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Black Cock Lover Phonesex Shemale Giana

Big Black Cock Lover Phonesex out there, my slut mouth is hungry for your loads!  Oh the many ways I would worship your thick black ebony rod right now if you were here with me . . . I would love your big black chocolate snake like it’s never been loved before—no woman could ever suck you or eat your cum like me.  There are no questions about how I am the ultimate submissive shemale slut for you; your personal white-trash slave, complete with a big fat ass, thick white thighs, & a rosy pink asshole for you to rape & pound whenever the fancy strikes you. I offer my body to you, Big Black Cock Master, as I grovel at your feet like the lowly cum dump that I am.  Please use me & pass me onto your friends too—I’m only happy when I’m being used as a trash receptacle.

Black Cock Lover Phonesex with Shemale Giana, my shemale slut holes are yours for the raping!

Submissive Tranny Giana
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underage phone sex pedo phone sex

pedo daddy phone sex is something I  love to do on my calls. I learned at a young age that with this pussy I can have ANYTHING that i want and need! I grew up with 2 brothers and I was SPOILED rotten by my daddy and them as well, sometimes I would sneak in my brothers rooms and play with them under the covers WOW what power I would have over them after that! But then daddy caught me and used it for his own nasty sexual benefits! 

I love Incest, pedophile phone sex, family fun phone sex and everything in between! Let’s talk about how my Daddy used to “play” with his little girl on our pedo daddy phone sex call!


pedo daddy phone sex

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I love being a really naughty slut, I love making white boys drool over these big giant ebony titties!  The look on their face when I talk to them.   I always feel like the men are talking to my big giant breasts. Ebony phone sex calls for big breasted black girls are very popular and It makes me laugh knowing they are fantasizing about my big boobs and imagining what they taste like, how big they feel in their hands or how their dick will feel sliding in between them as I suck on your cock and stroking it up and down.

Call Doletta and ask for her big titty phonesex New Years Eve Special.  I can be sweet and sticky or agressive and domme.  Make sure to ask what sexy thing I’m wearing for you.

or Call 1-888-221-9006 & ask for me!


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Unlimited phonesex play with Ruby Red

Unlimited phonesex is just plain fun.  I like pushing men to their limits & seeing how much they can take before either begging for mercy or exploding.  Usually they do both.  I’ve even been lucky enough to make a few men cry, and Lol yea that was a blast.  Getting them so wound up and afraid of me that they’d simply rather cry than defy me by cumming.  Stupid silly boys. 

When you call me you WILL take your time to please me, slowly lick circles around my clit while slipping a finger into my sloppy wet cunt and another inside my tight ass.  The whole game about Unlimited phonesex is to get you horny by making ME horny . . . nothing pleases me more than to hear you quiver with pain as I quiver with pleasure!

Unlimited phonesex , let’s have a kinky no taboo session filled with mindless insanity!

Naughty Tease Ruby
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Naughty grandma phonesex Beth

Naughty grandma phonesex  is something that i love just as much as the next kinky pre-pubescent boy out there strokin’ it to grandma bathing.  And how does Granny know that?  Cause I probably enjoy fantasy phone sex role-plays & family fun incest more than you!  ~winks~.  I know a lot of you love my blogging along with all the nice stiff hard-ons you get from the naughty fantasies I write here for you.

So if there’s anything else you’d like me to write about, feel free to let me know by shooting me an email or posting a comment down below—I’ll be sure to blog up something about your fantasy!  I love having wicked dirty phone sex with you all, it gets me off just as hard as it does you . . . there’s just something about talking about all the bad things people are taught not to talk about that turns everyone on!

Naughty grandma phonesex, do you have a fetish fantasy or an incest fantasy you’d like to make cum true?  Call Granny Beth now for some no taboos family fun!

Let’s have a hot phone sex call soon, I will be waiting!
Naughty Taboo Phone Sex with Granny Beth
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peeping phonesex

Watch Me Ebony Phonesex.

I love the thought of being watched while I’m masturbating or having sex, this is why I enjoy watch me ebony Phonesex so much. I love to describe to my callers what I’m doing and what I’m wearing and have a real horny role play about him living across the street and the fact that he’d been watching me for a while.

Hearing him telling me what I’m doing, then my door would open and in he’d come, his hot cock in his hand telling me what a prick teasing little slut I am. Slamming me down on my bed and fucking me hard and deep, trying to push him off but he’d be too heavy and his urges too strong for me to move him until he’s spunked his load deep inside my teasing little pussy. Watch me ebony Phonesex does it for me every time.

1-888-221-9006 | Watch me ebony Phonesex

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