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I enjoy ALL fetishes and fantasies with NO limitations. I enjoy Mature Phone sex role plays and even age play phone sex.

Sexually I am experienced vastly in the huge world of phone-sex Fantasies! My Specialties and likes are way to many to list, but I can sure try. I am into all the nastiest and most taboo fantasies that you so crave so dearly to talk with someone about.

I am very kinky and open minded & I have heard and done many things in my lifetime. Call me today to talk about that Extreme Taboo you dream about with me!

  • Scat & golden showerfetish phone sex
  • Extreme Mommy age Play and incest Phone sex roleplays
  • Adult Baby Phone Sex – Abies & Diaper Lovers
  • Anal fucking phone sex fantasies – Ass Pounding
  • Mother and Son Incest roleplays – Family Fun
  • Pantie fetish & Sissy girl Roleplay  1-888-221-9006

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Wow guys, I have this teacher, Professor Parker and Oh My God is he HOT! Every time I go to class, I leave with my panties SOAKING WET! I really want to get into his pants. I don’t mean fuck him so I can get an A, I mean fuck his brains out so that I can get off. I’d love to slide his nice hard cock between my lips.

The problem is that he’s just too professional. I’ve tried flirting with him. I’ve even tried wearing short skirts to class (and it’s cold here, so this isn’t comfortable walking to class) and not wearing panties and sitting in the front row and crossing and uncrossing my legs hoping he’ll pay attention. He won’t. I mean, what do I have to do, show up to class naked and sit in his lap?

So guys, I now have this hot teacher fantasy and I want you to call me and help me to fulfill it. I want to get thoroughly fucked by my teacher boys and you get to be the teacher!

Call Britney and let’s have some fun!

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Mature Phone Sex

Mom Makes Her Son a Man

It was stupid of me not to have been more careful. My grown up son saw me undressing through the parted door and had since been looking at me strangely. It’s obvious that he hasn’t been introduced to the birds and bees yet, though he’s in his mid-teens. So, it was left to his mother dear to do the honors of educating him about adult life. Now I don’t really subscribe to this personally, but where my kid is concerned, I’ll always think the best for him.

My chance soon came when I caught him masturbating in the bathroom. This was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I scolded him and asked him what he was thinking while masturbating. To my shock and surprise, I was the leading lady of his sexual fantasy! I told him to enact his fantasy in all its gory detail. This made him shrink back in fear, but my encouragement made him open up and off to my bedroom we went. What happened next was something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. How my son lost his virginity is something you just cannot afford to miss, so give a call to mummy phone sex right away!

Call Joanne for your Mommy Phonesex roleplays!

All calls are $2.25 min or less, see rates page!


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I love to party hard and do all kinds of kinky shit, every since I was younger and had my first multi fuck party. I never stopped after that and realized there would never be a single man that could satisfy my sexual desires!

Gang bangs, group sex, anal, dual penetration, girl on girl, make guys suck cock with me, two girls on one guy. Fuck and suck are my favorite sports. I also love role play, oral, foreplay, body worship, and family fun…

I have no taboos.
Not shy about sex.
Will try anything.
Nothing shocks me..

Sooo… give me a call and just try. There aren’t too many things I haven’t tried but love new challenges..

Call now! HOPE  1-888-221-9006

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Do you men like a smoking phone sex fetish girl?

I want to lay back naked legs wide apart and take a long draw off my cigarette as you work your way down to my pussy. I continue to take long drags as you lick on my wet clit, I exhale circles of smoke while you make circles around my clit, I can just close my eyes and enjoy the two pleasures as one!

Do you think it’s sexy while a woman smokes while your giving her pleasure then I would love to help you fulfil that desire! Give me a call soon, I will light up and play with my hot pussy for you!

  • Smoking Phone Sex
  • Dragging a cigarette while being fucked
  • Leather & Domme smokers
  • Phone Sex smoking girls


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The nurse is in and ready to take care of all you milf loving boys!  Love those big titties and luscious ass?  You want me to put my stethescope………where?  Hmmmmmm, naughty boys!

I think what you really need is to get fucked by my big strap on and let me examine that tight ass of yours!  Maybe you are in need of an enema from this sexy nurse.

Bend over baby and let me see that ass of yours.  Ready for some hot nurse phone sex?  You know Nurse Ellen will have you feeling so good when I’m done!

Nurse Ellen

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I can be the little teen phone sex girl who loves to get calls from her very naughty professor who had been blackmailing her, threatening to tell her parents about her naughty past time as a coed phone sex operator… or even the little bratty student who seduces you into doing very naughty things and blackmails YOU! Maybe I can threaten to call your job or your wife…HAHA

So many fun things to do with school girl phonesex calls! Do you have a fantasy you would loke to play out? Give me a call real soon and let’s have some fun. I have no taboos and can play as young as you want!

