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Fuck buddy Phonesex

Fuck buddy Phonesex with Shay

Fuck buddy Phonesex with me! I love it when my fuck buddy comes over to fix something around my house. I pay him in favors. He loves my big tits and I love his big cock. Not to mention his big cock is a young cock. I love that young cock meat. He calls me his hot big titted MILF whore. I don’t get insulted, I get horny. I just want that young cock and will do anything to get it. He loves the older woman/young guy thing as much as I do.

He says us older women know how to treat a man better than the young ones with no real experience. My favorite thing to do with young cock is getting down between their thighs and wrapping my big tits around their cock and riding up and down and licking the head as it pops up and when it pops up high enough I can suck on the big mushroom head and still keep my tits firmly wrapped around that shaft. The hot cream will soon erupt and splatter up to my mouth, chin, and all over my tits. Love cum covered tits, yummy!

Shay – Fuck buddy Phonesex


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Interracial Phone sex - Redhead Sluts

Interracial Phone sex – Redhead Sluts

Interracial Phone sex – Redhead Sluts like me is quite a sight to see.  I love the way black men handle us nasty little white tramps—there’s no acting like a bratty bitch unless you want your clothes ripped off & white ass spanked till its red (yes that’s what I want‼).  No white man could ever make my slutty red pussy grow as sloppy wet as a black man; the contrast of a black man’s strong hands caressing my pearl white skin makes me cream for hours.

I especially love the way a big load of thick white cum looks all over a black man’s cock & balls, & even though I consider that a waste of good cum & would honestly much rather swallow a load or two, I just looks so fucking HOT!

I wanted to wrap my legs around your shoulders & feel your large black cock grow & swell inside of me. Did my blog get you wanting some Interracial Phone sex – Redhead Sluts All you have to do is DIAL my toll free phone number!

Naughty Tease RubyInterracial Phone sex – Redhead Sluts
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d (5)

Dawn does it all!

Wanna smell and taste what a real man’s cock left in my cum filled and used
pussy? Did you enjoy watching them fuck my little pussy until it was red and
swollen? Come closer and taste and smell his hot load of cum that I have
saved for you. Cum lick my nasty used pussy clean.

Daddy’s School Girl, Horny Cheerleader, Sweet Girl Next Door, Bratty Teen,
Do you want those nice full lips to suck your cock dry? Do you want to taste
that pink cunt?

Be connected to this nasty school girl in the privacy of  her bedroom.


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pedophiles fantasy dream

Preteen Fantasy Dream

I am your Preteen Fantasy Dream! You can not help but look at me, to think about what you would do to me if you had me all to yourself! I know i do tend to tease you and gives you peeks under my lil skirt but i promise i will behave IF you want me too! I’m a Preteen Fantasy Dream cum true on my phone sex calls. I do any and all fantasies from very mild to extremely wild, so as you see i’m the nastiest little teen phone sex slut on the net.. and I promise I will make your preteen dreams come true!

I have to say I really  get into daddy/daughter, incest & Family Fun fantasy roleplays on my phone sex line, but I will do and enjoy any of your perverted teen or Preteen Fantasy Dream !

Here is a list of some of the naughty phonesex fantasies I enjoy:

preteen fantasy, incest, preteen cunt, brother/sister, teacher/student, nurse/doctor, CBT, humilation, Financial Domination, Submission, Rape fantasy,  mutual masturbation, ageplay fantasy, latex/leather, bondage, underage fantasy dream, interracial, threesomes – 2 girl calls, orgies  and much much more!



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Mature Finger Fucking PhonesexMature Finger Fucking Phonesex

I am so in the mood for a naughty Mature Finger Fucking Phonesex session today.  The creamy inside of my fat old pussy is throbbing & itching for a good fisting.  I want to pinch & squeeze my huge fat breasts while some lucky youngster reaches inside my creamy cougar pussy & massages my vaginal walls until I gush cunt juice everywhere.  Thrust a big black vibrator inside my GILF cunt while I finger my ass into oblivion; I’m a downright nasty-ass incest-loving granny who loves herself some fresh young cock meat.

