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Enjoy  our HOT pre-4th of July 69 special, all calls over 15 minutes will only cost ya $1.69 per minute!

Please be sure to tell them you want the “69 Special” before your call…Enjoy, there’s nothing like free phonesex!


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rape phonesex

Dirty rape phonesex 

dirty rape phonesex, i know you are thinking about it and it has always made me really wet and hot. One of my favorite phonesex fantasies is walking home alone from a bar, a little bit drunk but chatting to my boyfriend on my cellphone.

The conversation gets hotter, and we begin to have phonesex, I stand in an alley way and go into detail how I want to suck his hot cock, not knowing that two guys have been listening to me and I’ve got them horny too. They both fuck the shit out of me, ass mouth and pussy while all my boyfriend can do is listen!  Dirty rape phonesex is all I can seem to think of lately.

Naughty Aiden 

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Accomplice Phonesex

Accomplice Phonesex with Monika

Accomplice Phonesex gives you the chance to have that prick teasing little bitch at last. You and I can hold her down while you give her a good hard fucking, in whichever hole you decide. She can be any age you please- the younger and more innocent the better – your choice – but raping that unwilling pussy is hot as hell. I need fucking nasty pedo and naughty play, rape play, and Accomplice Phonesex is the place to do it.

Cum Play with Accomplice Monika

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Phonesex chatroom

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Impregnation Phone Seximpregnation phonesex

I did a hot impregnation phonesex call with one of my favorite callers today. Well actually 2 calls. I was the naughty nanny with the crush of the Daddy of the house.

His jealous wife just could not handle the fact that I was looking so hot and that his cock got harder and harder every time he looked at me.

His wife was out as usual and I decided it was time to show him that I was all grown up and ready for his cock. I begged him to fuck me and give me the baby she wanted. impregnation phonesex.  He sure didn’t need his little blue pill with me. I am all knocked up now and ready to move into her bed.

🙂 BridgetGang bang Phonesex Queen!

1-888-221-9006   Vote For Me  &  Get 3 FREE minutes with your call!

psc Extreme Phone Sex with Bridget.

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Are you looking for a sexy older mommy for your mommy phonesex needs?  Well look no further, I’m Marsha and I love seducing young men.  I have 2 younger men that come over to service me at least twice a week each.   Once in a while they will come over together and double team me.

I love being the naughty neighborhood slut.  I also have a few husbands that call on me every so often.  I just can’t get enough cock.  All I want to do is suck and fuck hard dicks.

If you have a special mommy phonesex fantasy you want to role play, be sure to call me.  I am so much fun in bed you will think and feel me right there in the bed with you.
Don’t wait, call me now at  and be sure to have your credit card ready.
Serious calls only!!!

Mommy Marsha
Hot Mature Phonesex

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