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Some of My Specialties and things I enjoy include:

ABDL Ageplay | Cuckold Phone sex | Mature Phonesex
GILF Fetish | Submission Mommy/Son Fantasy | Mutual Masturbation
Spankings | Family Fun | Hot Mom Phone-sex Older Phonesex
Granny Role-plays | Humiliation | Little Cock Fantasies
& MUCH more!


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Hope is waiting on you………..

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Can you take a wild guess as to what’s on my mind right now?

COCK. Big HARD cock.

My pussy juices are filling up my panties just thinking about it. I want to take your HUGE HARD cock in my hands, trace the huge mushroom head around my lips, getting my lips all shiny with your precum.

Oh and I forgot to tell you I LOVE BLACK DICK I want to gently slide the head into my mouth, sucking on it, flicking the tip with my tongue… and then just out of nowhere…STOP. Hehe

I bet your balls are screaming for release now. I’ll take off my clothes and start finger fucking my pussy, making you watch me but dare you to touch yourself or i will stop, getting it ready for you to fill me… but you will not cum… not yet. I want to play with you a little.

Naughty ELLEN

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Be my phonesex baby. AB/DL and Diaper Lover Phone sex

Have you been a naughty boy and soiled your diaper? I think your phonesex Nanny will have to make you more comfortable won’t she? I love having baby play, laying you down, changing and pampering that little cock and balls for you, making you nice and snug again. Then letting you play whilst I watch you in your diaper having fun. Perhaps you could sit on Nanny’s knee and I could play with you?

  • Be my phonesex baby /mommy phone sex
  • AB/DL and Diaper Lover Phone sex


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Period play Phonesex with Logan

Period play Phonesex with Logan

Every month I get so horny when I have my periods, I love to talk to guys who enjoy a messy fuck. My nipples become really engorged as does my pussy. I have nasty phonesex with guys and describe how I slowly like to pull out my tampon and imagine it’s their cock coated in my fluids, then have them fantasize as they lick me and bring me to orgasm. Thinking about the pink spunk oozing out of me does it every time. Period play Phonesex with Logan

Nasty Phonesex Thoughts with Logan

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Can I be your dirty little secret. The one you have been sneaking off to see. Nobody knows that you have been fucking the hottest little slut on the planet. My pussy is all yours.

When you go to bed at night and have to fuck the wife I know that it is me you are thinking of. She thinks that hard fuck you just gave her was all about her, but I know that if you hadn’t dreamed it was me you wouldn’t even been cum with her.

So once again, Can I be your dirty little secret?


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Let me deep thraot that hard dick, shove it down my throat for a phonesex oral session you wont soon forget, i will take it anyway i can get it. I love suckin, slurpin, gaggin & anything to do with a dick on my mouth.

I’m your chocolate dream who craves that huge white dick in my mouth right about now.

Cum on fellas, your ebony phone sex hottie is ready to suck some dick today.


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Pregnant and phonesex fucking.

Ever since I have been pregnant I have got hornier and hornier. Must be my hormones, I can’t get enough. Love you to have phonesex with me so I can describe my enormous tits, oozing already with milky juices, telling you how engorged my pussy is, how permanently wet I am, in need of a hot fucker like you to cum with me, imagining you bending me over and ramming your wet cock deep up inside my already fertilized hole.

Pregnant Phone Sex with Aimee of

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Click to view full size image

I was taught at a very young age how to manipulate men, how to tease them to the edge and then make them beg for more! As you can see  from my pictures I am a little older and I love to tease, love to make you think you will get some from me too, but that doesn’t mean you ever will!

I love to hear you moan and beg for more, that’s what gets me off!

Call me for your mature phone sex needs!
Don’t be shy to tell me your fantasies because I’m the one person that you can feel totally safe with.

