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Why are 2 sluts better? Because we’re always the life of the party – the last ones to leave & the first ones to fuck!  I doubt there is any kinky story or naughty fetish you can mention that I haven’t already done *giggles*  I have TONS of erotic stories I can share with you during  our cheap phoneseXXX session, do you have any to share with me?  My specialties are Cheerleader School Girl Fantasies, Mature Man Younger Woman, Ageplay Fantasy Phonesex, and even bisexual 2 girl role plays.  Call me now & as for Big Tits Danielle!


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Take me back n forth to the brink of reality; deeply ram your hard cock into my soggy wet pussy as you choke my delicate white throat . . . Make me beg for your cum, make me your dirty redhead whore.  I want to be dominated by you, submit to you, feel the pain you inflict on me . . . please allow me to orgasm between the alternating clutches of your grasp.  My name is Abygail and I have no taboos.  I’m a slutty teen tramp here for your pleasure; Breath Play fantasy rape, Daddy Daughter Fun, or your wildest BDSM Fetishes, call me today!


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mature phone sex girl I can become very addicting, so watch out …. unless you are looking for a lady to truly capture your mind, body, soul and cock!

Once I get under your skin, you will find yourself thinking of little else. My voice is hypnotic and sultry and I can be either playful, seductive, flirtatious or wicked, depending on my mood as well as yours.

I will cater to your needs and wants because I want to make you feel pampered. Don’t be shy to tell me your fantasies because I’m the one person that you can feel totally safe with.

Mature Phone sex with Joanne

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I’ve had completely satisfying times with some hot guys on the phone, but as usual, I haven’t taken the time to update here. Please don’t think it’s because I don’t appreciate all of you who have spent time with me. I truly do. I’ve never been good keeping up journals or diaries.

  • The cute little cuckold who called with that little boy dick was so nice in spite of the dick disaster you have. I’m glad your wife is smart enough to find a real dick to please her. You are fun though. I do want to hear more from you soon.
  • I heard from my bill fold who just keeps that wallet open for me to do anything I please with. I have a wonderful time seducing that money away from you sweetheart.
  • The pantie slut who came in my panties as soon as I slid them on you. The neighbor who I found stroking with my lace panties in my laundry room. The male secretary who didn’t particularly like working for a woman so I made you wear my panties at your desk in front of the rest of the office. I have quite the pantie fetish too and always enjoy my pantie callers.
  • The sweet little boy who licked Mommy’s pussy like a good boy. The naughty little boy who was sent home from school so Mommy had to punish you with my strap on. You are both wonderful!

My pussy’s wet just thinking about the sexy men I’ve played with. Give me more. Fuck me!



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I am
Hot MILF Phone Sex
Nasty Neighbor Phone Play
Substitute Teacher Slut
Mature Counselor / sex therepy
Awesome Aunty MILF
Sexy Sister phone sex
and so much more…
I will fuck, suck, drain, train, love, drench and smear you with


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Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.


Yahoo: taboodoletta

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Danielle and Leslie


Fist fucking session

Watch Leslie work that coed pussy!

2 Girl Phone Sex

Bi-sexual Phone sex


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I am the MILF who really enjoys CUCKOLDING!
You dare to complain that I never put out when all you have to offer is that teeny weeny little dick?! You say you are good to me? Well, you’ll see just how wrong you are!! Today, I’m bringing home some HOT, WELL-HUNG studs to do me like a real man should! I’ll make you watch and we’ll all laugh at you!! LOL Hey, stop your sniveling and whimpering like a baby!
This woman needs satisfaction and we both know you can’t give it to me! LOL! Just when you think “Oh this can’t get any worse!” I’ll make you suck both their HUGE, throbbing cocks, watch while they ram me HARD with them, then make you drink every last drop of their CUM loads from my well-fucked pussy and ass! LOL! ROFLMAO!
If you complain they’ll fuck your tight ass over and over! Ya, I am one nasty MILF! Too bad your teeny weeny dick will never know just how hot my CUNT is deep, deeeep inside!
I’m beautiful and so talented! Are you worthy of me?
I want a hard-fuckin’, hot sex lovin’ guy who has a man-sized COCK! Anyone here think you are man enough to give me what I crave? Call me and prove it! I’m getting out my tape measure!

