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Cheating Phonesex

Cheating  Phonesex with TS Dasha

Craving a Cheating Phonesex session with a shemale goddess?  I’ve talked to so many married men that have this fantasy, believe me, it’s not that uncommon.  Girlfriends & wives leave their men hanging out to dry all the time, stingy bitches when it cums to giving them what they really need.  This only makes men’s fantasies grow more & more depraved—their lack of excitement & diversity in their sex lives leaves them with a “hole” that can only be filled by “cock,” the ultimate taboo of excitement. Well do I have that fat cock you need!  I guarantee I’m willing to do all the shit to you that that boring bitch would never dream of!  Remember, I’m extremely familiar with the inner workings of a man’s mind ~winks~

Cheating Phonesex with TS Dasha—all the sex with no cheating—cum play with me & bring along all your perverse fantasies!

Shemale Goddess Dasha
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klara1223I’m that delicious older woman that knows how to get you going and then get you off. I love dressing in sexy lingerie, thigh highs and heels and teasing men with my hot sexy mature body.

I have always been obsessed with  my sexuality and SEX in general and  the older I get, the more cock I seem to want. Wouldn’t you love to see yourself slip into me?

My luscious lips running up and down your hot throbbing cock. My wet pussy is dripping  for you! Wouldn’t you want my perfect tits smothered on your face or better yet your cock buried in my tight ass.  I got the body of a mature goddess and I’m one hot phone fuck.

I’m a cock crazy, mature nymph and I’m here for one reason and that is to get you off!


1-888-221-9006 – Ask about HOT Phone Sex Specials!

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Wild Cum Slut Phonesex


Wild Cum Slut Phonesex

With Wild Cum Slut Phonesex you’re just in the mood and like to go for it. You don’t know them but your finding
yourself sexually excited, I am one of them,
your Wild Cum Slut Phonesex with Mature Minx you dont want any foreplay, no kissing, hugging, nor small talk.. Just do it..
hand job, blow job, tit fuck and then climb on and for a lustful naughty ride.

Then just toss each other away until the next time we meet and need a good fuck. Good fuck,
that is the key point.. you must be a good fuck or I won’t be back – that’s the beauty in
straight fucking with no relationships. Just use each other and be done.. Just be a good
fuck toy for me and I will keep you as one of my toys.

I don’t want or need you for anything else. I have men of all kinds. Some are Phonesex
relationships, some occasional lovers, friends and some just toys, Call to see where you
would fit in to my Wild Cum Slut Phonesex web of opportunity – I really need a good phone fuck, can you handle that?


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Period Play Phone Sex

Period Play Phone Sex

I am always at my horniest when it’s “that time of the month” but usually  guys dont want anything but a blow job when your “aunt flo” is in town. All you guys who love period play phone sex drive me wild & make me even more moist. The thought of you taking out my tampon with your teeth and licking my red hole makes me cum so quickly. I love licking a spunky cock when it’s been deep inside of me tasting that bitter sweet load of strawberry cream. period play phone sex – it’s only for you naughty boys.


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Mommy Phone Sex.

Mommy Phone Sex

Let’s have some hot and naughty Mommy Phone Sex. I want you to take your imagination on one hell of a x-rated nasty phone journey. Imagine Mommy catching you wanking that lil cock of yours and delighted that her little boy is now a very big boy. Come join me in Mommy Phone Sex and tell me how you would fuck me for the first time when I catch you!

Come Play Soon!

Cougar Charlene

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