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Mi nombre es Veronica Me esperabas Papi ?
My name is Veronica were you waiting for Me Papi ?
I know you’ve been looking for a girl just like Me for a while.
I have just what you need.
I’m all about mutual pleasure.
Tell Me about your cock fantasies.
I’ll dress you up and whore you out just like you dreamed.
I’m ready with My deviant phonesex fantasies just for you.
Te espero Papi – vamos a jugar.

Your TS Veronica

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Friendly, approachable, and a mind for mischief – that’s Me.
Perfect for the phonesex virgin or connoisseur.
I love sex…it’s all about total and complete pleasure.
I’m quick to please once My pleasures have been fulfilled.
Want something special ? 
I’m prepared for anything – and I mean ANYTHING.
Place your call and hold on for the time of your life.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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Rape Fantasy  Phonesex

Ever heard of fantasy phonesex roleplay? Trust me to initiate you into it. Just imagine, dusk has fallen and I am walking alone on a deserted stretch of the road. Suddenly, two men appear from nowhere and grab me. They take me to a secluded spot and rip open my blouse. I shout, “Rape! Rape!”, but there is no one present for miles.

 I find my skirt and panty being slipped off, leaving me stark naked. I struggle, but to no avail. One guy holds my hands and the other spreads my legs, takes out his huge dick and plants it deep inside me. I scream in pain, which is soon replaced with a pleasurable sensation, as my pussy slowly turns slippery wet. “Yeah…! Oh Yeah!”, I moan and beg the other person to take me from the rear.

Want to know how my ordeal ended? Would you like to be one of those men? (Rape fantasies phonesex).


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Recently, I received an email from a young man who wants to dress up for Me.
I invision a hot, steamy phonesex session with My little fem.
You better believe he will be lining up ALL his toys to use.
I’ll take his hard clitty stick, and have him use it well.
I’ll have him fantasizing about every secret desire he has.
Mommy is going to use you up Baby.
Cummm be Mine. 
GILF Jackie

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Me llaman Puma pero Me gusta jugar chachita Papi.
They call Me a Cougar but I’m young enough to love to roleplay a girl.
My pussy is dripping wet thinking about you making Me a school girl.
I want a phonesex session with you. 
My school girl crush for you is ageless.
How old do you want to be ? ?
Have you harbored a Daddy fantasy ?
Bring it Daddy – I’m ready for you.
You have to pay your dues – but you are going to love them.
Cum share a live conversation with Me.
Hablo espanol Papi – need Me to whisper those sweet nothings to you ?

Cougar Charlene

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Nasty Nipple Clamps

I love instructing my bondage phone sex callers. There was this guy, who wanted to know what nipple clamps are for. I told him I will tell him on our phonesex call, if he promises to do as I instruct. He jumped at the idea and dialed me for my pain and pleasure phonesex instructions. I told him, “Nipple clamps are ideal for those who derive pleasure from pain. These clamps prove indispensable for enacting bondage fantasies of the painful kind. Believe me when I say that the kind of orgasm you achieve using these clamps will leave you shuddering for long! Are you game?”

Emboldened by my words, he said yes and proceeded to act out my  instructions. I told him to pick up the nipple clamps, unscrew them and place each erect nipple between the pincers. How to apply pressure the right amount of pressure on the nipples requires some expertise. If you are keen on the right technique, bondage phone sex is where I’ll be waiting for you!


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Are you wondering why a girl like me loves phone sex? It’s simple, I love to listen to the callers masturbate to our fantasy. Knowing that my voice is slowly stroking his cock, completely turns me on! I am very sexual and I enjoy role playing fantasies among many other types of phone sex calls.

Tell me what your favs are by emailing me at Or  IM me on yahoo name! I can’t wait to hear your naughty secret fantasies!!


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Ebony Phone sex with Doletta

Ebony Phonesex with Doletta, so big boy…you think you can handle what I have to offer?

I will wrap my dark chocolate thighs around you and make you indulge in some hot loving with your ebony Goddess…  Ebony phonesex is hot and if your ready for dark chocolate suprise that will make you cum all over yourself give me a call!

Ebony Phonesex MILF – Doletta

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Hola Papi ! ! ! Soy Veronica
Hi Daddy…I’m Veronica. I have a warm, strong body for fun.
I love men. Older, younger a man who is ready for play.
I have a strong, hard clitty stick just for you.
Then there is My tight little shemale hole for you as well.
Are you a bottom or a top ? ?
Play with My titties Papi – I love the way that it feels.
Best of both worlds – isn’t it ? ?
Cummm speak with Me so we can play.
Ven hablar conmigo para que jugamos.

Your TS Veronica

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Hi guys.