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The First G-Spot was Found on a Corpse

Scientists in the 1600s had nothing better to do than sit around and speculate about sex. After all, it wasn’t that long after people injected mercury into their urethra for gonorrhea, drank ground-up beaver testicles to not get pregnant, and whacked their spouses because they wouldn’t conceive a son (we’re not naming any names, but…)

So it was only natural that scientists would want to instill some order into the wacky universe of sexual education. Sure, they could go pick up loose woman after loose woman, investigating the sexual parts of each in painstaking detail until the morning light. Or, actually, maybe they couldn’t… did people even have sex way back then? Either way, our point is obvious: Corpses. Scientists would examine corpses to learn about the human sexual anatomy.

A dutch physician was feeling up corpses, for science or course, when he discovered a batch of nerves that deflated upon death. Working in a laboratory 300 years later gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, discovered that the spot could be used to help women achieve seriously monstrous orgasms. Thus the Gräfenberg spot, or “G-Spot” for short, was found.

Taken from: The Smoking Jacket

  This one was to funny to pass up! So I had to share, but i wander to myself HOW is a corpse going to tell the dr that it “feels so good” lol

More Sex in the News

By: Dawn

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One day after cheerleading practice I missed my ride and had to walk home.  A man in a trenchcoat pulled me into an alley and forced me to  my knees.   He said the more I screamed the deeper he was gonna shove his dirty massive prick into my innocent little virgin pussy.  Even though it hurt and I cried my twat got really bloody wet and I wanted him to rape me harder.  Does this make me a dirty little whore?  Call me today and tell me what you think about my nauhty teenage cheerleader rape fantasy!


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Oh yes guys, I might be young but I have a very kinky and twisted mind and wild imagination that will send you over the edge. Come Playwith me to see just how naughty a 18 year old ageplay phone sex girl can get.


Yahoo IM: tabooamelia

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Will you be my teacher?  Can you show me how to properly suck an older man’s cock?  I think I’ve been a bad little slut . . . I only talk back because I secretly want you to rape me . . .shhhh . . .  but please don’t tell anyone about my dirty fantasies –  I promise I won’t cry too loudly when your fat teacher daddy dick stretches out my pouty little mouth. *Blushes*  Call me now for some kinky barely legal schoolgirl phonesex fun!


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Hello boy’s, I am BBW phone-sex girl Valley and i want to Role Play with you! I see you staring at me every time you come into the Diner where i work, your eye’s never meet mine. Instead you innocently stare and talk to my chest, getting a huge noticeably hard on. You may think that i don’t notice but i do. How can you honestly help it? My chest is rather large! I get very horny knowing that you get aroused by the sight of me.

I notice you are about to leave, so i quickly punch out for my dinner break. I go outside and wait. You come out and i “bump” into you…your speechless! “Could you possibly give me a ride to my house?” I ask, you quickly shake your head like a happy little puppy dog.

“want to come in for a drink?” Call me and find out what i have planned for you!

Role Play
Naughty Co-worker
Nasty Neighbor
Scat & Golden Showers
Huge Tit Fucking
NO taboo’s
Slutty BBW girl from next door
Take a glance at my Pictures and call me…I like to know you are getting hard looking at them!

BBW Valley

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Don’t you just love it when you wake up horny?
I must of had a hot dream about you and me on a taboo phone sex call cause I woke up with my hands in my wet panties!  Wanna take care of that morning wood with your naughty phone sex slut?
Looks like we both could use a little help first thing!
Morning Phone sex with MONIKA

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I’m begging you to put your big cock into my tight tranny ass.  I want to feel your salty hot cum drip out the sides of my fat shemale ass cheeks.  Every thrust of your manmeat splits me open and fills my heavy balls with jizz.  Do you wanna hear this slutty transexual whore scream your name?  Call me today and make me your cum servant!


