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ageplay phonesex

I just love ageplay phonesex calls with all my specials daddies and pervy uncles! I wanna tell you about a hot time I had with Daddy and Me, last weekend. I was home watching TV and playing my video games, when Daddy came home from work early. He was real happy to see me and told me he had a BIG SURPRISE for me if I could first follow his orders. First, he wanted me to see the first surprise he had for me. It was an awesome short cheerleader outfit. It was pink and white, and looked and felt really great when I put it on. Oh Daddy, I said, it is so cute ! Glad you like it Daddy said.

Daddy then ordered me to come and sit on his lap, after I took off his shoes for him. As I sat on Daddy’s lap, I noticed how big and hard his cock was. Oh WOW, Daddy…did I make your cock get that big ? “Why Yes, ‘lil Nina, you sure did. Oh how excited I was, when Daddy told me to sucageplay phonesexk his cock off right there on the couch. I got on my knees and began sucking that big fat cock Daddy had for me. Daddy just loves to push my head down on his cock and make me gag on it.

After he got hard as a rock, he wanted to have a lil anal play. He told me the BIG SURPRISE was going to be a new sex position for us called, 69. After he told me what it was and how to do it, I was so glad we did. Daddy licked me really well, and it became a huge  rush for him as I sucked his cock really hard and long.

Daddy did more than just that, we had some hot anal play too ! Then Daddy fucked me real hard in my bum hole. I really loved that, “BIG SURPRISE,” Daddy gave me…You’re next, so call me now for ageplay phonesex  and let’s have some hot phone sex and anal play, baby.


Teen phone Sex with Nina – 1-888-221-9006

Daddy – daughter incest phone sex
Rape fantasies with young preteen girls
Underage Sex – Ageplay Phone Sex
Pedophile play – Pedo Phonesex roles

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Romantic phonesex calls

I love slow & romantic phonesex calls. Anything that is sexy and gets your blood boiling hot with lust! I want to lay on a bed of white satin sheets  with rose petals scattered about while I feel my soft naked skin against the delicious coolness of the sheets. My thighs slightly parting, my pretty feet sliding  up and down the length of the bed until my knees are slightly bent. I take my hands and brush them down my neck, past my luscious breasts and down my stomach. I can feel the warmth from the top of my pussy,  I want to tease myself. The candles are lit, setting off a sexy seductive glow and I imagine you standing there with my wet worn panties, wrapping them around your hard cock to stroke while you watch me touching this beautiful pussy.

Walk towards the bed and let me watch you being naughty with my Dirty panties. I’ll watch you as I slip two fingers deep inside my tight aching hole. I’m going to slowly finger fuck myself while you show me how you use my panties when I’m not around you dirty boy. Mmmm, I pull my fingers out glistening with my juices and hold them up to you to lick clean…I know what you can lick next…

Thinking about you joining me on that romantic phonesex call and bed of satin is even more stimulating than being alone on it, and it’s got me all wet baby. Give me a call soon…I will be laying here waiting!


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January Specials

January Specials

ONLY on Sundays from noon-5pm EST

You can use this January Specials on ANY of our girls on any of our sites! –  Hot Phone girls 24-7  – Shemales, Mature, teen – Hot girls with No Taboos  – Slutty Teen Phone girls – Shemale Phonesex girls – Our dump blog – Unlimited Girls
Enjoy our January Specials, just remember to let the dispatcher know you want the special before she runs your call! 

Call us at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom


Taboo Phonesex – See our MegaSite  – Visit our Chat Room – No Taboos!


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interracial phonesex

I am Doletta and I will offer you the ulitmate interracial phonesex call?  Then come take a walk on the wild side with me.  As you can see I have all that you need and MUCH MUCH MORE.  My dark smooth creamy  skin is as sweet as chocolate silk and my huge round melon tits and perky protruding nipples are every boob man’s dream! I also have a firm heart shaped ass and an especially sweet juicy cheri for the sophisticated man who appreciates a darker, richer berry.

I really, really get into it baby – no games as you can see, I am the REAL thing. Are you a shy guy who wants to taste all life has to offer – try me! As for you experienced thrill seekers, LETS GET IT ON! (Top or bottom!) I am nasty, graphic and extremely creative. So break out from the monotony and go for the gusto – Take a chance and see if this black beauty and  interracial phonesex is for you! Cum and guzzle my sweet cream. All calls are kept completely confidential and I promise our time together will stay our secret forever.

