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I want to feel your tongue go deep inside my warm pink pussy. I like the way it feels going in and out. You take your time as you slide it up and down my pussy lips inside my tight hole. I squeeze on you tight so you won’t stop until I reach my climax.

I want to cum all over your face and lick it off. Put me on top of your big cock and make me ride it until you shoot your cum so deep inside of me. Watch how it slides out of me onto your dick all the way down to your balls.

Join me in some hot phone sex so I can please you the way you need.

XOXOX  Leslie 🙂

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Image the things you could do to me in these positions! Just take a minute and think about it!

 Then give me a call and tell me what you could do to me in this position! Hehe, I love playing games!!

Sweet Lil Nina

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I am so horny this morning and really  just want to lay around and play with my cunt all day long. I need to have all or you guys out there call me up and help me get off today.

The more of you men out there that call me the better. Just wait until you call me up and hear me cum. Once you hear my sweet innocent voice you will be hooked.

I sound super cute and moan really loud.

Don’t believe me? Call and find out for yourself. I promise you wont be disappointed.



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forced bi phone sex scenario.

You’ll do anything to get into my panties, and I know it.

So I play a little game with you during forced bi phone sex.I lead you to believe that I’ll let you get into my panties if you show me how badly you want me. So I put you in my panties!

Haha! Yes, it really turns me on to see you wearing my panties and putting my lipstick on. In fact, I’ll tart you up some more and maybe then I’ll fuck you.

What a turn on that’ll be when we both rub each others pantied crotches together. Oooh, and how about kissing each other while both of us are wearing lipstick. You know you’re getting turned on right now thinking about that forced bi phone sex scenario.

forced bi phone sex with KITTEN

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I’m a dirty whore porn phone sex star!

Thats right I phone fuck for a living and love sex. I have an amazing body and I like to cum every day. You could call me a “Nympho phone sex bitch extrordinaire” lol. I love sucking every inch of cum out of your cock until it’s dry.

I have massive boobs that are perfect for you  to play with or have a nice titty fuck that ends in a messy facial! I spread my tight pussy wide for you too….

Cum all over my face and tits. Slap my ass around and fuck me very rough.

Miss Monika

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Looking for an all-around teen phone sex girl who is thin blond and very kinky? Well I am here and waiting for you! I may not be as pretty or as kinky as the other girls on the site but I am all real and fun to talk to! I have a playful attitude and love to make you day or night!


Totally Kinky teen Phonesex

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I’m a real feminine transsexual who loves to provide you with a hot GFE phonesex call!

My body is tanned & toned, with firm tits, round ass, and cock! I’m a horny little oral minx who loves a cock in her mouth all the time. I love the feeling of hot cum splashing into the back of my throat as you explode and give me everything you have!

My tight ass is also ready to be filled by your hard cock any time…use my body for your pleasure!

TS Bianca

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Cum on and call me now, we can explore the wonderful world of Ebony domination together! I will let you worship my perfect voluptuous body, my soft milk chocolate skin, when, and only when I say you are permitted.

Taboo Ebony Doletta
My Yahoo ID is: TabooDoletta

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My goal on out phone sex call is to give you the most pleasurable call I can possibly give you.

A chance for you to step out of your everyday reality and feel nothing but selfish pleasure….

I AM THE Kinda WOMAN that’ll totally please you…. and do every fantasy that you can possibly come up with!

I do all the naughty pedo accomplice role plays to naughty young mommy phonesex roleplays…..

I am the true  No taboo Phonesex Girl!


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Black beauty is what I like to call myself, I’m hot sexy and I got everything you could wish for when it comes to having a big ass and big tits. If your looking for a black woman who is the true definition of a nasty little freak just for you, I’m that girl for you.

Anything you want to do I can do and please you in every way, And if you want to call me a nigger or other racial words that’s find to. So if you want that nice hard cock of yours hard and you want to come like you’ve ever came before just call me and I can make that and all your crazy dreams come true.


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I come into your room, a bowl of soapy water and a wet sponge in my hands.  You’ve been refusing to take a shower again and you’ve been requesting your favorite phone sex nurse!  I pull your johnnie aside and begin washing your body, my hands traveling slowly over your arms, your chest and your stomach.  My hand drifts further down with that soapy sponge and you moan in pleasure as it settles on your shaft.  I squeeze the sponge around your cock, sliding it up and down, moving faster and faster.  Just as you are about to explode I stop and begin washing your thighs, giggling at the expression on your face.  Wanna cum on your hot nurse phone sex call?     Nurse Ellen

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I remember when I was alot younger I used to love to tease the older white guy next door. Once I finally gave in and let him taste this sweet chocolate pussy he was hooked and so was I. I love fucking the shit out of nice, big, hard, white cock, especially more dominate older men!

