sex with Amelia

I am in the mood for some hot daddy daughter phonesex fun! I want a big hot daddy to teach me how to become a real woman like mommy! Do you think that you can teach me a thing or two? I love to cry and whine and beg to get my way but I think your gonna give into your own temptations and naughty perverted pedo thoughts and just take me arent you?

Call me for naughty teen phone sex


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My ass looks sexy dont  it? Want to touch it dont you? The only way you can play with me is have a big fat cock and a big fat wallet. My tight little teen pussy and my tight little teen ass loves to be played with and thats if your man enough for me. Can you handle this total package? I love phonesex so call me up and lets have some fun.




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I am a Hot, kinky Phone sex teen who wants to give you all of mysweet n’ sticky cream! Horny coed cutie wants to satisfy your deepest cravings & fantasies. All fetishes welcome – soft, extreme & anything in between!

This nympho slut who will do anything to get you off. Fuck my every hole, make me your naughty whore. Daddy’s bad little baby-girl slut does all the nasty things your wife or girlfriend won’t do. I never say no, unless you want me to!

NINA – Ageplay Phone sex!

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Does the sound of my dark ebony lips wrapping around your hard white cock sound exciting to you? How about the sound of my voice telling you how bad I want to sit on your face and ride your willing tounge till I cum all over your face…

Well I am a hot ebony phonesex slut that is ready and willing to do anything you want. I love oral and will leave you wanting more ebony phonesex

…you wont be able to handle my extreme sex drive…

Ebony – Black Phonesex MILF

Call me today!


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I love being a super naughty baby sitter and tormenting you while your wife and kids are asleep. Wanna give me a ride home?

I’m a teen babysitter  phonesex girl and I can’t wait til you come home after a date with your wife and catch me doing naughty things in your office.  You wanna me me do very naughty things so I dont loose my job!

Ooopsies ~ I happened to be snooping around too and found some of your porn stash!

call me,  KINKY KRYSTAL for babysitter Phone Sex

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School Girl Phone Sex, with Autumn

Hi Guys !

I just love being your cute little phonesex girl.

Do you wanna do a roleplay where I am that naughty lil school girl that you always see walking by your house before and after school? I walk by and adjust my thigh highs in the reflection of the car window that is parked a few feet from your window… Makes you hard and want to just grab me and fuck me right there, but you dont have the balls, you just imagine…

Call me at:  1-888-221-9006

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There is no limit to the depths of my bottomless imagination: I’d love to be your failing student, Mr. Professor—for you and I are both aware that if you don’t pass me with an A in your math class, that I’ll be in big big trouble with mommy and daddy! Mr. Professor—will you change your mind about that bad grade if I let you paint my “backboard” with your huge piece of “cock?” And as for you 2 big, black, burly police officers; go ahead and brandish those two chocolate covered “sticks” of yours in my darling face—

I know you’ll rethink giving me that speeding ticket once I lick, suck, and devour them and your “donuts” in one gulp . . . I’ll bet money those handcuffs of your’s have never served such “Justice!” You wanna hear all about how I seduced my girlfriend’s dad with my tight pussy and creamy little asshole while she lie asleep in the next room? I dressed up in his wife’s lingerie and pretended I needed a photo shoot done for my boyfriend’s birthday, and he pretended to be the kinky, over-aggressive photographer who raped me! Just name your fantasy, fetish, or desire, baby. There isn’t anything too dirty, kinky, or taboo I’ll say no to—so call me now, and tell me what YOU’D like to do to me!


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Asian Phonesex with Yoshie

Have you been a bad boy today? Do you need me to put you over my knee and give you a good hard spanking? Hmmm, bad bad boy needs to be spanked then fucked with my nice big strapon!

Mommy Yoshie is here for the job and I can be a nice mommy or a mean and strict mommy, it all depends on how you are acting. So what will it be naughty boy, are you naughty or nice today?


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So you like ass do you? Well baby, I am here and willing and ready to take whatever you give me. Anal Play is so rough and hardcore and I am all about that! I love it when I am up on all fours in the end of a bed or sofa and your standing behind me.

Start with my pussy, pund it and get that cock of yours nice and hard, then grab my hair and shove that cock into my tight ass, dont mind me saying no… Just take it! Make me like it and want it. I will be begging you soon to shoot that hot load into my ass.

Call me for some naughty Anal Phonesex Play, or any other taboo thing you want to do to me! I also do golden showers and brown showers (scat),  ATM (ass to mouth) and fisting fun. I am a true Slut.