If you have any questions and want to chat before you call find me on IM

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mutual masturbation phonesex

mutual masturbation phonesex

Let’s do a very hot and naughty mutual masturbation phonesex session today. You and I both need a little break from the office, I will be your hot little Intern whos been comming onto you for weeks now.

You call me into your office. Lock your office door and tell your secretary to hold your calls. You deside to take advantage of all my come-on’s!

Or maybe we can do a little mutual masturbation phonesex callwhere I am your secretary and want to keep my job after a poor performance review. Or maybe you think I am dressing a little to slutty for my job!


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teen phonesex slut

Teen Phonesex Slut

I am your naughty teen phonesex slut that has what it takes to blow your mind as  well as your cock……I have a sweet very young voice and it will make your cock hard as soon as we talk.

If Role Playing is your thing~ I can be your daddy’s little Girl, Naughty babysitter, sweet but naughty accomplice or even your horny cheerleader that that doesn’t have a problem splitting her pussy lips for you!!!!

I also enjoy fantasies about rape, incest, gang bangs, oral sex, anal sex, water sports, bondage, K-9 and more!!

Do You Have Any teen phonesex slut Favorites you would like to share with me? Anything Wild and Kinky totally turns me on and makes me so wet! I’m Available 24 Hours A Day So Call Me If You Dare!



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Lately I am feeling really hot and nasty for some Hot Gilf Phonesex I guess it must be all those hot young guys that my son keeps having over…thinking about their young cocks sliding in my tight wet MILF pussy really gets me excited!

Do you think that it’s naughty of me to think that way? Do you think that I am really bad for wanting to have their cocks in my mouth or filling my tight cunt, wouldn’t you love to know what I fantasize about all day long!

You know that I am dying to share all the details of  the times I seduced  my Sons’ teen friends  and other Hot Gilf Phonesex stories so call me and i’ll tell you all about it!

Naughty Roleplays
Mature ladies over 50 for phonesex fun
Steamy mature lady into family fun granny/grandson
Erotic mature phone sex with Granny
Mommy/ Son roleplays

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Coed Phone Sex

Coed Phone Sex

Coed Phone Sex is hot for all those naughty pedo role plays and  fetish phone sex calls. I can be the little teen phone sex girl who loves to get calls from her very naughty professor.

Maybe you find out what I am doing and call me up. You threaten to tell my parents unless I come up to your office before class. I wouldn’t want you to tell my parents I am having naughty Coed Phone Sex!

So, I go to your class early & you have a little “lesson” to teach me, and oh what a lesson it is!


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Hot Mommy Phone Sex

The holidays are cumming up—know what that means? Means you better have been a good boy or you’re not getting’ any loving from granny this season! Maybe just a good spanking,’ which is probably exactly what you deserve! I got lots of nasty toys for those naughty boys; diapers, rattles, baby powder . . . and for you grown-ups that crave sex with a GILF or a Hot Mommy Phone Sex MILF,

I have a nice wet pussy & a willing asshole for you to fuck. So call me today & treat yourself this year with an early holiday present! All roleplays, fetishes, & fantasies welcum, whether they be cougar, Hot Mommy Phone Sex MILF, GILF, granny phonesex, anal phonesex, big tit phoneex, or crossdressing sissy boys!


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hung shemale phonesex

hung shemale phonesex

Do you have a dark secret fantasy to be with a hung shemale phonesex machine like me? Maybe you’re a little on the shy side and afraid to admit that what you really want for Christmas is to suck on my huge hard cock! Be ready when you call me with panties, bra, lipstick, dildos, lube & a sexy pair of high heels!

I want you to let go of all your daily stress for me, dress up in something sexy, and enjoy the sound of my voice while you stroke yourself to an explosive orgasm. Let go this holiday season & let shemale Giana take care of you! Call me for some hung shemale phonesex, sensual feminization, cocksucking, mutual masturbation phonesex, anal play, and bisexual fun!

 Giana – 888.221.9006

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Dirty Panties Phone Sex

Dirty Panties Phone Sex

Are you one of those perv guys who loves having Dirty Panties Phone Sex? Describing to these gorgeous girls what you would like to do if you had a pair of their sticky panties with you. I hope so, I love the thought of someone stealing a pair of my used panties, and phoning me up to tell me that they are wanking themselves in that silky, lacy fabric. All along knowing that my pussy has been creaming in them all day. Don’t you want to fill them with your hot spunky load before returning them to me.

Let’s have some Dirty Panties Phone Sex and you can reveal your naughty panty fetishes to me, I want you imagine you’re smelling and filling mine with your hot load. Pick up the phone and dial my Dirty Panties Phone Sex line baby, I’m waiting!

