This blog is dedicated to my Owner, Master, & the eternal love I feel between my whorish thighs for the way his MASSIVE 12 inch BLACK cock savagely splits my slutty cunt hole open wide enough to piss out a set of 10lb twins.  That’s right, all you white-bred small penis losers out there – read on up & weep about The Ebony God whom for nearly an entire year, has been and is The Master of my mouth, The Gatekeeper of my anal cavity, and The Key that stirs the juices of my wet pussy into a golden honeypot:

Dear Big Daddy Chocolate,
My filthy subservient ass is forever indebted to the way your thick chocolate snake stretches, rips, loosens, widens, gouges, & stabs the slick, bright pink walls of my trashy white vagina out of proportion.
Now that my bludgeoned twat has been made worthy of knowing the delectable agony inflicted uponst it by the writhing fleshy girth of your glistening ebony 12-inch dong, NEVER will I desire to allow another sissy-ass small-dicked cracker boy to fuck me with his puny pink worm.

Thank you for your tramp stamp—your personal seal of ownership & approval; allowing me to tattoo “Property of Big Daddy Chocolate” above my fat white ass.  I want you to know that nothing pleases me more than being the first slut allowed in your Bentley, to have knelt between your silken chocolate thighs & greedily swallowed molten gallons of your salty cum down my parched throat as my impotent husband watched on in a rage of green envy so sublime.

Forever I will worship & bow down to “The Center of my Universe”— “The Thick Black Snake” between your muscular thighs. I am your humble Big Black Cock Worshiper; your personal white slave & cum dump,


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  1. cris says:

    my mouth salivate by the thought of eating your cream pie after you have been fucked by a bbc!!!

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