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I am a hot fucking MILF ready to fullfill your every desire. For all you nasty little young guys that wanna fuck your best friends mother. Your maybe take your teacher in the supply room and bend her over and just fuck the hell out of that hot MILF pussy.  I love ass-to-mouth action, family fun with my young son, incest sessions with my nephew and my niece.

No roleplay is unable to be done with me the more twisted or perverted it is the more I like it. My pussy is dripping with juices with the calls that I get. All of my toys are ready and waiting beside my bed and my cunt is ready to be used and taken over by a man worthy enough to do it.

For all you sissy I will be the one pounding your tight little pussy while you play with that large clitty. I love it when you wear my panties and submit to my ways of pleasure. All these things need to be taught to you so that any friend I have come over will be serviced well either buy your mouth or your tight little ass. I need to make sure only the best will do for my friends and I know what they want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Call Me! AVERY

Every task will be diffrent in some way just fill me in on what you favorite things. No matter what it is I am here to do whatever you li

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I like the element of shock when guys first meet me or hear my voice over the teen phonesex line. I come off as so sweet, cute and innocent. I am just that. A real Daddy’s girl, the kind of girl you want to have your mom meet.  But don’t mess with me. I am spoiled and get what I want as a rule. I use my cutsy ways and appearance to addict you, captivate you and once you are under my spell, you will do whatever it takes to play with me.

There is a mystery about me and some say I am in league with the best and nastiest of teen phonesex. Maybe torment your cock until you submit to me in whatever way I choose to allow or not allow the cock to release.  I will have you agreeing to do whatever it takes to get to cum on our teen phonesex call.  Black mail you, force you into chastity, cuckold you, forced financial slavery, buy my school clothes, pay for my spa outing for me and my friends, trips to the mall, or maybe a nice new car. You want to cum, don’t fuss just pay up. Do whatever I say.

Teen phone Sex with Nina

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I had to go to the laundry mat the other day and its not the nicest one around, but it is close, cheap and east. I have to say some ghetto ass people go to this place as well as perverted fucking men!

So i’m sitting and waiting for my laundry when I kept hearing this soft moan and heavy breathing off and on, I looked around but couldn’t figure it out so I started to walk around the place to see.

Well, on the other side of the laundry mat there is an area with a few couches, table to eat and a tv and some dude was sitting on the couch while some hoochie was blowing him!! Come on ya’ll, right there in the laundry mat in public?? Ha, I just laughed and said, ” Ya’ll are wrong”

But afterwards it made me think of phone sex and it would be a fun roleplay to do, I hear about this stuff on the phone but never seen it for real. So ya’ll wanna do some public sex like that and be all dangerous in getting caught?


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You like some Asian pussy today guys? I know alot of guys love playing with us Asian girls because we are so damn kinky and openminded, more than other girls.

I have a sweet Asian pussy that is ready for your cock, are you ready to take a dip into my goodies? Mmm, baby, I want to feel you pumping my sweet holes deep and hard, making me beg for more or maybe for mercy?

You like a dominant girl or submissive? Whichever one you like I can switch to anything you like baby, just cum give me a try.


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Do you like vanilla or chocolate? Or maybe you like them swirled together, cause that’s what I am! I think I’m the best of both worlds being black and white all combined.

You want a ghetto hoochie or some crazy ass white girl? I love getting down with the fellas making you all bust your nut for me over and over. There isn’t anything I won’t talk about, hello, I will even have a dick if you like!!! No joke, I had a few guys want me to play the girl with the panty surprise and that was pretty fun.

Lets do it – call this chocolate swirl girl up


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Tomorrow night me and my girlfriends are going out on the town and I cannot wait! We always have so much fun when we’re together and I can only imagine what kind of naughty trouble we’ll get into especially where guys are concerned.  Does anyone remember that show Taxicab confessions? Well the last time I went out, I met this guy and he bought me a few drinks as we were talking about everything from phonesex to anal sex and favorite positions. Needless to say the conversation got a little hot, and long story short I ended up fucking him on the way home, in the taxi!  What can I say we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I wonder what will happen this weekend?


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Pura mujer – mas o menos para sexo telefonica. 
I’m all woman no one ever guesses My secret.
I can take straight and make him beg for more.
The art of seduction and satisfaction calms the hesitation.
You’ve wondered about the woman with a little extra something
I take control of the session and guide you to where you want to be.
You’ll be begging to please Me once you’ve been satisfied.
Cummm to My experienced hands and feel that sweet feeling.
Descansa, deje tus miedos afuera de este experencia.
You’ll think about our calls and want to call again and again.