XOXOX Shay – Dirty Panties Phone Sex

Shay’s Phonesex Blogs
My Profile Page



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Feminization Phone Sex

Feminization Phone Sex – I love dressing my guys in sexy clothes.

Starting with some nice lingerie, bra stockings and suspenders, and a sexy pair of panties. That’s just the start when you’re talking to me on Feminization Phone Sex.

I want you to go the whole way – dressing you in a pretty dress with earrings and a bracelet, and after I have done your hair and makeup I will expect you to slip on those sexy stiletto heels and come and have some fun with me and my friends.

Maybe get you on webcam so everyone can see what a filthy little slut  you really are, you can tell them how you long for cock, knowing that those guys are getting hard and so want to have that little body bent over and your tight ass filled with sexy man meat.

You will feel so used and abused on Feminization Phone Sex you can bring out the real you!


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Cheerleader Phonesex with Teen Tiffany

Cheerleader Phonesex with me is for kinky Pedo daddy’s like you who like sweet little girls!  Dressing up in my cheerleader uniform always makes my little girl pussy wet, especially when I’m doing it for a guy & a good hard fucking is sure to follow ~giggles~.  I get really excited when guys ask me to dress up for them in the skirt, top, sneakers, & pom pons.  And the best part of it all is the look on their faces when I do my first kick & they see that I’m not wearing any dirty panties!  What a surprise lol, for an innocent girl like me to let my tight little teenage pussy hang all out like that for the world to see.  But yea, the best part of it all is lying on my back with legs spread wide apart, little ankle socks rubbing against a guy’s ears as his hard cock slides in & out of my pretty wet cunt!

Cheerleader Phonesex with me will get you off for sure!  Call me today for a wild Teenage experience, I wanna feel your load of cum inside my sweet little pussy!

School Girl Tiffany
Taboo Phone Sex – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom

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Spanking Phonesex


Spanking Phonesex

Spanking Phonesex with My Grandson when he came to visit me the other day and when he comes to visit he loves to snuggle with his grammy Louise.

He stayed the night and we had so much fun together.  We made popcorn and watched a scary movie, which allows me to hold on to him tightly.  I rub my big breasts against his arms and chest.  My hands wander down to his crotch which is already getting stiff.  I love to tease him, make him think he’s going to get some from granny tonight.

I love young men, the more inexperienced the more I love to teach them about sex and how to make themselves feel good and of course, how to make me feel good too!  Do you need a lesson on how to please a real woman and if you need discipline with Spanking Phonesex?

Just pick up the phone, dial 1-888-820-8084

If you’ve been a bad boy, i’ll have to spank your little ass!

Granny Louise – Spanking Phonesex


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Face Sitting Phone Sex

Face Sitting Phone Sex

I bet you love having a hot sexy little pussy on your face while having a horny sex session. If it is then Face Sitting Phone Sex is just for you. Whether you’re forced to do it by a dominant girl, or simply love to taste a hot dripping pussy cumming all over your tongue, these girls adore being licked, and love face sitting.

I adore chatting to guys while I am doing some face sitting, chatting away about how hot it feels to be eaten and licked while you tell me that your dick is hard and wishing it was you that was underneath my sticky hot box.

Feeling the guy underneath me struggling to breath, having to resort to breathing through my ass as I continue having some Face Sitting Phone Sex with you is an unbelievable turn on.


Autumn Lynn – Face Sitting Phone Sex

Taboo Phone Sex Girls – We do it all!
Call me at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom


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domme phone sex

domme phone sex

I want to take over your mind and own your cock. In time your cock will no longer  be “yours”. It will become my cock to do with as I please. The art of mind control has taken me to a whole new level with domme phone sex.

Now I can totally tease and deny men.  Through your mind, your cock is now my cock and decide if I wish to let my cock cum. Cry, whine, crawl and beg, Once you are mine none of that will matter. I am in charge now..Pick up the phone and call for domme phone sex.

MISS Scarlet

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Pedophile Phone Sex


Pedophile Phone Sex

Hey, are you sick  Pedophile Phone Sex guys who  looking for some little ones to rape and torture tonight? ha! I’m just the accomplice your looking for. Imagine the cold edge of my knife running over their stomach’s down to their pussy or balls *grin* I push my blade a little harder and they shutter and moan. I push harder  and feel the tip of my blade penetrate their skin. A single drop of blood rolls down their sides as I lean down and run my tongue along the trail it has made… is your fucking cock hard thinking about it you sick perverted mother fucker… ready to get your cock covered in blood? Let’s go hunting tonight you Pedophile Phone Sex freak.