I went to the springs and beach today and I must say that since I started doing all these teen phonesex calls and listening to all you pedo’s and perverts I can really notice the guys stairing and trying to catch a peak now!

 So of course I just had to give them a little show today! You should of seen all the hard cocks walking around me and the ones trying to hide them from their wifes! LMFAO I wander how many of those men will go home and call up a phonesex teen tonight? Hope its me!

TOOo funny!


Yahoo IM –  or check out the chatroom!

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I just love getting my pussy licked while I ‘catch one’. Put your lips right on my lips and french kiss them as if they were my mouth! Get that pussy nice and wet and work your fingers inside. Lick my ass and get it ready for your cock.


Hot MILF phone sex

Smoking fetish

Mommy Role play


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You need to make Me cum seriously hard.
Let Me lay so you can watch My tits bounce up and down as you work Me.
Wrap your strong hands around My ankles as you lick My sweet clitty.
your cock is so hard.
I want you to wrap your hand around that cock of yours and work it for Me.
I want that load all over Me – then…you lick it off.
You are My nasty lick and fuck slave!
Cum hear the rest of the details.

Your Mature Phonesex Hottie Shay

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Foot Fetish Goddess Phonesex

My feet will be the source of your pain and your pleasure, crushing your balls as I balance on them, and then stroking your cock to orgasm with the ultimate foot job… If you are a greedy foot whore or fantasize about a beautiful Foot Goddess to worship and adore, then I am the woman of your dreams…. I have real-time experience both with foot worship and foot domination.

I will know what you need and desire before you even speak it. I will take your foot fantasies to new heights and beyond all the limits you ever imagined. Impress me enough with your submission and I might even reward you by letting you buy my shoes to worship while we play on the phone…. I can feel your cock jumping to attention under my feet…. now all you have to do is call me



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I love it when men get addicted to me. I love pushing your face in deep and forcing you to taste me!  I want to feel your teeth nibbling. Suck on my naughty clit like a good little pussy boy. Make me squirt my creamy cunt juice and make you lick up every drop.

You satisfy me and I might even let you jerk that hard throbbing cock and release. If you don’t satisfy me, there will be no release for you. So work hard, worship me, eat me, suck me. Keep your mind focused on only me.

Come on get closer if you dare!   Spoil me, pamper me,  worship me. I am addicting, sexy, and you wont be able to get enough of me. So call me and show me what you plan on doing to please me.  Don’t give me any shit about how you don’t want to get addicted or how you can’t afford this.. Not my problem.

Remember this is all about me and you will make me happy or else. I get into castration, tease and denial, cbt, nipple torture, anal rape, gang banging bad boy ass. So think long and hard before you think about being “bad” ..  Don’t tell me NO, ever.


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Me gusta mucho los hombres que saben como tratar la mujer.
You can’t replace a man who knows how to treat a woman.
That man will always be satisfied.
The best match for him is a woman like Me, with an insatiable apetite.
Hot, sordid sex is always on My menu.
Whether it’s My fantasy or his the phonesex will be incredible.
Cummm share sometime with Me.

Cougar Charlene

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Call Tiffany – Your little tease & Denial phonesex Teen

All the guys I have been with tell me the same thing. “You are nothing but a cock tease.”  I can’t really help myself, you know? I enjoy my work. I have become an expert at something at such a young age. The power I have over you in unreal.

I feed off your energy to cum, the stronger your urge becomes to release your juices, the stronger my urge is to make you suffer before giving you any pleasure. I get so energized hearing you squirm and beg. I just love giving your balls the workout I demand.

Never doubt my abilities, You will only cum when I want you. Until then I challenge you to man up and take what comes to you and be happy that I am allowing you the pleasure of just hearing my voice.

Nervous?  GOOD!  I like to see you tremble.


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I love playing with men.  Lucky Me, men love to play with Me. I’m like a
magnet to hot well hung men.  Oh…your’s isn’t big…now worries, I have a use
for it too.  There is NO man I will turn away.  You all have your place iin, well
atleast My life.  You need to get off and I need someone to get Me off so
we can trade. 

I know your money is tight but not as tight as My pussy.

GILF Jackie

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Hi Sweetie – Hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day. 
Did you get everything you needed ?
Still waiting for some sexual healing ?
You’ve cum to the right place.
I love crossdressers, role plays, guided masturbation, etc.
Are you oral ? Giver or receiver or both ?
Let Louise take hold of the reins and guide you in a satisfying direction.
I’m here as your sexual guide to satisfaction.
Cum talk to Me…I’m waiting for you.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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Time to live out your dirty little secret…call me dressed up in your slutty lingerie, cocksucking lipstick and stiletto heals.

You want to feel girly, sexy and vulnerable….you’re thinking ~ I want to be that sexy little princess who everyone wants to fuck!