My Yahoo IM is hypnoticxxxhope
Hope   1-888-221-9006

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I love being your naughty school girl. Close your eyes and imagine me… Sexy short plaid skirt, white cotton panties. Knee high socks and black shoes. Tiny top tied in a knot under my sexy breasts. My silky blonde hair in pig tails. Can you see me dressed up in my slutty outfit for you? Naughty school girl Phone sex


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Office sex phonesex fantasies with Joanne

I got involved with a man a few years back that showed me what a true slut and dominate girl that I really am,  and since then there was no turning back. Now I am here to live out your fantasies, let say there is the hot girl in the office and you would really love to roleplay out a hot fantasy about her walking up behind you and just taking you without a word, grabbing your tie and forcing you to do Very naughty and perverted things on your desk, with all of your co-workers a few feet away behind an unlocked door…how exciting would that be!

Office sex phonesex fantasies


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Babysitter Autumn had a great call with her sweet diaper lover the other day!

He is so much fun, I LOVE  chatting with him about his diaper loving. I love people who are real and comfortable in their own skin and that’s one thing I totally love about him.

He has found many places to meet with others in the AB/DL community and places to express his diaper loving fetish and share it with others. I think that is soooo HOT!! babysitter phone sex . I wish more of my diaper lovers had the opportunity to share their fetish with others. It opens them up to a whole new world which is so cool because it allows you to grow in your fetish and your comfort level.

I want ALL you ABDLs out there to know you can share anything and everything with me!  I am here for your babysitter phone sex calls and always will be.


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If it’s a role play cum slut you want, look no further. I want you to dominate me and make me into the nasty little slut that you would be proud of. Fuck my ass, pussy but finish your load in my horny cock sucking mouth. Bukkake is my party piece, and if that’s the sort of entertainment you want, you won’t be disappointed. Have your friends feed me what I need – spunk!
Fuck me any which way, fill my ass with your big cocks then make me taste my juice off it before you offload your jizz into my throat.


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I am such a naughty girl; I like being naughty when I’m having phonesex because between you and me I need a hard bottom spanking.

My little dress is way too short, and they way I suck my thumb is oh, so sweet, as I look at you with my big eyes, begging you not to spank me again. Knowing full well that bulge in your pants is only going to bet bigger.

I insist that I am sorry, but I know Daddy needs to give his little Princess a hot red booty for the naughty things she gets up to.


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Have you had MILF phone sex experince?  Want to?  I will love you experienced or not. I get off on mothering you and teaching you how to enjoy the please of an older hot woman on our MILF phone sex calls that has no restrictions and no limits. I will do things your wife will not do. I will not make you commit to me. Just fuck and have fun with a caring older lady.

I offer you the perfect fuck. Then you can go home to the little wiffy and be a good boy. Come back to me anytime you want, and trust me, you will be back. Once you have MILF phone sex experience you will want it more and more. You will become addicted to the thought of a no strings attacted nuturing older fuck.  We can do anything you want, nothing will surprise me. So be the hot young husband, new grade school teacher, preacher at the church down the street.

I am naughty enough to not care about your profession nor marital status. I have made many men cheat over and over again, just for the opportunity to get the kind of sex a good MILF phone sex call can offer. I hold nothing back. If you can think it, we can do it!  1-888-221-9006

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I had a fabulous call today, my daddy came home with his brother and I have not seen my Uncle in a long time. I was so excited to see him I jump up on him and gave him a big hug and kiss, he told me how I grown up so much to be a pretty little girl. Later on that night my dad went to bed and me and my uncle stayed up talking about everything, I told him about my ex-boyfriend and he talked about his ex-girlfriend and how long its been since he has had sex, and told him its been awhile for me as well, and one thing led into another and we ended up having some awesome sex. You need to call me so I can tell you all about me and my uncle. Can’t wait to play again with you Uncle Bob.





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Hope   1-888-221-9006

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Calling all you naughty phone sex perverts out there, I am Ashley and I am here for all your naughty perverted role-play needs. Nothing is to taboo for me and i will never turn your fantasy down!

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do including those that are just a little to naughty to even list here…

From accomplice to age play, CBT or GFE I can do it all! Give me a call today and ask me about the naughty things I love to do when I am home alone!


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Joanne  1-888-221-9006

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