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girl next door phonesex

This guy I use to know loved girl next door phonesex. I just loved when she walked in on me bouncing up and down on your hard cock. She got so pissed seeing her man pumping a huge load of cum deep into the girl next door. I love fucking other women’s boyfriends/husbands. All the pleasure and none of the pain.

I bet my pussy tasted good when she sucked you off last night. Think she noticed my flavor on your cock. I hope she did. I know she will do anything to win you back. Too bad your so sprung on my pussy and she will never fully have you all to her own. I will always have your cock sneaking in my back door.

Need a bit of this girl next door phonesex? I’m ready to pump that cock into explosion all over me. Think your girl might get jealous baby?

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little girl phone sex!

My Sweet Daddy knows best when it comes to little girl phone sex!

I love it when you tell me how sweet and young I look. Being petite has real sexy advantages when it comes to the type of role play I enjoy when having little girl phone sex. I love being a sexy little Daddy’s girl, and with my cute giggle and soft voice I can be that girl for you.

Whatever you have fantasized all this time can now come true with me, I love sucking my thumb and playing with my hair. I imagine you taking off my panties for the first time and showing me what it’s like to feel a cock inside me. Daddy knows best when it comes to little girl phone sex

BRANDY little girl phone sex

Teen Phone sex is always Hot!

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Brother Sister Phonesex

Brother Sister Phonesex 

Brother Sister Phonesex. How often has your horny imagination wandered and you’ve thought about fucking your Sister? I love having Brother Sister Phonesex chat, knowing that I have been teasing you for years, and now it’s time for you to get your own back, and fulfill all those filthy thoughts. I want to be your Sister and you can do to me whatever you want.

Imagine me on my knees sucking your cock for the first time, tasting your precum before bending over and offering my hot holes to you. You can tell me how often you have found my dirty panties and wanked off into them imagining all of this happening for real. Brother Sister Phonesex can be as filthy as you want.


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Humiliation phonesex

Join Scarlet – Humiliation phonesex

Have you ever been caught masturbating? Were you embarrassed, humiliated, and turned on at the same time? I like that! Maybe your girlfriend comes in and catches you with her dirty panties. You’re sniffing one pair and rubbing your cock in the wet crotch of the other pair. Rubbing your cock head right where her pussy had dripped her creamy cunt juice. You try to stop when you notice your girl friend is watching, but she will not let you stop.

She is quite entertained by the picture she is seeing. She laughs at you and makes you keep going and going until your cock is beet red.. Red because she has no intentions of letting you cum.. so now she is laughing, teasing and denying. She has now found your weakness and will use it all the time to own you and your cock. Sound like you?
Call me and share your masturbation stories, tease & denial, humiliation phonesex.

SCARLET – Naughty Phonesex

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Kinky Nurse Phonesex with Nurse Ellen

The nurse everyone loves to call. I am the number one adrenaline rusher you can ever have. If your heart is slowing down and not beating right
then I am the one to call. I will have your heart beating so fast you will have to call 911. “giggles”. I love to hear the hard breathing and
moaning of your cocks spraying that tasty cum out. I have to taste it just to make sure you are up to date. Pick up the phone to have Kinky nurse Phonesex
with Nurse Ellen. Nurse Ellen will fix all of your problems that can’t be fixed at home. You know you want a hot sexy nurse to fill those balls
and taste your cum so, I think you know what you need to do. Pick up that phone and call Nurse Ellen right now to have some Kinky nurse Phonesex with
Nurse Ellen.

Patients I am waiting.
Call 1-888-666-9340

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Cindy Pagan

Special – 20 Minutes for only $35

From now until July 6th. 

Come play with us. 

Can be doubled – 40min for $70.00

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Cumslut phonesex


Cumslut Phonesex with Ashley

Cumslut phonesex Ashley is back in action. They call me cumslut Ashley because everyone has has some Ashley. They call me the number one slut. All the guys at school get to have fun with me after school and in school. We can be in class and I am jerking dick’s right and left and also swallowing the cum. If you would like to make a fantasy come true then pick up the phone and call to have some Cumslut Phonesex with Ashley. I am addicted all because of my daddy. He taught me very well and handed me down to his friends so I turned into the stuttiest girl you can ever meet. My voice is sweet and innocent and makes your dick jump. If you don’t believe me then pick up the phone and call for some Cumslut Phonesex with Ashley. I have new stories to be told.

Come hear how I play.
Call 1-888-666-9340

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