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Orgasm Denial Phonesex

Sensual to Strict Cock Control, Orgasm Denial Phonesex, cock sucker training, sissy slut training. wallet rape. Take you and your orgasm to the edge and force you to pay to cum.
I am open to all fantasies and role plays. “NO RESTRICTIONS” Forced masturbation, cock & ball torture, body worship, nipple torture, foot fetishes, strap on play, wallet rape, humilition, spanking, tickling, “ANYTHING GOES”

I am a true nymph and nothing shocks me. My pussy gets wet just being a phone whore and hearing guys stroking and jerking their cocks. I like to use my cyber skin cock while I am on the phone giving you phone pussy. My dildo is designed to come alive with my own pussy heat.. it becomes skin-like so it is like you are really right here fucking me.

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2408597hvjwsyhw67 I love the softer side of  domination!


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Mature Phonesex Worship

Louise –Mature Phonesex Worship

I had the best time with My favorite guy JM who called again today.  We had the best time planning our rendezvous. Where we will meet, enjoying the best suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean. How we will take walks on the beach and play in the water. JM treats me like a Queen. He knows the rewards he’ll receive by treating me like the only woman on earth. Yes, you got it, hours of hot passionate love making. Exploring the deepest parts of his soul with only the touch of my hand in every place imaginable. Come enjoy your time with me during one of my Mature Phonesex worship roleplays!

Louise – Mature Phonesex worship


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Mature Bi-sexual Phonesex

Mature Bi-sexual Phonesex

Hello you, I would love to talk to you and make you cum!! I am a mature Bi-sexual woman and I have been doing phone sex for 5 years. I am also a very bad girl. I enjoy slurping up hot wet pussy and rock hard cock!! I’ve been married for 10 years and my husband has no clue I do this and so many other things that I would love to tell you about. So when my husband is not home I am ready to roam. There is nothing better then my face full of wet pussy and my ass full of cock……..Remember anything goes.

Mature Bi-sexual Phonesex


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 heather (14)play with my pussy phonesex

Darn, I thought I was alone in our family home. My parents had gone out for the evening. My dad’s hot friend from college was staying in our guest room for a few days and was to go with my dad & mom out that night. I had bought a new fuck toy a few days earlier and was dying to find some time alone to play with it. Play with my pussy phonesex!

I get all naked, lie on my bed and lube up my big flesh like dildo and start to rub my pussy and it is feeling so damn good. This dildo is one of those new things out there that turns fleshy when it heats up with your body heat… It’s called Cyber Skin.  OMG, it was living up to it’s claim really well. My pussy was starting to cum out of control and that hard rubber cock was turning to flesh and felt just like a real cock. I was moaning and carrying on. Little did I know I was being watched by my dad’s friend and when I realized it I was too far gone to stop and he was standing at the door with a huge lump in his pants. Well now I hope you have a lump in your pants and need to find out how he released…

Call to find out! call me NOW and lets play with my pussy phonesex roleplay!


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