It really turns me on when they turn me around and fuck my tight little ass. I love being pumped full of their cum once they are done using my hole. Its even hotter when they call me names!

Anything goes with me, so pick up your phone and call this freaky black teen phone sex girl now!

Brandy – Ebony teen phone sex!

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I have had a great week and would love to share some of the very kinky phone sex fucks I have had with you! We can start by me telling you about the teenager I caught peeking in my bedroom window and what I ended up making him do so I dident tell anyone about his being such a pervert!

Then maybe we can talk about the naughty things I did in the club behind the bar as a “tip” for my favorite bartender!  Taboo Phone sex is always fun!

Call soon ….Taboo Avery

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Nurse Ellen knows exactly how to take care of all her pain sluts out there!  I’ve got a whole collection of tools and toys sure to make you scream!  You secretly love it don’t you?  Feeling that clamp on your balls as I slide a rosebud sound into your urethra.  You struggle on the exam table but I’ve got you tied down, a gag in your mouth so you don’t scare off my other patients!  can’t have that now can we?  You know you love the extra special treatment I give you!  No other nurse would ever be so good to you!

Nurse Ellen

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Hot boobs -Mature Phone Sex

Are you that very naughty boy?
The one that rummages thru the dirty cloths hamper on a treasure hunt for the lady of the houses dirty Panties?

Are you that pathetic? Putting them up to your face, inhaling the dirty scent left behind from her pussy and ass from the previous day? Do you even stoop the beyond pevert level and dare to try to taste or lick them?
I wander what would happen if I came in and caught you?

Would you explode on sight?
What if i decided to have some fun with my new found pervert in law? Well let’s find out, if your a panty sniffer/licker, then give me a call today & let’s have some roleplay fun!

My Yahoo IM is: joanne.taboo


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 Scarlet - Hot black on white phone sex

I needed something different, something big, something new. I needed to a black cock inside me. I heard stories before that their known for being well endowed and I had to find out for myself. I watched porns and I was always got wet watching the black guy fucking the little white girl. It was a fetish of mine and I couldn’t wait any longer, so at the tender age of 15 I found myself the biggest black guy I could and have been hooked ever since!

Are you willing to turn me back to white cock? I dont think you have what it takes, but you can sure try!

I am willing to give you a chance…

Scarlet – Hot black on white phone sex

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My young sounding voice is going to make your cock twitch as soon as you call me for barely legal phone sex.  Then, as I talk to you and giggle about all the naughty things you want to do to me during our barely legal phone sex role play, you’ll be grabbing your dick and fisting it so furiously.

Oh how I wish I could be there to put my young tight pink pussy on your lap and ride you.  You’d feel how wet I am and you’d see how warm and inviting it is.  Mmmmm, I wish you were here to fill my girl pussy with your big man cock.

You’d keep pushing it and pushing it until finally my tight little twat would give way and let you in, just as I screamed into your mouth as you kiss me.  Mmmmmm….

Amleia – Teen phone sex hottie

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 BBW Phonesex with Valley

I am in the mood today to just be a nasty BBW phone sex slut. I am very horny and laying here on my bed with my fingers in my plump wet pussy wishing I had a few good men to take and ravage my big beautiful body and treat me like the fat slut they know I am. Throw me down and have one in each hole fucking me and sucking me. Make me feel like a tramp.

 I want to feel evrey hard cock deep inside my pussy and ass. Force your hard cock down my throat and call me names. Call me your nasty fat cum slut or your filthy big whore. Make me feel cheap and disgustingly used.

 BBW Phonesex with Valley

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Hi guys, I know I have spoken with alot of you as the owner and afternoon dispatcher but today I am super horny and for all of you that have been wanting to do a phone sex call with me, I am going to be available for calls all week! Yup, you get ME…lol… or if you want one of the other gals, i would be happy to help you choose!

Also all calls today are only $2.00 per minute but you MUST mention this blog BEFORE your call! Also we have a few new girls on our TEEN site and SHEMALE site! Check those out too! It’s never to early to break the new girls in good! Lol

Have a great week and talk to you real soon!

I am pso_lexi on yahoo if you need to ask any questions, just dont start with “hi” or i will block you thinking your a bot! LOL


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Hot Nurse Ellen is here for all your naughty nurse phone sex needs!  Need to be taken care of and made to feel oh so good?  Should I take your oral temp….lol  Or maybe you need a sponge bath!  Whatever your needs I’m the nurse to take care of you!

Don’t you need a naughty nurse phone sex call today? Cum to me with all of your kinky ideas, nothing is too taboo for this sexy slutty nurse!  You’ll be feeling good for days!