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Like my pussy baby? I know you can’t wait to dive right on in ~ please, do! Get me nice and slithery wet, then slide your cock right in and claim your PRIZE – a little PIECE of Heaven.

Yes, let me be the ANGEL on your arm and your secret, SHE-DEVIL in YOUR bedroom! You have a fantasy, sexy man? I will deliver! Is there one you’ve never told anyone about?

CUM tell your SEXY, horny Phone sex Slut! I have, absolutely NO TABOOS ~ TELL ME ANYTHING! TELL ME EVERYTHING…it’s just between us, baby. We’ll even whisper if that’ll make you feel better – but I will have you groaning and screaming before you know it!

Accent Phone sex with LEONA

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I know you’re shy to tell the world you secretly desire your virgin ass & mouth to be pumped full of cum from a huge shemale cock, but that’s ok – I know that’s what you really want & know exactly how to give it to you.   I am the best of both worlds, and nothing pleases me more than using your holes as my personal tranny cum depository!  By the time I’m done with you you’ll never look at a small cock for as long as you live.  Wanna worship my big beautiful penis?  Call me today for a phonesex call with a tranny slut!


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I can be a very Naughty Bitch.

I love weak  minded men who I can take ownership of.
I will own you with one dial of the phone, your Mine. My little pet. I will guide and
train you just the way I want you to be.

Submit slut. There is no turning back.

Some of My Deviant desires:
*Toliet Training*Diaper Babies
*Blackmail *Forced Fem
*Forced Cum Eating *Anal Play
*Panty sluts *Cum With holding

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Slide your hard throbbing cock between my two huge tits while I gently suckle that sweet drop of pre cum from your cock.  Pinch my hard nipples and spank these big tits until my tight teenage pussy creams with slut juice.  I want you to fuck my big breasts, pussy and asshole and make me YOURS!  I need a daddy to show me how to behave!  Do you need a sassy slut to get you off?  Call me today for daddy/daughter ageplay fantasy phonesex session!


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ebony phonesex with trinity

My uncle caught my gf eating my pussy!

I was staying with my Uncle for a few days while my parents are away and you’ll never guess what happened to me! I invited my girlfriend over after school and we were fooling around on the couch. I had a beige mini skirt on and a tight fitting pink tshirt. Long story short the mini skirt ended up being around my waist, my legs up in the air, and my girlfriends head between my thighs. What I was unaware of that day was my Uncle getting off work early. He walked in the door and caught my girlfriend eating my pussy on his couch!  At first he was angry, but when my girlfriend tried to leave he locked the door and told us both we weren’t going anywhere, and proceeded to make us both strip naked for him. I’d love to tell you more during a hot phone sex session, give me a call!

XOXO Trinity!

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Tease & Denial phonesex is what I’m all about and into.  I love bringing men to the brink of  orgasm and then taking it all away with one sweet breath.  I also get off on spanking asses, stretching out the delicate skin of a man’s scrotum until he cries like a little girl, and yanking the tender flesh from a prick with my teeth until I taste that very first drop of blood.  Yep, I’m a painslut, alright.  A slut for YOUR pain!  Call me today for some good ole fashioned cock & ball torture phonesex!


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Hola Papi – Are you seriously looking for a shemale hung like a horse ?
Are you a newbie, a novice or advanced ?
I’d say a she male hung like a horse is a specialty. 
I’ve been with a guy hung like a horse and it was a trip but it was nice.
I’ll be looking for a shemale hung like a horse just for you.
A threesome would work well – wouldn’t it ?

