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Teen Phone Sex Girl Gets In Trouble at Gym

This Teen Phone Sex Girl got in SOOO Much trouble!!!! I had to call daddy from the Gym office phone at school. I am in a bit of trouble.  The boys gym teacher sort of caught me in the boys locker room last period. I was not alone though- well until the boys heard Mr. H came in I wasn’t. They ran so fast and since my panties were down around my ankles, I couldn’t run! Mr H. confronted me and asked what I was doing in the boys locker room. Well it was a little hard to deny what I was doing since my boobs were covered in cum and my panties down! He told me that unless I did what he said, he was going to suspend me. Mr H also says that you have to come down here immediately to see what your “little angel ” has been doing. Call me back at 1-888-674-6460 to help me get out of trouble. He says I have to tell you exactly everything that has occurred! Hurry I cant leave his office until you call this Teen Phone Sex Girl!

Love ya daddy

Your Roxy

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Panty Slut Phone Sex

Panty Slut Phone Sex

Are you a naughty little Panty slut phone sex boy? Are you ready to play with a mature woman who knows what you want and need? Your wife left for work again and you can’t help yourself to go straight to her panty drawer and put on a silky pair of her most feminine panties. She’s questioned you about some missing pairs but she just thinks they go where all the disappearing socks go. She would never think her husband was a panty slut. You’re all man and you have a pretty good size cock but I know that you’re a true panty boy at heart.

You love prancing around the house in her panties and enjoy putting on her stockings and garter belts. It feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it? Panty slut phone sex

I know you secretly desire to become a true panty slut and I am the one who can help you. It will be our little secret. We know when the wife is away the little Panty slut phone sex calls will begin! Oh how i like to play with sissies like you!

Is there any of you hot and horny guys feeling just as naughty as me? Feeling like you need to release that inner panty boy? I could seriously use some T.L.C on my sweet clit, lets enjoy lesbian love!

Tonight i will be cutting loose and having come wine and a great ORGASM! Panty slut phone sex…. so do my a favor and go put on your favorite pair if frilly little pink panties and lipstick and call me!

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Golden showers phone sex

Golden showers phone sex

 Golden showers phone sex – There I was with you on your knees right in front of me. At that moment I could decide to do a variety of things but  it dawned on me that  at that very moment there was one thing I wanted to do more than anything. Your mouth was eagerly open and your tongue was sticking out and out of all of the thoughts I could have there was definitely one thing I had in mind. This is what I enjoy & the only thing i could think of was Golden showers phone sex & pissing in your mouth.

I need to take a nice warm piss and your tongue was looking like the perfect perch for my pussy to pop a squat on. Perhaps it might not be very lady like to just pop a squat on some guys face but I have NEVER claimed to be a proper lady. Pissing all over your face and in your mouth is what I want to do, and I am infamous for doing exactly what comes to mind and getting you to enjoy every moment!

So as you are there eagerly looking up at me with your tongue protruding from your mouth like a little happy puppy dog, I do exactly what I wanted to do. I straddle your face and relax my pussy muscles as a stream of hot yellow piss releases to find its way splattering all over your face. Golden showers phone sex is what we will do! Give me a call real soon and we can be very dirty together!

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