Your TS Veronica

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I have been a very very naughty girl daddy.

 I was sneaking out with my older friends after I was supose to be in bed and you caught me trying to sneak back into the house. You are so angry with me that you deside you will show me what can happen to little girls like me who dont listen.

Teach me a lesson and tie me up – rape me and make me do all the things big girls do.  You show me that when little girls like me wear cute sexy things- what it does to men, and what they will do if I tell them no… Im screaming and crying…but it just makes you do it harder.

I promise daddy I wont do it again!  You tell me you will keep reminding me what its like untill you feel I have learned my lesson! 


Teen phone Sex with Nina

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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You need to join us for some fun on Saturday Nights from 9 pm to 12 am est. You can get to know us girls, win prizes, play games, and win free mins added onto your call, and you can even win a free callw ith one of us hotties out of the chatroom. Just click on the link below to enter the chatroom you can come in everyday and see how you can get free mins daily.




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I love frilly panties up against my skin, and feeling the ruffles move with my body.  Want to slide my panties to the side as you fuck me? Or do you want to put on a pair of my frilly ruffle panties? I can make you my phonesex  sissy bitch, and make you do all kinds of girlie things for me. You just have to call me and find out what I have planned for you.

Britney – 888-221-9006

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I enjoy watching porn with my phonesex caller, he is so much fun we like looking at hot naughty porn together. While we are watching the porn he is telling me about his fantasies, and I am telling him how I enjoy being with girls. I like having my cake and eating it too. So if you want to look at porn with me and talk about your fantasies and desires then call me up I am that teen phonesex slut for you.

Megan call me at  1-888-221-9006 Anytime…I will be waiting!

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Asian Phonesex with Yoshie I’m Yoshie, your Asian taboo phone sex treat who caters to any and all phone sex fantasies.. So tell me what your fantasy is baby and I will make it come to life for you. I love teasing, pleasing , being submissive and/or Dominant. As you see Yoshie does it all , I am your special Asian treat who is great at switching from sub to domme.

Cum Play Yoshie

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Room is Full of girls right now,

hot & ready to have fun…come play!!!!

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Transexual who loves nasty phonesex – wanna play?

My name is Mariah and your secret desire as I am the perfect shemale you’ve been looking for and craving to be with. What meets the eye is a luscious dark haired, big tit brunette who appears to be all female, but once revealed you will see I have exactly what you have, a nice hard cock and cum filled full balls.

You know you’ve been having dreams about being with such a feminine shemale, sucking my cock then letting me take your ass as my own. You want to be under my spell and do as I say, now don’t you?

Nothing better than making a man weak with my beauty, then having him drop to his knees to suck my cock and lick my balls while looking up at what appears to be a very feminine face and body.

Are you ready to have this hot tranny take control and turn you into the submissive play toy you’ve yearned to be for so long? Call and ask for Mariah and let the journey begin with me.

Ask for Mariah

See me at
Must be 18 with Credit card…This is a Phonesex call!
1-866-909-9059 ~ Toll Free Anytime!

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ABDL Phone sex Babysitter

Hot age play phone sex with teen Krystal! I got a little baby all my own *hee hee* he’s 26 and he wear diapers.  He’s a little person who I dressed up as a baby while he was supposed to be baby sitting me! *hee hee* To say that I’m 4 times his size wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Oh Please! Mom wants to hire an adult who looks like a baby to baby sit me?!  Then I’ll make him an adult baby.

I had him breast feed from me and everything.  I giggled when I changed his diaper and saw his teeny little winky. I made him wear my ruffled panties over his cloth diaper.  He was a bad boy, so he got a spanking too!


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Today Logan and I got a special treat.  We were both talking to a gentleman in the chatroom at the same time, and he got so turned on that he decided to have us both in a two girl call. It was so great to hear Logan urging me to fuck a guy harder and harder while I rode his cock, and moaned in ecstasy. I really love doing the two girl phonesex calls because hearing a man & woman at the same time talking dirty makes me soooo wet!

Logan & Jenni

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I’m not just a pretty face and big tits. Aside from being a freaky phonesex nympho I do have special talents, like no gag reflex and a wicked tongue. Just lay back and let me unleash my blow job phonesex skills as I take my long, wet tongue and run it up and down your cock. And don’t you worry, I won’t forget your balls, or your ass, as my big juicy tits stroke your dick, and then slide you back in my mouth for an explosive oral sex finale.


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