Ashley – School Girl Phonesex

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Want to indulge yourself in something totally taboo and erotic? Why not role play with a hot transsexual with a hot body and nice hard cock!

When you bring me home you will never know I have a hard cock under my panties. I will get you all hot and horny and have you wanting to taste me? On your knees? Lift up my skirt? Now take down my panties? What do you see?

You are surprised but you are a good boy and take it into your mouth an suck me off!

TS Veronica

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Hey there guys!  It’s Monika, your favorite yng MILF!  I’m really horny here guys!  I just want to suck on that nice hard cock of yours and feel it grow harder in my throat before climbing on top of your dick and riding you until I cum really hard!

I want your cock to explode inside me filling my nice tight wet pussy with your thick hot seed.  Give Monika  a call and let’s have some really great, hot, wild fun!  I’m up for just about any role play or fantasy!  This is one girl who just loves a good roleplay!


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Call this  slut for a hot time!

We can have some red hot masturbation phone sex! Jack that hard cock for me as I shove dildos and vibrators in my ass and pussy! Tell me how good it feels to stroke that hard fucking prick in your hand! I’ll tell you how good it feels to have my 8″ dong in my ass as I buzz my hard clit as my pussy juice drips all over my chair baby! I love phone sex!

You might even call me a phone sex slut I love it so much! Call me now stud for the best fucking masturbation phone sex you have ever had!


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Age Play fantasies are the best!

I just love being a younger girl that is all innocent. But my daddy is ready to corrupt me. He teaches me all sorts of naughty things to do that make him really happy. I may be hesitant at first but eventually I will like it just as much as he does. There is just something about playing a very young girl who has to be trained. I love getting all you older guys off too.

Age Play  fantasies are just one of the many fantasies I like playing out on a phone sex call. So call me up and lets play!

Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

  • Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
  • Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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I cant believe I am actually talking dirty to guys on the phone! Who would ever believe it?  I am a High School Senior and i JUST turned 18!

I giggle allot and i like to make fun of guys with little inney winney peters! I may look like a good lil girl, and i am, but i have been sexually active for a little over 3 years! My Boyfriend is away at college and I really miss him, so i often get horny- that’s why i started doing the phone sex. My friend Sara works here too, she told me about it! I love to get naughty with her on the phone too!

Call me today, The “lil miss perfect” phone sex teen!


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I have so many fantasy ideas in my head. From A to Z., anything from from anal play to zesty hot fucking.

  • You have a flare for being a moma’s boy?
  •  You underdeveloped compared to other boys your age?
  • You think more like a girl than a guy.
  • You in denial about your sexuality?

 Well Mommy has been watching you and it’s time to get in touch with your true idenity. We need to do some serious changing here so you can start living out your life as you were meant to.

Call Mommy now so we can evaluate your place in life. You know Mommy knows best.

Joanne 1-888-221-9006

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Wow guys, I have this teacher named Professor Parker and Oh My God is he HOT! Every time I go to class, I leave with my panties SOAKING WET! I really want to get into his pants. I don’t mean fuck him so I can get an A, I mean fuck his brains out so that I can get off. I’d love to slide his nice hard cock between my lips….

How about you help me roleplay this out on a naughty student – teacher phone sex fanstasy?


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I enjoy every type of Phone Sex call… from sweet all night long love-making to hard and rough anal penetration with sweaty fucking all night long. I also enjoy oral sex,  blowjobs, my sweet pussy licked and i love giving and receiving anal oral as well!. I also enjoy all kinds of kinks and fetishes, From you naughty girl next door to talking about incest and family fun.

I Have a Huge toy collection with several different types of dildos and vibrators. I have anal beads, but plugs, strap on’s, rabbits and bullets. Cum listen to me play with myself and let me know what kinds of toys you would like for me to shove in my holes while on out hot phonesex session!

We have lot’s of things we can do but you need to make that effort and call our toll free number. Ask them for free phone sex WITH your paid call and receive 5 free minutes on your 20 minute paid call with me! 


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Babysitter Autumn had a great call with her sweet diaper lover the other day!

He is so much fun, I LOVE  chatting with him about his diaper loving. I love people who are real and comfortable in their own skin and that’s one thing I totally love about him.

He has found many places to meet with others in the AB/DL community and places to express his diaper loving fetish and share it with others. I think that is soooo HOT!! I wish more of my diaper lovers had the opportunity to share their fetish with others. It opens them up to a whole new world which is so cool because it allows you to grow in your fetish and your comfort level.

I want ALL you ABDLs out there to know you can share anything and everything with me!  I am here for you and always will be.


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