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Pyrophilia (also known as pyrolagnia and sexual arson) is a sexual paraphilia in which a person derives sexual arousal from fire and/or fire-starting activity. It is sometimes confused with pyromania but pyromaniacs do not get any sexual pleasure when they start fires.

Most of what is known academically comes from case studies published in the academic and clinical literature. Writings dating back to the 19th century have suggested that psycho-sexual factors may sometimes play a role in pyromaniac activities. Pyrophilia is thought to be very rare and there are no incidence or prevalence studies on the condition.

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Plushophiles are frequently collectors of plush toys and may accumulate a large collection of all shapes and sizes. Plush collecting may come of childhood toys kept into adulthood, or begin later in life. Some plush fans begin collecting after receiving a number of stuffed animals as gifts. Like other collecting hobbies, once “the bug” has bitten, someone may find themselves newly fascinated or obsessed with the subject matter. Collectors may focus on a particular theme – such as classic teddy bears – or may seek out only a certain number of items which are found to be of special interest. Alternately, they might gather as many stuffed toys of as much variety as possible.

Plushophiles are often very particular about the quality of plush toys, becoming connoisseurs, and may commission custom pieces in order to have a one-of-a-kind toy. Plushophilia has led more than a few people to become dealers of stuffed toys or makers. As with other collecting hobbies, plush fans tend to network with one another in order to find rare items, keep notified of new toys and limited productions, and on occasion, trade. A common practice among plushophiles who are serious collectors is to purchase two of each plushie; one for display and use, and another for safe keeping and preservation. Many plushophiles consider their toys very dear and rarely trade or sell them, even when there are concerns such as limited space and storage. (

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