I know you want to be on your knees before me sucking my shiny pink dildo. Then you will beg me to stick it up ass.


Yahoo ID – taboojenni

Sissy Phone Sex

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The hottest lesbian phone sex call I’ve had so far was with a  woman.  I spoke to Cindy who was curious what it would be like to be fucked by a woman.  We both got so wet as we talked about how we would fuck each other.  She wanted me on top of her holding her arms back as I rode her hard.  She wanted to see my tits bounce as I grinded my pussy on top of hers. She said the thought of lesbian phone sex with fucking hot!

Thinking about our call still makes me wet.

Lesbian Phone Sex with Slutty Taboo Girl Dawn!

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I can turn anything I do or say into a sexual experience and I  love guys that appreciate a kinky girl like me. I came from a perverted mixed up family. I have been sexually ative since I was a very young girl when I discovered my little clit in the bath tub.

Anything gets me off, like I really got off when I got a piercing above my clit. Still as an young adult I get off on clit stimulation. I love playing with ice, pop cycles, frozen hot dogs, ice cream, hot fudge, milk. Inside or out, Anything gets me horny.

I love food fun phone sex! How about you?  Wanna show me who is the most kinky.


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two girl phone sextwo girl phone sex

Have you ever had a fantasy so wild you were afraid to share it with anyone? Cum talk to the girls of  ” Taboo Phone Girls” and they will create a fantasy so real you won’t believe your ears!
From young and sweet to wild and nasty to older and sexy, we have a beautiful group of ladies just waiting to play with you!
And just because they are beautiful, doesn’t mean they don’t get down and dirty! They love talking about naughty things that some women won’t talk about or don’t have experience in.
Cum give us a try! You won’t be sorry!

Oral, Anal, Groups, Gangbangs, Incest, Family Fun, K9, Crossdressing, BDSM,Forced Femme, Age Play, Sissy Training, CBT, Role Play, All Fetishes &Fantasies Welcome!

TWO Girl Phone Sex Specials – 15 Min for $50.00 (must ask)

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Why do I love my naturally big tits?

I guess its that I know how sensuous tits really are.
I have a nice pair And I know men love them too. Forget fake tits!  My tits are all real, and so sensitive.  I love it when men grab them hard and fuck them.  Fake tits can’t possible feel as good to fuck.

I LOVE to watch a man slide his throbbing cock through my beautiful rack.  My nipples get all hard feeling the friction of his skin rubbing against my nipples faster and faster as he gets ready to shoot his load.  I start fingering my wet pussy while I watch him fuck my tits, and hear him moan.

Sometimes I cum before he does because watching a man fuck my big tits gets me off.

BBW Valley

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Hey boys!  Do you like girls who know exactly how to get a man off?  I know exactly what I am doing, and I do it right!  Don’t waste your time on clueless girls, hook up with a special girl with a special treat under her panties like me.  I have a trick or two up my sleeve, but I know you love a girl who can surprise you the way I can.  Let me bend you over and spank and tease your ass until your thick cock is ready to blow.  Blowing is my specialty. Are you ready to be a cock slut for a very special lady?

Call me now.

Shemale Star

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I am  into older/younger stuff – Ageplay, incest, daddy & daughter roleplays!

Nothing is sexier than a man who can be the daddy I always dreamed of. I can think of some real kinky ways to go with that fantasy.
Most of all, I say we have fun and explore some real taboo stuff, water sports sure looks like fun. Don’t be shy and lets take our kinks and fetishes to new levels. I have no restrictions. Do you?

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I just saw the new neighbor peeking through his fence in the back yard. He was watching me one night and it made me a little horny. I like getting the attention from older men.  Showing off my sexy ass and watching the guys drool only makes me crave more attention.  Today at the pool was no different. I teased a few men by showing my tits, licking my lips and bending over in front of them after dropping my towel. I know you secretly want me, so give me a call for all your coed phone sex fantasy’s.



Phone sex with Jenni

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Are you ready to be my cum dumpster?

I’m hot and I know it.

I will take you out with me to the clubs and get men lined up waiting to fuck me.  But since you are with me I will give you a special treat.

I will tell any man who wants to touch me that they have got to cum in your man pussy.  Man after man will cum all over your face and in your tight little hole. You will be my little cum dumpster.

Are you ready to be my property?

Call me.


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Come tickle Me!

Do you like a hot, sweet girl to roleplay with?  I like to be tickled by older men.  Can I ride your face while your beard tickles my thighs and makes me squeal?  Do you want to tie me up and sexually torture me?  I love to dress up all pretty for you, and gasp when you throw me on the bed, hold me down or tie me up and tickle me.

I also love to be the tickler… I will start at your toes and work my way up yout thighs to your sides and under your chin…

Tickling is such sweet torcher!

Kinky lil Kitten


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