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Hola todos!
       It has taken me awhile but I needed to blog about a caller I’ve talked to called big daddy.. Aye papi, he is muy caliente!!!
 Big daddy has a nice fat black cock that I just love to suck and purr on, he loves the way I purr on his big black cock, don’t you big daddy?
        After sucking big daddy he loves to Fuck my tight latina holes,making me cum so so good that I scream aye papi and purr for him!
        Ready to do it again papi? I am ready to play with you and your big black beast of a cock!
  I am the nastiest and horniest latina in phone sex. I like it wild and kinky and the more taboo the better.
Purrrr, Kitten

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Doletta – Black PhoneSex Dominatrix

I am a professional Domme, and have helped train many women to be dominant and successful in their profession. I will turn you into the perfect submissive slave if you dare to contact me for professional training.

Everyone has different wants and needs and I will accommodate all individual preferences. All I need from you is verbal communication as to what you want us to explore. I am strict, but confident I can make you into my obedient submissive slave!

I will let you worship my perfect voluptuous body, my soft milk chocolate skin, when, and only when I say you are permitted. Cum on and call me now, we can explore the wonderful world of domination together!

Call 1-888-221-9006 & ask for me!


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6.jpgI just want to suck on that nice hard cock of yours and feel it grow harder in my throat before climbing on top of your dick and riding you until I cum really hard!

Want your cock to explode inside me filling my nice tight wet pussy with your thick hot seed.  Give Skyler a call and let’s have some really great, hot and wild fun! I’m up for just about any role play or fantasy! 

This is one girl who just loves a good roleplay!


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Have you been dreaming of interracial sex. Thinking about the way a big black cock would look against your wife’s pretty pink pussy. It drives you crazy watching him thrust his big black dick inside of her over and over and over again, listening to her moans and screams of passion and ecstasy. You are mesmerized, while whacking your own rock hard dick.

 You can hardly wait until that pretty pussy you love so much is filled to the rim with gooey cum so you can spread her legs and lick her clean. When he’s finally done with her she is completely exhausted.

Now its your turn. She wants to see you with your mouth wrapped around his huge black cock, getting him ready for another go around! Are you up for it? Call me, I am definitely a black cock whore and will give you a true interracial experience.

SHERYL – 1-888-221-9006

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Daddy caught me playing with my little cunt. He scared me when he walked in the room! I thought he was mad but he was not, he said he wanted to make sure his little girl was satisfied without going to a stranger that might hurt me. And, I needed to be taught how to masturbate the right way. He went to his room and got one of mommy’s dildos.


Then he laid me on the bed spreading my little legs and started rubbing his fingers up and down my creamy teen slit.  I got so wet.  Daddy could not resist pushing that dildo inside my young cunt.

“‘My god I can’t believe I am fucking my little girl” he said.

I could tell daddy really liked it, and I knew it felt real good. I didn’t want him to stop. He started licking my little clit tasting the cream from my young pussy. He told me he could not hold back anymore and pulled out his cock. He yelled again oh my god I am going to fuck my baby girls cunt. As he slipped his throbbing cock inside my tight fuck hole. 

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Ohhhhhh Babykins…..what can I say?  You make Mommy Jackie very very happy.  I love the way your diapered little bum looks and the way your rolly polly little legs are spread wide!  Such a helpless little babykins having to have mommy hold your hands to help you walk around the room!  Mommy loves to show you off to all of her friends and show them how pretty my little Wetsy looks in her pretty pink ruffly dress!  Should we keep our little secret that you like to stay in your wet diapers??  Oh no….I guess mommy let that slip out huh?  That’s okay though.  You know Mommy Jackie will always take care of you on our abdl phone sex calls!

Call Jackie tonight for abdl phonesex! 1-888-221-9006

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You know those girls who’s idea of kinky phonesex is riding your cock?  I’m not one of those girls.  When I tell you I wanna get extreme I mean it.  That could mean fucking in the bathroom of your work or even on your desk while your secretary is in the other room.  Or maybe you like the idea of accomplice phone sex?  Sexy you find the bitch and I’ll help you tie her up and show her a good time til she’s begging us to stop!  Just know that when you tell me you want to get extreme you better be ready to really get dirty.  The hotter the better!


yahoo mischievous.megan


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They don’t call me dirty DANNY for nothing,  I am one of those girls who guys brag to their friends about.. You know what i’m talking about, the ones that are like, “Damn , this girl Danielle is so fucking kinky she let’s me do her up the ass then sucks my dick afterwards!!” Or, this girl Danielle is real down and dirty, she dresses up like a young girl in pigtails and calls me daddy while I spank and fuck her hard!

Oh yeah guys, that’s how i do it and how i got my name years ago when I was suppose to be playing with barbie dolls.. I wasn’t a barbie type of girl, i was a gimme your cock type of girl and have been for as long as i can remember.

I was so busy taunting and teasing the men, I didn’t even have any little friends that liked to come over and play with me, except for this one girl named April. April and I were so much alike and we loved teasing the men and pleasing them as well as pleasing each other.

Let’s just say April and I had the time of our life growing up and tag teaming guys dozens of times, I wish she still lived close by but she is like 3 hours away from me now.. We get together now and then and give each other some good oral sex, then go out and tag a guy together.

You can still do a 2 girl call with her and I if you like, she’s always up for a threesome anyway she can get it 🙂 Just like me.


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Hey boys, I’m in a kinky age play phonesex kind of mood today. I love to satisfy older gentleman, I don’t know what it is about them, I guess it’s just because they are so much more mature and experienced than I am. They can always teach this no taboo slut some new tricks! I will do it all, I love to get you off hard – and I will be getting off right along with you, I love mutual masturbation! Whether you have a fantasy role play in mind, or you are looking for some ideas, I’d love to talk with you. I have a wild, imaginative mind.

Call me up for some hot phonesex,


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Phone Sex


I see the way you look at my tight phone sex body.  You stroke that pathetic little dick of yours, dreaming about the day you’ll get to slide in between my sweet thighs. Did you ask permission to touch that little dick?  No you didn’t and for that you will be punished.  What you should know though is that I devour little limp dick sissies like you for fun!  You need to kneel before your goddess and show me how much of a devoted phone sex sissy you really are.  After all, you could never please me with that limp dick of yours so why bother trying?  Call Britney now for body worship phonesex with the one you can’t stop thinking of!


bang_britney 1-888-221-9006


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My little pussy is soaked and craving cheap phone sex. Cheap phone sex doesn’t have to be bad phone sex, not at all, I’m very good at what I do. I have large, all natural tits, maybe you have a big tit fetish. I’d love to tease you with these big boobs of mine, placing them around your cock, and stroking your cock with my tits. Of course, you’d have to cum when and where I told you to, that’s the fun part! Call me up so we can play, I’ll be waiting.

Call me, Autumn, up for some hot phonesex today!

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