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Castration Phone Sex - CBT Phone Sex

Castration Phone Sex

I did a call yesterday with a guy who was cutting off his worthless penis (Castration Phone Sex – CBT Phone Sex). It was so small why keep it. I was so happy to help. I mean really why unzip and make a girl suffer through trying to be nice to a small dicked man. In all reality if you are under 4 inches chop it off. No need for something like that.

Well he placed it on the chopping block and I giggled and laughed while he chopped that fucking thing off. I made sure he put it in the disposal so when the paramedics came they could not take it to be reattached.

Castration Phone Sex – CBT Phone Sex is fun, Am I a bitch? Push the wrong buttons and I can be!

Mommy Marsha
Hot Mature Phonesex

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char (13)

Slut next door phone sex sound good to you? well then pick up the phone and try me! I know how much you lust after me since you see me coming in and out of my house all dressed up like slut. I wear sexy clothes and really high heels with an attitude to match. I treat men like my sex toys and discard them after using them and abusing them all night. You see lots of men coming into my house and leaving worse for wear!!

I invite you over and you are a lil scared but also very curious. When you arrive I answer the door in a silky see thru robe and high heels only. I make you fix me a drink and I lay you down and force you to eat my wet pussy. I am very demanding and strict. I make you clean my dirty ass too. I next put on my strap on and bend you over a table and use your ass like my deep thrust toy. I offer no taboo talk. Try me for Slut next door phone sex.

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scarletpink (42)

I want us  enjoying  Orgasms Phone Sex!! Your cock is so thick, long, sexy and nasty juicy!! I want to do a little slow dancing and show you my curves, along with some hot and sexy phone sex grinding. Just bend me over and lick my sexy phone sex slit left to right while I get down on the level of your cock just so I can worship it properly.

Damn baby lets get nasty with anal phone sex, oral phone sex, some tasty whip cream phone sex on that rock hard cock while I run this dildo in and out of my every hole for your edging pleasure..And don’t forget it, I love it EXTREME with a XXX rating. No limits for this slut here. Let’s take phone sex to a whole new level. You’ll feel my breath it will be so real! No matter which way we choose, or how long we takes… teasing, taunting…. Lets edge all night and all day then have some mutual Orgasms Phone Sex!!!


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joanne (53)

Come join me baby in a hot steamy stud phone sex session. Let me show you all the ways I can please your hard throbbing candy muscle, not only with my mouth, mmm, but oh no baby, I have lots of ways I want to please that meat. Oh yes, tonight your hot momma is going to get her treat, and after ravaging it with my silky pussy and my amazing ass.

I will follow it all up with my, big succulent breasts wrapped around it tight  as you pump away baby, you will fell that magnificent tool of yours popping in and out of my mouth so deep you will not be able to hold back, and give me that creamy center. Mm, watch as it erupts all over my  breasts, let me show you all the ways to make tis happen baby. Set up our stud phone sex call tonight.


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Extreme Accomplice Role Play Phone Sex is so much fun. I know you have a secret,a deep dark secret fantasy about playing with a sweet young thing. You dont want to admit it to anyone, until I hint around about how cute my neighbor girl is when you stop over to my place.

I can see how you are leering at her. How you lick your lips thinking about how sweet that bald young pussy would taste. Your cock getting hard and throbbing thinking about how tight her pussy would feel. You would be the first one to explode in that hot tight young pussy. Your sweet cream would be the first. How awesome would that be?

I can make your dark secret fantasy a reality. All you need to do is call me. We can play as long and as dark as you want. I have no taboos and no limits. We can also have a second young sounding girl play with us to give the full “pedophile ” affect.

Call me for Extreme Accomplice Role Play Phone Sex

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