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delotta555Big black titty phonesex

I love being a really naughty slut, I love making white boys drool over these big black titty phonesex!  The look on their face when I talk to them.   I always feel like the men are talking to my big giant breasts. Ebony phone sex calls for big breasted black girls are very popular and It makes me laugh knowing they are fantasizing about my big boobs and imagining what they taste like, how big they feel in their hands or how their dick will feel sliding in between them as I suck on your cock and stroking it up and down.

Call Doletta and ask for her big black titty phonesex New Years Eve Special.  I can be sweet and sticky or aggressive and domme.  Make sure to ask what sexy thing I’m wearing for you.

or Call 1-888-221-9006 & ask for me!


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Hola Papi – how was your Feliz Navidad ? I missed you !  I know…lot’s of time and effort went into making everyone else Happy.  Now Papi, it’s your turn. 
You have some alone time ?  Cummm spend your time with Me.  I know you need some  stress relief.  Phone sex is just what you need.  A little one one one time –  just you and Me. Tell Me what you want Papi – wanna be My baby, My Daddy, My boyfriend ?

Cummm share some hot, sexy conversation with Me Papi.  Hablame !

Cougar Charlene

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Adult baby phonesex

The expensive holiday is over and now you have some you time.  You know how much I love tending to My Baby (Adult baby phonesex).  I’m ready with a fresh, new diaper – cloth or disposable. I’ve warmed the baby wipees.  I bought brand new diaper pins. You know how I love to  pamper you. That warm, wet flesh.  My Baby. Adult baby phonesex & sissy lovers please call today!

Now don’t think this is all I do.  Name your poison Baby !

GILF Jackie

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christmas phone sexChristmas Taboo Phone Sex

I have to share a story with you. Last christmas eve I fell sleep on the couch watching christmas specials, I woke up thinking I was dreaming, I mean here I am laying naked on my couch and down the chimney comes Santa Clause, I know right I was thinking the same thing. The thing is I look over at him and he is standing there staring at me getting hard.

So I begin taking off what little clothes I have on as I am walking over to him placing my hand on his now “jolly” cock, pull down his bright red pants and give him a blow job that Mrs. Clause only wishes she could give. He then bent me over the couch fucked the shit out of me and blew his fat load all over my face.

By the time I opened my eyes and whipped the jizz out of my eyes he was gone, up the chimney he went, all I heard was “ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!!”

Hope to be Your HO HO HOE….Shay

christmas taboo phone sex

DONT forget to mention the Holiday special and get 5 free minutes! (all calls over 15 min)

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Party Girl Phonesex

 I’m feeling like such a horny dirty Party Girl Phonesex girl today and I need you to help me out!  Pull my dress up, bend me over and fill me hot pink hole.  I wanna cum all over you all night long!  Wanna play with a horny Party Girl Phonesex girl like me?   I promise to make that cock of yours throb like it never has before.

Call Megan to party tonight!


Taboo Phonesex – See our MegaSite  – Visit our Chat Room – No Taboos!

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avery (298) Horny Cuckolding Housewife

I’m looking for some kinky, hot men to play with. I am not for the faint of heart, nor the weak. I’m a deviant married woman, who deserves and commands pleasure from all different types of men. Experience all the taboos and take you mind to a different kind of phone sex. The truth is I am a Hot MILF that loves to fuck a massive cock and I will do ANY thing for it. My husband is a good little cuckold who obeys, will you?

Sorry for those who have less then 8inches, the only thing you will do for me is be my fluffer. You will never touch my tight pussy with your fingers, you will never drive your cock inside any of my tight holes. The only reason why you are here is for my pleasure and something humorous for me to look at. You will never feel the the body trembling orgasm without me guiding your every move and allowing you to do so. Remember all of you cuckold phone sex junkies, I will be the only one with the key to unlocking your true taboo Horny Cuckolding Housewife desires.


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Daddy’s lil plaything phonesex

I have to start college soon and Daddy said that I needed to make sure and practice all the things he taught me and make him proud while I am away.  So here I am looking for NEW Daddies and Uncles to play with, and I just can’t wait.

Now Daddy, I am pretty spoiled and I always get what I want, so don’t try and resist *giggle* You know that pretty soon I will have you wrapped around my little finger and you will have me wrapped around you, just the way you like it.

I am your very own special princess and I will do ANYTHING to make my Daddy happy, you just have to ask for Daddy’s lil plaything phonesex.


Daddy’s lil plaything phonesex

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danielle (27)

Big Tit Phone Sex

Have a thirst for Big Tit Phone Sex that you’re just dying to quench? I got the fix for your big breast fetish right here! I love having my sexy barely legal tits licked, sucked, nibbled & twisted. I especially get a lot of pleasure out of getting tit fucked by older men too. If you’re pleasure is anal, oral, underage roleplay, girl next door fantasies, or just plain old vanilla phonesex, call me today for a  Big Tit Phone Sex wild time!



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chat Rape Abuse Phone Sex   Lonely Hitchhiker

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barely legal phonesex

I’m just your average, happy barely legal teenage girl next door. I like doing the usual things, going to the mall, partying, hanging out with friends, and cheer leading. You’d never guess by looking at me that I’m really a cock-craving slutty whore! I just can’t seem to get enough cock stuffed into my tight little pussy lately, and honestly, my wet pink whole has been craving an older man.

I want a sugar daddy who will fuck me hard & take me shopping—lol I have no problem with giving a man that girlfriend experience by being his trophy! Sometimes I even like teasing pedophiles with my hot teenage body cuz it’s just so much fun! Call me today for some barely legal phonesex, cheerleader phonesex, pedo play, underage role play, rape abuse, & girl next door fun!


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dashats (65)

Big Shemale Cock Phonesex

Nothing sounds hotter to me than a man gagging on my massive Big Shemale Cock Phonesex. To have you staring helplessly into my eyes as I rape your throat by pounding my enormous piece of shemale meat so deep down inside your windpipe that you can’t breathe . . . omg . . . my dick is rock hard just thinking about it! For the right guy, I have no problem bending over & letting him take advantage of my tight pink asshole. Is that right guy you? Call me today & let’s find out! Big Shemale Cock Phonesex, Bisexual phonesex fantasies, sex with a shemale goddess, anal rape abuse, forced cocksucking, and bukkake are a few of my favorite things!


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Mature Phonesex with Sheryl

I am a young 40 something MILF with years of experience. This means extreme satisfaction for you!

I get very aroused when you open your mind, telling me what you would like to explore. Talking about very taboo subjects makes my panties extremely wet.

I especially enjoy it when we cum together! Nothing is off limits to me and the nastier the better! I can make your phone sex experience as close to being real as you want.

Call me now and find out just how hot an older beautiful brunette slut can be. Role-playing can be great fun when it’s a taboo subject.

Domination or submission and everything else in between. The choice is yours.

1-888-221-9006 or instant message me on yahoo!

I will be waiting!

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