Your TS Veronica

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A man who craves scat has to have his scat
Scat is one of those things that one must be of a certain interest to crave.
I’ve done golden showers before scat phone sex is p
I love the attention when I’m sitting on your face delivering My little nuggets to you.
It feels so good as you start with a rim job and just go deeper and deeper. 
I understand how much you crave and desire My sweetness, cummm n get your scat

Your Mature PhonesexHottie Shay

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You crave naughty asian phone sex because you need a certian level of pleasure. You are horny and you need the extra stimulation to help you cum. Well…my nasty mind and seductive voice will be just what you need to take you over the edge and leave you sticky and dripping. Your sexual satisfaction is my main objective today even is you are shy or nervous I will help you to relax and let go of all those stressful things.

Stroke your cock slowly and listen to my asian phone sex voice as I tell you what I am doing to every inch of your body. And you tell me what you will do to mine, anything you want,  All of you dirty secrets are safe with me. (Asian Phone sex)

I love experimenting with things that will have s both feeling so hot & horny that we cum and crash into a deep embrase and lay there unable to move. Call me today and lets cum together.

Yoshie – Asian Phone Sex

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Salirophilia: I Like It Dirty

Showering before sex maybe the routine for some people. Others like the idea of getting dirty during sex – literally – or making their partner dirty,. This fetish is called salirophilia.

Some salirophiliacs like to smear the makeup, mess up the hair, or rip the clothing of their partner.

Dr. Ian Kerner, a New York City sex therapist, says this often involves domination/submission fantasies.

  Always Sex – Always making headlines
 Sex sells!
  Sex in the news!
  By:  Dawn

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teen phone sex - anal teen phonesex

Does my tiny white ass and puffy pink lips make you wanna just eat me up and then shove that hard cock in? Hehe, I know you do!

I am ready for all you teen girl anal phonesex freaks, whether you wanna spank me, worship my tight little ass or just hurt me good by sliding yourself into me! I am waiting to hear from you now!


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I am the neighbor, teacher, auntie, Sunday School teacher and Mommy of your dreams…
Don’t lie there another minute without picking up the phone and calling your Mature Mama Sheryl for the best Phone Sex ever – damn it, actually the BEST SEX EVER!
I will start by licking up your cock and draining your hard balls of all your cum and just when you think you can’t take it anymore I will get you so fucking hard and climb that hot rod of yours and pound your cock til you scream for mercy
I’m the nasty cock-teaser you’ve been searching for night and day, I am right here baby!

Mommy Phone sex with Sheryl

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doletta14Look at my perfect figure!  Wouldn’t you love to have this Nubien Princess stand over your pathetic weak, little body? I will collar you and make you submit to me.  I will turn you into my little pet that I can boss around and make you do little chores for me.  I will give you slave assignments  and black mail you if you don’t listen to me.  If you need more discipline and constant nurturing look no further. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Cum on baby and show me how much you’d love to suck the milk out of these huge mammary glands.  I’m lactating right now, so give me a call and let Miss Doletta breast feed you her chocolate milk.



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I am the Sexy, Gorgeous, Long-legged, nasty phone sex tease you’ve only dreamed about! You so know it’s true, so stop everything and come with me on a Magical Nasty Ride!

Dont let my sweet accent and voice fool you,  I’m no angel and I am damn sure not a Virgin! I love my reputation “The Extreme Slut!”
Come join me and we’ll explore all your deepest, darkest, most vile, nasty and forbidden desires!

I am a NO TABOO Desperate Slut… There is nothing you and I can’t share – I’ll even share all my dirty little secrets with you, you Horny Cock-slingin’ man! Come find out why I am so desperate for cock!


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Now only a Sexy GILF would be willing to even pose for a picture in a bikini.
I’d like for you to focus on that fine ass of Mine – the things you could do to it.
Worshipping My ass would be a good start – a GILF with a fine ass…what a concept.
I do like watersports and I’ve been known to gift My callers with GILF in a jar.
My scat lovers love that.
So – Cummm spend some time with a Sexy GILF – I’m waiting.

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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