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Shemale Goddess Dasha~

Shemale Bukkake Phonesex

Well my Shemale Bukkake Phonesex caller did it again;

He came back today & brought his big guns bank account with him; he called the bank & had the limit raised on his debit card just to pay for the sessions with his favorite Tranny Goddess!  Gawd how nice is that?  I just love the smell of cold hard cash lol.  Not only that, but it really makes me feel good when clients do these little things to let me know how much they appreciate me – makes me feel like a REAL Goddess 😀  

Our roleplays are sexy steamy hot since he’s heavily into Shemale Bukkake.  Some of the fantasies we cook up even keep my TS cock hard for long well after our phone sex call is done.  The last call we had, I led him by a collar & leash into the center of a room filled with my Shemale friends seated on couches placed in a circle surrounding him.  He sucked them all clean, one by one, then we emptied our full loads of cum onto his body.  What a party!

Is Shemale Bukkake Phonesex a naughty secret fantasy you have?  If so, call me now & let’s talk!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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Extreme Pedophile Phone Sex

Extreme Pedophile Phone Sex

Extreme Pedophile Phonesex puts my pussy into a wet fantasy land made of orgasms & creamy cum! In our kinky role-play, I want Daddy to dress his naughty lil girl with pigtails, dirty panties, & knee high socks.  I want him to rape my naughty preteen mouth with his fat pedo cock, force it down so hard that I inhale his nest of sticky wet gray pubes . . . Daddy, do you like the way gagging & choking on your fat loaded barrel makes the thick mascara you put on me run down my chubby red cheeks like a black river?  That’s what happens when you have incest with Daddy’s lil Girl ~winks~

Cum stretch out my tight little pink asshole with your hard fat cock until I squeal like a little piggy. You know this little slut deserves to be molested & fucked in her pink cunt & snug asshole for being such a bad little schoolgirl! 

Call me for an Extreme Pedophile Phonesex Session – it doesn’t get much wilder than this!

School Girl Tiffany
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Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex

Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex roleplays really turn on my sick & twisted mind!

It’s late at night & I’m walking through the mall parking lot.  When I climb into my car & shut the door, a fat greasy-looking man with a ponytail aims a gun at my head.  I’m paralyzed with fear, & tears mixed with black mascara roll down my cheeks as I visualize opening the door and running, but the man slaps me across the face with his dirty fingers.  He tells me to drive to a nearby dead-end street & turn off the engine.  Once there, he rips off my shirt & squeezes my big tits & nipples so hard they feel like they’re going to explode.  His hungry mouth devours my fat round breasts while his grimy fingers slide under my skirt & into my pink wet pussy hole.  “You’re a loose whore who deserves to be raped & beaten.”  He says, pulling out a flashlight & shining it on my cunt.  I scream in pain as he thrusts the thick black flashlight so far into my quivering slit I see it moving under my stomach.  Next thing I know, I’m waking up naked I’m in my car, with a pussy that’s loose, sore, & dripping with the stinkiest cum ever.  

Are you in the mood for a Kidnapping Rape Abuse Phonesex session with a big tit coed slut?  Call me!

College Coed Danielle
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Age play phone sex fantasies with Brooke - Taboo Phone Girls -

Hot, horny, ready to get fucked and have some age play phone sex!!!!!

I just got out of the shower and have this nice fluffy  towel wrapped around me. I’m sitting here waiting for all of you hot horny guys to cum play with me. I am a very versatile girl and I have no taboos. I want to play with all the daddies out there looking for their little girl.

Did you fantasize about my pretty little tight bald pussy? Are you looking for a sweet little girl to fulfill all of your naughty and perverted  age play phone sex fantasies with? Or do you just want to chat?

Well here I am. Cum get with me now. I have absolutist no taboos and just adore age play calls, I can be anything from your naughty little neighbor to your sweet little teasing daughter who just gets a rise out of your cock every time she bounces onto your lap!  Not your thing? well I can just be your hot little girlfriend or whatever other teen phone sex girl that you would like for me to be!

I am here for your fantasies and would love to be the reason to make your cock explode tonight! I am good at what I do and specialize in all types of age play phone sex, so what do you have to loose? I will be that sweet voice that you need to get off in the morning or to help get you to sleep at night! I sound young and will do just about anything to please. I also have lots of stories to share with you if you would just like to talk! Kinky is my middle name and I may be young but I have a world class imagination and that is what age play phone sex is all about!



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Your little ebony phone sex kitten has been away – but I’m back to play!

Hello there all you ebony phone sex addicts and nasty perverted Boys!  Sorry you haven’t heard from your  girl lately.  I got a new set of frigging sex toys and have lost my mind, ever since, lol.  In a good way though…and now that I have had plenty of time to try them all out, I am ready to use them on the ebony phone sex call with you!Ebony phone sex with Kinky Kitten

Wow, I never knew how much fun I would be having with my new nipple clamps, dildos,
and huge 8 and 10 inch strap ons.  My fuck buddy, also bought me a few sets of hot ass
lingerie to go with all my new sex and erotic phone sex fantasies, whether I am phone fucking or not.  Oh, my goodness, I just love the art of
masturbation.  I’m just a lil Princess, Playing with my dildos every day and night.

I wish you were here too, we’d have some lovely teen ebony phone sex kitten play, prior to your arrival.

You’ll really get off on my young voice, then hearing me RAM that huge dildo inside of myself for as you tell me how hard and how deep!

As I give you that juicy fat blow job, you’d have your friend pump me with his big black cock.  Pumping my anal hole, every which way he could, lol. I don’t mind you passing me around to your friends, you know they all wanna ebony phone sex hottie like me they can use and fuck the shit out of!

Umm, you know how alluring I can be. Come and catch me now, baby !!!!

Kinky ebony phone sex Girl
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