RYDER – Pedophile Phone Sex

Visit our Chatroom
Ryder Phone Sex  * Call me at  1-888-221-9006

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cock worship phonesex

Cock worship phonesex

I am a filthy girl and love naughty fun and cock worship phonesex.  I have learned to stroke and suck a mans cock like a good lil cum slut. I am obsessed with sucking cock and the taste of cum. My Uncle tought me well, He is a very rough man and very strict.

I am submissive and enjoy being told what to do. I will put red lipstick on and some nice lingerie for you because you like for me to look like a little whore. I know how to hold his big cock in my tiny mouth and take it all the way down my throat until I gag. I feel like a special girl and lucky to be used as a fuck doll. I am ready to play taboo games. Call me for cock worship phonesex and i will do anything to blow your load.

Elizabeth’s Profile – Pedophile Phonesex Hottie


Taboo Phonesex – See our MegaSite  – Visit our Chat Room – No Taboos!

chat Small dick humiliation with Elizabeth

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 MILF phonesex slutMILF phonesex slut

I’m older and live by the philosophy that older is better.  I get more cock than most of my younger girl friends. I am more daring, more uninhibited and even get more nasty than any of them. 

I love being a MILF phonesex slut most of all. Getting that young cock, that young meat really turns me on.

I am safe and independent so guys never have to  commit or marry me… I just love to fuck, nasty, dirty and hard. Love cheating young married guys that need more than their timid frigid little wives can give.

I am a MILF phonesex slut, Lover, good friend and a really good fuck. If you can think of anything else you want for your cock, you need me. 

Age is not an issue…I love it all so if you’re over 18 with a valid credit card and a no taboo frame of mind then you should pick up your phone and call me!

MILF Jackie

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Mature Phone Sex

Mature Hottie Phone Sex with Beth

How would you like to have all of your Mature Hottie Phone Sex fantasies fulfilled by a nasty hot older slut who loves nothing more than having a cock stuffed inside every one of her holes?

 I’m into anal play, two-girl phone sex, sexy phone sex, and & can guaranteed to be a total cum whore! Call now for some wild & nasty Mature Hottie Phone Sex fantasies phone sex fun like you have never had it!

Dont forget to vote and ask about my hot and steamy Cyber Sex Sessions that are only $1.75 per minute! (Cyber sessions are online in chat room)

Talk to you Soon,

XoXo Beth!


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Rough phonesex

Hot Rough phonesex

Rough phonesex is what i like, I want to  feel you grab my tight ass cheeks and slam your big hard throbbing cock into my hot wet pussy.  You stretch my tight wet hot pussy out.  You start to pound so hard.  You tell me you love the way my hot wet pussy feels, with hot sweet pussy juice dripping down you your hard balls .

You pull out and I feel you start to play with my tight asshole.  I love when you lube it up so good.  You slam your big hard cock, stretching my tight asshole out.  You tell me you are going to pound me so hard.  I feel you explode! Join me for Rough phonesex and i will let you do whatever you would like to my body!


Visit our Chatroom
Ryder Phone Sex  * Call me at  1-888-221-9006

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black cock phone sex

Danny – Black cock phone sex

I have been looking at black on white porn all night and craving Big Black Cock Phone Sex. My pretty little creamy pussy is so wet. I want all my holes stuffed with a big black cock. A white boy can only do so much, sometimes you need more. A real woman needs the thick ass nigga DICK.

Sorry white guys, you can call but you will hear me tell you  all about the last big chocolate cock that fucked me last and left me wanting more! I will tease your lil white prick, maybe make you watch! Call if you wanna here me talk about Big Black Cock Phone Sex.

Danny – Taboo Coed Phonesex & BBC lover

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Office Slut Phone SexOffice Slut Phone Sex

I love Office Slut Phone Sex. I work as a secretary, so I take a lot of orders from the boss and other men in the office.

This hot body, luscious big titties and huge wet, suckable pussy has the boss man’s cock at full attention. Fuck the pen and notepad! Lunch breaks are awesome!

I love to finish the day off with a huge helping of creamy cum; that’s how I know I’ve done a great job for the day! I love my fucking job it’s such a stress reliever!

Call and make me your Office Slut Phone Sex!