You gotta fetish for Mature Finger Fucking Phonesex too?  So hit this cougar up –call me today!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!

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Big tit black girl Phonesex

Big tit black girl Phonesex

Big tit black girl Phonesex

I am your Big tit black girl Phonesex and I love being a really naughty slut, I love making white boys drool over these big giant ebony titties!  The look on their face when I talk to them.   I always feel like the men are talking to my big giant breasts.  It makes me giggle knowing they are fantasizing about my big boobs and imagining what they taste like, how big they feel in their hands or how their dick will feel sliding in between them as I suck on your cock and stroking it up and down.

Call Doletta and ask for her Big tit black girl Phonesex Specials below.  I can be sweet and sticky or aggressive and domme.  Make sure to ask what sexy thing I’m wearing for you.


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Daddy Daughter Phonesex

Daddy Daughter Phonesex

Do you like Daddy Daughter Phonesex? I was sneaking out with my older friends after I was suppose to be in bed and you caught me trying to sneak back into the house. I have been a very naughty girl daddy! You are so angry with me that you decide you will show me what can happen to little girls like me who don’t listen. Teach me a lesson and tie me up – rape me and make me do all the things big girls do.  You show me that when little girls like me wear cute sexy things- what it does to men, and what they will do if I tell them no… I’m screaming and crying…but it just makes you do it harder. I promise daddy I wont do it again! Daddy Daughter Phonesex – You tell me you will keep reminding me what its like untill you feel I have learned my lesson!

Daddy Daughter Phonesex with Nina

  • Daddy – Daddy Daughter Phonesex
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  • Underage Sex  – Ageplay Phone Sex
  • Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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TS Phoneplay Girl

TS Phoneplay Girl

TS Phoneplay Girl here, my name is Giana and let me tell you that I have a strong addiction to take control of everything that happens around me. That includes taking advantage of many different men I come in contact with. I love to go out and have a hot fucking piece of ass come to me in a bar asking to meet up with me later.

This victim does not even know what is coming. He came to my place and I was all dressed up in sexy clothes high heels. I took him to my room and he enjoyed being bound to the bed unable to move. I took his fat cock in my mouth and fondled his asshole inching his cock further in my mouth and my fingers inside his ass. TS Phoneplay Girl

I then dropped my thongs to reveal my large package, he was shocked and reluctant at   first. So I just shoved my cock in his mouth and started fucking his face all the while  stroking his cock. I then removed my rock hard dick from the tightgrip of his mouth and lifted his legs over my shoulders.

With one stroke I pushed all 8 inches into his virgin ass. Pulling it all out and repeating it over and over until he was used to it. His tight ass made me wanna cum in seconds but I restrained the urge till I knew I could pound his ass with delight. He was stroking his coke and cumming over and over on his stomach. I filled his asshole with so much cum his gaping hole was dripping.

TS Phoneplay Girl GIANA

Call me Anytime!

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Interracial  Dominate Phonesex

Interracial  Dominate Phonesex is what I like. There is absolutely nothing better then seeing your face as I climb on top of you and squeeze you tight with my thick smooth chocolate thighs. and watch you beg me to let you touch, feel and smell me.  Do you think you can please this Ebony Goddess? I’d love to see you try to please this Interracial  Dominate Phonesex Mistress. Only those I choose to be worthy will be able to worship this Horny Ebony Queen.

What is your Interracial  Dominate Phonesex desire? Are you a cuckold, dreaming about a big black cock fucking your wife as you watch her moan and scream with ecstasy as you see her being pleasured by some other cock. You know your little penis won’t satisfy her hungry cunt. Call Miss Doletta, your Interracial  Dominate Phonesex mistress and tell me what it is you need from me.



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