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I love Halloween!  I love dressing up in sexy costumes and driving all the freaks crazy!  Oh wait, I love dressing up anytime!  lol  This year I’m going to be your sexy airline pilot and I’m here to make sure you have a great flight!  Maybe you’d like to join the mile high club with me tonight!  Whatever your naughty Halloween fantasy I’d love to make it come true for you tonight. Don’t worry about getting too freaky, nothing is too taboo for this hot phone sex slut!  As long as I can get you off and make you feel extremely good then I’m happy!  So what’s your fantasy tonight?  Wanna wrap your dick in these big titties while the other passengers sit back and watch the in flight movie?  Or maybe you’ve got something even kinkier in mind!  Whatever it may be know that your favorite sexy slut will take care of all your Halloween kinky needs!


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Dress up phone sex

Dress up phone sex with Autumn Lynn

I was thinking this morning and I decided that there are a LOT of sissy boys who must have started out playing Dress up phone sex when they were little boys and that halloween was probably their very favorite holiday. Maybe even better than Christmas. Because they could easily dress up and wear anything they wanted and not get into any trouble for it, or be made ridiculed too much. And for some, maybe that’s when they started to get hard when people *did* laugh at them!

One thing leads to another and before you know it…he’s hiding mommy’s stockings and his sister’s panties under the mattress and playing Dress up phone sex every night while he jacks off just before he goes to sleep… well, that’s ONE way to look at it!

Autumn Lynn
Kinky phone sex Girl

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sissy boy phonesex

I got a call from Chris today.  He had a specific role play he wanted to act out.

We have been happily married for the past 10 years.  I have a work conference and will be away for the weekend. Once I’m gone he turns on sissy porn and lays some sexy clothes out to wear.  You are shaving your legs, getting ready to assume your sissy mode.  You hear me open the front door.  I came home early because my meeting was canceled at the last minute.  Opening the door to our bedroom, I’m furious about what I see.  I’m stunned, but can’t help laughing at what you are wearing. You stammer in your squeaky voice “I wanted to know how it feels to be a woman.”  So many options with sissy boy phone sex.

 I tell me to sit on bed and wait until I come back; I go downstairs and secretly call every man we know. Our brothers, fathers, neighbors, coworkers and invite them over.  When I come back upstairs, I’m holding a bottle of tequila and pour you a few shots to get you drunk while I finish dressing you up.  I pull out a little blond wig I bought for a Halloween party a few years ago, The more I dress you up the more you start to look like a real sissy.  I continue to put make up on your eyes and face and of course we can’t forget the “cock sucking” red lipstick I apply to your lips.

 Once I have you looking perfect, I take you downstairs to 15 men and tell you “Now you will know how it feels to be a woman.” They ALL pull out their cocks, I tell them to stick their cocks in your mouth, another abuses your virgin pussy-ass, after a few of them take turns fucking your face and ass, I tell them to piss and cum all over you, I make sure they degrade you, as I make you please EVERY cock in the room like a good little sissy boy phonesex

I watch and laugh as I get to fuck that co-worker I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  You see me enjoying myself with a couple cocks too… I lean over and whisper in your ear “So now you know what it feels like to be a woman!”  Do you have a similar fantasy in mind? 

Call me at: 1-888-221- 9006

Cuckold Wife Marsha

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slutty housewife phonesexI’m Sheryl the mature, slutty housewife phonesex whore …yes you know who I am.

The MILF you young boys dream about or the slutty wife you men wish you had. I dress like a little slut, with my short skirts and tight tops, my cleavage busting out, my 3 inch heels. Drives the boys crazy, and I love every second of it.

I catch you staring at me in the grocery store and I see your wife slap you for looking. Its okay because if you can sneak off I will take you out back and blow you better than she ever could. You know you want me to suck your cock and let you blow your load deep down my throat. I love to swallow, I bet your boring old wife doesn’t.

 So if you looking for a good time call up on your favorite slutty housewife phonesex line now!

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Tranny phone playTranny phone play

Have you ever had a Tranny phone play fantasy that you are scared to share? Afraid people will laugh at you. A secret that is too shameful.

Don’t be scared with me because I have a secret too. I can be dominate or submissive and if you want for me to lay this cock on you in a surprise so be it. People can never tell I was born a man and have a throbbing cock between my legs can you tell?  I am a sexy she-male that loves taboo she male phone sex , I have zero limits and some very naughty stories.

Come listen to them as we stroke our cocks together. It doesnt make you gay look at me ALL your friend would drool staring at my sexy body . Just look at me as the best of Both worlds.

Tranny phone play …Cum play with me , You won’t be disappointed.

TS Star

Also check me and other shemales out on

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forced intoxication phone sex

forced intoxication phone sex

Let’s Party!

Do you like forced intoxication phone sex? How about Party girl phone sex? Well baby I am not afraid to say that I have a drink and a J right now… would you like to chat with a horny but very mellow gal right now? Pour yourself up a strong one, grab that bottle don’t be shy, then give me a call soon for forced intoxication phone sex! we can party thru the night and talk about whatever pops up . I am not afraid to let loose and play! Trust me, once the alcohol starts flowing through your body, nothing is off limits. We can go on for hours! Better have that liquor cabinet unlocked, because we are about to go through most of your stash! 

forced intoxication phone sex with LOGAN

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Ebony phonesex princess

Ebony phonesex princess Victoria

Hi guys it’s Victoria here ebony phonesex princess. I plan on going away for the weekend to have hot steamy romance (FUCK) with a guy I meet a few weeks ago. But, don’t worry I am taking you guys with me, just in case Im still horny after I take everything he can give me! My juicy cunt is already dripping wet thinking about the nasty deeds I plan on doing. He has paid for me to stay in a awesome fucking suite close to the night life! And, no he will NOT be staying with me. He will have the honors to eat and fuck my creamy cunt by day and then go home to his wife by night.

Give me a cal, your ebony phonesex princess and I will be glad to tell you all the naughty things I will be doing!

Victoria – Ebony phonesex princess Victoria

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Denial teen phonesex

Denial teen phonesex

With Denial teen phonesex just imagine kissing my teen thighs and running circles around my belly button ring as you slide inside my panties. There you will find my bald young cunt wet and ready for you. Brush your hands across my chest and feel my nipples getting hard!


Hell no! You will never get it will you! Lets stop playing this game OK. I know you are just fucking with me. Because, you know you will NEVER have the chance to get close enough to see through the Lacey panties. Denial teen phonesex

OXOX      Tiffany


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