Your Fantasy Queen Louise

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big tit phonesexBig tit phonesex

I totally love it when guys call me up for steamy talk and love doing Big tit phonesex calls. I love nothing more then a guy groping and playing with my massive melons! My Nipples get very perky when I get all excited. I would like for you to tell me every detail in how you would excite me! Do you like to lick, gently bite or pinch? I want to know what turns you and what games you like to play, Do you like a Nasty girl, one who is a bit dirty and not so innocent? Join me for Big tit phonesex!

Well Come and show me what you like to teach me tonight!

Autumn  – 🙂

Call us at 1-888-221-9006  or visit our  Chatroom


Taboo Phonesex – See our MegaSite  – Visit our Chat Room – No Taboos!

chat January Specials!

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Do you want to Phone FUCK?

Do you want to get down and dirty with No restrictions with a taboo phonesex teen?

Do you want to rip off my clothes and ram your pulsing cock into me?

Do you want me to spit on your cock and make it nice and wet so you can fuck me in my sweet little pussy?


 I want you to fuck the shit out of me!!! I want you to make me scream!


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When the lights go down all of my secrets will be revealed. I have a toll-free number, some XXX rated pics, and an imagination made for sin. Lets grab our cocks together and pump out a load of sweet sticky goo while sharing all of those deep dark secrets together. I am the dirty little slut you have been waiting for. I’ll keep your secret, if you’ll keep mine. SHHHHH, it is that big!

I love the panty surprise role play too, where you think I’m a hot slut that you take back home. I suck your cock and lick your balls a bit until I get you nice and worked up, even let you suck on my succulent tits and then I reveal what I have inside my panties!!! Guess what it is ??? A nice hard cock just like what you have inside your own pants, except that it is attached to a hot looking chicks body. At this point you don’t care and you just need to fuck even though you realize i’m a chick with a dick !

Shemale Bianca, your dirty little secret

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  Do you Love cheap phone sex?

 I like having cheap phone sex with men  because I am just so damn hot and horny all the time to handle it all by myself or even with my guy friends, it gives my a ch Cheap phone sex  - Averyance to play many times a day sometimes with different guy and different fantasies.  I have the house all to myself , and I’ve got a fantasy where I would throw a house party that soon becomes a full blown orgy and have sex with every man and woman there. Every ethnicity, age and gender, I like telling a man to fuck me harder, and would love to have one man after another giving me their hard cocks and then coming all over my tits. Then i would love to lick some sweet young pussy and maybe an older woman who wants to join the fun!  Cheap phone sex is the way to go and if you are reading my blog what better way to get that then mentioning this blog to the dispatcher and getting a hot special, so just call me today and tell the dispatcher Avery is giving away 5 free minutes with ANY phone sex call! Cant beat that  Cheap phone sex ! And that gives us plenty of extra time to work out a roleplay that will work for you and me both to get off!


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Coed phonesex

Coed phonesex with Krystal

Do you want to Phone FUCK with a hot little coed phonesex girl?  Do you want to get down and dirty with No restrictions and safly in a place where you can explore EVERY fantasy you have EVER wanted to do?

Do you want to rip off my clothes and ram your pulsing cock into me- rape that sweet lil girl next door or your step daughter theat is a complete teen tease? Do you want me to spit on your cock and make it nice and wet so you can fuck me in my sweet little pussy?


 I want you to fuck the shit out of me!!! I want you to make me scream and I want to be your little coed phonesex whore today!


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1danielle (24)

Naughty Neighbor Phonesex with Danielle

The slut in me likes Naughty Neighbor Phonesex sessions because they take you to a fantasy place where sex with anyone at any time is a possibility.  My favorite role-play has to be the one where I’m the young slut next door whose neighbor has been crushing on for a long time.  We know each other kinda well, I grew up next to him & say hi & stuff but we’re not like best friends or anything.  I tease him with my tight clothes & torture him by masturbating with my bedroom curtains open at night.  I know he watches me playing with my pussy but he doesn’t know that I do it just for him!  Then one night when I’m sure he’s being a peeping pervert, I text him & say I’m so hot for your cock, baby, wanna play?   From there it can be as mild or wild as we choose to take it!  What dark kinky place would you take this hot role-play to if you were my older, married neighbor?

Call me for a Naughty Neighbor Phonesex session full of steamy no taboo sex!  I have no limits & anything goes here as long as you get off!

College Coed Danielle
Roleplay Phone Sex Blogs
1-888-221-9006 |  Visit Our Phone Sex Chatroom

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                    Special PricesSpecial Prices          Special Prices


Special Prices! Christmas in July!


Special Prices

            Special Prices                     Special PricesSpecial Prices

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