Nurse Ellen

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BBW Phone sex with naughty big girl Hope

My voice is hypnotic and sultry and I can be either playful, seductive, flirtatious or wicked, depending on my mood as well as yours. I will cater to your phone sex needs and wants because I want to make you feel pampered and wanted. Tell me things that you would never tell anyone else, things that you have hidden in the back of your mind that you think you cant share. I am open to them!

Don’t be shy to tell me your fantasies because I’m the one person that you can feel totally safe with.

I will be waiting to hear from you very soon!
XoxoX Hope
My Yahoo IM is hypnoticxxxhope

BBW Phone sex with naughty big girl Hope

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MILF phone sex - naughty Neighbor phonesex girl KlaraSo today I was watering the grass when I seen a group of neighbor boys across the street were contenlty staring at me. They were all about 15 or so and practically drooling all over themselves.

They kept whistling and stuff so I decided to give them a little show. I went into the house and changed into my tiniest string bikini. Then I got my little doggie and turned on the sprinkler.

I ran through the sprinkler until I was dripping wet. Then I started jumping around and touching myself all over. Those boys couldn’t take their eyes off of me, I mean I cant blame them I am the hottest MILF on the block.

If only one of them would of had the balls to come over, I would of rocked his little world.


MILF phone sex – naughty Neighbor phonesex girl Klara

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naughty asian phone sex

I was so naughty the other day. I was horny and wanted to play so I went out im my mini skirt, my tight red tank top  and no panties. Do you want to know what I did? I dropped a dollar bill opened my legs and bent down with my legs spread and showed my pussy and ass to whoever was behind me!

Want to hear more about how bad I was call me so we can have some naughty phone sex!

naughty asian phone sex


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Click to view full size imageCan you take a wild guess as to what’s on my mind right now?

COCK. Big HARD cock.

My pussy juices are filling up my panties just thinking about it. I want to take your HUGE HARD cock in my hands, trace the huge mushroom head around my lips, getting my lips all shiny with your precum. Oh and I forgot to tell you i LOVE BLACK DICK I want to gently slide the head into my mouth, sucking on it, flicking the tip with my tongue… and then just out of nowhere…STOP. Hehe I bet your balls are screaming for release now. I’ll take off my clothes and start finger fucking my pussy, making you watch me but dare you to touch yourself or i will stop, getting it ready for you to fill me… but you will not cum… not yet. I want to play with you a little.

Call me for some teasing phone sex, I’ll make your balls ache with agony, I’ll make you beg me to cum. I want your hard cock NOW!

Ellen –

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Taboo phone sex can bring you some of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever experienced. Imagine being able say whatever you want without judgment or rejection.
No limits, no restrictions, cheap phone sex rates what more could you ask for? Phone sex is what you make it, its your fantasy!
Message me or send me an Email on yahoo.

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Sweet Ebony phone sex

I love going to the beach and hanging out with all of my friends. I love to flirt with the guys and often skip classes to go. Theres a beach house me and all my friends go to and chill out.  I like to do naughty things to while I am there. I often think about my HOT teachers catching me skipping class. would you like to play naughty school girl phone sex games with me? Teach me a lesson about skipping class or showing off my body like this?

I offer roleplay fun with no taboo play. Sweet Ebony phone sex

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domination Phone sex princessI can sniff out little weak submissive  boys like you a mile away.

Why do you ask? well that’s easy I am completely the opposite of you, a domination Phone sex princess with the knowledge to coax out even the most shy of  sissy boys and make you do whatever my heart desires!

I would keep you begging until I was ready to give it to you and then if YOUR LLUCK I would ride your cock up and down until you couldn’t stand anymore and just shot your warm creamy load right in my tight pussy!

But you would of course need to clean me up!


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I love role plays of all types. Sometimes I find a phone sex boyfriend, someone who just wants to have conversation and fantasy fun with a hot babe, his fantasy dream girl, and I love that. I am intelligent, and I can converse with you and make you feel very special, because you truly are special to me! I love erotic conversation also, and I can make it sensual and caring, or kinky and extreme. Like maybe you want to have some ass worship phone sex. I love to be fucked up my ass, and have my ass licked, we can take turns anally pleasing each other. Sometimes you just need something a bit tighter and more taboo.


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Mature and Kinky Phone sex with  Anarosa

Mature and Kinky Phone sex is my specialty. Would you like to have me tell you all about what I want you to do to me? I have the kinkiest mind – I’d love to make you cum, over and over baby!  I can’t wait to flood your dick with my ass juices baby while I press my ass down on your hard cock……in and out, in and out.. feel the rhythm baby..
CUM with me  – I’m so READY for a good ass fuck…….

Mature and Kinky Phone sex with  Anarosa


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I offer you everything.
I’ll let you get what you want.
You know you need it.
You’ve wanted it for a while.
It’s being offered to you.
Why don’t you cummm n get it ?

Your TS Veronica

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